10 Unforgettable Alexi Laiho Moments
Burn It Down, Poppy
28 päivää sitten
You Laugh, You Lose
Uukausi sitten
Red Sun Rising Become The Violent
Is This the New Breed of Rock Star?
WilliamTurk 10 minuuttia sitten
Henry Rollins was great on Korra too.
Baldo Flores
Baldo Flores 15 minuuttia sitten
Check Nothing More, March 2019 in San Antonio, getting a mariachi mid show. Or Kore Rozxik getting attacked by Nita Strauss on June 2019 at San antonio as well was epic
gina kowalewski
gina kowalewski 16 minuuttia sitten
never judge a book by its cover this man is very impressive with his views of where he stands in this world
tony knight
tony knight 22 minuuttia sitten
Outclassed my fucking arse.Him and his mates have always been rude and arrogant bellends with not an ounce of class.
Balázs Nagy
Balázs Nagy 28 minuuttia sitten
It looks like Richard being annoyed at certain points
Unknown Soul
Unknown Soul 34 minuuttia sitten
Frances has got his eyes but has been brainwashed by her mother.
wate nallace
wate nallace 41 minuutti sitten
May you rest in paradise brother, thank you for giving a voice to so many outcasts and outsiders you will be sorely missed
TheSkunkhill 46 minuuttia sitten
down picker,I do understand
wate nallace
wate nallace 47 minuuttia sitten
these guys were so down to earth and really connected with the fans, rest in paradise Keith Flint you are sorely missed sir
HARRY CHILDS 47 minuuttia sitten
Where's 'I Like Short Songs'
O K 47 minuuttia sitten
2:40 James looks like Sheamus From WWE
Jim Griffin
Jim Griffin 50 minuuttia sitten
Satan isn’t the devil, Satan is the Goddess of this planet and her rein has come to an end. Beelzebub is the devil here and he’s pretty powerful as far as devils are considered. He has so many demons here it isn’t even funny, this place is waaayyy infested do to the fact that humans are adding in their growth and expansion. I’ve brought five armies here to destroy them all. The first army is here on the other side and three living as men and one still to be born. Upon my passing shit will hit the fan here. I’m going full throttle, all holds bar, 100% kickass mode. Beelzebub has his fortress here in the afterlife in the trench off the coast of Japan and is fortifying it. So don’t think the devil runs this place, he doesn’t, all of humans souls will belong to Satans replacement April The Winter Goddess once she stakes her claim which I’m sure will happen once I’m called out from the darkness.
Planet Danimal
Planet Danimal 52 minuuttia sitten
Two journalists working a Dutch accent there (Brian May, Henry Rollins) Actually, with Rollins that's Jan Douwe Kroeske, so that's backstage at Pinkpop no doubt. But the point is, both interviews are being interrupted quite amicably with "sorry" being exchanged. That's alright.
Ray Larkin
Ray Larkin Tunti sitten
Ripping ass rock! And nothing less!👍🏼
Phoenix Black
Phoenix Black Tunti sitten
Whoop whoop
Kaden Fairhurst
Kaden Fairhurst Tunti sitten
Chris was sort of an introvert when it came to the typical definition of frontman. Out of the big four singers, he was the least "in the show" or in other words he was never really the spotlight of the performance whenever he played. It is also a shame that he rarely hit his actual high notes due to him ceasing his vocal exercises before superunknown was released. But the fact is still undisputable that Chris Cornell held the greatest voice out of the big four. You can't train to get what he had, you needed to be born with it.
Boomer Zierath
Boomer Zierath Tunti sitten
If you want the saddest metal songs, just listen to bring me the horizon’s 2nd and 4th albums
Nostalgia King
Nostalgia King Tunti sitten
You know what’s scary. All actions echo into eternity.
H. N.
H. N. Tunti sitten
Limp bizkit doesn't seem like a v popular band..
Murder Of Crows
Murder Of Crows Tunti sitten
Circle pit? Sheesh. Not even a pit.
Dispatch Center
Dispatch Center Tunti sitten
I would give my left nut if he would rejoin Metallica. I just can't listen to them without him.
Qwerty 2 tuntia sitten
Im a huge fan of old rock songs
Mike Roshe
Mike Roshe 2 tuntia sitten
Damn. This killed my vibe. I thought the machine was the government...
Bárbara Quorthon
Bárbara Quorthon 2 tuntia sitten
based in euronymous’s age at that time we can assume what we see nowadays as craving for attention. if you’re judging his behavior, you have to judge jon nödtveidt’s too when he killed that dude. he wasn’t a good person (?) well, everybody including his brother emil wouldn’t agree. i think nobody was really good in 80-90s, they tried to be evil at any cost, that’s why euronymous looked happy with that pictures, everybody knows he cried like a little gal when we was alone. and necrobutcher is so ungrateful, euronymous taking pictures of dead’s body and varg killing him is the reason he’s still selling records. he didn’t do anything and now he says “well, i planned to kill euronymous myself”. always trynna get credits from everyone’s work, pathetic.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2 tuntia sitten
Sebastian Bach’s tweet made me ugly laugh
Danny Joey
Danny Joey 2 tuntia sitten
I can understand on a deeper level now the line "I can stare into a thousand eyes, but every smile hides a bold-faced lie." Also 'this mask is nothing without me' is a godly perspective!
Mike Roshe
Mike Roshe 2 tuntia sitten
I LOVE PIZZA YAY 2 tuntia sitten
Juice wrld has the cow man mooing yeah bro cow man mooing its the lucid dreams
Eddy rios
Eddy rios 2 tuntia sitten
Bullconnor 2 tuntia sitten
DJBATMANGOLD 2 tuntia sitten
That tone fills the room. Heck, it fills the house.
Adrian Morales
Adrian Morales 2 tuntia sitten
Toadies arent a one hit
AVE_SATANAS 2 tuntia sitten
"Still relevant today" "we need them now more than ever" Guys I would love nothing more than going back in time and get stuck in a costant loop of the 90's/early 2000 BUT IT AINT HAPPENING. What about we quit the nostalgia and grow some balls...RATM is not going to save us, Atari Teenage Riot are not gallopping to our rescue! We all need to raise heads off our fucking phones and wake up.
Michael Frazia
Michael Frazia 2 tuntia sitten
love Dave, and STP
Seiki OWO UwU
Seiki OWO UwU 2 tuntia sitten
the nose when chris headbangs xDDDDD
Demitri K
Demitri K 2 tuntia sitten
No one comments on the Black Beard Flag on the wall Behind Him...now you know. Well Read.
Jay Burris
Jay Burris 2 tuntia sitten
🐐 of Alternative Rock
Wyatt Shelton
Wyatt Shelton 2 tuntia sitten
Yeah I wouldn't fuck with phily boy, Anselmo will put his fist through your face man
Autistic Dolphin54
Autistic Dolphin54 2 tuntia sitten
Gorguts is a good choice
erusantte 3 tuntia sitten
Where's Rammstein?
Emanuel Novelo
Emanuel Novelo 3 tuntia sitten
I can't explain how much I love that "well, thank you" scene of Alice Cooper in the muppets.
Satan Supremacist
Satan Supremacist 3 tuntia sitten
Half of the scientists currently working on time travel state their primary motive is killing Euronymous themself.
BigGuru 3 tuntia sitten
If your wondering what song megadeth was playing in the beginning, it is a song called “back in the day”
Kevin Greaux
Kevin Greaux 3 tuntia sitten
Nor is there salvation in any other. There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. Acts 4:20
Kevin Greaux
Kevin Greaux 3 tuntia sitten
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one can come to the Father except through Him. John.
Titori Aliano
Titori Aliano 3 tuntia sitten
Mother love bone didnt sound grunge for me, sound like Glam metal 80's, soundgarden better
Titori Aliano
Titori Aliano 3 tuntia sitten
No 1 AIC
AK IDK 3 tuntia sitten
Why is everyone hating on Friedman, he was and is a better composer and writer than Becker, outshreds most others, writes insane Melodies. Dragon's Kiss Scenes Megadeth Inferno Miracle (He wrote most of Speed Metal Symphony Album, he rightfully deserves his spot) If you think otherwise, you are blinded by emotions
SgtxAnus 3 tuntia sitten
oh hey is Whacko from Animaniacs
charles mclovin
charles mclovin 3 tuntia sitten
boys tweakin
charles mclovin
charles mclovin 3 tuntia sitten
habubadah the band
Jesus Resendiz
Jesus Resendiz 3 tuntia sitten
Corey Taylor!!!!!!!
SgtxAnus 3 tuntia sitten
UNSUBBED how could you leave out the TMNT coming out of their Shells tour? THERES A ONE STRING BASS HOW DOES THAT WORK.
Chief 3 tuntia sitten
I love all these guys music.
paolo-n2000 3 tuntia sitten
Hey Jim! Check out AXL singing Thunderstruck at Madison Square Garden!!! It's AWESOMW!!! AXL was doing AC/DC a favor finishing off their tour when Brian couldn't because of his hearing loss. AXL deserves credit IMHO
Ian Isaacs
Ian Isaacs 3 tuntia sitten
It’s awesome how the dude at the end is so uncomfortable getting Courtney Love passed off on him. 🤣
Brad Hoffman
Brad Hoffman 3 tuntia sitten
I have played the drums for years and its drummers like the Rev that make me lose all hope of being good. So much dedication. Whole nother level. won't stop me from trying though
Jango Jebo
Jango Jebo 3 tuntia sitten
Anyone got the tab for this version of this song? Also is he playing in drop d?
The CCP is a parasite
The CCP is a parasite 3 tuntia sitten
Keane McClure
Keane McClure 3 tuntia sitten
Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads? Chris Squire from Yes? The baseline in Roundabout is so hard when Chris Squire died they had to call Geddy Lee to play it live.
kevin Estimated that you have no one in
kevin Estimated that you have no one in 3 tuntia sitten
I know I
Christian k.
Christian k. 3 tuntia sitten
I was head banging on the shampoo add before this even started 😂
cactusmac 3 tuntia sitten
If gravel could speak.
Shane Pierce
Shane Pierce 3 tuntia sitten
Good to see Peter Griffin is still working.
J Jigs
J Jigs 3 tuntia sitten
Sound like a female walle squirting
GALT 3 tuntia sitten
lmao the guitarist for five finger death punch is wearing dye paintball pants.
Eduardo Farias
Eduardo Farias 3 tuntia sitten
É fim do mundo mesmo
Unleash The Fury
Unleash The Fury 3 tuntia sitten
SymphonyX is symphonic neoclassical prog
M H 4 tuntia sitten
Who's the fktards in the black pope hat n the spooky kids make up lmao. Gtfoh
ddguns 4 tuntia sitten
Just because the songs are sung by pop stars that we rock fans hate, along with their terrible music, doesn't mean their covers are terrible. It just means that they need to steal something badass to become badass... which is also pathetic.
Stacy Saunders
Stacy Saunders 4 tuntia sitten
Best vibrato in metal!! Best live tone I’ve ever heard. Great writer, tasteful classy solos.. Love this guys style.
Bryce Althoff
Bryce Althoff 4 tuntia sitten
I do have to say, outclassing most interviewers and TV personalities isn’t exactly rocket science.
3and0 4 tuntia sitten
Hahaha he’s dead
Marc Covell
Marc Covell 4 tuntia sitten
I quite playing the drums after watching this guy, he is amazing
Seth Hall
Seth Hall 4 tuntia sitten
Dude that Saudi Arabian band has a super fucking cool sound
Cent Smith
Cent Smith 4 tuntia sitten
what ever you say i love David silveria than Ray, I'm sorry!
Callum Evans
Callum Evans 4 tuntia sitten
Lil Wayne is every guy in the guitar store noodling on like 8 different guitars before just walking out
Navesblue 4 tuntia sitten
1. The Proud Boys are not Neo-Fascists. They’re just a frat group of guys who don’t apologize for enjoying being masculine (plenty of their membership and even their founder are minorities). So stop lying about them like that. 2) turns out Floyd really did just overdose: fipost.info/show/videot/vLKJ2qGmbZ2cfao.html FACTS
TexasRed1961 4 tuntia sitten
A couple I see missing. Rumble by Link Wray Journey to the Center of the Mind by the Amboy Dukes
Morena G.
Morena G. 4 tuntia sitten
“The Beautiful People.” 🙌🏽🔥💀🔥🙌🏽
Mosh 76
Mosh 76 4 tuntia sitten
Awesome interview, fucking Jason dropping some truth and some sage advice. Love it!