Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!
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The ending is suspiciously wholesome.
Pieter Cronje
Pieter Cronje 11 tuntia sitten
Hulk VS Vision ... Pls make this happen
Rafaelknight29 11 tuntia sitten
Addison Always
Addison Always 11 tuntia sitten
Actually they are all mental disorders think about Tiger as ADHD Eeyore as depression and more like anxiety with piglet.
Euna Javison
Euna Javison 11 tuntia sitten
this is like a podcast to me I'm folding my clothes rn and I'm listening to this and its really interesting 👍❤
Unholy Ravioli
Unholy Ravioli 11 tuntia sitten
Winnie the Pooh was the first book I ever read and I have lots of nostalgia and love for the book. Thnx MatPat.
EmperorRhyz viLlAnU3va
EmperorRhyz viLlAnU3va 11 tuntia sitten
3:14 more like henwy UwU lol
Nite Lolo
Nite Lolo 11 tuntia sitten
1:49 Why was this recommended to me?
Cheesi Reviews
Cheesi Reviews 11 tuntia sitten
So is this a food theory video or a film theory video
Joe Swain
Joe Swain 11 tuntia sitten
That would be amazing if The Court of Owls shows up. I've read the comic and the talon is OP.
Ashten Pacenza
Ashten Pacenza 11 tuntia sitten
You should do a theory on Promised Neverland
Distraídos Venceremos
Distraídos Venceremos 11 tuntia sitten
Hey Matpat! Could you make a theory about Garfield? plz?
Anna-Marie Vlachova
Anna-Marie Vlachova 11 tuntia sitten
13:50 chill that started a 30 year old war in my country and home city
I’m not your FBI agent
I’m not your FBI agent 11 tuntia sitten
Without Ewan’s beard I didn’t recognize him in the movie.
Anime weeb
Anime weeb 11 tuntia sitten
too lazy you say
James Sakate
James Sakate 11 tuntia sitten
so youre telling me.. when a panda falls out of a tree... they dont hurt their body- THEY HURT THEIR HEART?!
Nathan Oldenkamp
Nathan Oldenkamp 11 tuntia sitten
Isn't Winnie the Pooh a girl? Winnie is a girls nae
IDW Drift
IDW Drift 11 tuntia sitten
More people need to see this Theory.
XCtoonzX 11 tuntia sitten
Diego RF
Diego RF 11 tuntia sitten
A bird
arnav man
arnav man 11 tuntia sitten
i forgot matt had a kid
Taine Budd
Taine Budd 11 tuntia sitten
11:42 are we going to ignore the fact that he said 6500 but wrote 650?
Calvin Warner
Calvin Warner 11 tuntia sitten
They should of took him to the SCP Foundation
Professor Lakitax
Professor Lakitax 11 tuntia sitten
The real life pooh eats rice fried noodles and peking Duck
KkFaller 11 tuntia sitten
By far the best intro food theory
Nano Kirk
Nano Kirk 11 tuntia sitten
I think the monster is air that has a strong Force that the movie can show cuz the cameras maybe getting knocked down or something but when the cameras getting knocked down they can't film the video or the movie anymore because the bird box is a demon he's just an air is that why you can't see him
Nano Kirk
Nano Kirk 11 tuntia sitten
Do you understand
Tadashi Yamaguchi
Tadashi Yamaguchi 11 tuntia sitten
Okey, we don't have o talk about the mental health theory
Anime weeb
Anime weeb 11 tuntia sitten
i wonder why ??
* Rainbow-wolf-gacha *
* Rainbow-wolf-gacha * 11 tuntia sitten
“Will marvel break in a punch?” Nah, but it will break in a snap.
Euna Javison
Euna Javison 12 tuntia sitten
kinda dark and sad
Super Sans bros.
Super Sans bros. 12 tuntia sitten
Films. Games. Food. Shows. The four nations lived in harmony until the matpat attacked!
UrbanRose 12 tuntia sitten
Me = what do you mean US? I'm not even american
Logan The Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink FinalGoji
Logan The Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink FinalGoji 12 tuntia sitten
But Lizards actually have feelings, they can feel anger, fear, happiness and sadness
Tony995 12 tuntia sitten
I still can’t believe that master kenobi was a friend with a teddy bear
Super Sans bros.
Super Sans bros. 12 tuntia sitten
We known
Adam Hajjar
Adam Hajjar 12 tuntia sitten
Why wasn’t this on food theory?
Kitcorn Narwhal
Kitcorn Narwhal 12 tuntia sitten
Ok, After seeing Mat do the Oprah you get a explanation, I saw we all start demanding that netflix give him a show. LETS GET A FILM THEORY SHOW!
IronyFalseLogical 12 tuntia sitten
Wait there was a episode on the orgins of plankton and mr crabs, where they show the secret formula happen right there
Tiger Ox
Tiger Ox 12 tuntia sitten
I nearly died watching this scene because of how trippy it was
Levin Reyes
Levin Reyes 12 tuntia sitten
Bruh im littery about to sleep.
lucasptree 12 tuntia sitten
The "animal" from belle is chip, the tea cup. Yup, normally she is sold with him in her dolls
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 12 tuntia sitten
10:57 Uh no. There's no way that that Mermaid can be Queen Athena. It makes no sense. Why? Because the timeline does not work out AT ALL. Peter Pan is set almost 100 years after Little Mermaid. Let's establish a timeline here shall we, starting with Little Mermaid. For this we turn to Frozen II. In that movie after Show Yourself Elsa sees a flash back of Agnarr and Iduna reading the Little Mermaid. We know it's the Little Mermaid because Agnarr mentions that it was written by a Danish author, and the cover of the book is the same cover as a book marked Little Mermaid in Tangled when Rapunzel is reading in the library. Anyway when Agnarr is reading the book he mentions that it is new. This is important because if we can figure out when it was written and published, we can figure out when it is set. Now when is Agnarr reading the book? Well at the end of Frozen II Lieutenent Mattias says that they were inside the enchanted forest for 34 years. Frozen II is set in 1842 so that means when Agnarr is reading the book the year is 1808. In real life it took Hans Kristoff Annasven (I mean Hans Christian Andersen) a year to write the little mermaid, he started writing it in 1836 and it was published in 1837. After all that, that means the Little Mermaid is set in 1807. Okay one down one to go, Peter Pan. Usually Peter Pan is set in one of two years, either 1904 the year the play "Peter Pan: The Boy Who Never Grew Up" came out, or 1911 the year the book "Peter and Wendy" was published. The Disney version seems to be set in the 1904 Why? Cars. Or lack there of. In all the shots of London not only one of London bridge (or tower bridge) has automobiles in it and even then there seems to be less than a dozen there. Cars didn't become a thing in Britain until the end of 1904, and by the year 1910 over 100,000 automobiles were in Britain. Also the Disney film it self says it's "An adaptation of the play 'Peter Pan' by Sir. James M. Barrie" and more evidence of that is the fact that Mr. Darling is played by the same actor who played Captain Hook, Hans Conried, a tradition that started with the stage play. After all that we have finally established a timeline between these two films. Little Mermaid in 1807, and Peter Pan in 1904... 97 years apart. I know what you're thinking. "But when you go to Neverland you never grow up, you're basically immortal. That's kinda it's whole thing." Does that explain how "Athena" is younger in Peter Pan then she was over 97 years ago, and how she is still alive. Also Neverland is star. You fly towards the second stars to the right and just keep going until you see daylight. Atlantica is under water, how on earth would they be able to get from there and back. Perhaps we're better off connecting Peter Pan to the rest of the films using another method. *Cough* Bedknobs and Broomsticks trust me it works.
Gaming with Austin
Gaming with Austin 12 tuntia sitten
Wait does Arthur have a dog in a world where there are dog people
Cotton Stoops
Cotton Stoops 12 tuntia sitten
Anyone heard of Filthy Frank's conspiracy theory?Anyone?
PlayzCompleted 12 tuntia sitten
Uh the movie came out in 2015 not 2014
Sudarsan Ghosh
Sudarsan Ghosh 12 tuntia sitten
In 2020 only new thing is Corona Virus
comix are awesome
comix are awesome 12 tuntia sitten
The cool thing is that the scoob movie doesnt actually disprove anything
steph jackson
steph jackson 12 tuntia sitten
MAOI's are awful, i had to take them and stopped because for me personally they made me sevearly ill, i would rather face Freddy than take them again XD (personal, i know stuff like that effects everyone different)
itai zommer
itai zommer 12 tuntia sitten
Make a theory about the big bang theory
Cyrus Aquino
Cyrus Aquino 12 tuntia sitten
The intro is awesome like if you agree :-)
Purple Pancake
Purple Pancake 12 tuntia sitten
The time the sue happened was during WWll
Ludvig Karlsson Kling
Ludvig Karlsson Kling 12 tuntia sitten
3:06 virus
Jesse Gray
Jesse Gray 12 tuntia sitten
What about the grizzly bear
lonelyPorterCH 12 tuntia sitten
So you killed him anyways^^
SilverSuperFan1 12 tuntia sitten
When Matt listed those numbers, I actually thought of 2 not 8.
Jonathan Levant
Jonathan Levant 12 tuntia sitten
Your son moshes to Winnie the Pooh.. show him Caillou
Hunter Taylor
Hunter Taylor 12 tuntia sitten
so good
Scott LaFleur
Scott LaFleur 12 tuntia sitten
What about grizzlies or Kodiak bears
The best supporter of EA sports
The best supporter of EA sports 12 tuntia sitten
Thats actualy called an "Awakening" which cots a lot of training, about awakenings, hardering's unbreakable is an example
jacob combs
jacob combs 12 tuntia sitten
Down to earth practical plans for it are great and all but the ridiculous stuff is much more fun. Are there any stats on its ability to climb? Two words, Tree House lol. Digging a home into the side of one of those gimongous California redwoods would be dope, and if you build it right you should easily be able to keep the entity out of it.
Mr. Moron
Mr. Moron 12 tuntia sitten
there's another documentary about the handy man also a suspect its on direct TV
Kristoff Ramos
Kristoff Ramos 12 tuntia sitten
But Saitama can in fact destroy half the universe with a punch as told by the creator so the shield will in fact break. Plus Saitama’s “serious punch” isn’t all he can do where thanos can’t even destroy a planet without his ship but destroyed Captain America’s shield so in fact, it will break. But Saitama can deflect a planet destroying beam without sing 1 percent of his power.
Bruh Master 69
Bruh Master 69 12 tuntia sitten
Nice theory
Jason Smart
Jason Smart 12 tuntia sitten
It’s also plausible that the meds are what caused the hallucinations
jacob combs
jacob combs 12 tuntia sitten
An important part of your STDC treatment is to have group of 3. You, the person that gave it to you and a trusted friend who has not received the curse. That way you have another person who can see it and one person who can't to confirm the suspicious person walking toward you isn't visible to normies.
Leo Lyttinen
Leo Lyttinen 12 tuntia sitten
None of these work
The ANONyMOuS 12 tuntia sitten
I think that deku isn't able to use one for all as all might used when he was young is because one for all is stock piling power so it was powerful for deku to handle
MemelordSoy 12 tuntia sitten
Mattpatt could you do a nightmare before Christmas origin story for Halloween coming up that would be excellent
Alexandru Radoi
Alexandru Radoi 12 tuntia sitten
so how did elsa get to denmark feom germany?
Leo Lyttinen
Leo Lyttinen 12 tuntia sitten
Yea i didn't hear green needle
Indo Gaming
Indo Gaming 12 tuntia sitten
Chris Carrillo
Chris Carrillo 12 tuntia sitten
You should do the size of the village hidden in the leaves from naruto
awesome gamer
awesome gamer 12 tuntia sitten
I live in England and im english so your right
Arcbordda 12 tuntia sitten
Karen Jones
Karen Jones 12 tuntia sitten
That theory would make it not only possible, but easy for them to bend, iron, nickle, colbalt, and lightning. Along with the fact that magiking very tiny but very powerfull electromagnetic fields is as close to magic as simply moving the water. And what was that chaff about the bender rarely touching the water because they are bending it away from them. If this theory was correct, they could touch it easily without major repercussions. the most amount of effect touching it while bending it is the meniscus breaking around the touched point. You can have your own opinions, but I'm sticking with mine.
Jacob Auricht
Jacob Auricht 12 tuntia sitten
I need a new FIpost channel logo
Glen Clementi
Glen Clementi 12 tuntia sitten
Btw i know this should be on game theory but I forgot to do that my bad
infinity_x YT
infinity_x YT 12 tuntia sitten
Notice how when he said scary movies he put cats lol
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz 12 tuntia sitten
12345 67890
12345 67890 12 tuntia sitten
The sith species, that got driven into extincion by the jedi because they had a natural tendency toward the dark side: (×) Joy