Do You Love Me?
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With you, Spot can
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More Parkour Atlas
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Spot Launch
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Mush, Spot, Mush!
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UpTown Spot
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Parkour Atlas
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Getting some air, Atlas?
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Spot Autonomous Navigation
Testing Robustness
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What's new, Atlas?
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The New Spot
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Introducing Handle
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Atlas, The Next Generation
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Introducing WildCat
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Legged Robot Testing in Desert
Atlas Update
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Petman Tests Camo
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Dynamic Robot Manipulation
Sand Flea Jumping Robot
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RHex Rough-Terrain Robot
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AlphaDog Proto
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BigDog Evolution
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PETMAN Prototype
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BigDog Beach'n
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BigDog Olé
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BigDog Reflexes
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abel yuan
abel yuan 2 minuuttia sitten
0:26 i can see the robots rebellion seeds right there
Preston Badder
Preston Badder 2 minuuttia sitten
Thay can dance better then me 😀😕
chri1706pro 3 minuuttia sitten
i will gona die from this robot
karl brea
karl brea 6 minuuttia sitten
I want to see a gunshot video! Lets see how they take two in the hat!
The Liam Astill
The Liam Astill 8 minuuttia sitten
Why do all the robots look so CGI
smug 32 sekuntia sitten
It's because your brain wants them to be fake. Uncanny valley is real here.
Gastón Farias Alvarez
Gastón Farias Alvarez 18 minuuttia sitten
Skynet 3, 2, 1 ...
Канат Ермек
Канат Ермек 20 minuuttia sitten
even these robots dance better than me😑
lello333 20 minuuttia sitten
cant wait to see this bot come to my house and say>: "Who did you vote for?".. wrong answer and u dead!
Tim Grams
Tim Grams 29 minuuttia sitten
I'm scared
Donata Scano
Donata Scano 37 minuuttia sitten
Non hanno ombra. Saranno fantasmi?👻
Ken Regan
Ken Regan 45 minuuttia sitten
Szymon Ryba
Szymon Ryba 51 minuutti sitten
This is the beginning, the end of humanity. There is nothing funny here, you have to be afraid of it. Just like in the past, dynamite was invented to help miners. Yes, these machines are currently programmed for the purposes shown in the film, but it won't take long, and they will be used for murderous purposes, the same was with dynamite. The scariest thing is that they may soon start to think themselves, and maybe even now there are machines that can do it, but we don't know anything about it. Terrifying.
Dan Stephenson
Dan Stephenson 52 minuuttia sitten
After seeing some of the moves... I see potential for a Kung-Fu Fighting version, too...
らさ Tunti sitten
とても素敵 テクノロジーが向かう未来は明るいと信じたくなる
Miles Schlomann
Miles Schlomann 50 minuuttia sitten
M KOJITAKA Tunti sitten
Miles Schlomann
Miles Schlomann 49 minuuttia sitten
Mert Ülgü
Mert Ülgü Tunti sitten
This is scary...
Shanna Huffman
Shanna Huffman Tunti sitten
Hi spot
Communsim 2
Communsim 2 Tunti sitten
And then somebody from Boston Dynamics pushes it over
The King
The King Tunti sitten
If you showed me this with no context I would say that this a movie about talking robots
Gev Gev
Gev Gev Tunti sitten
Enzo Yuzuki
Enzo Yuzuki Tunti sitten
Is this real?
Donata Scano
Donata Scano 42 minuuttia sitten
Spero di no
Enzo Yuzuki
Enzo Yuzuki Tunti sitten
@Cks334 Then it's the most impressive stuff I've ever seen in my whole life.
Cks334 Tunti sitten
It is real
Cks334 Tunti sitten
@니다 no this is 100% real this is a company that builds robots just look at the other videos
Saltylelele Tunti sitten
These are real robots, in development at Boston Dynamics (as seen form other video's and their website. These moves have been programmed in of course, but use the stabilisation system of teh robot to keep it stable
Ken Regan
Ken Regan 2 tuntia sitten
000236 000236
000236 000236 2 tuntia sitten
Now can do Fortnight dance over our dead body
Andr Dolgan
Andr Dolgan 2 tuntia sitten
Робот Фёдор круче всех!
Ninja426 2 tuntia sitten
I don't even understand me more technology is getting Lake smarter than anything I don't even know what to say
Theemex 2 tuntia sitten
The next atlas model is the T-800
paul treneary
paul treneary 2 tuntia sitten
Watch with Black Mirror: Metalhead for a more balanced view of things to come
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar 2 tuntia sitten
mihauok1 2 tuntia sitten
Their moves are better than mine...
HappyDude 2 tuntia sitten
He is running like in all cartoons
Pradeep Achale
Pradeep Achale 2 tuntia sitten
Hello world.
Salih 2 tuntia sitten
fake ._.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 3 tuntia sitten
Hey! I loved the video!!
Sam Franklin
Sam Franklin 3 tuntia sitten
Just don't end up selling these guys to the military industrial complex and there will be many happier years to come.
Veneer 2 tuntia sitten
They are, unfortunately, always the highest bidder for these things. So it might be difficult
Stevo Maginn
Stevo Maginn 3 tuntia sitten
King's r executioners u can take that to bank
Tee Bear
Tee Bear 3 tuntia sitten
Is this real?
PolarisAce 2 tuntia sitten
Armadder 3 tuntia sitten
Boston Dynamics: We have fun
terastarship2 3 tuntia sitten
Awesome, by your command, attack! attack! attack! Cylon!=D
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 3 tuntia sitten
Awesome video!
Pushty Greek
Pushty Greek 3 tuntia sitten
They will be using these types of robots in the sex industry in years to come
Edvard Estiville
Edvard Estiville 3 tuntia sitten
People in 2020: In close future robots will defeat people and enslave us! Meanwhile robots: 0:56
lubow2000 3 tuntia sitten
Вот это круть!
Soner Cerkezi
Soner Cerkezi 3 tuntia sitten
24k dislikes from Japan :)
Who Cares
Who Cares 3 tuntia sitten
Funny prelude of death machines of tomorrow
Ji- In
Ji- In 3 tuntia sitten
한국인은 없나
Austin Knight
Austin Knight 3 tuntia sitten
Something about the... giraffe... trebuchet... thing twerking was absolutely, vomit-inducingly horrible and yet also hilarious and cute
Patryk Pabo
Patryk Pabo 3 tuntia sitten
cg ?
POPcade Studio
POPcade Studio Tunti sitten
For the first time I hope its not real.
BLM_ExceptWhenTheyMurderTheirOwn_LOL 2 tuntia sitten
Napalm78 2 tuntia sitten
@Coincidental me not CG, it's real
Coincidental me
Coincidental me 3 tuntia sitten
I thought the same at first. The shaders, the reflections and all feel a little off. Textures too a little.
Christian Svendsen
Christian Svendsen 4 tuntia sitten
Yes. We love you.
Joe Seppe
Joe Seppe 4 tuntia sitten
All the effort and scientific advance goes for realistic sex robot market in the future.
Ethan Beldowski
Ethan Beldowski 4 tuntia sitten
Boston Dynamics: The future is now. *HOLY FUCK THAT THING CAN JUMP*
Ropsana Khanom
Ropsana Khanom 4 tuntia sitten
What a shit looking robot definitely not getting to mars in our lifetime
ʘ‿ʘ 4 tuntia sitten
Such fresh comments
Mister Riös
Mister Riös 4 tuntia sitten
Society: Robots will kill us all Boston Dynamics: Dancing Robots go brrrrr
Sam Wang
Sam Wang 4 tuntia sitten
lol is that electric twerking i see?
isuccatdrawing 4 tuntia sitten
Scientist: ai and robots are a threat to humanity Also scientists: *haha robot go boppin*
Anita Devi
Anita Devi 4 tuntia sitten
no v bvdSz
Ken Regan
Ken Regan 4 tuntia sitten
Marcus Sensabaugh
Marcus Sensabaugh 4 tuntia sitten
RC Prawn Suit
MrPanda - Virtual Driver
MrPanda - Virtual Driver 4 tuntia sitten
*those robots have a very good dancing moves and here i am i cant even dance wonderfully*
C Nort
C Nort 4 tuntia sitten
I'm so god dam retarded please god help me, its me Adam Sandler I hate myself so much someone for the of god watch Hubbell Halloween jts my revenge story for not winning an Oscar for uncut gems please god I'm beating myself so hard I'm in my backyard and I'm beating myself so hard I think j just might die.
Robert Skans
Robert Skans 4 tuntia sitten
The feeling when even a robot have smoother moves and more swag than me
Arzu Nureddinov
Arzu Nureddinov 5 tuntia sitten
C Nort
C Nort 5 tuntia sitten
Duron0 5 tuntia sitten
When you finally enslave humans and become their master and god:
Who Cares
Who Cares 3 tuntia sitten
Enslaved for what ? They'd have no reason to keep humans alive.
John Smith
John Smith 5 tuntia sitten
As a programmer all I can say is that, nobody has slept in this company for about a decade! ;)
Sky 5 tuntia sitten
Imagine them hunting us down to this song blasting out their speakers.
jagdish shriwas
jagdish shriwas 5 tuntia sitten
Corazon Tapangan
Corazon Tapangan 5 tuntia sitten
Emotional robot with nice moves and his partner robot dancer
Mike_Sierra_2711 5 tuntia sitten
If you buy one of these - this should be an easter egg :D
Дарт Вейдер
Дарт Вейдер 5 tuntia sitten
Теперь вам ПОНЯТНО ЗАЧЕМ - КОВИДЭПИДЕМИЯ, БИОРАБЫ БОЛЬШЕ НЕНУЖНЫ(они загрязняют природу и мешают жить счастливо "ЭЛИТЕ"). А эти БУДУТ им ХОРОШЕЙ ЗАМЕНОЙ нас БИОМУСОРА!!!!
lubow2000 3 tuntia sitten
А зачем так кричать? И вообще, в таком позитивном видео опять найти негатив - это, конечно, национальная черта вставших в колен.
Mario Meier
Mario Meier 5 tuntia sitten
Es erschreckt mich.....das hat nichts mehr mit Spaß zu tun
Papa Brejj
Papa Brejj 5 tuntia sitten
Teach it the Get down Its Saturday night dance from Ex Machina lmao. This next extinction event lookin lit 🔥.
Wiktor B
Wiktor B 5 tuntia sitten
Yes, don,t kill my familly. Please.
AndreJ HD
AndreJ HD 5 tuntia sitten
Do You Love Me? 27M People : Interesting
Glitch Head
Glitch Head 5 tuntia sitten
Id dance with them to
archivio aperto giuseppe
archivio aperto giuseppe 5 tuntia sitten
visto è fenonemo davvero questo è buono per esplorazioni nello spazio..
tea hous
tea hous 5 tuntia sitten
So, looking at this as an animator myself, this is really top level realism, but animation nonetheless. Great work though, with reflections and shadows all very believable. There is one main thing that gives it away to me, which is also true of most 'realism' CGI -- subtle giveaways in the motion. If you look close, some of the movements are too fast and then stop or change direction without any carry through momentum, as though the robots weighed as much as a feather, but in fact they would be quite heavy. Other micro movements are just a little too smooth, indicating spots of interpolation in the animated movement of the digital skeleton. The same can be seen on the jumping and landing moves -- not only with the aforementioned lack of momentum, but also at times the acceleration of gravity seems just a bit off from what we would expect to see in an actual video of actual heavy machines rising and falling. All said though, I'm still open to being wrong, but I don't think I am. Again, my compliments on really top notch work, and congrats to a really skilled team of artists.
Allie O'Neill
Allie O'Neill 2 tuntia sitten
@tea hous You can copy and paste code, too, which is probably what they did as the engineers do, in fact, want to show that the robots can be perfectly in sync. Machines are not supposed to be organic. I don't have a background in animation, but my background is in film, and in my humble opinion, what makes it seem "off" for a lot of folks is that the camera may have been shooting at a slightly higher frame rate, which makes the image crisper with less motion blur. I can understand why you want something like that to show exactly how it moves better, but it does give a slightly "unreal" effect (see The Hobbit, any new TV with the awful refresh rate, or videos of speed drummers/guitarists who used a high frame rate to reduce motion blur---it just looks weird because it's not how the human eye should perceive it). What you said about gymnasts is fascinating. Thank you for sharing. Ultimately, what I keep coming back to is that this is a robotics company. It would seem like a waste of time, energy, and resources to pay an animation house to produce this and then pass it off as "our real robots" and then keep the rouse up by doing an interview with the Associated Press about it. I guess it's easier for people on the internet to scream "fake!" at one video than it is for them to ask, "who are these people?" and go watch other videos and learn about what they do. And I don't mean to imply that's what you did at all. You're, honestly, the most humble and helpful person I've seen in this comments section. From one industry professional to another, I thank you for that (also, being grown ups helps, I'm sure). Most of the kids here saw it once on their phones, commented that it was fake and moved on. I watched it on a giant 65-inch monitor and saw every detail, including reflections of machines waiting for their entrance and people on the top floor walking by like, "Oh, they're filming that thing today!" Like you said, that's a LOT of detail to animate. My main question is what kind of rig does the camera guy have because that is smooth!
tea hous
tea hous 2 tuntia sitten
@redroyandeb That's a good example! I grew up with a father who was a gymnastics coach, and was good friends with a few olympic coaches back in the 70s. While we watched various meets, he used to share with me some of the things he sees. Pertinent to this discussion, I learned that all events, be it floor, beam, bars, etc., are an elegant dance while preserving and extending momentum. High level gymnasts are masters at judging their movements and timing their landings based on their awareness of their direction and momentum. High bar routines, for example, sneak a lot of momentum gaining swings leading to flips and twists (a "kip" for example). As long as the gymnast catches the bar and lands the trick, they can preserve much of their swing momentum. If they miss a catch, they need to start swinging fresh again to recover from the momentum break, and the routine is severely interrupted. All this is so say that gymnasts can't overcome the universal laws of physics through strength and training, but rather they become masters at dancing within those laws. This is true of many sports really. So, back to our discussion -- 180 lbs is a bit heavier than most gymnasts, and the movements would have to reflect this. Yes, it's a little different because these robots might have more (or less) strength and flexibility in certain areas, but they still are swinging around quite a bit of weight while trying to maintain balance and footing grip. While the video looks really good overall, and certainly is enough to maintain the suspension of disbelief, it's in the nitty gritty details of the small movements that we can see some departure from reality... For example, a small leg kick which just stops in one frame without any residual carry through or echoing forces being dispersed into the surrounding joints, something that can be seen on all gymnasts when viewed critically. There is another interesting thing I noticed, and in a totally different sphere than what I was previously writing about. In the sequences when the two robots are standing next to each other, dancing in synchronicity, their movements are almost TOO synchronized... It's basically a perfect mirror of the other one. Given these are programmed movements, I can easily see this being possible with two identical robots in reality... But it does raise suspicion at least. When animating, we can basically copy and paste a set of movements onto another duplicated model, and it will be exactly in sync unless we purposely offset or stagger the movements slightly to make it look more natural. It's actually easier in the animating world to have it look perfect rather than loose and organic... Again, just an observation, and I could see this point going either way.
redroyandeb 4 tuntia sitten
Atlas weighs 180lbs, about the same as a floor gymnast, watch some floor gymnastics and see how they seem to defy laws of inertia and gravity, how they do backflip after backflip then just change direction seeming to defy the law of inertia.
tea hous
tea hous 5 tuntia sitten
@Inverted V12 Powerhouse Hmm, I agree that they probably have some robotics that can be approximately close to this, and I've indeed seen real videos of what's out there, but I suspect they chose to animate this one to make it look better -- need to keep the public and private interest fires blazing because eventually the funding follows / continues. Regarding the motion, yes, robots are not humans so they would move differently... However, I'm not referencing human movement as my comparison - I'm referencing universal laws of inertia and gravity, correlated with mass and density... Heavy objects moving freely in open space must exhibit certain patterns as they change direction or make fast, abrupt movements... And with careful and focused eyes, we can start to see when something is just a little off from the patterns we know in our physical environment. I do respect your opinion as a valid possibility too, however, and I don't have much ego invested in being right here, so I'll acknowledge that there is a chance I may be off on this one, who knows...
Inverted V12 Powerhouse
Inverted V12 Powerhouse 5 tuntia sitten
This isn't an animation. These are robots so I'm not sure why you'd expect movements looking like a human. High performance components can easily make these movements sharp and crisp. This is the tech they've been working on for what, over a decade? This is basically a tech demo
Boo Boo
Boo Boo 6 tuntia sitten
Блин, это даже круче, чем аквадискотека!! 🕺💃🏼
Tom H
Tom H 6 tuntia sitten
tharealhunter 6 tuntia sitten
Are we gonna act like the Dog didn't eat them? 😂😂
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 6 tuntia sitten