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Manny Villalpando
Manny Villalpando 3 minuuttia sitten
I love this type a videos but this guys is confusing or I just don’t get him, it’s like listing to my girlfriend telling me how her day at work was !!
MUI MEKO 4 minuuttia sitten
Hottest planet with a thicc atmosphere? Yup, definitely Venus.
Cool Buddy
Cool Buddy 6 minuuttia sitten
I want to know the entropy of egg while boiling
Abdel Razzzak
Abdel Razzzak 11 minuuttia sitten
My brain : I QUİET
Lonnie Christopher
Lonnie Christopher 12 minuuttia sitten
...These are highly intellectual videos, but do these guys know how often they are contradicting themselves ??..."The universe is expanding and accelerating" ....."No it's not accelerating" !!...."Yes it is accelerating"...!!...Wait a week, and they will say something else.....
Michael Collins
Michael Collins 14 minuuttia sitten
So many people in the comments extrapolating a sample size of one, and proclaiming that there must be two.
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz 18 minuuttia sitten
Not an execution, we are just waiting to see the Strings of String Theory cut .....
Sanjay 41 minuutti sitten
Sir I have a doubt, if I travel faster than light (however it is not possible) inside the black hole, I will escape from it. After escaping the black hole, where I will be in time?? Present, past, Future??? If I'm in past then I would have travelled more than 2 times the speed of light (which isn't possible), thus cancelling the black hole effect on us (I calculated using Penrose diagram). Here comes the most confusing part of mine. Where I will be when I travel faster than light (C<my speed<2C)? I started my vehicle after some while after falling into black hole. Will I be in the forward in time since I fell into it? The question is where I will be Present, past, future. I guess we will be in the future. Sir check these please and clear my doubt. If I'm right please explain more about (with equation) and if I'm wrong correct me pls in the comments.
daniel sebold
daniel sebold 53 minuuttia sitten
I would think 46 would be a better answer since we have 46 chromosomes. Also, gorillas have 47 chromosomes, and whenever I ask a gorilla what is the meaning of life, that is the answer I get.
daniel sebold
daniel sebold 57 minuuttia sitten
Le Maitre was a really groovy Catholic.
Caden Higgins
Caden Higgins Tunti sitten
Nikola Tesla found a way to generate enough energy to power the whole earth with just our magnetic field, Jupiter has the most powerful magnetic field which is 20,000 times the amount of energy our magnetic field produces so if we were to recreate a magnetic field of that caliber could would you be able to turn it into speed
daniel sebold
daniel sebold Tunti sitten
What a shame these physicists can't figure how to raise my IQ.
daniel sebold
daniel sebold Tunti sitten
The Book Of Job explains it as God spreading out his arms (I am an atheist)
Ben H.G
Ben H.G Tunti sitten
Sounds like black holes are actually the recycling bin of out simulation
Gavin Alavi
Gavin Alavi Tunti sitten
Yes, make it backwards
Grant Shearer
Grant Shearer 2 tuntia sitten
We are good for now?? Earth is slotted to get stone aged this century. What with the magnetosphere weakening as the galactic current sheet hits.
Grant Shearer
Grant Shearer 2 tuntia sitten
Radiometric dating can find 2 parts of the same living creature as being dead for anywhere between 10,000-100,000 years. Not exactly reliable
john jagger
john jagger 2 tuntia sitten
sorry for being a thicky- but how the heck is the speed of light squared anything other than an arbitrary number? also E equaling mass x a number? theyre different terms of measurement, like pounds x distance = temperature, or something?
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 2 tuntia sitten
Energy has the same units as mass*velocity² the same way that momentum is mass*velocity or current is charge/time. All our units of measurement are made up. But their relationships are not. Pound-force*meter, interestingly enough, is an energy again. The numerical value of the speed of light is made up as well because it relates to our idea of what a meter is. In physics it is common to ignore the number and unit completely and just say the speed of light is 1.
spaceminers 2 tuntia sitten
Yeah, it’s just so annoying with all these dang aliens not around here everywhere! LOL
john jagger
john jagger 2 tuntia sitten
i find it very very odd how anyone could think the sun went round the earth- for the reason that if the sun really was speeding round the earth once a day- the shadow on the moon would change much faster, rather than taking a month, itd move by the hour.
MinecraftGod87 [NohaxJustSkilzz
MinecraftGod87 [NohaxJustSkilzz 3 tuntia sitten
Earth bring ice age Humans: meh Earth bring earthquakes and water disasters Humans: now that’s a lot of damage let us nuke and make lands with astiroiders and bring carbon dioxide and the final one is burning trees and cutting them let’s take revenge hahahahahahahah
Robert Foster
Robert Foster 3 tuntia sitten
Is it just me that can see a the pattern from proton molecules collected on the screen after leaving from the source with the motion of waves is shown present, that the lease occupied areas of gathered particles tend to match the over lapping crests of the waves? All mass emits heat, and the majority of gather particles shown on the screen matches the waves patterns lease occupied. Why would mass want to act this way, or even why would mass not want to be compact or focus its area of energy?
josh cassat
josh cassat 3 tuntia sitten
Meh. I left the now time and traveled 6 months into the future into my my body where it was at that time. Only way I can say difference. Was this time I was stuck as an observer. I couldn't move the eyes or lift a finger. Lasted 3 minutes. Then boom got thrown back to current time where I was driving down highway at 75mph. So explain that. You will just say. Oh drugs or fun or the imagination is a thing. But I told my passenger about the event. Then 6months later it happened to us exactly as I saw it . Circumstances surrounding that 3minutes were 100% out of my control. This message is for those people that something similar has happened to. Know your not alone. Know you didn't imagine it. Deja Vu is a term for people who prefer horse blinders on to walk around in this world. That being said. There must not be time travel to any other reality than the one you are on. Just a different time. No jumping dimensions. No going to past. I'll explain that later.
Rasmus Nordström
Rasmus Nordström 4 tuntia sitten
How could Nils Bohr be so sure he was right before conducting the experiment? Hidden variables seems much more reasonable and likely.
James Kirk
James Kirk 4 tuntia sitten
What happens when you remove mercuries mass from the existing system? What replaces it, surely preservation of matter comes into this equation?
Justin Beaird
Justin Beaird 4 tuntia sitten
NASA will research the best way to make a ham sandwich if you give them funding to do so. So just because NASA is researching something doesn't mean a thing.
Michael Combrink
Michael Combrink 4 tuntia sitten
Best bedtime stories ever
VOTUS US 5 tuntia sitten
Time is NOT a dimension according to #BrianGreene it is a constant factor. As a poet, I will use words as paintbrushes instead of graphics. Brian says. "We all are familiar with the three dimensions we know and love." He then asks "so where are these other dimensions?" You cannot describe 'up' without saying "down." Back & forth or in & out. Brian says we need ten dimensions PLUS Time as a factor to make a proovable quadratic equation. So what we experience is really six dimensions because everything is charged with positive or negotiate charges. As a poet I ask; What to we do with these dimensions we know. We move through. How much time do we spend moving up? How much time do we spend moving down? I've added two more dimensions. So movement is what the next dimensions are. So what does movement require? Movement needs direction. Or as I say "Intention." Intention positive or intention negitive. So here are the ten dimensions needed to prove his equation. 1 up + 2 up - 3 down + 4 down - 5 in + 6 in - 7 back + 8 back - 9 forth + 10 forth - I'm just populating the required fields. I'm not a mathamatician. It's an answer to Brian's question. I'm just a dumb poet.
Larry Lee Lethbridge
Larry Lee Lethbridge 5 tuntia sitten
Its Pitching in all directions,then its like a ball game.
RAF Strayhorn
RAF Strayhorn 5 tuntia sitten
Tidal locking renders those planets uninhabitable, wishful thinking notwithstanding
BadHombre 5 tuntia sitten
A causal relationship is where she always blame you.
Jjnj Galaxy
Jjnj Galaxy 5 tuntia sitten
When the episode is about to end and Matt haven't said Space Time: panik
King 7 tuntia sitten
scientist: "discovers entanglement" Will Smith's wife: I cheated because of entanglement. It's predetermined.
Anna Akana
Anna Akana 7 tuntia sitten
Singularities arent real hypothesis: 1. Time stops at the event horizon 2. Black holes evaporate due to hawking radiation 3. Therefore anything approaching the event horizon will travel forward in time until the black hole evaporates, never actually crossing the horizon. This means black holes are hollow, with mass only in the shell
NezuKamado 7 tuntia sitten
Nobody tell flat universers about spacetime
Amir Abedian
Amir Abedian 8 tuntia sitten
I think you can actually travel to the edge of the universe, Because what's further experiences time slower. So same energy goes a longer distance closer to the center of the universe than farther. However I'm sure I'm wrong
Sean Sohlberg
Sean Sohlberg 8 tuntia sitten
damn, I'm gonna look real stupid tomorrow.
Amir Abedian
Amir Abedian 8 tuntia sitten
Time stops at the edge of universe
Kaiser Karl Van Kaiserwetter
Kaiser Karl Van Kaiserwetter 8 tuntia sitten
If photon needs a pre photon a precursor of anti photon space to be illuminated! A kind of dark energy that surpasses light speed as it is like the dark room that exists before u turn on the light and illuminate it! Wouldn’t that pre photon dark energy potential of nothingness and darkness be faster cos it would be waveless not even a partical or wave but the potential room for light and quantification of space time at 10^-35
CalvinTimToms 8 tuntia sitten
jokes on you, im never watching anothe PBS space time epieosde again!
Sean Sohlberg
Sean Sohlberg 8 tuntia sitten
I tried again, still not gonna happen.
insrtclevrnamehere 8 tuntia sitten
isn't the big bang a clock in England?
R Young
R Young 8 tuntia sitten
What's with this music? How does it help? I mean, really... this is a case of producer malpractice, IMO.
Ayush Biswal
Ayush Biswal 9 tuntia sitten
Can anyone tell me what age-group is this video for? (Because I wanna know if I am the only one of my age who partly understands it)
Kostynha 9 tuntia sitten
I'm liking the idea of looking at the aether as what is the distance between things
vast 9 tuntia sitten
i can’t believe you just left off with energy can come and go to and from nowhere
DNTME 9 tuntia sitten
Or ... it may simply be that a universe of matter cannot form/evolve any other way. The fact that the constants could be different does not mean they would be. The sequence and duration of events will always occur the same way, no matter how many times it happens. This universe is not unique or "fine tuned". It may actually be quite ordinary with all the others being mind-numbingly the same in their properties.
Sean Sohlberg
Sean Sohlberg 9 tuntia sitten
im too stupid for this video
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins 10 tuntia sitten
I love anti matter. We can creat and contain it..... the issue is the speed it realses its energy........ anti matter is dangerous
Rich G
Rich G 10 tuntia sitten
Yes, but very slowly. The earth heats up very fast... then cools over about the next 110,000 years. We are in a peaking of warm slowly cooling.
Ryan Tolentino
Ryan Tolentino 10 tuntia sitten
Suddenly I remember Sheldon...
Coonfused57 10 tuntia sitten
Don't think Mars is possible without a magnetic field to protect the atmosphere from the solar wind.
Blake Corkill
Blake Corkill 10 tuntia sitten
is it just me or is this not really a good explanation for whether or not past/present/future exist? Maybe I'm just dumb, idk.
Anthony McKee
Anthony McKee 10 tuntia sitten
Hmmm...if it's all relative, and only meaningfully so between adjacent slices of space/time, this would also explain why all observers mathematically aways agree on the spacetime interval. Observers would always be adjacent to each other on one of the axis, space or time.
Dan Jakubik
Dan Jakubik 11 tuntia sitten
Intelligent presentation questioning the validity of string theory in physics.
James M. Horak
James M. Horak 11 tuntia sitten
Oh No your going to offend Greta Thunberg and AOC , they want global warming to push there Marxist policies.
sugershakify 11 tuntia sitten
Pretty sure my ex-wife's heart is at absolute zero..
Mark Watts
Mark Watts 11 tuntia sitten
Could the particle have/ emit its own wave? Like a ball vibrating on the surface of water.
Net User2012415
Net User2012415 11 tuntia sitten
Shouldn’t some parts of the CMB be beyond our observable universe by now?
JayBe Faulky
JayBe Faulky 11 tuntia sitten
QUESTION !!!? = ? ''Does dark matter mean that I’m expanding?'' if dark matter exists between atoms and molecules then does this means that my body is getting bigger and expanding as well? is this correct? or do atoms expand as well but NOT electrons etc., if this is true then how small were electrons at the beginning of the Universe? or does dark matter only exist in the vast VOIDS of space and not anywhere NEAR normal energy mass?
eltouristoduo 11 tuntia sitten
Gee, you mean dumbfuk crazy fantasy structures weren't spotted. Shocking. Also, stop focusing on statistics, we keep abusing them and utterly misusing them. For example, the ACTUAL odds of the Earth being EXACTLY as it is, where it is, are exactly 1:1. That is how confusing statistics can be, even for 'scientists'. The odds are 1:1 because Earth happened. When and where it happened, and the absense of others 'nearby', has NO bearing AT ALL on the fact that Earth was BOUND to happen, and there is NOTHING special about where or when it did. Using odds sucessfully requires an abstract context be competently applied, but ALSO it requires competent argumentative interpretation. That is why I explain the Earth is NOT 'special' or "unlikely'. The statistical stuff heard here (incliding Drake and Fermi) are more non-scientific attempts at making predictions trying to stand-in for observations, beyond their actual capacity to do so. Of and so here we go mention of strings etc. Well, as I said, PBS Spacetime is not perfect. There's no justification to give so much credence to ST. But hey at least 'It's not aliens until it's aliens' so, thanks for that. And, based on the ratio of nonsense to insights expressed in this series, it's still one of the least reminding of how unaccountable to reason we generally hold ourselves. It's among the least 'painful' to view. So thanks for that.
mikeb2675 11 tuntia sitten
Not implying anything religious ...but it seems like the answer is we dont know. The bigger question is it even possible to know?
Zangief The Red
Zangief The Red 11 tuntia sitten
00:05 "Humanity's future is glorious". Who would have told this was a pre-COVID19 video?...
Lake County Naturalist
Lake County Naturalist 11 tuntia sitten
We have no right to terraform anything. Besides, there may be others there already who don't like that idea. Are you ready for that???
CosmicDonut 12 tuntia sitten
wait guys /unruh
eltouristoduo 12 tuntia sitten
there's no such thing as a true paradox. And the Fermi thing is useless nonsense. But this PBS content among the best content. (nothing's perfect). "It's never aliens until it's aliens" etc -excellent
martin doyle
martin doyle 12 tuntia sitten
Why string theory is right : Because it ties it all together !
Anthony McKee
Anthony McKee 12 tuntia sitten
So doesn't this mean that all life and the process of creating life is somewhat of an anti-entropy system? We attempt to store all the energy in one place while the universe is fighting against us to spread it out? Philosophically this would be double so for humans, as we are the only animal that "creates" on the scale we do, and all creation is an act of anti-entropy, ordering particles and ideas together that naturally want to decay and spread out without our direct intervention.
Shawn Green
Shawn Green 13 tuntia sitten
I am pretty sure the “Universe” is infinitely large and infinitely small. So I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in a theory of vibrating string.
ReverendXero 13 tuntia sitten
What if the conductive plates, when at rest state are 2 magnets mirrored? It would satisfy the ever so slight repulsion of the conductors, effectively resetting them
Alison Walker
Alison Walker 13 tuntia sitten
ReverendXero 13 tuntia sitten
Bad opening verbiage. Should be what we CAN do with ZPE, and what we CAN NOT do with ZPE. Isn't it presumptuous to imply that we know everything about it? "What it CAN do and what it CAN NOT do" implies we know every permutation in every scenario.
John B
John B 13 tuntia sitten
If we take away this entire Universe, and ONLY Nothing Remains, we find that Nothing is actually "SOMETHING", otherwise we would NOT be able to refer to it, or discuss it ! Think about it for a moment, IF you dare ???
JayBe Faulky
JayBe Faulky 14 tuntia sitten
quick we have to start burning more wood and coal.
rohail bootwalla
rohail bootwalla 14 tuntia sitten
Does the time of an electron move slower than the nucleus of an atom? Does relativity have an impact here?
rohail bootwalla
rohail bootwalla Tunti sitten
@Anthony McKee I don't know if 60x slower is the correct figure. However, the perception of time which you are talking about is how fast does the brain process information. I am talking about time which affects all beings and is related to the velocity of the object itself.
Anthony McKee
Anthony McKee 11 tuntia sitten
Wouldn't it be subjective to the electron only if it experienced the flow of time? Like how time moves at the same speed for humans as it does for flies but the flies experience it 60x slower?
Bäz 14 tuntia sitten
This channel inspired me (30) to go to college for the first time, for physics!
Mr Temporal
Mr Temporal 14 tuntia sitten
I'm curious how wave function collapse would work in that backwards universe, I remember you talking about the relationship between time and interpretations of QM in the "Is the future predetermined?" episode
Anthony McKee
Anthony McKee 11 tuntia sitten
Probably the same. The wave function only really collapses in momentary localizations at the instant of measurement, with both its previous state and its state post measurement still in quantum superposition. We'll never be able to tell if the wave function collapse is an illusion of perspective or if the wave function is "infinitely collapsed" existing simultaneously at all points one could measure within the boundaries of the wave.
Soze Kobayashi
Soze Kobayashi 14 tuntia sitten
Am I in the flotation tank now not moving but at the speed of light.. I like that.
Michael Combrink
Michael Combrink 14 tuntia sitten
What about black hole ejections