Is Oobleck Bullet Proof?
19 tuntia sitten
Rubber band Ball Part 49 #Shorts
great Stuff Airplane #Shorts
7 päivää sitten
I Made A Boat Out Of Spray Foam
Rubber Band Ball Part 48 #Shorts
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
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Sleeping in storm shelter #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Vs Jump #Shorts
Building Giant Snow Fort 2 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 47 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball vs Woods #Shorts
Rubber Band ball vs Pool #shorts
KingMgames 11 tuntia sitten
Papa jake would be proud
sunset wolf
sunset wolf 11 tuntia sitten
What happened?
Mustafa 11 tuntia sitten
You can CLEARLY see how they cut the video for it to chill. You don't need to be an idiot like them, that's not how it's gonna work
Sture Splatt
Sture Splatt 11 tuntia sitten
Thats not a cardboard boat that’s a foam boat
Big boy bob
Big boy bob 11 tuntia sitten
He’s daily does of internet
Hayley Millar
Hayley Millar 11 tuntia sitten
Cover the giant rubber band ball with ooblec
Reginald Vaughn
Reginald Vaughn 11 tuntia sitten
Legends say that he still keeps going to this very day
Real_ Iso_baller
Real_ Iso_baller 11 tuntia sitten
Every clip he start By say so one day
kaos55480 11 tuntia sitten
That’s for sealing drafty windows
CertainlyNot Nathan
CertainlyNot Nathan 11 tuntia sitten
Did you reach the waterfall that suddenly appears out of thin air?
ClockyIV 11 tuntia sitten
u have more likes then subs on this video
Dipak Purani
Dipak Purani 11 tuntia sitten
Meet my friend Rubber band Ball.
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf 12 tuntia sitten
Take it to the beach!
Afton_friend 12 tuntia sitten
I know how to make it u just need collyflower powder and water and it's a liquid solid or u can call it a non-newtonian fluid that's some advice for u
Afton_friend 12 tuntia sitten
ITXOGE ꪜ 12 tuntia sitten
Dude this man just walked on a pool :0
Intan Diana
Intan Diana 12 tuntia sitten
never stop
Katsuki Komaeda
Katsuki Komaeda 12 tuntia sitten
Everyone be gangsta when creepers spawn in
captain kirk
captain kirk 12 tuntia sitten
That's not the point of craftsmanship you're supposed to leave the damn thing
KG11 12 tuntia sitten
Drop it from a high surface
Josef Ordoño
Josef Ordoño 12 tuntia sitten
The legend says that he was still going further out until he goes around the world
Shantayl Tayl Tayl Scoby
Shantayl Tayl Tayl Scoby 12 tuntia sitten
You should make a gamer house under there
WallyWaffle 12 tuntia sitten
And just like that he was never seen again
J.London 12 tuntia sitten
Ramen never looked so naval
Janja Radujko
Janja Radujko 12 tuntia sitten
Can u make a mini children room
shocklett 12 tuntia sitten
It’s a pet at this point
Tyler Merritt
Tyler Merritt 12 tuntia sitten
Haven't even watched this buuuut you should know that that foam insulation loves soaking up water.
itlog ulul
itlog ulul 12 tuntia sitten
How did he survive?? He doesn't have any oxygen inside
Soujany Agnihotri 9th E
Soujany Agnihotri 9th E 12 tuntia sitten
Don't try this at home Ok I will do it outside
Heat Fangs
Heat Fangs 12 tuntia sitten
You have to pull fast and hard...
Goddess of flowers
Goddess of flowers 12 tuntia sitten
To prove the power of flex tape, I made a cardboard boat
Pete Easy
Pete Easy 12 tuntia sitten
....And he became the Wind Waker
HAMMER HEAD 12 tuntia sitten
i heard bow
Kane The Unsettled
Kane The Unsettled 12 tuntia sitten
Also depends on what the body of the car is made out of. More than likely the car jn the tiktok was made out of fiberglass or plastic. Your car was made out of metal which needs heat or a force to bend
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 12 tuntia sitten
#Prestonplays did this
Alison Kuessner
Alison Kuessner 12 tuntia sitten
Fill your pool with orbes
Papa Cheese
Papa Cheese 12 tuntia sitten
This reminds me of very old days, things now buried in the deep parts of FIpost. Is it a good idea to microwave this?
Mirza Cinar
Mirza Cinar 12 tuntia sitten
Did he get this from Collins Key?
Andy Setya Wardana
Andy Setya Wardana 12 tuntia sitten
Imagine in a lake full of oobleck and you start running on it
troy van duijn
troy van duijn 12 tuntia sitten
And he never came back
Nicholas Piscitelli
Nicholas Piscitelli 12 tuntia sitten
I cannot use the language I need to explain what to do with that ball
AKA 724
AKA 724 12 tuntia sitten
I didn’t even know you could do a handstand
xX_Fat_Nugget_Xx 12 tuntia sitten
Can you make a pool full of ice
rey orgen
rey orgen 12 tuntia sitten
Apple-Juice Simpson
Apple-Juice Simpson 12 tuntia sitten
That’s not an *Igloo,* that’s a *Quinzee.* *Igloo* = hard blocks of snow *Quinzee* = hallowed out pile of soft snow
danierazahra Mambuay
danierazahra Mambuay 13 tuntia sitten
michael matias
michael matias 13 tuntia sitten
Who thought something else first??
Gaming Vibes
Gaming Vibes 13 tuntia sitten
Fill it up with that stuff and orbeez
A.J Milne
A.J Milne 13 tuntia sitten
I like small spaces and being alone so I would actually live there.
drex martin
drex martin 13 tuntia sitten
Bullet proof oobleck vest?
Trevor Langbecker
Trevor Langbecker 13 tuntia sitten
Shit, Im about to do this shit. lol
kyocerii !
kyocerii ! 13 tuntia sitten
Happy for you man! Good boat!:)
Delma Macaleng
Delma Macaleng 13 tuntia sitten
The pool look like our pool
Braden DeFurio
Braden DeFurio 13 tuntia sitten
Your not supposed to pull it off 5seconds after you stick it, that’s what the video showed but it obviously was there till it set before he pulled so you failed the attempt
Acker 13 tuntia sitten
Legend says he is still going down the river...
Mugelbbub16 13 tuntia sitten
Chance Taydos
Chance Taydos 13 tuntia sitten
Umm. Let the glue do it's thing and give it 12 hours, rubber band all the sticks together and stop torching the glue sticks right by the dent. It's glue.. still stick after a few. This isn't smoking dabs. It's fixing dents.
Zoey Hastings
Zoey Hastings 13 tuntia sitten
Lol you literally just copied Collins key
Joe Chetty
Joe Chetty 13 tuntia sitten
You can do it just keep it for longer on the vehicle
Tyler Furlow
Tyler Furlow 13 tuntia sitten
What the fuck was the point of this video?
vapete 123
vapete 123 13 tuntia sitten
You need to get a fucking life ..
Sofia Damiano
Sofia Damiano 13 tuntia sitten
Legend says that he kept going
ChrisTheFish 13 tuntia sitten
Legend says he is still going to this day 🚣‍♀️
Fortune Gaming
Fortune Gaming 13 tuntia sitten
"so now I am at rubber band ball part 69420"
sega 13 tuntia sitten
This doesn't count as a igloo and I hate that fact
blu pyro tf2
blu pyro tf2 13 tuntia sitten
kneecap stealer
kneecap stealer 13 tuntia sitten
wow that's b l i n g y
dileo DJD
dileo DJD 13 tuntia sitten
You people do anything for a tiktok, even if it adds to our landfill problem. Sad.
Chance Taydos
Chance Taydos 13 tuntia sitten
This kids parents - "when's this kid moving across the country for college!?!"
sompop insang
sompop insang 13 tuntia sitten
Testmode 13 tuntia sitten
Legends say he's still going
Saran K R S
Saran K R S 13 tuntia sitten
I’ve travelled half way around the universe and still can’t find who tf asked.
Mario 13 tuntia sitten
Gorrest Fump
Lavender 13 tuntia sitten
Legend says he's still boat floating at the creek
Enes Arslan
Enes Arslan 13 tuntia sitten
Della's Quest
Della's Quest 13 tuntia sitten
What if it collapsed
Della's Quest
Della's Quest 13 tuntia sitten
Never try this at home
Art on Crack
Art on Crack 13 tuntia sitten
Damn these comments do not hold back like yea the guy is a bit... special in the brains department..but like damn
EZ123 EZ
EZ123 EZ 13 tuntia sitten
Shoot it!!!
Nightmare Sans
Nightmare Sans 13 tuntia sitten
Microwave a microwave dude.
LuminoussSimp 13 tuntia sitten
He really said: *time to be jesus-*