Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey 21 tunti sitten
This song changed our life
Hawaii 21 tunti sitten
Would like to be 15 again
Hawaii 21 tunti sitten
Almost 7 years ago. I’m starting to realise that time definitely goes faster as an adult. Still feels recent.
KEROUTOPIA 21 tunti sitten
Gurminder Bhogal
Gurminder Bhogal 21 tunti sitten
learn more
learn more 21 tunti sitten
She is our national anthem ✨❤
Sawyer Kennemer
Sawyer Kennemer 21 tunti sitten
Only legends can like this comment
Santa Lagzdiņa
Santa Lagzdiņa 21 tunti sitten
2021 anyone?
Jeff Lanong
Jeff Lanong 22 tuntia sitten
Am I the only guy who listens to this and I think something is wrong with me now
Dulce Amor
Dulce Amor 22 tuntia sitten
you should stay real close to Jesusssss
Genkit Lepcha
Genkit Lepcha 22 tuntia sitten
The fact that this album didnt win any fucking grammys is so fucked up.#scammys
Lara Fitzpatrick
Lara Fitzpatrick 22 tuntia sitten
It’s the 1,2,3,4 for me 😍
anıl koç
anıl koç 22 tuntia sitten
April 2021, summer is coming guys!!
Creates Title
Creates Title 22 tuntia sitten
Moon ... cap... Sun...Libra Scorpio...mercury Pluto ........had a dream recently about car crashes and the moment of impact time stops and I was able to see myself as slices of the angel and the demon...like the horse scene in the movie with Jennifer Lopez the cell...
Jesús Octavio
Jesús Octavio 22 tuntia sitten
✨Welcome to the contry club✨
slayer of doom
slayer of doom 23 tuntia sitten
I still remember when it first came out 7 years ago,, man time flies so fast
- aniim3
- aniim3 23 tuntia sitten
4:50 <3
Harika Demir
Harika Demir 23 tuntia sitten
I love you Lana❤
jfksjdnfjdnd 23 tuntia sitten
the first part always gets me
jfksjdnfjdnd 23 tuntia sitten
i will never get over this song
Patrik Krakovka
Patrik Krakovka 23 tuntia sitten
This song is still ALIVE😍
Firas Hannoush
Firas Hannoush 23 tuntia sitten
Who is the other Woman with irritating Voice?
Subhasree 23 tuntia sitten
Is lana bi?
Zont Zoo it
Zont Zoo it 23 tuntia sitten
Is it just me or does this audio sound different compared to the music video one
bunni bunni
bunni bunni Päivä sitten
The male voice in the back is just *chefs kiss*
Stella A
Stella A Päivä sitten
I got goosebumps she is so beautiful 😍
Rusu Paul - Liviu
Rusu Paul - Liviu Päivä sitten
great song, except all the lyrics
orpheus2006 Päivä sitten
I love her so much. She is the best
Soledad Alonso
Soledad Alonso Päivä sitten
Lana is my god.
she walks over me
she walks over me Päivä sitten
i love this tbh
she walks over me
she walks over me Päivä sitten
zorion1111 Päivä sitten
even the Queen herself wear a mask!
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford Päivä sitten
This song is chef kiss
Jason Medders
Jason Medders Päivä sitten
She is so pretty a classic throwback sexy voice this song is chilling
KARLA CHARRE Päivä sitten
MY QUEEN <3 I love you, we are brooklyn babies
athena renjith
athena renjith Päivä sitten
I want a lana and Zayn collaboration so badly. is it too much to ask
Aure Ibarra
Aure Ibarra Päivä sitten
😱😱😱 hermosa combinación de voz
Inely Pélez
Inely Pélez 22 tuntia sitten
Sofia Matova
Sofia Matova Päivä sitten
Someone here April 2021
CUT Päivä sitten
Matt H
Matt H Päivä sitten
The melody reminds me of that one Sheryl Crow song.
Sanista Gx
Sanista Gx Päivä sitten
Voice of an 👼 angel !
shre sri
shre sri Päivä sitten
Let's see how many people are listening to this on April 2021, in real summertime. It's really a very hot summer. 😂 Hot season gives real sadness. 😔
Captain Swan
Captain Swan Päivä sitten
I love her smile at 2:28
ryandontkerr Päivä sitten
LMAO this is still such a mood
fxxr Päivä sitten
i live to love u and i love to love u and i live to love u boooooooyyyyyyyy 🎧🎶
silvia Päivä sitten
jaimie king lowkey looks like jaimie pressley.
ryandontkerr Päivä sitten
Del Rey, LANA Del Rey.
Arianit Zeqiri
Arianit Zeqiri Päivä sitten
This gives me 2016-2017 summer vibes
Florencia Erramuspe
Florencia Erramuspe Päivä sitten
I dont know why from the begging i felt this was a song that special
Gustavo Torres
Gustavo Torres Päivä sitten
I love you
Eduardo Miguel Miceli Ochoa
Eduardo Miguel Miceli Ochoa Päivä sitten
I love this song, the piano is magnificent, her voice so whispering, I love Lana.
lana's disciple
lana's disciple Päivä sitten
Eduardo Miguel Miceli Ochoa
Eduardo Miguel Miceli Ochoa Päivä sitten
PerfectlyImperfectMae Päivä sitten
Lana being so iconic, legendary, she can kick those titans😐
Nicolás Päivä sitten
Felipe Alcântara
Felipe Alcântara Päivä sitten
le Päivä sitten
Helena Nikitopoulos
Helena Nikitopoulos Päivä sitten
have been listening to her old albums and songs and so happy she created this masterpiece. lana brings me to a place of peace and faith. I feel empowered in ways no other singer has ever made me feel. I love you, LANA <3
le Päivä sitten
le Päivä sitten
You’re perfect Lana Del Rey 🍉
le Päivä sitten
le Päivä sitten
Lovely voice -XD-
Rouse Catarina
Rouse Catarina Päivä sitten
Parecendo Adelle em algumas cenas hehehe
le Päivä sitten
GR8 voice
Foster30 Päivä sitten
I love this song, it's a work of art, make me feel so nostalgic about my life and my past. Thank You Lana
Mario Olivares
Mario Olivares Päivä sitten
Can we talk about the way she sings "we won't ask why"? It's just perfect. This is undoubtedly my favorite song of the album.
le Päivä sitten
le Päivä sitten
Emily Shewchuk
Emily Shewchuk Päivä sitten
Lana Practically created the vintage americana tumblr aesthetic
le Päivä sitten
OML im in love with this song :D
aleeha haneef
aleeha haneef Päivä sitten
queen lana always serves w the music vid aesthetic
นายปุญชรัสมิ์ ศิริบูรณานนท์
นายปุญชรัสมิ์ ศิริบูรณานนท์ Päivä sitten
tvtime2122 Päivä sitten
This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️
Inely Pélez
Inely Pélez 22 tuntia sitten
Indeed.I also send you a lot of love.Take care
TA9AFA MIX Päivä sitten
aziz bob
jacob sagmoen
jacob sagmoen Päivä sitten
Maybe try rhyming and you’ll be good again
Anyone listening to these beautiful lana del rey songs in April 2021? 🙌🏻😌💔
Nash Wagemakers
Nash Wagemakers Päivä sitten
my fav lana song probs
Jay Boland
Jay Boland Päivä sitten
A timeless masterpiece that will be listened to, referenced and respected for as long as humans are around. A hit in every sense.
Matheus V. de Azevedo
Matheus V. de Azevedo Päivä sitten
Lana downatthemeninmusicbusinessconference Rey
Stephany Cristina
Stephany Cristina Päivä sitten
Tenho depressão,e as músicas da Lana del Rey me acalma muito me faz viajar dentro de mim....