Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Three
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Two
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode One
C.O.D.E Bowl presented by USAA
2 kuukautta sitten
Jude Stappard
Jude Stappard 10 tuntia sitten
GG wp to all the teams that was a great series
frosty the ghost
frosty the ghost 10 tuntia sitten
Hi (say it back)
cristobal velasco
cristobal velasco 10 tuntia sitten
AbaddoN 10 tuntia sitten
Empire 💪🏼
More GHOST VOID 11 tuntia sitten
lifematch 11 tuntia sitten
The trailer is accurate.
Gerard Guerrero
Gerard Guerrero 11 tuntia sitten
Activision if you see this can you please make a call of duty ghost 2
Charlotte Vlogs
Charlotte Vlogs 11 tuntia sitten
I keep coming back to this! It makes me wanna cry omfg...
God Of War Syth
God Of War Syth 12 tuntia sitten
Where the heck is mason hahaha
Spawn Keeper
Spawn Keeper 12 tuntia sitten
Even in 2021 the graphics look great.
sneakyturtle plays cod
sneakyturtle plays cod 12 tuntia sitten
1:38 did anyone notice sims was on the russian team
Evan Burgess
Evan Burgess 13 tuntia sitten
You should make a knife that shoots
Hegazy Mahmoud
Hegazy Mahmoud 13 tuntia sitten
Is that captain price!
The Darkness
The Darkness 13 tuntia sitten
I loved BO4 and I'm VERY HAPPY Ethereal Razor made it into Cold War.
GVOGAMING45X 14 tuntia sitten
hopefully cold war's halloween theme update is like this or similar
hejshsh jejeheh
hejshsh jejeheh 14 tuntia sitten
Why they didn't add it as a mission in MW2R ? I wonder if they are planning to add it in the trilogy remastered
Color Blue
Color Blue 14 tuntia sitten
I love the Bellagio Fountain reference so much.
Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez 15 tuntia sitten
Ezz Al-anzi Anzi
Ezz Al-anzi Anzi 15 tuntia sitten
رجعوا طور الزومبي
Ezz Al-anzi Anzi
Ezz Al-anzi Anzi 13 tuntia sitten
عن قريب
Pro____Gaming 14 tuntia sitten
طور الزومبي موجود في كود كولد وار
tvshows36 15 tuntia sitten
Do I need to buy anything in order to play the extended story
tvshows36 15 tuntia sitten
How am I supposed to play the first season the call of duty black ops cold war war zone
Roman Wanderer
Roman Wanderer 15 tuntia sitten
I just unlocked the fara 83 and its the best gun ive ever used
Liam Slaydon
Liam Slaydon 16 tuntia sitten
Chocolate raiiiiiiiiin
Aftermath_ Y_377
Aftermath_ Y_377 16 tuntia sitten
falcon and winter soldier made you ready for this moment hahhahahhaha who here for this moment are you ready for it
GP grand.parent Cooper
GP grand.parent Cooper 16 tuntia sitten
Mace Ofrenda
Mace Ofrenda 16 tuntia sitten
Honnestly this was a huge success
Mace Ofrenda
Mace Ofrenda 16 tuntia sitten
Bring it back please
Mace Ofrenda
Mace Ofrenda 16 tuntia sitten
I miss this
Grant Glasser
Grant Glasser 16 tuntia sitten
Can you guys please fix skill base matchmaking
ar cle
ar cle 17 tuntia sitten
yo i love❤ the new skin
Bismo Funyuns
Bismo Funyuns 17 tuntia sitten
Dogshit game world at war was and still is better
Omarion Goodwin
Omarion Goodwin 17 tuntia sitten
The next call of duty better have exo suits
gamemer 17 tuntia sitten
1:13 made farah look like the bad character
Gines muñoz
Gines muñoz 17 tuntia sitten
Remove sbmm
Cyber lad
Cyber lad 18 tuntia sitten
Campaign:10/10 MP:9/10 Spec ops:5/10
Real BuRn
Real BuRn 19 tuntia sitten
age restricted trailer of a game? WHOT??? As if I will provide ID info or credit card info to watch a trailer. Nice try google
SkypraPlays 19 tuntia sitten
C6 Gettin’ carried so much 😂😂
David Sill
David Sill 19 tuntia sitten
Wy does everyone hate it it's not that bad for a call of duty
Thinking boi
Thinking boi 17 tuntia sitten
Because it was a futuristic game
Patz 20 tuntia sitten
they just dont do zombies like this anymore :/
Doi Doi
Doi Doi 20 tuntia sitten
It's sad to see so many morons defend this trash game. I played the beta and the final version at launch. Ya'll are just simpletons and are still salty cause a Battlefield game spanked this trash in 2016. Stay mad, kids :)
Doi Doi
Doi Doi 16 tuntia sitten
@Thinking boi then you must be easily pleased lol.
Thinking boi
Thinking boi 17 tuntia sitten
The game isn't bad
Δημητρης Ν.
Δημητρης Ν. 20 tuntia sitten
Rima hayla
Rima hayla 20 tuntia sitten
Tu as aucun sens et tu en fais part c'est le retour retour new call of duty ghosts 2
worldgames ofmy
worldgames ofmy 20 tuntia sitten
PT FRONTLINE 21 tunti sitten
DFSEmpire 21 tunti sitten
Best event cod has done for warzone best bundles ever
SSpectreYT 22 tuntia sitten
Nope LA Thieves wins!
곽대한 22 tuntia sitten
The next Call of Duty will be on #KoreanWar this will be a really amazing game!!! I would playing with american and South Korean soldiers! 🔝👏 #activision please make it happen!! 🙏 Certain a Korean War game will be a total sucess like Call of Duty WWII.
Matthew Geary
Matthew Geary 23 tuntia sitten
This game will go down in history as one of the greatest CODs of all time, right up there with BO2, MW2, and WAW.
MartijnTS Päivä sitten
How does this work? Does everyone has the same classes?
Ivan Asencio
Ivan Asencio Päivä sitten
Call of duty ghosts 2 saldrá en 2023, la historia de hesh, logan y su perrito 🐕 continuará...
Sujami GT
Sujami GT Päivä sitten
Ok then but i play Black ops 2 Zombies and im in 5 rounds and hellsound coming but hellsound says "Fetch me their Shorts"
Senzuke Päivä sitten
Call of duty Sucks NL
Call of duty Sucks NL Päivä sitten
Fix augh
Call of duty Sucks NL
Call of duty Sucks NL Päivä sitten
Fix aug
doubleAAbatteries689 Päivä sitten
Cope War
Dang Dh
Dang Dh Päivä sitten
Don't understand the character as Lao But in the head is Phasa Thai
tutun biswas
tutun biswas Päivä sitten
ghost my hero 💀💀💀
Neon Boi
Neon Boi Päivä sitten
One of the best cod games
Stefan Gojovic
Stefan Gojovic Päivä sitten
Warzone kids will never understand what cod once was and what real games are.
Pro phett
Pro phett Päivä sitten
Dont remove SBMM and get me better teammates in league play
Nick Bebop
Nick Bebop Päivä sitten
One of the better cods ever made. Loved the campaign.
Nick Bebop
Nick Bebop Päivä sitten
@Neon Boi Only crybabies will hate a great game like this.
Neon Boi
Neon Boi Päivä sitten
And its the most hated cod game
Davis Gomez
Davis Gomez Päivä sitten
Who else saw them die for the first time . And why was shouldn't have richthofen's arm burnt off wen he put it in lava?
RockHoes Päivä sitten
Remove SBMM
Tony Reptarium
Tony Reptarium Päivä sitten
this was in my favorites
Avinash Bhorge
Avinash Bhorge Päivä sitten
this game is hard because I am dead again and again
Matty Päivä sitten
BO3 was revealed in APRIL? forgot how early we used to find out about the new cod, nowadays we don't find nothing out until august and every year the new game is a dissapointment
Matty Päivä sitten
this campaign was awful but BO3 was the last decent COD we got
Daedal Kestrel76
Daedal Kestrel76 Päivä sitten
This has never been more relavent than ever.
Matty Päivä sitten
this was the cloest we had and have ever gotten to that feel of black ops 2 from back in 2012 and i'm hoping more people will start realizng that over the years as COD keeps getting worse and worse
Miguel Valentín
Miguel Valentín Päivä sitten
Hay una chica gamer aquí xd
Imnotverycool11 Päivä sitten
So this is zombies at its best... Too bad we will never see it again
lemao Exoricist Cod
lemao Exoricist Cod Päivä sitten
When 4 team campers meet at the warzone
Kyle_boygamer Päivä sitten
warzone so laggy fram rate goes dead
Kyle_boygamer Päivä sitten
and im a huge fan of this game
Kyle_boygamer Päivä sitten
i want this game but im too poor to buy it tho
RussianSaurus Rex
RussianSaurus Rex Päivä sitten
The Garena variation one is a cringe shitfest.
Evan Roldan
Evan Roldan Päivä sitten
Who is ready to save Adler?
Randy Tsosie
Randy Tsosie Päivä sitten
Game is junk. Cold War is junk. The weapons are junk. WarZone is a Broken game!
Livid Päivä sitten
Crazy game of control by LA, unbelievable clutch.