F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: Round 3
F1 LIVE: Eifel GP Post-Race Show
F1 LIVE: Eifel Grand Prix Build Up
Top 10 Formula 3 Overtakes of 2020!
Andreas Wiesheu
Andreas Wiesheu 13 tuntia sitten
Villeneuves Overtake on the outside from 96`?
pte wilks
pte wilks 13 tuntia sitten
Sheri was a cheer
Fake Thumbnail
Fake Thumbnail 13 tuntia sitten
He still looked young in 2015, Ferrari aged him 15 years in only 5 years time
BT 13 tuntia sitten
PORTUGAL IS CAME BACK !!!! 2021 its again pls
Saahkar 13 tuntia sitten
Recommended to me before his demotion
Due_ 13 tuntia sitten
The only man not lapped that race was the great michele alboreto, but nobody ever remembers him as one of the greats of his era
Elie Kayrouz
Elie Kayrouz 13 tuntia sitten
Welcome back Will- wasn't the same without you
Christian Horner
Christian Horner 13 tuntia sitten
Welcome back Will ! Can you start doing these vids solo and direct to camera like past years?
Marcelo Aires da Silva
Marcelo Aires da Silva 13 tuntia sitten
Barrichello corre com o coração...fera!!!
SHRAVAN GAIKWAD 13 tuntia sitten
Who else thinks they should keep this song 2022 like here.
Nazrul Imran
Nazrul Imran 13 tuntia sitten
Edmond vdW
Edmond vdW 13 tuntia sitten
Best for the end; Kimi RaikkoNEEEEEN !!!
Hermann26 13 tuntia sitten
Mr Silence Dogood
Mr Silence Dogood 13 tuntia sitten
WhiteGoth 13 tuntia sitten
Haas: you are not having a seat in 2021. Grosjean: Understandable, have a nice day.
SOIBand 13 tuntia sitten
yeah I thought of that too haha
utubedano 13 tuntia sitten
The concept of pay drivers need to be banned.... honestly!
José Rodrigues
José Rodrigues 13 tuntia sitten
PORTUGALLLL! Im Gonna see the raceeeeeeeeeeee im so exited
Uthman Haneef
Uthman Haneef 13 tuntia sitten
wow... so many elevation changes and blind corners. I could feel an exciting race coming 💯
I Like F1
I Like F1 13 tuntia sitten
He slowed down just before the finish line so he couldve beat kimis lap time , as you can hear and see at 1:27 he slowed down before the finish line
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais 13 tuntia sitten
Kimi: wins *Everyone liked that*
Max P.
Max P. 13 tuntia sitten
Poor Haas guys, they have commented 25 days on the news on the same day.
TubthungusByChumbungus 13 tuntia sitten
ooh they matching
Roberto Coelho
Roberto Coelho 13 tuntia sitten
A falta de bolas do Prost era algo assustador!
Apophis STR
Apophis STR 13 tuntia sitten
That's perfect parallel parking right there
Danilo Silva
Danilo Silva 13 tuntia sitten
Welcome back Will, glad to see the gang together again!
Иван Голиков
Иван Голиков 14 tuntia sitten
Сделайте субтитры
Xeno Benoit
Xeno Benoit 14 tuntia sitten
Grosjean will now struggle to find a car company that will insure him
Lubian YT_2004
Lubian YT_2004 14 tuntia sitten
I think the voice of Jose still similar to the voice of Carlos I think
terenceramroop 14 tuntia sitten
Perez to Haas. If he goes to Williams it will be his career. Haas still has ties to Ferrari. Williams has no ties to any team.
The Banger Bois
The Banger Bois 14 tuntia sitten
Senna is the greatest driver of all time go race with hunt lauda and fittipaldi
リhir 14 tuntia sitten
今年は日本グランプリが無くて悲しいけどやっぱりハミルトンすげぇ! It's sad that there is no Japanese Grand Prix this year, but after all Lewis is amazing!!
Aleksei Ivanov
Aleksei Ivanov 14 tuntia sitten
Мля , ни хрена не понимаю , но интересно ( по русски было бы интереснее )
Siddharth Totla
Siddharth Totla 14 tuntia sitten
just go and watch all their careers, Haas doomed their career. I'm sad to see them go.😭😭
DreadfullMind 14 tuntia sitten
Lando Nado's new helmet is awesome!
Carlitos Bergolo
Carlitos Bergolo 14 tuntia sitten
Bel circuito ALGARVE! 💟👍😊🇵🇹 Mi aspetto una ottima gara di Lewis Hamilton e Vatteri Bottas. 😊👍 W Mercedes.
Alexandre_Belê Maireno
Alexandre_Belê Maireno 14 tuntia sitten
Nothing amazing about this lap...2 overtakes and 6 cars just got out of his way
Jake Carroll
Jake Carroll 14 tuntia sitten
Two things. One. Love this circuit! It’s the best track I’ve ever seen besides mon Second: crazy thought I know, but does anyone think that if Russell gets replaced that he then is brought up by Mercedes? Especially as Lewis moves towards his own race team in another type of motorsport? I know it’s a hella crazy thought but please give thoughts
Patrick Förster
Patrick Förster 14 tuntia sitten
We'll have a safer grid in 2021, I think. Ask Sergio Perez for further insights.
Disgusting Milky Water.
Disgusting Milky Water. 14 tuntia sitten
Wonderful to see Schumacher slow down to check if Patrese was alright
ZongPlayz 14 tuntia sitten
only if the halo existed in 1980, patrick's dep's life would have been saved
Rayan Umar
Rayan Umar 14 tuntia sitten
I'm going to miss both of them.
Chiggy 14 tuntia sitten
Here is who I think will replace them: Sergio Perez and/or Nico Hülkenberg You can have your opinions, but this is mine personally.
Anshuman Kakralia
Anshuman Kakralia 14 tuntia sitten
I didn't see his name in fp1,2,3 in Bahrain...from which time is this ??
Tim Mutsaers
Tim Mutsaers 14 tuntia sitten
Okay, I NEED this track on F1 2021, this looks like such a fun track in high downforce cars!
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 14 tuntia sitten
Welcome back, Will.
no 14 tuntia sitten
Claire wanted to keep George in their car because she was passionate and optimistic. Dorilton is not, which is why they'll drop him for Perez for that Slim money. Unfortunate, but there is no real point to supporting Williams anymore.
Guilherme Rosemberg
Guilherme Rosemberg 14 tuntia sitten
10:43 Never put Maldolegend out of the track,or else...
Voto Travel
Voto Travel 14 tuntia sitten
Never celebrate before until the end of the race
Stephan Goldenberg
Stephan Goldenberg 14 tuntia sitten
Herr Buxton ist zurück <3
Dion Peeters
Dion Peeters 14 tuntia sitten
Kimi: breathes Everybody: LEGEND
Alessandro Petrucci
Alessandro Petrucci 14 tuntia sitten
1:50 beast mode on
Dion Peeters
Dion Peeters 14 tuntia sitten
It look like roller coaster with lot of up and downs😎
Debra Cohen
Debra Cohen 14 tuntia sitten
But Kvyat hasn't even driven this Red Bull alongside Verstappen
Mustafa Aydemir
Mustafa Aydemir 14 tuntia sitten
Such a wonderful video with Kimi smiling all the time. But sorry Gio, I am struggelign to understand your English in this setting....
Paul Darbishire
Paul Darbishire 14 tuntia sitten
Best decision of the season to get rid of Grosjean just as Racing Points decision to get rid of Perez was the worst.
theFUMEUR2PNEUS 14 tuntia sitten
Des sous titre fr svp i dont speak english please
BravoRomeo YT
BravoRomeo YT 14 tuntia sitten
0:32 Nearly made me think Steiner was driving
BravoRomeo YT
BravoRomeo YT 14 tuntia sitten
3:52 RIP that engineer, got interrupted by Stroll
Ajmal Hussain
Ajmal Hussain 14 tuntia sitten
One question, why?
DR Daniel Impossible
DR Daniel Impossible 14 tuntia sitten
Veeeetel yeees😁
Michael Murillo
Michael Murillo 14 tuntia sitten
Is that guy in a grey sweater or a grey bath robe?
DR Daniel Impossible
DR Daniel Impossible 14 tuntia sitten
I dont give a *****😂
thumpi duram
thumpi duram 14 tuntia sitten
17:05 is lando trying to say explore to the maximun or exploit ????
Seneca Montez de Oca
Seneca Montez de Oca 14 tuntia sitten
My favorite circuit guide
Debra Cohen
Debra Cohen 14 tuntia sitten
The senior writer editor formally know as Lawrence Barretto
DR Daniel Impossible
DR Daniel Impossible 14 tuntia sitten
Luigi Mchail Salazar
Luigi Mchail Salazar 14 tuntia sitten
0:08 gotta love those voice cracks
DR Daniel Impossible
DR Daniel Impossible 14 tuntia sitten
"Whats this guy doing"😂
Wesley Byork
Wesley Byork 14 tuntia sitten
Wesley Byork
Wesley Byork 14 tuntia sitten
Perez:Where will i go for 2021 ?
Guri Singh
Guri Singh 14 tuntia sitten
But he came in 6th postion. How did he win?
Sbinotto07 14 tuntia sitten
What did happened to video?
Anders Gether Sørensen
Anders Gether Sørensen 14 tuntia sitten
Kevin is F1's best starter. He always finds a way and wins more places in each race. Up to 9 seats. Give him a car with more speed and the races will be interesting for the spectators. Red Bull? Kevin has the style they are looking for. And that will give Max Verstappen extra motivation.
TheFilipinoEmerald Channel
TheFilipinoEmerald Channel 15 tuntia sitten
Kimi when asked about his contract for next year: perfect, as usual. Kimi fans: It's all coming together
Juninho 01
Juninho 01 15 tuntia sitten
The best driver in The world, Senna Sempre🇧🇷♥️🙏