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Kieran Forsyth
Kieran Forsyth 22 tuntia sitten
Just an idea, say you had a a really long pole and on either end there was a cog like shape, both cogs are aligned and have the same amount of spokes so that if you shine down the pole to cast a perfect shadow on the other cog, now on the inside of the spokes of that other cog you would have some sort of light receptor, now if you spin the pole, saying that there is no warping of the pole due to length so that the cog rotate in synchronized rotations, say we know the speed of the rotation, and at some speed will light then begin to fail making the gap to gap run and begin to shine on the spoke, how far along the spoke the light makes it across at set speeds (say if a definitive line is produced along the spoke). so you would have a measure of distance travelled and compare that to the time units created by revs/time unit, could that be considered one way speed of light? did that make sense?
JaysonSR 22 tuntia sitten
I keep meaning to come up with neat filters like that. Viewing the world in additional parts of the spectrum has always been a wild idea to me. Just imagine the world in wavelengths that are far away from the visible spectrum.
Molly Malone
Molly Malone 22 tuntia sitten
Bill Gates is evil personified. I would trust nothing he proposed. He thinks himself as a god who knows what's best for mankind. So did Hitler.
Braden Sorensen
Braden Sorensen 22 tuntia sitten
In other words a test for a disease can be very accurate in telling you you don’t have the disease while also being very inaccurate in telling you you do have it.
ELDR1TCH_3NT1TY 22 tuntia sitten
funny title make laph
Tapankumar Mitra
Tapankumar Mitra 22 tuntia sitten
Mind-Blowing... Woo
MrKushinator420 22 tuntia sitten
10 seconds in and sponsored by a company that leaked thousands of identities. ill pass guy.
Joe Wily
Joe Wily 22 tuntia sitten
Wonder if they could line the inside of pipes with the anti-water gel to keep things a flowin’~
Huân Lê-Vương
Huân Lê-Vương 22 tuntia sitten
What keeps the planet spinning The force from the beginning
MLJesus ?
MLJesus ? 22 tuntia sitten
Two genders gang
nolan hull
nolan hull 22 tuntia sitten
3:20 still got that benz though
Mr. Volinski
Mr. Volinski 22 tuntia sitten
How about you put like 20 clocks at equal length and measure light from one to the other then calculate the discrepancies, that would at least tell you if it moves faster or slower.
Justin Gharst
Justin Gharst 22 tuntia sitten
Y’all have too many ads for us to learn. C’mon. Most of us are suffering from some ADHD as is.
Chase B
Chase B 22 tuntia sitten
another thought for how we could at least rule out light being instant in one direction. set up two light sources at different distances from a detector. For example, have a detector set up and then a light emitter 1 light second away, and another emitter 3 light seconds away, and then a controller for the two light sources placed in the middle of them (2 light seconds away from the detector). The controller then sends out simultaneous signals in both directions instructing the two emitters to fire their beams at the detector. Let's say the detector is in the south, and the line of emitters and controllers are sprawled out northward. If light travels instantly from north to south, then light from the two emitters should reach the detector 1 light second apart with the first emitter reaching the detector immediately. If light travels instantly from south to north, then light from the emitters should reach the detector 1 light second apart after an initial 2 light second delay. If C is constant in both directions, light from the emitters should reach the detector 2 light seconds apart after an initial 2 second delay. Now, you might not be able to call the differences in initial delay conclusive due to the problems of syncing up a clock a the detector with the the one at the controller, but you should at least still be able to notice the difference between a 1 and 2 light second time delay from the two different light sources, right? So you might not be able to determine in which direction C is infinite, but you should at least be able to tell whether or not it is infinite in some direction or not. I'm sure this is probably wrong, but I don't know why.
Mr. Volinski
Mr. Volinski 23 tuntia sitten
Um, excuse me but if you have a clock x and you send a signal to clock y, from x to y, isn't the delay between the signal and the time the clock is synchronized, the measurement itself.
Division Youtube
Division Youtube 23 tuntia sitten
Anyone whos seen evolution already know head and shoulders can defeat aliens
Tim M
Tim M 23 tuntia sitten
but what about the possibility that the speed of light is slowing down over time. there is some evidence for this.
Springlios G
Springlios G 23 tuntia sitten
Only me who thought that there was a woman in the thumbnail? 😂
Weasel 23 tuntia sitten
We are smol
Joon Pak
Joon Pak 23 tuntia sitten
One of the best videos I’ve ever seen.
Joaquín M. Tikhomirov
Joaquín M. Tikhomirov 23 tuntia sitten
Im in love with this video
WaTeR LeMoN 23 tuntia sitten
33, 333, 663 views Somebody ruined perfection
Devashish Shah
Devashish Shah 23 tuntia sitten
This was one of the worst Ve videos ever. G.R. would fail if what you say is correct, won't it?
Andre niki
Andre niki 23 tuntia sitten
my problem is that drew gets out of the room each time numbers appear and want to be memorized :D
Robin Arora
Robin Arora 23 tuntia sitten
So what is the billion dollar problem?
dandare1001 23 tuntia sitten
I'm battling with my child about this defeatist attitude (thanks to the school and other factors). We're in Germany, and it seems that the system is laid out for learned helplessness. I meet it way too often. Makes for an obedient population, though.
Ed Herdman
Ed Herdman 23 tuntia sitten
quantum darwinism
Gary Schasteen
Gary Schasteen 23 tuntia sitten
Thank you so much for sharing this! It really makes a lot of sense to me the way you explained what's happening! I also really love how you emphasize a value based approach to your content. If you want to see all new videos that get uploaded, then click the bell, if you don't then unsubscribe to the notifications. Makes sense. May this message find you well!
M McManus
M McManus 23 tuntia sitten
What if you set off two explosions, each in opposite directions. Measure the delay between the flashes and the sounds, then compare. No?
sleeper service
sleeper service 23 tuntia sitten
If you are going to admit in the thought experiment, that two clocks placed in the midpoint of the experiment and moved to either end of the course distance will BOTH experience time dilation then we have a problem.
Justin Ochea
Justin Ochea 23 tuntia sitten
i always see this video always on my recommendation and it had like 6 revisions on thumbnail already
outerrealm 23 tuntia sitten
MY GOD! Someone who actually knows what quintillion and quadrillion are, rather than math retarded reporters spewing "thousand million", "million billion," etc. for dramatic effect.
斎藤一 23 tuntia sitten
How about homeostasis
Caio Nascimento
Caio Nascimento 23 tuntia sitten
This guy is good, very good...
Matt The FakeDragon
Matt The FakeDragon 23 tuntia sitten
This is like a cosmic 2 generals problem
sounder9393 23 tuntia sitten
This virus is bioterrorism. It was created in a Chinese lab, remember? Fortunately, the mathematical odds are still against catching this one. I haven't isolated and I'm still testing negative.
Samuel T
Samuel T 23 tuntia sitten
0:01 Oh hey
xrayban2 23 tuntia sitten
Not everyone can do potholing / caving, being at ease or not depends of your brain wiring ...
samji srivatsa
samji srivatsa 23 tuntia sitten
Probability: Am i a joke to you
Chocolate Melanin
Chocolate Melanin 23 tuntia sitten
I want to see Bill Gates Doctorate papers IMMEDIATELY 📝
Next2TheMoon 23 tuntia sitten
Wow. 20 years ago, me and a friend went to Lake Powell for Spring Break... we took some back country route from I-70, and It was one of the most desolate drives I've ever been on. I'll never forget seeing these big piles of blue rocks every once in a while. I've always wondered what those blue rocks were... and just now, today after all these years... I think I just learned that they were probably copper sulfate. :)
Bohan Cheng
Bohan Cheng 23 tuntia sitten
How about shooting two one-way beams ----> first beam for activating both clocks. second as a stop signal.
Radio027 23 tuntia sitten
Let's ask God, he is the one bring lights to us.
TheAnagh 23 tuntia sitten
Chase B
Chase B 23 tuntia sitten
If the speed of light were different in different directions, wouldn't we see significantly more stars when looking in opposite directions of the sky? At the extreme end, if light were infinite in one direction and C/2 in the other, wouldn't we see all or an infinite amount of stars in one direction, and relatively few stars in the other?
rkps987 23 tuntia sitten
The goal of this video is to prove Prof Richard Feynman's claim wrong. Wow a bold statement. Wonderful video. I did learn something new.
LuckyBoyPro 23 tuntia sitten
Newton when he speedruns Pi%.
Jannalyzer 23 tuntia sitten
He sees a lot of lady exes. Fat ones
John Houde
John Houde 23 tuntia sitten
So I'm told women who live together will synchronize their periods. If that is the case wouldn't a woman who was not in Sync have a better chance of reproducing and giving her a better chance of picking the best mate? Also do women in a city tend to have their periods at the same time of month or say in an Office where they work together? I'm a guy so I wouldn't know. We're just ready all the time! LOL
itsleo! 23 tuntia sitten
1:32 60 men fell into the river in lego city
Tcrane787 23 tuntia sitten
Thank you <3
CRITICAL ZONE GAMING ØP 23 tuntia sitten
What be 68million views here it be cool same title same views wow cya in the future 5yrs
Tomek S
Tomek S 23 tuntia sitten
Lastpass got less functional in free version and more expensive again.
Super Hiro
Super Hiro 23 tuntia sitten
How you gunna do my boy Uracil like that?
Samuel Kachel
Samuel Kachel 23 tuntia sitten
Bill Gates is the next crisis.
Richard Nowak
Richard Nowak 23 tuntia sitten
speed of light is not a constant which compounds the problem.
N A 23 tuntia sitten
Tell us how you will poison us next Mr. Gates.
Regulus000 23 tuntia sitten
Why not just put the clock/emitter/detector in an orbit that's a circular null geodesic of a black hole? That way the light pulse returns to the emitter by completing an orbit. No reflection needed.
Juan Camilo Vásquez Mejía
Juan Camilo Vásquez Mejía Päivä sitten
What would happen if... We define in space a point A and a point B, separated by a distance of about 300,000 km. Then we take two light sources, l1 and l2 (which cancel each other out creating an interference pattern), and place them off at point A, next to each other, both pointing towards point B. At point B we place a mirror that reflects the light from the sources back towards point A. Now, right in the middle of A and B, we place a sensor that can detect light from either source, so that a beam of light from either source at A passes through the sensor, reflects off the mirror at B, and returns to A by passing through the sensor again. Then, with this setup ready, we test like this: We send a pulse of light from l1 at A, toward the mirror at B. If the speed of light is same there and back, then the sensor between A and B should pick up two signals, the light traveling from l1 to the sensor after 0.5 seconds, and the light returning reflected on the mirror after 1.5 seconds, but in this scenario we continue with the synchronization problem between the light source at A and the sensor between A and B. Now let's try it like this: We send a beam of light from l1 at A, toward the mirror at B, and 1 second later, when the light from l1 is supposed to have reached the mirror at B, we launch another beam of light from A toward the mirror at B, but this time from l2. Now, if the speed of light is same there and back, our sensor should only pick up the signal from l1 passing through the sensor on its outgoing path at 0.5 seconds, and should not detect any more signals, since the beam of light from l1 reflected at B should meet the second beam of light coming from l2 right in the middle of A and B, i.e. where the sensor is located, but since both light sources cancel each other, the sensor should not detect any light signal. In case the sensor detects more than one light signal, this would indicate that the speed of the outgoing light is not the same as the speed of the returning light.
cruithne_2292 Päivä sitten
5:10 I literally heard one of the metronomes say to the other two: dance with me~
mltamarlin Päivä sitten
Very cool. But How do you define "right now"?
Syd Päivä sitten
That's a pretty wimpy torch
Chaitanya TS
Chaitanya TS Päivä sitten
9:28 so what happens to Newton's third law?
tom affolter
tom affolter Päivä sitten
Thank God for this video. It seems nearly everyone misunderstanding what gravity is.
Okipouros Päivä sitten
War. War never changes
Anshul Bhatt
Anshul Bhatt Päivä sitten
Try not to read this
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Päivä sitten
Biggest achievement of my life is To turn off that light bulb
Vipin V
Vipin V Päivä sitten
Can't you sync the clock at midway and both the clocks to be sent to the ends at exact same speed. Then the clocks will be in sync relative to the Lab frame??
Sebastian Dal Pozzo
Sebastian Dal Pozzo Päivä sitten
Couldn't you have 2 synced clocks and that are counting and have them stop when the light hits it. Just take the difference.
Cory Steele
Cory Steele Päivä sitten
To figure out the sync issue... Let's say we can both see the sun and there's a big solar flare and time is now counted until "time until last solar flare". And solar flares happen ALLLL the time. If both sides note their time, then correlate deltas between previois solar flares, would that information prove useful? What if we did the same thing and synchronized across multiple observation areas. More reliable? The key here is finding what (if any) variables can create anomolies in observation of events. Say, one planet decides to shoot a high powered magnet at the sun during the solar flares. Does this affect anyone's data on the sync of the solar flares?
Zarussain Päivä sitten
Couldn't they use quantum entangled clocks?
Zarussain Päivä sitten
Or decay rated partials (altho this could be effected by relativity not sure exactly how it works)
Arnold Carson
Arnold Carson Päivä sitten
and what we had had quantum-entangled clocks? Given such a device existed, would they also subject be subject to the general rules of relativity? And if not, could they be used to measure the one-way speed of light?
cruithne_2292 Päivä sitten
Asian kids: what is a positive feedback?
ATOMSK Päivä sitten
Personally this video helps explain how I can press nine or ten different keys, engage any pedal and combine that chaos of vibration into something I predetermined...... it really does feel like predicting the future sometimes I'm not gonna lie.
The guac
The guac Päivä sitten
Why is there a soviet army kobra red dot on the shelf in a kindergarten
Pax Liberum
Pax Liberum Päivä sitten
The sync is a consequence of chaos
Jay Mac
Jay Mac Päivä sitten
I payed attention in physics and chemistry classes, and the reactions of people make me feel so much smarter than I actually know I am. I sometimes forget that the bar is a lot lower than I realize. These people don’t know that light is electromagnetic radiation that stimulated the cone and rod cells in our eyes and our brains use that information to create an image in our visual cortices
Tis'ur"Master'" Päivä sitten
Can scientists fix the MAGA and the Q?
Matthew Sutton
Matthew Sutton Päivä sitten
I Actually understood this.
Oleg Kozak
Oleg Kozak Päivä sitten
This, basically, is a thorough research on why capitalism doesn't work.
Oleg Kozak
Oleg Kozak 23 tuntia sitten
@Sean DMello well, yes, I totally agree. Let me expand on my thoughts a bit. Capitalism doesn't work *anymore*. I'm not trying to prove you wrong. I'm trying to say that we *can* have nice things. It's just the current system can't handle it and tells us otherwise.
Sean DMello
Sean DMello 23 tuntia sitten
@Oleg Kozak Well I simply cannot identify another system that produces the innovation and wealth growth like capitalism (though I may be wrong), and I obviously cannot tell you what tech was unexplored due to lack of unprofitability. That said, in both elements of that equation, the government has important roles: 1. Insuring the unethical actions of these corporations result in just punishment, where, in America, they are not on the ball 2. Funding long-term scientific innovation that, as you said, does not result in enough profits in the now. I think here, America has done exceptionally, essentially funding the development of the internet, energy innovation, and AI and ML (though nowadays they let the private sector do their thing on that front) decades before a semblance of profitability. There are few technologies that America does not have a large role in, such as LCD TV screens that they knowingly decided not to fund and was taken over by Asia. Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that American Capitalism is beautiful in the innovation that it drives and the wealth it creates, but where it does poorly is ensuring the protection of the majority and to ensure that that wealth is distributed fairly.
Oleg Kozak
Oleg Kozak 23 tuntia sitten
@Sean DMello the Phoebus Cartel is a classic example of cartel conspiracy inherent for unbridled capitalism. Because the sole purpose of capitalism is to multiply fortune and increase margins. Yes, it may have given us *some* undisputable technological advances. Because they promised profit. How many of those technological advances it buried, deemed unprofitable?
Sean DMello
Sean DMello Päivä sitten
I'd argue that capitalism is what motivated the invention of the lightbulb, the innovation of the car, and the spread of the hand held phone. W/o capitalism, we may never have had these things. The government and rule of law should be playing a deeper role here - while I think changing the colours of cars and Iphones aren't ultimately a big deal, slowing down the old models and denying the right to repair are most certainly illegal and unethical. The conspiracy of the lightbulb companies, too, are monopolistic and conspiratorial, and I would imagine very illegal.