The Icy Life Premiere Promo
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Saweetie - Tip Toes [Songkick Live]
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Vuosi sitten
Saweetie - #Highmaintenance
kim dell
kim dell 22 tuntia sitten
Love this song but hate the facts that they are black women with white girls'hair 😶
Dallas Hamilton
Dallas Hamilton 23 tuntia sitten
Am I the only one who cringes every time she switches scenes and uses the same noise....who does these edits?
Scarlett Wennink
Scarlett Wennink 23 tuntia sitten
Love thisss
ninxiu 23 tuntia sitten
Kaitochukwu Iheanacho
Kaitochukwu Iheanacho 23 tuntia sitten
Proverbs 11:24 - Some people spend their money freely and still grow richer. Others are cautious, and yet grow poorer. yes queen you know that's right
Chloe Lateefa Braga
Chloe Lateefa Braga 23 tuntia sitten
i’ve known this boy for years since a kid and he was working with my dad and brothers. my brothers told me he was on and off with his girlfriend. i followed his instagram spontaneously and he slid into my dms by replying to my stories and started flirting, sending videos and i thought it was really going somewhere. one day he calls me so i called him back and he acted like he didn’t call me. he called me awkward because i was nervously laughing on the phone, but i was shy. he left me on read and that night he posts a mirror pic of his girlfriend on swimwear and him shirtless.
Erick Jones
Erick Jones 23 tuntia sitten
Doja cat is go3
chuy rojas
chuy rojas 23 tuntia sitten
Fact: Dababy cant make a single song without saying the n word
apo papagiannis
apo papagiannis 23 tuntia sitten
Τα νύχια τα κόβουμε μια φορά στα 10 χρόνια τουλάχιστον! Γτ αλλιώς θα κάνουμε ζημιά στο τύμπανο του αυτιού!
Revathi Koduri
Revathi Koduri 23 tuntia sitten
Disgusting nails
Siggi Nguyen
Siggi Nguyen 23 tuntia sitten
those strip club scenes are dope. what effects are these?
Joshua Khubeb
Joshua Khubeb 23 tuntia sitten
Twitter Approves 🥀🌼🦋
john with two y’s
john with two y’s 23 tuntia sitten
Nihad 24K
Nihad 24K 23 tuntia sitten
Je valide 👌🇫🇷
Anissa 23 tuntia sitten
Chery Vids15
Chery Vids15 23 tuntia sitten
She needs to do rnb fr
Angela Ancheta
Angela Ancheta 23 tuntia sitten
Let's be honest. You felt rich and badass watching these two?
aidan lee
aidan lee Päivä sitten
I'm obsessed with saweetie's verse
Mrs. Love
Mrs. Love Päivä sitten
Wtf does she off her fish 🐠? Mean ? Fml I hate being old
shendana araujo
shendana araujo Päivä sitten
Aaron Capo
Aaron Capo Päivä sitten
she got diamonds in her chochie jus a cut up bean 🤣
Ivan Päivä sitten
4:14 I read that as “get bussy” and I was thoroughly confused
Alli Crawley - Stewart
Alli Crawley - Stewart Päivä sitten
u are so flipping pretty😛😛🔥🔥🔥
Keyasia Patton
Keyasia Patton Päivä sitten
Love this song
Lekia Washington
Lekia Washington Päivä sitten
This wack am super 😞 sorry
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V. Päivä sitten
They are so sexy. I can see them being friends in real life.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V. Päivä sitten
She is so pretty! Her style is amazing! Only one I can see pulling off that short patchy hair style.
marianne _ d
marianne _ d Päivä sitten
female epowerment right here
Baby Chi
Baby Chi Päivä sitten
saweetie is sooo underrated! she has the prettiest face evurh! lovin her angst when she raps too. <3
Jessica Garcia-Phommavanh
Jessica Garcia-Phommavanh Päivä sitten
is there like a remix of this song
Gihsides Päivä sitten
A female rapper without a enoying voice. ¡YAY! 🤣
Wicket Ewoki
Wicket Ewoki Päivä sitten
Bhad bhabie - bestie
Kaylee Dilone
Kaylee Dilone Päivä sitten
This is Literally EVERYTHING
Itsyegurl _
Itsyegurl _ Päivä sitten
There both beautiful in their own way but even me pretty together 🥰
Kerion Lewis
Kerion Lewis Päivä sitten
I can’t believe she really cut all her real hair
정지영 Päivä sitten
Saweetie~~~~~~~~ sooooooo beautiful!
Roi YouTube
Roi YouTube Päivä sitten
Simply Shar
Simply Shar Päivä sitten
• zeɴa
• zeɴa Päivä sitten
lge girl
Cobi Jones
Cobi Jones Päivä sitten
King Bach in there omg the goat
Natalija Matic
Natalija Matic Päivä sitten
what is this
La Yaung Hlwam
La Yaung Hlwam Päivä sitten
Oh shit!! 😂😂 The ending surprise me
ANGEL Päivä sitten
Gregory Hunts
Gregory Hunts Päivä sitten
Man this shit is garbage..
Kyra Park
Kyra Park Päivä sitten
These girls got naked😂😂 I like the song and the vid imma always b a fan of saweetie we gone make a song together one day I swear I’m jus too young rn🤣
BelieveInMatter Päivä sitten
This is so damn catchy, currently listened to it everyday on my to on my way to work this week, super loud
that one guy
that one guy Päivä sitten
that Cancer and Pisces energy tho ♋️ ♓️
Roli Savage
Roli Savage Päivä sitten
Post Malone took it to a new level
vairexx Päivä sitten
that's Mike Tyson?
On Cloud Mai
On Cloud Mai Päivä sitten
Amara Liz Daniella Azhari Jaya Sudrajat
Amara Liz Daniella Azhari Jaya Sudrajat Päivä sitten
Broke up in mid july or august or september i cant remember, 6 month later he was CRAVING for my phone number sliding in my dm like crazy, nu-uh u aint in my zone no more, got married 2 years after that and GOD BLESS ME im so happy
GHOST CR Päivä sitten
Que uñas más asquerosas como hace cuando va al baño? Se puso un tapón?
BethanyLeeBeauty Päivä sitten
My f boy story: I was in a toxic relationship for 3 years. He broke up with me at the beginning of the month. We lived together. He was getting more and more verbally abusive. Then yesterday he threatened to kill my dog and I had just had enough. I called my family and we packed up everything that was mine out of the house and left. He has no toilet paper, shower curtain, towel, fork, cup, blanket, pillow, when I tell y’all I only took what was mine and left him with nothing 🥴 he degraded me, belittled me, and now I’m trying regain my self worth. Bye BAN
Kee-pyor Myndopen
Kee-pyor Myndopen Päivä sitten
Trash music. Trash lyrics.
Best duo👏
ikeelu85 Päivä sitten
I love this song! It's so nice to see a song about empowering women, instead of women tearing each other down!
Amoye Päivä sitten
1:05 am I the only one who thinks, them in this part looks like connie and mona from big mouth lol
Ekles Jk
Ekles Jk Päivä sitten
Daniel Prasad
Daniel Prasad Päivä sitten
Post gave this a whole new vibe
Jason Carr
Jason Carr Päivä sitten
Aeko wrote this for her you can tell by the cadence and words she uses
Jason Carr
Jason Carr Päivä sitten
Soo tired of this I'm a thot buy me attitude from chics like Sweetie I guarantee she'd be the first talking that you should respect me but claim you have a price tag? No thanks that ratchet golddigger shit is for the birds rather have a 6 or 7 if you so called bad bitches that think they 10's are basically hookers that can be purchased I'm Gucci thanks! But Miss Aeko ! 200 percentage baddie! With class! Sooooo sexy no price tag I'm sure...
rouy bab
rouy bab Päivä sitten
King Bach everywhere lmao
Phina Kumordzi
Phina Kumordzi Päivä sitten
Fire 🔥
I Thanks
I Thanks Päivä sitten
Not king bach
Emma v
Emma v Päivä sitten
Can't even believe this was this long ago-
Jereemy Soto
Jereemy Soto Päivä sitten
Saweetie n Doja with mullet hair is like ❤️💓💘💗❤️💓💘💓💘💓💘💓💖💘💘