Zigmund 6 tuntia sitten
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson 6 tuntia sitten
This is so good! I love these. And what an amazing job! I love being able to hear the coarse vocals so much clearer in this. How the hell are there so many dislikes???
AHAB THE DEPLORABLE 6 tuntia sitten
This is epic, my family has in it Hawaiian, its a very similar culture to maori
Vladimir Noctifer
Vladimir Noctifer 6 tuntia sitten
Oskar Juric
Oskar Juric 6 tuntia sitten
Who hasn't been there lost out big!
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva 6 tuntia sitten
"Excitante", Luana deixando passar um sotaque paulista
Алексей Колодезный
Алексей Колодезный 6 tuntia sitten
какой то ужас у нее еще поди и хер есть
Pat Westbrook
Pat Westbrook 6 tuntia sitten
was expecting chris jericho
Mike Trinidad
Mike Trinidad 6 tuntia sitten
Super banger!
Варма Паз
Варма Паз 6 tuntia sitten
Pek paro!!!!!
Oskar Juric
Oskar Juric 6 tuntia sitten
Wacken, beging there having ups and downs, this is a highlight for the ages.
caio Marques
caio Marques 7 tuntia sitten
Doc muito foda! Sonzera da braba mas a vibe sempre de boa e descontraída! Doido pra ir no show quando rolar!
Jim Jin
Jim Jin 7 tuntia sitten
Zied Zayani
Zied Zayani 7 tuntia sitten
Made my day! It made my f******* day! Hell yeah! \m/
EmOcean Flaw
EmOcean Flaw 7 tuntia sitten
Beardbasha بيردباشا
Beardbasha بيردباشا 7 tuntia sitten
Geek metal..<3
Aareiml 01
Aareiml 01 7 tuntia sitten
Ehrlich: leider nicht so meins
thiago schumacher
thiago schumacher 7 tuntia sitten
This is pure gold! I am hooked!
ZombifiedTurkey 7 tuntia sitten
I guess you can't win em all.
thiago schumacher
thiago schumacher 7 tuntia sitten
This is just great!!! I'd love a full lenght album!
Kassandra Caddoux
Kassandra Caddoux 7 tuntia sitten
Apollyon 7 tuntia sitten
What tuning does Wolfheart use? 🤔 Can anybody help?
OneDaxSter 7 tuntia sitten
Never thought I would want to see this. It is truly glorious.
Alexandre Klaro
Alexandre Klaro 8 tuntia sitten
Que baita bosta não vejo nada diferente de outras tantas bandas do gênero, simplesmente uma grande bosta.
J moore
J moore 8 tuntia sitten
All the shit jobs we've had
Uğur Göküş
Uğur Göküş 8 tuntia sitten
we are looking at the sky in the begining of the video clip "It's a Bird... It's a Plane... nooo ! It's Superman!!" haha btw another amazing music from Tetrarch. This guys awesome !
Andrey Batt
Andrey Batt 8 tuntia sitten
Слава Роду! Быть добру!
Gianluca Sorrentino
Gianluca Sorrentino 8 tuntia sitten
how does this have only 75k views when their others have millions? is this video hidden or something? it's one of their best new songs!
Slayersultan 8 tuntia sitten
Vraiment bien, je ne sais pas pourquoi je n'ai pas découvert plus tôt? Napalm Records ne se trompe jamais, en espérant vous voir au Z7 en juin...
jayman6677 8 tuntia sitten
Hot chicks and metal music... what’s not to like...🤔
MARANATHA OFFICIAL 8 tuntia sitten
Jesus Christ is King! He is very near...confess and repent before it's too late!
Zrybfty Tcdrghh
Zrybfty Tcdrghh 8 tuntia sitten
The one time I dont get bombed at the beginning of a napalm record video
Natanael Paes
Natanael Paes 9 tuntia sitten
Pra levantar cadeira na bicuda.
Zrybfty Tcdrghh
Zrybfty Tcdrghh 9 tuntia sitten
2:14 shirtless guy is a mood.
Chris Worland
Chris Worland 9 tuntia sitten
different but by no means in a bad way! gonna love jamming the record in it's entirety in a few weeks time!
Vladimír Sazinek
Vladimír Sazinek 9 tuntia sitten
Proste je to nadherne spojeni vice metalovych zanru,povedlo se ,,Amazing,, ;-))
Adelram Wolfrik
Adelram Wolfrik 9 tuntia sitten
Is this new Liverpool anthem? 🤔 You never walk alone.
Jigoku Tenebris
Jigoku Tenebris 9 tuntia sitten
Orgulho do Brasil! 🤘🏿🤘🏿
jedi foghorn
jedi foghorn 9 tuntia sitten
I stayed for this sermon.
Erick corvinus
Erick corvinus 9 tuntia sitten
METAL VIKING 9 tuntia sitten
Should be a great starter band for those who are trying to get into metal and rock for those who aren't familiar with the genre
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 9 tuntia sitten
Nice to have some relaxing and light, upbeat jingles like this...
Nadia Birindelli
Nadia Birindelli 9 tuntia sitten
Jimmy Acevedo
Jimmy Acevedo 9 tuntia sitten
Same old shit
Leomas IsMe
Leomas IsMe 10 tuntia sitten
Let's rattle on the chains of saklas!
David Schwerte
David Schwerte 10 tuntia sitten
Freiheit oder Tot👀 Geboren um zu leben halten wir regeln ein in Frieden Sterben wie lang is es her wahren zu viele Kriege vernarbt die Seele was der lebende nich versteht Geistig geschädigt doch zum Arzt geht weil er nicht versteht wieso sich Gedanken drehn aus vergangen Tagen Bilder sieht is es nicht die reine Wahrheit die uns Freiheit schänkt nich in Lüge zu Sterben gebe Ich beiden Seiten recht denn nicht um sonst gibt es Gesetze die wir halten müssen um das wir zusammen leben können👀 Was is Freiheit glaubt man nich was man denkt oder denkt man nich was man glaubt hängen die Wolken tief in Berlin
Lucas Farias
Lucas Farias 10 tuntia sitten
As duas guitarristas são foda. As melodias e os solos ficaram do caralho!
Конец Света
Конец Света 10 tuntia sitten
Кошмар! Деградация! Эдак любую херню можно назвать панк-роком!
Alby Uras
Alby Uras 10 tuntia sitten
"Mom can we have Slipknot?" "no, we have Slipknot at home" *Slipknot at home:*
Vilton Cardeal
Vilton Cardeal 10 tuntia sitten
Antoine Benot
Antoine Benot 10 tuntia sitten
extremely powerful song, impatient to discover the rest!
Max De Ville
Max De Ville 10 tuntia sitten
Serbian flag 💖👌
Vilton Cardeal
Vilton Cardeal 10 tuntia sitten
Fabian 10 tuntia sitten
Honest to God the guitar solo gave me goosebumps!
Jarrod Stewart
Jarrod Stewart 10 tuntia sitten
Is this real life...?
Fabian 10 tuntia sitten
imagine the kind of hurdles she crossed to be a big black lady playing extreme metal RESPECT!
Vildefrance Mi
Vildefrance Mi 10 tuntia sitten
О Криса всегда ждешь маленькое чудо. И он не подводит.
Sebastian Xxx
Sebastian Xxx 10 tuntia sitten
Alexi looking in this video like he just woke up 😂 awesome
cracked LOL rib
cracked LOL rib 11 tuntia sitten
Damn. Bad ass. Hello from Mexico : /
Сергій Безрукий
Сергій Безрукий 11 tuntia sitten
Dexter Lindsey
Dexter Lindsey 11 tuntia sitten
It sucks that I never get the chance to meet my idol. Rock in Heaven Wildchild
Christopher Rollason
Christopher Rollason 11 tuntia sitten
This is mint 😈
John Carey
John Carey 11 tuntia sitten
What happened to the bass player? 😂
Mr. Jetson
Mr. Jetson 11 tuntia sitten
Been listening to these guys for years! Man, I can't wait for this album.
Thomas Ackerly
Thomas Ackerly 11 tuntia sitten
Emmanuele Mastrotto
Emmanuele Mastrotto 11 tuntia sitten
Napalm wtf?
Wolfhunt3r 11 tuntia sitten
Their first released song "Rule of the winged duke" was insanely good, and this is on par with that. I can't wait for the full album \m/___\m/
chris Mal
chris Mal 11 tuntia sitten
Swedish black metal sound
AAS AJ 11 tuntia sitten
Rip Alexi"s
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets 11 tuntia sitten
Виталий П.С.
Виталий П.С. 12 tuntia sitten
Я кайфонул в свой выходной. Не зря включил этот плейлист утром!
Antestius Leontius
Antestius Leontius 12 tuntia sitten
Hey mambo... mambo Italiano, hey mambo... mambo Italiano, go go go... you mixed up Siciliano, all you Calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy with the... Hey mambo! 🤟🏻😎
Blood of Kings6
Blood of Kings6 12 tuntia sitten
Look yes they sound like nu metal but the structure is modern metal. They use metalcore riffing and vocals. They also have this industrial nu metal ambience that kinda drones throughout the song and is prevalent in the chorus. I've made the Korn reference in a different comment now I'm going to go even further and say this reminds me of Alice Cooper.
Rabe 12 tuntia sitten
Ich liebe das Lied und das Video ist auch Super gemacht!
Blood of Kings6
Blood of Kings6 12 tuntia sitten
So this is what Korn would sound like if they screamed and played breakdowns
Sam Gardner
Sam Gardner 12 tuntia sitten
xsara123 12 tuntia sitten
Ok, that's enough internet for today.