A Simple Dream
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613 ottawa4life
613 ottawa4life 7 tuntia sitten
As long as eveyone is happy I can go back to bed now.
Sam Ryall
Sam Ryall 7 tuntia sitten
What kind of lights are those?
logan stepanick
logan stepanick 8 tuntia sitten
They shoulda done a stanley cup, conference finals, playoffs, missed playoffs and lottery potential
Eric Nowicki
Eric Nowicki 8 tuntia sitten
Emili is fucking gorgeous!!
VanCityCanuck 8 tuntia sitten
You guys suck ...
soinu foig
soinu foig 8 tuntia sitten
Excellent video. Keep it up!?
Natan Friedman
Natan Friedman 8 tuntia sitten
If I wasn't good enough I would make myself good enough-kobe bryant 🐍🐍🐍🐍
Kingsley Bennett
Kingsley Bennett 8 tuntia sitten
People who play on mobile 🤡̵̛͔͍̱͙̥͔̯͖̥͙̲͆ͬ̊̑̔̂
Yo a
Yo a 9 tuntia sitten
Nobody lives for ever. Make a difference while u can. I promise trying your hardest will only resolve in greatness. Even in life outside basketball. Miss u Kobe 💛💜💛
Kenton 02
Kenton 02 9 tuntia sitten
Michael Demko
Michael Demko 9 tuntia sitten
He’s just spewing a load of bs here, if he was being genuine you would be able to hear it in his voice. You can hear the hesitation every other word...
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 9 tuntia sitten
I'd rather a slow start than a slow finish. Let's see what they look like at game 10.
Connor Dobos
Connor Dobos 9 tuntia sitten
His English is fantastic damn
J H 9 tuntia sitten
The coach is a bigger ass then the player in question.
sock 9 tuntia sitten
pup shirt let's go
danny rage
danny rage 9 tuntia sitten
I think you should just remove him from the team and fire him from the job
AUSTON SPLATPOO 9 tuntia sitten
I’m a leafs fan and I really doubt he tried to hurt him
Josh 9 tuntia sitten
Fantasy wise traded petterson after drafting 21st. Everyone but him seems to be improving and pitching in. Barely a thing out there
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 9 tuntia sitten
7-1 might shut some of them up tbh
SozeyTozey 9 tuntia sitten
Jess fully just nodding off the whole vid
Josh Cling
Josh Cling 9 tuntia sitten
“What’s a follicle” Seemed so stoned lmao
Warrior_pi 10 tuntia sitten
The Colorado reverse retro is good but I agree, if they are gonna use Ave colors they should have put the Aves logo on it, but overall, great jersey. Can't wait to see this on the ice if it hasn't made its debut already.
owen daboss
owen daboss 10 tuntia sitten
Lol gonna be a while till we see Dubois
Big Parksy
Big Parksy 10 tuntia sitten
Definitely intended to knee his head
NF - 09DI 765119 Humberview SS
NF - 09DI 765119 Humberview SS 10 tuntia sitten
liana left Winnipeg lol
JT Stahl
JT Stahl 10 tuntia sitten
This kid has no integrity. Intentional or not. If u play the way he plays you are bound to hurt and injure someone. Look at his track record. It should speak for itself.
Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer 10 tuntia sitten
Jesse is just the biggest scrub when he's on the ice isn't he
dat nice canadian
dat nice canadian 10 tuntia sitten
he was tied up by Brodie and then tripped go watch it again and pay attention to Brodie.
shawn v
shawn v 7 tuntia sitten
@A1 Driver yeah I know it's sad that people are trying to defend something so obvious lol. Not surprised though there's delusional fans in every fanbase. Kids are saying ohh because of his history of course people are going to say hes guilty... no... he's guilty because he made a dumb move. Glad Canada's team won though!
dat nice canadian
dat nice canadian 8 tuntia sitten
@A1 Driver first off he never held the goalie so that makes me question how closely you watched it. Secondly i'm glad he's in your head so much you know exactly what he intended to do.
A1 Driver
A1 Driver 8 tuntia sitten
@shawn v I totally agree. I saw nothing that shows he was pushed or tripped but let's say he was for a second. How many people do you know fall by bringing their leg up as high as possible and, while holding on to the goalie, brings their knee down full force into the goalies head? No doubt this was intentional. I don't give a damn who the player is, when this happens, its ALWAYS intentional. If he had of fallen normally then it would of been different but nobody's gonna convince me that this wasn't intentional.
dat nice canadian
dat nice canadian 8 tuntia sitten
@shawn v aight fine have fun living in yours, slow the blinders and gonna be a long season if y'all keep coming at us for bs.
shawn v
shawn v 9 tuntia sitten
@dat nice canadian lmao you're wrong but I'll let you live in your own bubble. Take care, blind internet stranger.
Thomas Knowles
Thomas Knowles 10 tuntia sitten
YQM LIFE 11 tuntia sitten
Whose AL Brother
Gandalf the man /
Gandalf the man / 11 tuntia sitten
WPG fan here: Can we trade Chevy to Columbus and take in Jarmo Kekalainen to Winnipeg!? You can also take Mark Scheifele he is just trash anyway!
owen daboss
owen daboss 10 tuntia sitten
Scheifele is great and this is coming from a leafs fan
Cade Mohrbutter
Cade Mohrbutter 10 tuntia sitten
take that back
bridgecrewdave 11 tuntia sitten
Canadiens beat the 7th ranked team twice, and lost to them 7th ranked team in OT and have only played one game in the top half of the rankings. BEST TEAM. Toronto beats the Canadiens, the Flames, and the Jets: Not as good. What?
Jameson 123
Jameson 123 9 tuntia sitten
@bridgecrewdave no not quite you realize there’s a thing called luck right you can’t really predict it
bridgecrewdave 10 tuntia sitten
@Fabian Dillon If they were the better team, they'd have won.
bridgecrewdave 10 tuntia sitten
@OzzyDo Yes.
OzzyDo 10 tuntia sitten
Leafs lover.
bridgecrewdave 10 tuntia sitten
@Jameson 123 again, theyve had three games against the third WORST team in the league. And they lost one of them. Theyve played ONE game against a team currently higher than 19th in the standings league wide.
Marc-Andre Fleury
Marc-Andre Fleury 11 tuntia sitten
He’s not even the toughest tkachuk, I’d take the actual proper power forward, Brady tkachuk over Matthew any day.
Robert Tang
Robert Tang 7 tuntia sitten
Like Ovechkin and Wilson 😅😁
Marc-Andre Fleury
Marc-Andre Fleury 11 tuntia sitten
I thought to be a power forward, you had to dish out big but clean hits, be good at fighting and fear no one. Whereas Matthew tkachuk is more like brad Marchand, not talent wise but will once in a while deliver a cheap shot, and hide behind his teammates if someone tougher than him challenges him. And if he actually decides to fight and it’s someone tougher than him, he gets his ass kicked (by kassian).
Hussein AL-Zaiadi
Hussein AL-Zaiadi 11 tuntia sitten
Love it! Chucky already living in the maple leafs and their fans heads RENT FREE. Won't be long until he's in every Canadian teams heads. Go Flames Go
Trevor Levine
Trevor Levine 11 tuntia sitten
I’m not a Flames fan but I have to agree... he fell on a goalie... who cares? These crybaby fans would never be able to watch a past hockey game without crying. Love Chucky... keep em coming
Devante Culpepper
Devante Culpepper 11 tuntia sitten
Udaco 11 tuntia sitten
Easy rematch against Khabib? You just knocked down very bad by Poirier.
Joshua Clark
Joshua Clark 11 tuntia sitten
100% Canucks' fan here. Just searched the highlight after this interview. That shit looked completely intentional.
A1 Driver
A1 Driver 8 tuntia sitten
I can't understand how anybody can watch the replay and think it was accidental. It boggles the mind. I don't care who your team is, when you see something like this you gotta call it.
Minecraft Dude 26
Minecraft Dude 26 11 tuntia sitten
I'm not a leafs or flames fan and it looks intentional af lmao
marc forgues
marc forgues 11 tuntia sitten
Good segment!
Sammy Scherer
Sammy Scherer 11 tuntia sitten
I have an old Easton stealth at my house, and my friend wanted it to use in a game
Brady Babineau
Brady Babineau 11 tuntia sitten
Vancouver is already 1/8 through the the season so it gets critical very fast when you have a start like the Canucks have had.
Trevor Levine
Trevor Levine 11 tuntia sitten
He didn’t try my god people are such whiners... they’re more upset by a little fall than Todd Beeruzzi’s assault on Steve Moore or Tie Domi’s cheap shot on Scott Niedermayer... keep em coming Chucky
Randy N
Randy N 11 tuntia sitten
7:25, exactly mtl was the better team against the Leafs.
The crippled Dude
The crippled Dude 11 tuntia sitten
He didn’t even get pushed lmaoo nice lie bro
Nihaal Chawla
Nihaal Chawla 12 tuntia sitten
Hey canucks are doing good it’s just these games are happening after each day
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 12 tuntia sitten
Imagine losing and straight up lying 🤥 that you didn't mean to , says he was pushed but on replay no one even pushed him 😂
El Nino Son
El Nino Son 12 tuntia sitten
Ouuu on the road
hawkeye 420
hawkeye 420 12 tuntia sitten
5:20 what a dbag.
Trevor Levine
Trevor Levine 12 tuntia sitten
Canucks will be absolutely fine... they have had to face good teams like Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. Once they play Ottawa, they will win and get back on track.
Bulldog Games
Bulldog Games 9 tuntia sitten
Ottawa is bad Edmonton is bad Calgary is bad to beating Ottawa won’t put them on track
Robert Joseph Fraser
Robert Joseph Fraser 12 tuntia sitten
Terrible title, I was expecting some sort of game footage and actual fans reactions. This video had none of what the title and thumbnail suggested. Thumbs down. Trash
Brady Babineau
Brady Babineau 11 tuntia sitten
@Ixax WR lol
Ixax WR
Ixax WR 11 tuntia sitten
This ain’t a Yelp review man
The Scare Channel
The Scare Channel 12 tuntia sitten
This is the beginning of the season lol once things tighten up, the Canadiens are ginnaa and shoot right back down to the bottom. Mark my words.
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 12 tuntia sitten
You're wrong. Mark your own words. They're a top 3 team in the north.
Matt Moorman
Matt Moorman 12 tuntia sitten
Al's brother is on drugs if he thinks that Calgary and Winnipeg are better than Edmonton. He keeps saying 5 games in 7 nights look what the Oilers have played same schedule.
Matt Moorman
Matt Moorman 10 tuntia sitten
@Matthew R oh ok there small fry. Two player team didnt look like that last night or most of the year.
Matthew R
Matthew R 11 tuntia sitten
They are the Oilers suck they are a 2 player team
SILÉNT PULLS 12 tuntia sitten
What about Al's sister?
tony o
tony o 12 tuntia sitten
Classic ..right...just like Kassian hurting his hands on Tkachuk’s face...classic
Bjorn Lothbrok
Bjorn Lothbrok 12 tuntia sitten
Every team except Toronto have better 1-2 punch as they’re not paying each one 11 mil
Elhanan Tilahun
Elhanan Tilahun 10 tuntia sitten
Flow 12 tuntia sitten
Tampa always destroy in the season but normally chokes in the playoffs
Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks 12 tuntia sitten
Marcus Hedlund
Marcus Hedlund 12 tuntia sitten
Own channel for sure, can't stand them
Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks 12 tuntia sitten
@Aaron Walker ikr. They NEED to do that. Like 90% of the subs here are just for BD
Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker 12 tuntia sitten
Damn right, and their own channel
Robert Gloeden
Robert Gloeden 12 tuntia sitten
I wouldn't want to be at The Roger center in Vancouver if Canuck fans are getting unruly
Charlie ND
Charlie ND 9 tuntia sitten
*Rogers Arena
Mathew Lee
Mathew Lee 12 tuntia sitten
Go Vancouver Canucks
ElJohnno42 12 tuntia sitten
7:48 what a saaaaaave
Karnige 12 tuntia sitten
crash and burn canuck losers! no cups and counting.
G Mod
G Mod 12 tuntia sitten
Canucks 3 out of 3 this week!!
Viscous Recordings
Viscous Recordings 12 tuntia sitten
Garbage player
live life loud
live life loud 12 tuntia sitten dislike ba ha
Anoop Uppal
Anoop Uppal 12 tuntia sitten
I think this is good for Vancouver because whenever we start bad we end up with a good season
Thorne Cardinal
Thorne Cardinal 12 tuntia sitten
And they still have never won a cup. Either way.
Joevan Baidwan
Joevan Baidwan 12 tuntia sitten
That's not gonna happen in a shortened season in this division. If they don't go on a streak now its over.
Anoop Uppal
Anoop Uppal 12 tuntia sitten
@The Abyss yup
The Abyss
The Abyss 12 tuntia sitten
And whenever we have a good start we end up in flames in the end
GoofyAndrewYT 12 tuntia sitten
Josh Kean
Josh Kean 12 tuntia sitten
SKR_13 12 tuntia sitten
Leafs fan here, Campbell clearly tweaked his groin before that, guys working the net front like that always end up pushed onto the net minder. I certainly didn’t see that as intentional.
Vega M
Vega M 8 tuntia sitten
Funny how Campell, the Leafs coach and the 5 other Leafs on the ice didn't have a problem with it but everyone else does lol.
Beer Deliveryguy
Beer Deliveryguy 12 tuntia sitten
Luca does your dad know you took his suit jacket?
jeepguy696969 12 tuntia sitten
As a jets fan I’ve seen this from him many times before. He calls it a classic move to accuse him of these things. Stop giving us a reason to accuse. Classic move by him to try and fool people into thinking he has no intent. We all see right through his smug attitude.
Canadian Ape
Canadian Ape 9 tuntia sitten
Fuckin rich from a fan base who cheered for Dustin Byfuglien.
Itziwin 10 tuntia sitten
Well I think 24 on the leafs has his number next game
Minecraft Dude 26
Minecraft Dude 26 11 tuntia sitten
As a fellow Jets fan, I agree 100%
s stevenson
s stevenson 12 tuntia sitten
Spoiled brat since day 1
Holden Leeson
Holden Leeson 12 tuntia sitten
First! 😁
live life loud
live life loud 12 tuntia sitten
Louis Gallant
Louis Gallant 12 tuntia sitten
More like Minnesota Subway.
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 12 tuntia sitten
Here are the facts. 1. He was being pushed around a little bit and tired so falling over was reasonable there. 2. He looked where he was falling beforehand. 3. He raised his knee higher than he had to. 4. He fell with his weight on his left side, maximizing the force he hit Jack with. Once he put his hand down on Jack's back, he could have stretched out his leg to not land on his head. 5. He knew this couldn't get him in trouble with the league. 6. Leafs fans would be whiny bitches either way. 7. Him being a garbage person is not the same as saying he's a bad player Thomas Drance.
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 12 tuntia sitten
@salman hatia I never said Tkachuk injured Jack. Only what was intentional in that play and what wasn't
salman hatia
salman hatia 12 tuntia sitten
jack campbell was slow to get up the shift before. tkachuk fell on campbells back. jack campbell was shaking his left leg after the play. im a leafs fan dont say im defending tkachuk
Glenn Wolfe
Glenn Wolfe 13 tuntia sitten
Dirtiest player ever played... He took scheiffle out during the playoffs, he got away with that, now he takes out Campbell... Dude.. You literally put both knees on his back.. You cross the line.. And he will get away with it... Who is man enough to stop him??.. Anyone??
Vega M
Vega M 8 tuntia sitten
That incident during the playoffs was a freak accident. He's also far from the dirtiest, Matte Cooke was in the league not too long ago and ended/hindered lots of top talent around the league.
salman hatia
salman hatia 12 tuntia sitten
jack campbell was slow to get up the shift before. tkachuk fell on campbells back. jack campbell was shaking his left leg after the play. im a leafs fan dont say im defending tkachuk
david edelman
david edelman 13 tuntia sitten
Fight coming!!!!!
Reyhn Dyck
Reyhn Dyck 13 tuntia sitten
There was no swearing. It literally said “that’s a Carolina Hurricanes Goal”.
Yo Soy Caiden
Yo Soy Caiden 13 tuntia sitten
Also gonna miss Patric liane
Diego Medina
Diego Medina 13 tuntia sitten
Jesse im so sorry
IsPriestess 13 tuntia sitten
Someone pls concuss this boy with the bone crushing hit
salman hatia
salman hatia 12 tuntia sitten
jack campbell was slow to get up the shift before. tkachuk fell on campbells back. jack campbell was shaking his left leg after the play. im a leafs fan dont say im defending tkachuk
Mason Fenton
Mason Fenton 12 tuntia sitten
@IsPriestess I’m not trying to cause anything I’m sorry I’m just pissed at these leafs fans saying he did it on purpose he didn’t ya he could’ve got off but it’s tkachuk but don’t say you hope he gets injured
Mason Fenton
Mason Fenton 12 tuntia sitten
@IsPriestess 2-1-1 isn’t a bad start
IsPriestess 12 tuntia sitten
@OilersAnalyst right? And if Tkachuck is so great why is the Flames record 2-1-1, garbage
OilersAnalyst 12 tuntia sitten
@Mason Fenton you can make that remark about every star player on each team, against any team. Really not a great insult