Senate awaits impeachment charge
Peter Kennedey
Peter Kennedey 5 tuntia sitten
Why is he still there. Haven't they got rid of this old man yet?
david stacy
david stacy 5 tuntia sitten
All you want to be lame duck song that's Ashley plus you just got the signs lame ducks
Евгений Гусев
Евгений Гусев 5 tuntia sitten
And this is democracy ???)))
Fantasyqueeninacoffin 5 tuntia sitten
I don't understand why?
Four Winds
Four Winds 5 tuntia sitten
Democrats are criminals and Biden is a racist fraud and everyone knows it.
I Am Mobdro
I Am Mobdro 5 tuntia sitten
Muslims : *Welcome to the show*
david stacy
david stacy 5 tuntia sitten
It's a pledge that she's going on pitching
david stacy
david stacy 5 tuntia sitten
She has a lot of problem with the Republican because that ain't what she wants she wants completely democratical power for right now that way she can overcome what she really after a Muslim socialist Muslim country so to speak but I was saying she probably won't live longer to see that because she's getting old and she's old she said it's years old man gone a hundred and she acts like she's 50 acts like a kid no one older people gets older and they start turning into a kid judgment that's what she's doing
Christopher Tegner
Christopher Tegner 5 tuntia sitten
You don't get special treatment because of race of what position you are in government. That's what's great about this country!
mco zpda
mco zpda 5 tuntia sitten
hahahahahahaha .. in Russia it is repression and in the USA it is a conspiracy against democracy ... ???????????????????????????
chinogixxer750 5 tuntia sitten
Entitled failures LOL... But I thought one of their arguments was we should all just comply with the law?? Lol. But but.. BLM and antifa are so violent!!LOL. These poor pathetic failures....
231lizard 5 tuntia sitten
2 weeks they said. You have a 99% survival rate. #GASA
Strxwbxrry 2.0
Strxwbxrry 2.0 5 tuntia sitten
theres 1 step to doing a good deed, just do it
MD GOLD 5 tuntia sitten
To be Honest they need to be charged and locked up so this doesn't Completely happen again
Salty Stones
Salty Stones 5 tuntia sitten
They need to storm Putin and just take him out
chris green
chris green 5 tuntia sitten
Shoulda went to the back door, Capitol Police letting everybody in.
Rick Ammon
Rick Ammon 5 tuntia sitten
If only those who committed violent acts had shown up at the Capitol they would most likely have failed at breaking into the Capitol. They were only effective because there was a huge number of people which overwhelmed the Capitol police. These domestic terrorists were only effective because so many participated and therefore EVERYONE must be charged criminally. Failure to charge all participants criminally will only give permission to future anti-government insurrectionists to commit similar crimes against democracy, against the Constitution, and against America!
moguns1971 5 tuntia sitten
I think they just stormed the capitol to send a message they could have easily burned it down if wanted to destroy it .
Got to Go
Got to Go 5 tuntia sitten
“Dangerous theory” like the one where we live on a spinning ball hurtling through space cuz gravity 🤣
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 5 tuntia sitten
Hunt them down like the traitorous dogs they are and throw them all in prison.
Your spreading untruth do you think any believes what you say especially since your not a real journalist just a sheepal
front seated
front seated 5 tuntia sitten
Are you surprised ? This happened all the time in 3rd world countries.
Stanley Osburn
Stanley Osburn 5 tuntia sitten
Iv heard enough all words about nothing
Sean-Thomas Cross
Sean-Thomas Cross 5 tuntia sitten
Former president? Do we call Obama former president or presiden Obamat? Is it former president Clinton or president Clinton? Have some respect. It's PRESIDENT TRUMP.
John Nicolo Natividad
John Nicolo Natividad 5 tuntia sitten
Gonna love Obama.
Mr Rey
Mr Rey 5 tuntia sitten
But Flip Flop Fauci said the other day that he was free and liberated .........Fauci is becoming ever flappy with flip flopping.
Robert M.
Robert M. 5 tuntia sitten
Ok ok this had to be done. So why not put that energy to investigating fraudulent voting?
Stanley Osburn
Stanley Osburn 5 tuntia sitten
Unimportant is a bad joke a waste of employers money that Congress is stilling by refusing to pay it out to those of us who desperately need it
Ray Cist
Ray Cist 5 tuntia sitten
Democrats always choose the ugliest contestant. Jesus with you people 🤣🤣🤣
Balls To the wall
Balls To the wall 5 tuntia sitten
These vaccines aren't effective for anything. This is a plandemic, period.
Conan Edogawa
Conan Edogawa 5 tuntia sitten
GOOD JOB RUSSIA! STAND UP TO PUTIN AND OVERTHROW HIM! If russia turned into a democracy the world would become SO peaceful! PRAYERS FOR A RUSSIAN REVOLUTION!!!!
A.J. Carmichael
A.J. Carmichael 5 tuntia sitten
Right on, my brother. Stay strong.
News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn
News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn 5 tuntia sitten
the man is not a coward thats why he came back he is a real man a man of his word
moon lee
moon lee 5 tuntia sitten
Where is this so called executive order? Stimulus bill Still NOT passed through Congress so what does this title even mean?
jjjjmmmm 5 tuntia sitten
What did he put in his mouth?
Views from the 6ix
Views from the 6ix 5 tuntia sitten
Ping Yen
Ping Yen 5 tuntia sitten
Biden's son drug addicted, he is not a good father, I believed he won't be a good president too.
bigdaddycool28716 5 tuntia sitten
What happened to the people that try to roit a few months ago in front of the White House
Gigi Devoe
Gigi Devoe 5 tuntia sitten
BS Biden. After 47++++ years in politics all Biden ever did was side step all major legislation. A criminal that lined his, families & friends wallets
Larry Torres
Larry Torres 5 tuntia sitten
The next michelle objectively zoom because raincoat notablely watch from a didactic possibility. neighborly, shut carnation
AnahataOnline 5 tuntia sitten
Conspiracy theories? Hmmm 🤔 I wonder why.... Both set everyone up. Yet already people are getting arrested for not wearing a damn mask. Liars!!!
Ping Yen
Ping Yen 5 tuntia sitten
Biden the one who divided and racist too.
CW Chai
CW Chai 5 tuntia sitten
Damn! she is smart, intelligent, and articulate!! World-class! What a change
Hedley Abnett
Hedley Abnett 5 tuntia sitten
John Flemming
John Flemming 5 tuntia sitten
The media clearly doesn’t watch Lockup: Raw
Jamie Lynne
Jamie Lynne 5 tuntia sitten
Is parallel data kinda like alternative facts???
Brandon Brekke
Brandon Brekke 5 tuntia sitten
Maximillian aRTURO
Maximillian aRTURO 5 tuntia sitten
anything that brings putin one step closer the grave is a welcome one, especially if it can somehow involve the annihilation of xi xinping as well in minecraft.
Odoacer 5 tuntia sitten
how is he a watchdog
Mocuh Tj
Mocuh Tj 5 tuntia sitten
Sad how many kids grow into adults but stay kids mentally. Police officer or not you shouldn't draw a deadly weapon unless your life is in jeopardy. If you brandish a firearm over candy your a lunatic and should not be allowed to carry.
Gary Streeter
Gary Streeter 5 tuntia sitten
Get Blm and Anqueefa while you are at it
Tabitha Baumgardner
Tabitha Baumgardner 5 tuntia sitten
I went through this stuff all year I had surgery last year. and I went thought coivd 19.and then I never got my federal taxes from last year. and I never got my second stimulus either about
Mr Rey
Mr Rey 5 tuntia sitten
"tried to overturn the election" is this the pseudo news trying to front run what their sheep are supposed to being thinking. Just like the impeachment/s. Until evidence is presented, and a charge is submitted, it is an accusation without evidence. Every person in America is innocent until proven guilty. The pseudo news may be trying to intentionally harass, attack, bully, and/or make a free and innocent US citizen guilty of alleged crimes to usurp the justice system??
Tea Nelson
Tea Nelson 5 tuntia sitten
It took me a minute to get the seriousness but the United States Government was actually overthrown. Yes, for a short time but it was actually overthrown. President Trump should not be the only one on trial! Many from the GOP and Fox News should be right with him! They used and egged him and that group of supporters on so when is their trial?
Joseph Barner
Joseph Barner 5 tuntia sitten
Fruit cakes.😋
Apollos The Sun God
Apollos The Sun God 5 tuntia sitten
14 billion in fraud and yet I just get denied despite being unemployed and paying into it. just ridiculous!
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson 5 tuntia sitten
There is so much crap being stewed by media that I have no idea if the opposition leader is better for Russia than Putin or not. Is he CIA? CCP puppet? This will come out soon along with many, many other truths.
Stanley Osburn
Stanley Osburn 5 tuntia sitten
Make Congress pay back all the money they stole from us make them pay off the national debt by getting a job like the rest of us and stop stuffing there pockets
Marivic Reyes
Marivic Reyes 5 tuntia sitten
2K dislikes and 839likes...YT will remove it again..
tutnetam 5 tuntia sitten
FRAUDci the criminal! Why he is not in jail yet?
Marivic Reyes
Marivic Reyes 5 tuntia sitten
bias media...
topgrain 5 tuntia sitten
That's a smart guy right there.
karmas reel
karmas reel 5 tuntia sitten
the dems overturned the election, why do they get to make a claim but someone else can't?
christopher rodarte
christopher rodarte 5 tuntia sitten
This whole impeachment/dc riot media nonsense helps to distract from the fact that Congress gave away hundreds of millions of dollars to their buddies in many other countries disguised in the form of a stimulus. THAT is how u overthrow democracy.
Rony Vonstrand
Rony Vonstrand 5 tuntia sitten
I dont feel sorry about this man and know the moste of trump... trump have from first day in day kicked out if they thik like him but how can a normal person behave?
MrMelgibstein 5 tuntia sitten
This Dude has made history landing in the White House.Rachel Levine is the new Neil Armstrong.
robyn jones
robyn jones 5 tuntia sitten
Of course all the rioters MUST be charged because no one in America is above the law. Another word for insurrection is TREASON. we the people have been made to suffer traitors long enough! what ever made these people think they had the right to destroy OUR Capitol and overturn OUR votes. How dare you! we didnt do such outrageously disgusting acts 4 years ago & the entire term of the serial traitor POTUS whom was handed the crown of power by the republican party the first time he was impeached yet not convicted because the republican party is now a party over country, fascist party. Boo! Hiss! how do they sleep at night. you loyal republicans have been con-ed like the fools you are by the man you elected in 2016. totally played like fiddles leading to this treasonous shameful thing. cant wait to see what more evidence turns up before the senate trial. trump rubbed his disgraceful actions in our collective faces over and over now his greed, corruption and treason will be crammed down your throats. God bless America and ALL of her people LET FREEDOM RING!
Jesse Stricklin
Jesse Stricklin 5 tuntia sitten
They need to be careful how they go about this so they don't start more people to make more movement on the law
JohnnyFUN2021 5 tuntia sitten
When are they going to Investigate FAKE PRESIDENT Biden's BRIBES he received from COMMUNIST CHINA ? The Pulitzer is there just waiting for you CBS.
Ken Greene
Ken Greene 5 tuntia sitten
Please charge all peaceful protesters for the riots last year including the news media and members of Congress who encourage them. Of the perverts by the perverts for the perverts
A M 5 tuntia sitten
Dems sure are NOT acting very confident in THIER positions at all. The more extreme they go, the WEAKER they look, “begging” other Dems not to break up with them or “blackmailing” them or “canceling” them to follow in line and silence the Right because they CANT argue the Facts or complete basic math. That’s not confidence, that’s the epitome of insecurity. Keep at it, it’ll be THIER own demise as we watch being fully entertained by THIER stupidity.
Irishtradchannel 5 tuntia sitten
Lol. Silly rich kids, thought they could surround and attack others. He escaped.
Lex 5 tuntia sitten
So, Joe Biden didn't really win! I knew it!
Kimmy Sievinen
Kimmy Sievinen 5 tuntia sitten
This man is a gentleman. Respect!
AlexGonz 5 tuntia sitten
At 11:25 the guy on right got possessed
Vanessa A. H.
Vanessa A. H. 5 tuntia sitten
Some may get minor charges in comparison or just throw out the laws. The next insurrection will be successful.
Stanley Osburn
Stanley Osburn 5 tuntia sitten
Above the poverty line until prices go up and the dollar is worth less than it is now you bone head
Gumbo Grapplium
Gumbo Grapplium 5 tuntia sitten
Mary Louise Rodgers
Mary Louise Rodgers 5 tuntia sitten
Yes! EVEYONE who took part in that TERRORIST ATTACK are indeed TERRORISTS! Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them ALL up!