Does God answer prayers...
3 kuukautta sitten
Justin Stanbery
Justin Stanbery Tunti sitten
Master baiting is a spiritual reliefment
None of Your business
None of Your business Tunti sitten
Haha stupidity he knows voodoo and he is doing Jesus work there's a Biden vote
Marianna Dryl
Marianna Dryl Tunti sitten
Polish jokes
Jason Booth
Jason Booth 2 tuntia sitten
Kraken Videos
Kraken Videos 2 tuntia sitten
People who are internally miserable can NEVER find any form of happiness. There is NO pleasing them.
derrikr 2 tuntia sitten
Damn I fucking love you Steven!
Jurglex 2 tuntia sitten
Yeah... I think BLM is still a thing... 0:45
Paul Kasprzak
Paul Kasprzak 2 tuntia sitten
You weren’t Catholic, ever. No one, I repeat no one leaves the church for the truth, they leave for sin. You want to sin, and you want it okay, so you leave. Those who actually read the Bible, are Catholic.
Alberta old Sch00l
Alberta old Sch00l 2 tuntia sitten
Send all these d o u c h e activists back into the veitnam war, front line
Nogs Galogs
Nogs Galogs 2 tuntia sitten
Crowder there is no way on earth that those leftist soy "boys" are men. Nor the blue haired banshee femists women. I would argue three genders; men, women and leftists.
U N X N X W N 2 tuntia sitten
This is an extremely special segment. You won’t be able to find a better display of unity anywhere else on FIpost. The arm wave of unification lol
Jordan Lathrop
Jordan Lathrop 2 tuntia sitten
Are you seriously deleting my comments? Or is it youtube doing so?
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts 2 tuntia sitten
4 years later Steven loves trump
James Fischer
James Fischer 2 tuntia sitten
Steven needed a cigar after this one
jayoh123 2 tuntia sitten
what a lil bitch, keyboard warrior at best
David Akhnana
David Akhnana 2 tuntia sitten
Daniel Saurr
Daniel Saurr 2 tuntia sitten
I hate the fact that a lot of comments are addressing how Danielle handled the conversation so peacefully and that their should be more transgender people like her but also their should be more people like Steve to that simply just debate it without getting violent and acting like an asshole trying to spit on a person’s humanity just because they are different as most people who don’t believe in being transgender do. It goes both ways we need more people like Danielle that don’t easily get offended but we need more people like Steve that aren’t such assholes either.
Hyper-Dimension Rising
Hyper-Dimension Rising 2 tuntia sitten
"Cartoon Porn" Bro, do not diss my Hentai, And do not compare it to Cartoons. Shit's on a whole different level.
SpiderDonut 2 tuntia sitten
Look at all these mad liberals
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 2 tuntia sitten
I would love to see a Body Linguist post a video giving their input, and personal analysis of the Body Language throughout this interaction. Because something comes off very "off" when it comes this host's demeanor...seriously.
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 2 tuntia sitten
I would love to see you have a conversation with my biological father. Either, he would change your mind, or you would change his mind. No in between.
George Reid
George Reid 2 tuntia sitten
They were all former well known comedians. Guess you're screwed on that front
Top Kek
Top Kek 2 tuntia sitten
All I know about Thanksgiving is the red man tried to tread on our property after we made them dinner and showed them alcohol
G Worm
G Worm 3 tuntia sitten
He is nuts...ask his ex girlfriend
spectral sh1t
spectral sh1t 3 tuntia sitten
Steven: pulling uno reverse card Girl:fuck he completely got me ,need to start crying and screaming ,this will change everybody's mind right?
Sarah Spidey
Sarah Spidey 3 tuntia sitten
haha that little coward, well done Steven!
randolf spitts
randolf spitts 3 tuntia sitten
my state took my right to bear arms bc a a guy lied about trying to attack me and the judge gave them a emergicy order of protection without any kind of investigation into the incident. i was not able to defend myself in court or confront the accuser and they took my rights anyway. like 2 days later i got to go to court over it and the judge thru it out, now i have to beg the state police to give my foid card back when they never should have taken it.
Derek Nippl-e
Derek Nippl-e 3 tuntia sitten
Why would I try and change your mind? I agree with you.
Matt Oosthuizen
Matt Oosthuizen 3 tuntia sitten
Confirmation bias is a real thing
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 3 tuntia sitten
I am a white but live in Asia. I failed the test. Trump will invade for me.
Luke Enoch
Luke Enoch 3 tuntia sitten
Dude this was awesome
Luke Enoch
Luke Enoch 3 tuntia sitten
Not gay Jared is like the best agent Iv ever seen
Nimus H
Nimus H 3 tuntia sitten
Absolut madlad
EkaN 3 tuntia sitten
emotional creatures that can't comprehend facts, when faced with facts the natural defence mechanism kicks in and she starts crying... please remove her right to vote since she only votes with emotion, nothing rational at all, thanks
Kristopher Villanueva
Kristopher Villanueva 3 tuntia sitten
Derek Nippl-e
Derek Nippl-e 3 tuntia sitten
4:09 that fat fuck won’t ever find himself in the position of having to worry about helping any woman make the decision of aborting HIS foetus.
AJ Moras
AJ Moras 3 tuntia sitten
Crowder a bitch
jayoh123 3 tuntia sitten
what a do sneaky dumb bitch.
Wabam Hand Painted
Wabam Hand Painted 3 tuntia sitten
I am on an app called stereo. My handle is Trump Train and I am out numbered by the left. I’m not giving up.
slevin prakash
slevin prakash 3 tuntia sitten
People don’t give a rat’s ass....probably why America has the highest numbers.
G Worm
G Worm 3 tuntia sitten
Tyt are morons
BeCo B
BeCo B 3 tuntia sitten
btw the pope from Argentina not Italy
Mister Delco
Mister Delco 3 tuntia sitten
One of king’s big mistakes is that he said “have a conversation with your people.” He’s perpetuating a black vs white narrative
Nightwatcher 2.0
Nightwatcher 2.0 3 tuntia sitten
Here in the UK, GPs are supposed to have 1200 individual patients each... however it's more like 2500+. Why? Because socialised funding just doesn't get very far and governments have to make cut after cut in order to at least keep the NHS limping along.
Jeff Wanta
Jeff Wanta 3 tuntia sitten
if someone ever tries to talk to me like this chick does im getting another chick to punch her in the face
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 3 tuntia sitten
he really had her at the end
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 3 tuntia sitten
Blacks have most privilege. Affirmative action, scholarships, social programs. Cannot be criticized, challenged or called out for bad behavior or they will play the racism card.
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan 3 tuntia sitten
3.2 thousand fuc king morons... 113 thousand reasonable people
Jeff Wanta
Jeff Wanta 3 tuntia sitten
if you call me alt right, I am punching you in the face. my opinions and actions don't reflect the coffee club, Steven crowder, or anyone associated with him. me Jeff wanta will punch you in your mouth
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 tuntia sitten
the young turks are not young, or turls. Bunch of fat old guys sitting around stroking each other.
jeff L.
jeff L. 4 tuntia sitten
I don’t care how many times he calls this a comedy show this is more informative and more trustworthy than any main stream news he might not give his sources on the FIpost videos but at least after watching I know it’s out there and I can look for it myself
darren lopes
darren lopes 4 tuntia sitten
Mullet boi!
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 tuntia sitten
Watching this woman made me throw up a bit. Is it any wonder why the UK went from ruling 1/3 of the world to being a shithole the size of Michigan in just 100 years.
Zach Raines
Zach Raines 4 tuntia sitten
This was a good show, liked what this guy (the pastor) had to say about values.
popsnoz 4 tuntia sitten
What a great video! Thank you for having this conversation- so many of us had to hear this. Bring in another pastor!!! It would be be amazing to hear them on a consistent basis. Bi-Annually? Once a quarter? Once a month? Keep it coming!
Victoria Kay
Victoria Kay 4 tuntia sitten
Wow, what a st*pid b*tch.
souljabob217 4 tuntia sitten
Mark Driscoll is ma guy!
Kylo 4 tuntia sitten
This aged well.
Tibble_ Studios
Tibble_ Studios 4 tuntia sitten
*The scary part, is that doctors can ask the child if this is what they want without the parents knowing.*
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 tuntia sitten
Steve, crew cut had some good points. I don't agree with her but she debated well. I give crewcut the win. She had steve back peddling. Should have focused more on the "violence towards trans" if you wanted to score a win.
jpleroux24 4 tuntia sitten
that white chick with the blue hat has the most irritating voice
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 tuntia sitten
I taught developmental psychology for 20 years, stopping 10 years ago. Up til that time the definition of gender was unanimously "the state of being male or female" . Sex was to be used to describe fornication or specific biological descriptions, such as "sex hormones, or sex organs". It was only twitter, advocates and protests that changed that.
Beep Bop
Beep Bop 4 tuntia sitten
Raped... My ears and eyes.
ClayZi Bly
ClayZi Bly 4 tuntia sitten
Kristian Budd-Doyle
Kristian Budd-Doyle 4 tuntia sitten
Your journalism was false misleading and not factual... Excuse me !
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 tuntia sitten
Amazing how many of these college Karen's (women with no ,marketable skills who hide in liberal academia) that try to repress free exchange of ideas. Students may only have the ideas that we tell them....
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 4 tuntia sitten
Here mate you’re banters pish., take up gardening y’fud.
WZ167 99
WZ167 99 4 tuntia sitten
🤣🤣 She was checking herself out in the video feed the entire time!
Tony Padilla
Tony Padilla 4 tuntia sitten
Thank you for this interview
Paul Craig
Paul Craig 4 tuntia sitten
I identify as a lollipop, so everyone needs to suck me. If you dont, your transphobic.
Scorch 4 tuntia sitten
Watched this at 3 am now 4 and was worth it
Praise Ochei
Praise Ochei 5 tuntia sitten
these questions are to black people
Sasqe 5 tuntia sitten
the second anyone references to themselves as Jesus Christ is the second you stop talking to them
This is what u want? - this is what u get!
This is what u want? - this is what u get! 5 tuntia sitten
I got my account deleted by youtube/google in the beginnning of november. They didnt show any proof for why, they just claimed I broke their rules. I had no videos on my account just saved playlists. 5 year collection. Google is run by a sick bunch of fascists.
Amir Abedian
Amir Abedian 5 tuntia sitten
It's hate speech to say hate speech if you're a republican
Praise Ochei
Praise Ochei 5 tuntia sitten
did she just say slaves had it better than trans people?
Isaiah Orsborn
Isaiah Orsborn 5 tuntia sitten
Why is no one talking about how the last lady was okay with going to court if she was FALSELY accused of rape and agreed that she did it, if 100 people said she did??? Am I the only one worried about that?
Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans 5 tuntia sitten
Forgiving Student Loans... Is like screwing for virginity!!
Kazan145 5 tuntia sitten
The second dude is sucha fuckin tool
Ved Deshpande
Ved Deshpande 5 tuntia sitten
I think this video should have ended with Danielle, the lady w specs and shorts is utter useless like those talking about ppl w no priviledge while sitting in starbucks scrolling through instagram on an Iphone.
3 Zay
3 Zay 5 tuntia sitten
If there are two things i got from this video then they are: C0CK AND BALLS AND D!CK AND SCROTUM LOLOLOLOL