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[ASMR] Gaming Store Roleplay 5
Very Unsettling ASMR
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ASMR | Fantasy Apothecary Shop
ASMR | Test Your Luck
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The ASMR Bee Movie Bloopers
The ASMR Bee Movie
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low key asmr
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ASMR | Stuffed Animal Shop ♡
JinnDV 9 tuntia sitten
Us R gang just like to see other things
grace with the Guinea piggy
grace with the Guinea piggy 9 tuntia sitten
Gibi: good, very good... ok, that’s good... you need glasses 🤓 Me: but I thought you said I was good???
Lovely Z
Lovely Z 9 tuntia sitten
grace with the Guinea piggy
grace with the Guinea piggy 9 tuntia sitten
Gibi: yes, good, ok. Very good... you need glasses 🤓 Me: but I thought you said I was very good???
Adrian 9 tuntia sitten
Horrible; definetely not my flavour
LIAGROAN 9 tuntia sitten
'You can't have everyone do everything for you' Me: eXCUsE mE
J G 9 tuntia sitten
I heard a couple of things but I’m going to pretend I didn’t because it’s unintelligible
Kiana Korell
Kiana Korell 9 tuntia sitten
My problem with asmr is that I’m always so interested in what’s going on in the video that I don’t go to sleep
Sensed_lynx 9 tuntia sitten
I like when you get new pens and when you take off those little rubber things on the tips
Celine Löbl
Celine Löbl 9 tuntia sitten
Can someone tell me where to get this top? I love it 🥰
Aj Tao
Aj Tao 9 tuntia sitten
Gibi, still a very good replacement for Wonder Woman actress but in a non-Hollywood production. And no worries about your left side jaw being slightly wider than your right, no human is symmetrically perfect and such a facial feature is what makes each human unique!
Caleb Fernwalt
Caleb Fernwalt 9 tuntia sitten
Gibi: what’s one website you wish you never visited Me: sad phub intro 😓 Gibi: ah yes thank you 😅
Mht Matei
Mht Matei 9 tuntia sitten
Can your next video idea that you do be your an audible book reader asmr pls
JinnDV 10 tuntia sitten
I only got 2 a’s on both videos 🥲
Life of Leigh
Life of Leigh 10 tuntia sitten
U will relax.
Beth Hawk
Beth Hawk 10 tuntia sitten
Can we just appreciate how pretty Gibi's handwriting is? So satisfying
marcellus doolan
marcellus doolan 10 tuntia sitten
ohh my that got me tingles can you do a make up asmr video
Deacon Kerr
Deacon Kerr 10 tuntia sitten
Asmr among us but on the airship map pls
RawRih exe
RawRih exe 10 tuntia sitten
Before Gibi: **is not familiar with being sponsored** Now Gibi: **Being sponsored every week**
LIAGROAN 10 tuntia sitten
'What's the name of the principal of UA high' Me: Principal Nezu 'You haven't met him yet-' Me: PRINCIPAL NEZU
SXZRYE 10 tuntia sitten
Lol anyone know this holds world record for worlds tingliest asmr video
Yessi Olimpica
Yessi Olimpica 10 tuntia sitten
1:26:29 Los Polinecios!
Checkerboard Cubing
Checkerboard Cubing 10 tuntia sitten
⭐️ I WANT COLOURING PAGES -Angry customer
Baseem Ferdowsian
Baseem Ferdowsian 10 tuntia sitten
Love your snorlax hoodie <3 also love your vids gibi, keep up the good work :)
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 10 tuntia sitten
You should try Frixion pilot erasable pens. I love them so much and use them all the time.
Clutch Gameplays
Clutch Gameplays 10 tuntia sitten
Drop a like on this if you’re a gear head like moi and Ben using that ratchet wrench gave you tingles.
Murloc Master
Murloc Master 10 tuntia sitten
What you want for christmas? Firetruck! What color? Red! NEXT! AHHHHH
shiby inu
shiby inu 10 tuntia sitten
When the smell test came I was like What's that white stuff in that tube looks familiar
Gabe Flow
Gabe Flow 10 tuntia sitten
Fuck this. I’m killing myself
gamekid bunny7
gamekid bunny7 10 tuntia sitten
Hello there
Mmmk Allright
Mmmk Allright 10 tuntia sitten
Not only does daisy take almost 20 minutes to get me my food, But I never get to eat it anyway.
DefinitelyViolet 10 tuntia sitten
The beanie..
Sunny roblox
Sunny roblox 10 tuntia sitten
I played along and u earned a sub plus now i know i sjouldent xry at the dentist im 9 and dentists are my nightmares even if Im scares of bloody mary
Sol-Reva James
Sol-Reva James 10 tuntia sitten
Tamas Gabor
Tamas Gabor 10 tuntia sitten
Dreamy_ shadown
Dreamy_ shadown 10 tuntia sitten
"Perfect you have teeth"
R16Spectre 10 tuntia sitten
Day one of asking for worry removal #4
Satyrno 10 tuntia sitten
I just had a cool idea. Sometime, SOMETIME in the future Bart gets framed and fired and kinda goes wacko trying to figure out who framed him. He and the watcher go in to interrogate suspects
scrubby ftw
scrubby ftw 10 tuntia sitten
I had some mild ptsd when I heard her put on those gloves, it took me back to middle school
Thrax 10 tuntia sitten
My teacher to the whole class when someone says he does not understand:
XxwatermelonxX 10 tuntia sitten
Listening to gibi and wilbur soot help you sleep apparently
ThatRedDude 10 tuntia sitten
I’ve Ben waiting for this!
游鎮維 10 tuntia sitten
May 10 tuntia sitten
when gibi said: "feel free to eat all 4, these are for you" THANK YEEEW 😭😭😭 i've never felt so validated in my whole entire life I WILL
iy rose
iy rose 11 tuntia sitten
Calm down, I can not answer the questions
Jolielamborghini 11 tuntia sitten
I'm sorry I could barely understand anything (ik that's the point) But I very clearly heard when u said YOU DONT LIKE TSUKKI????
Maureen Calderon
Maureen Calderon 11 tuntia sitten
Day 1 of asking for ‘you’re a Fae getting us(human) ready for a ball’
Jessica Sabio
Jessica Sabio 11 tuntia sitten
"Okay you have teeth"
May 11 tuntia sitten
iced coffee person here ! hot coffee is still my bestie, so there's no hate on the coffee community gibi don't worry✨❤️
May 11 tuntia sitten
also: THANK U for this video, i love to watch asmr in the morning to wake up (and drink coffee while watching it so i make sure i don't knock out again) love u so muchhhh. 💓
Ingwar 11 tuntia sitten
8 less than minutes and im asleep, nice
Wild Gamer
Wild Gamer 11 tuntia sitten
Carrillo LV
Carrillo LV 11 tuntia sitten
$300 for the second bag?!?!? I can’t BREATHEEE
Anna Crownover
Anna Crownover 11 tuntia sitten
Don't worry I already watched Death Note
Defensive Benny31
Defensive Benny31 11 tuntia sitten
I didn't realise how much I would actually enjoy this!!
RawRih exe
RawRih exe 11 tuntia sitten
"Do you have tingles?" *ahem-*
ASTRONAUTE DODGE 11 tuntia sitten
2:45 :i look like a rotten tomato
•Official_Enji• 11 tuntia sitten
I never knew Gibi knew what My hero Academia was 🙊 Lmao
Manan Parmar
Manan Parmar 11 tuntia sitten
Ed Sheeran just look like marno
nathan schader
nathan schader 11 tuntia sitten
Sucks for you I have some sick head phones and if I turn them up to max I can hear what your saying but Ima be honest your talking a bunch of nonsense lol
Karleigh Stricko
Karleigh Stricko 11 tuntia sitten
Maybe this is super random, but I love her long fingers 😂😂😂 I have short fingers and I'm super jealous of how elegant her hands look
Радост Атанасова
Радост Атанасова 11 tuntia sitten
🇧🇬 Balgerian asmr
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 11 tuntia sitten
She should make more
StayyFrosty 3s
StayyFrosty 3s 11 tuntia sitten
Your jewelry ,hair ,makeup ,style ,smile just everything is so beautiful it’s perfect and I love your videos Gibi I sleep to them all the time☺️. You are amazing
Phelix_ 381
Phelix_ 381 11 tuntia sitten
I have a request. Build the Death Star set from 2016
Bob Hob
Bob Hob 11 tuntia sitten
I could somewhat make out what she was reading in the book. My secret? I have the book too and I tried to follow along.
Julia Paulasa
Julia Paulasa 11 tuntia sitten
the marker testing video you did years ago is still one of my favs so I’m so excited for this vid
oliver hartanto
oliver hartanto 11 tuntia sitten
can she hear if she wears headphones?
《Gubbins Gacha》
《Gubbins Gacha》 12 tuntia sitten
I'm not sure why, but when I watch Gibi, I feel so safe. Like, nothing can get me here. It's like home.
Journey_Gacha 12 tuntia sitten
I love these types of asmr bc when I’m super tired and trying to go to sleep some times the just taping things or putting things on the mic (like foam, slime, etc.) and when I listen to whispering I get to invested in what they say and can’t fall asleep. That’s why I like in audible/unintelligible whispering asmr :)
Gage Ebert
Gage Ebert 12 tuntia sitten
But its just 1080p or is it just me
a flame joke
a flame joke 12 tuntia sitten
this video kept me awake. thanks gibi!
SoulReaper1250 12 tuntia sitten
1:08 man pulled a obi-one
Enrique Moreno
Enrique Moreno 12 tuntia sitten
Can u do Jean scratching?
Ariana Lucero
Ariana Lucero 12 tuntia sitten
Romans 8:18 - “The pain you’ve been feeling cannot compare to the joy thats coming”
Ariana Lucero
Ariana Lucero 12 tuntia sitten
Jesus died for us on the cross✝️he went through pain to forgive our sins📿spread the word before it’s to late🕊he’s comming to earth🤲amen
Busy Frogy
Busy Frogy 12 tuntia sitten
Me: The hurted mic is the earth😔
Duozu 12 tuntia sitten
Anyone else think that 3:14 sounds like a quiet laugh track?
Oscar Angel-Romero
Oscar Angel-Romero 12 tuntia sitten
OI JOSUKE i have turn into a sticker