King Kahn
King Kahn 22 tuntia sitten
She stay third wheeling tho😭😭
The Pixilator
The Pixilator 22 tuntia sitten
I love Beau. Ive been following him on IG for years. Its awesome that they got to show their awesome relationship on the dodo😁
Carla Contouris
Carla Contouris 22 tuntia sitten
I had a lab similar to this. She didn’t sound exactly the same but she would try to talk. She was my husband’s dog and not long after we met he introduced me to his dogs. I will never forget being freaked out and I kept telling Jamie “she doesn’t like me she’s growling at me“. He said no that’s just her way of communicating with you. She wants you to play with her. I didn’t believe him that day LOL but later on I realized that he was right. She had an odd way of talking and it sounded like a rolling growl. That’s the only way I can describe it. She would try to talk but it sounded halfway like a small growl. She was perfect. She was so smart. She was smaller than most labs. She was extremely fast and she loved to play games especially anything that required her using her mind. She was amazing. Are used to say there was only two things that I would have to get after her for… She would bark any time someone drove past the house, and when she was in heat she would jump the fence to go find a boyfriend. LOL she did get pregnant once and had eight babies. But hey dogs bark, and it’s natural for them to look for a mate. We should’ve had her fixed. But honestly it was fun having the babies. We wanted to keep them but of course we couldn’t. We had no trouble getting rid of them because even though the male dog wasn’t purebred, he was part lab as well so Her babies were beautiful. They looked purebred except for having white patches on them. I cried for three years after she was gone and I still cry missing her. I’m rambling. I guess it helps to reminisce sometimes.
Suzette Wehunt
Suzette Wehunt 22 tuntia sitten
Rescues are so wonderful, they fill your heart with the love they have dreamed of... Thank you for loving her... the two of you have made the world and your life a better place to live. Have a happy life forever!
Kat 22 tuntia sitten
Me: I just want to talk to all the people who have abandoned dogs. Also me: *Pulls out 150 pound machine gun*
Swaggy SwaggDaddy
Swaggy SwaggDaddy 22 tuntia sitten
I cried a little bit and I‘m a grown man.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 22 tuntia sitten
Oh lady .....
Badr Belabbas
Badr Belabbas 22 tuntia sitten
if your governments had respected human life and had not provoked these wars in these destroyed countries; the life of this little puppy would have been better ...
ahwayzcool 22 tuntia sitten
I had no idea they could live that long. Up to 60 years. Wow.
Luna 22 tuntia sitten
That koala was like “I found it! Now this small, cool cave is mineee”
Google User
Google User 22 tuntia sitten
Their relationship is so beautiful!
Audrey D'amelio
Audrey D'amelio 22 tuntia sitten
She's so heart warming and so cute and you are the bestest owner I've ever seen
Yvette Mari Robles
Yvette Mari Robles 22 tuntia sitten
Please plan now for when you are no longer here for Bau's care. Thank you!
The LioN KinG
The LioN KinG 22 tuntia sitten
that kids parents should be paying for his funeral PERIOD (watch your kid next time and you wouldnt have to have a gorilla take better care of your child than you did ) ps: i hope that guy that shot harambe gets put down just like how we put down are animals
Señor Ben Chang
Señor Ben Chang 22 tuntia sitten
This is the only show that i have watched since the first episode and i love it ❤
Alec The Conductor
Alec The Conductor 22 tuntia sitten
2:40 is my favorite part
Alec The Conductor
Alec The Conductor 22 tuntia sitten
The whole “Hello” GAAAAAAA
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia 22 tuntia sitten
They’ll be charging YOU for rent by 2025 😭
orioL 22 tuntia sitten
Anyone know what breed is this cat ?
FearlessinChrist -
FearlessinChrist - 22 tuntia sitten
Thank You so much for everything y’all did to help Senna. She’s so precious & beautiful.
Alice H
Alice H 22 tuntia sitten
Intelligent birds like this are like having a toddler for 50 years, I am glad Beau is part of this mans family
MECHA TECH 22 tuntia sitten
This reminds me of my beloved alexandrine whom I saw as a family member too. He came to our house on his own and suddenly left us one day in an unexpected accident.
nicole hunt
nicole hunt 22 tuntia sitten
The gorilla was keeping the baby safe he did a better job than the stupid as parents who didn't keep track of him
Epic penguin
Epic penguin 22 tuntia sitten
The Sound when she bounce hilarious
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky 22 tuntia sitten
Whenever I'm having a bad day or feeling low, I come and watch a video like this and everything is put back right. Thank you for that.
EGEMEN ALTINDAL 22 tuntia sitten
Jeez that scary and cute
Lori Touma
Lori Touma 22 tuntia sitten
So adorable
Leticia Bromley
Leticia Bromley 22 tuntia sitten
I love how the Dodo always animates meows, purring, and barking, it adds to the sweet stories! Klaus is one happy expressive kitty in his furever home!
Iman Guled
Iman Guled 22 tuntia sitten
The way I jumped when he first hissed omg smh 😂
Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart 22 tuntia sitten
You guys are so nice to this dog, hope he lives a long time and you are a happy family!
Agent Ness
Agent Ness 22 tuntia sitten
This is cute and all but is no one going to talk about how one the little brothers name is lachlan no just me?
Ritchie Valens
Ritchie Valens 22 tuntia sitten
What a Gorgeous Bird, and Wonderful Dad 😇
Dan H
Dan H 22 tuntia sitten
(Water) stop patting meeee. (Cat) pat pat
YouTube Inc
YouTube Inc 22 tuntia sitten
Well, I can beat this, a stray cat gave birth under my bed. I was sleeping then I heard meeeaaoo sound and also saw the mommy cat was sleeping right by my foot. I got scared at first because it was dark and my foot touched the cat, then I switched my light on, and what I saw melt my heart.
K Fogo
K Fogo 22 tuntia sitten
so wholesome! i love it!
Lee-Anne Lekay
Lee-Anne Lekay 22 tuntia sitten
The people that breed white tigers and put them in cages should go to hell and people that use animals in a circus
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 22 tuntia sitten
Douglas Harley
Douglas Harley 22 tuntia sitten
so cool!...what a smart and sensitive lil beasty.
Martha Cochrane
Martha Cochrane 22 tuntia sitten
immyownperson137 22 tuntia sitten
Wait so the child just fell in? Nothing else happened? At first I misread and though the child was dead that's why Harambe was killed lol. Only heard the name years ago, didn't really know what happened then. Not to mention, was it the gorrila's responsiblity a child somehow fell in to it's home? What reason was there to kill it. Sorry for my pronouns for now, I'm off to chase gossip er search up about this thing.
Derp Potato
Derp Potato 22 tuntia sitten
Channy Ith
Channy Ith 22 tuntia sitten
Animals are just magical... there is real magic in the world folks 💕❤️
Lynln Harrington
Lynln Harrington 22 tuntia sitten
Your just as nasty as a possum
Joshua LaFond
Joshua LaFond 22 tuntia sitten
Why blur anything? If people are that insensitive and thin skinned as Americans we are in for a terrible future. We must see the evils before our eyes see the horrors in order to recognize the light.
Kaylaseal Powell
Kaylaseal Powell 22 tuntia sitten
Those eyes so cute I'm melting
Umesh Mohan
Umesh Mohan 22 tuntia sitten
Can see it a thousand times with heart full of 'just dont know '
Stacy Young
Stacy Young 22 tuntia sitten
I hope he/she has a chance at living s good life. Nature can be cruel but praying he is still living and not alone.
Ken Carpenter
Ken Carpenter 22 tuntia sitten
Restores your faith in mankind.
Krystal Harmony Tikvah
Krystal Harmony Tikvah 22 tuntia sitten
Thanks for helping the doggie but the saddest part is that he became inseparable with the other dog to then be separated from her forever. Sad! 😔 I wish you would have kept Boomer with you and your dog. Boomer would have been a lot happier.
tracey geraghty
tracey geraghty 22 tuntia sitten
What a lucky boy. Thank you for helping those animals. What a delight to see the video
Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart 22 tuntia sitten
He's so cute and friendly! AAWW!
Renee Collins
Renee Collins 22 tuntia sitten
🙏❤Boomer for giving him a loving home
BELLA Johnson
BELLA Johnson 22 tuntia sitten
❤Thank you all 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕.
JookiChewaka 22 tuntia sitten
this dog is just bored, you only walk him around the corner for pee and poo, a couple o times a day, dontcha?
Luke 22 tuntia sitten
my man chain
Judith Heim
Judith Heim 22 tuntia sitten
Pina de Vos
Pina de Vos 22 tuntia sitten
This is one of the most funny Dodo video’s. Love it. 🥰
Jyoti Tripathi
Jyoti Tripathi 22 tuntia sitten
Having a parrot as a pet is a lifetime experience. Parrots are always lovable as a pet. This clip reminds me of my parrot and the fun time that me and my family spend with him. He starts his journey as my pet when he was almost feather less and he died at the age of 28.
so259so 22 tuntia sitten
His cat is a twin of my cat 🥺💕
Vicky McConnell
Vicky McConnell 22 tuntia sitten
Thanks so Awesome WOW amazing you both bleest with such needless a loving relationship h
Lana OBrien
Lana OBrien 22 tuntia sitten
At least there healthy!🥬🥒🍅🍑🥭🍆🍎🍏🍐🍇🍓🍊🥦🥕