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Lune Moon
Lune Moon 35 minuuttia sitten
I was waiting for the rice. I forgot he wasn't Asian
Molly O'Brien
Molly O'Brien 44 minuuttia sitten
There's no cream in carbonara, we should just make that clear...
Rap Is Life
Rap Is Life 49 minuuttia sitten
50 grams of sugar, nice american brain lol
Jam’nt 52 minuuttia sitten
Make heavy sandwich
Maximiliano Rivera
Maximiliano Rivera 53 minuuttia sitten
Its all fun and games until he needs to replace the bread
Faheem Tunti sitten
They didn’t say no legs
David Jin
David Jin Tunti sitten
What will the drunken chef be cookin' early in the mornin'?
Mackaman123 Tunti sitten
I'm not an American but I would eat all of this.
Muhajesserin Virced Buisan
Muhajesserin Virced Buisan Tunti sitten
Anyone who doesn't like regular show IS A CHUMP !
Pastel fluff
Pastel fluff Tunti sitten
The saturation in this said HELLO I am HERE
Randy ツ
Randy ツ Tunti sitten
Five Tunti sitten
Will either of you try to create the new bizzare food they put in World of Warcraft for shadowlands? I can't stomp thinking about Steak a la mode or butterscotch marinated ribs or iridescent ravioli and applesauce. The food from beyond the afterlife is truly out of this world.
akash krishna
akash krishna Tunti sitten
This video did not do well...
Ben Lewis-Lavender
Ben Lewis-Lavender Tunti sitten
Superb music choice from the editor - “what shall we do with a drunken Sohla?!”
Rachael Harper
Rachael Harper Tunti sitten
Bab, no bread? I need a yeast roll on my plate! I'm doing those Brussels sprouts though!!
The Official Paul Blart Mall Cop YouTube Channel
The Official Paul Blart Mall Cop YouTube Channel Tunti sitten
Beef isn't barbecue. My mans called beef barbecue
Anthony Fillbrunn
Anthony Fillbrunn Tunti sitten
One of my favorite soups ! Never made it myself but after seeing this video I think I'll give it a shot.
Theodor Stark
Theodor Stark Tunti sitten
How do you not put nutmeg into your mashed potatoes?
Lucia Archuleta
Lucia Archuleta Tunti sitten
I love this show. I’m so excited sohla has a dope platform!!! Love all of this
Austin Marshall
Austin Marshall 2 tuntia sitten
Why is bwb the best thing to fall asleep to this mans voice is so relaxing
Omar Fouad
Omar Fouad 2 tuntia sitten
Wait, you're not supposed to eat that much?
Areej M. Abdullkarim
Areej M. Abdullkarim 2 tuntia sitten
Last “minute” thanks giving ?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ~ the bird looks out of this world!
Travellers'n Turkey Cameroon
Travellers'n Turkey Cameroon 2 tuntia sitten
Joshua Son
Joshua Son 2 tuntia sitten
"Pull it out using your hand like a real gentleman." Babish
Kanoy 2 tuntia sitten
Great, if I cover the hand churned ice cream with a plastic wrap all the way down to prevent a skin every time of whisking, I am not sure how much ice cream I will end up, maybe one third of what I begin with.
Elliott Green
Elliott Green 2 tuntia sitten
You guys need some Henderson's Relish for your kitchen. It's like Worcestershire Sauce but a million times better.
Beary Leafish
Beary Leafish 2 tuntia sitten
I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, i can't believe you made SSIC. That's nice man.
amina nasra
amina nasra 2 tuntia sitten
9/10 for him pronouncing agar-agar, im proud of you
J S 2 tuntia sitten
“I know all that was terribly whimsical” 🤙🏼
Hairy Chocopop
Hairy Chocopop 2 tuntia sitten
"put olive oil" *You are becoming a professional chef*
George bartleson
George bartleson 2 tuntia sitten
Which paddington movie is that
Gustavo Huebra
Gustavo Huebra 2 tuntia sitten
Isn't the secret ingredient plankton?ñ
Mizuki101Ikuto 2 tuntia sitten
Chicken feet are delicious
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 3 tuntia sitten
I watched the part with Andrew attempting to move behind Sohla over and over and over. Like probably 15 times. Thanks, I needed the belly laughs!!
J S 3 tuntia sitten
“... then meat cat flys away on his umm skateboard” the UMM hits so hard
Haaey 11
Haaey 11 3 tuntia sitten
mg 3 tuntia sitten
for some reason like 4 minutes into watching this i forgot that i'm still allowed to use both hands
Péter Ring
Péter Ring 3 tuntia sitten
That's why i watch your channel, thank you. I guess i will surprise my family with this to christmas.
Aaronjana Carlos
Aaronjana Carlos 3 tuntia sitten
Where is the Idaho style
Steven Dalloesingh
Steven Dalloesingh 3 tuntia sitten
Low key: Andrew's Bao is in fact Tiny Whisk!
L.G. L.
L.G. L. 3 tuntia sitten
you didn't pair it with an aggressive zinfandel???
Ambrose Delgado
Ambrose Delgado 3 tuntia sitten
Giorno Giovanna is here
Giorno Giovanna is here 3 tuntia sitten
The dislikes are from CANADIANS because of the intro.
Leaf Frost
Leaf Frost 3 tuntia sitten
why does he use a lighter to start his stove top? instead of using the pilot light. Love your videos!!!!!
T-REX BOY16 3 tuntia sitten
Those things are making me hungry! 🍔😋🍔
Tim Heikamp
Tim Heikamp 3 tuntia sitten
I love your laugh! Great video as always
Derek Wong
Derek Wong 3 tuntia sitten
And that’s how Turkey centipede is born.
homiefromfl 4 tuntia sitten
Dool-SE, not dool-che. It's spanish, not italian. ;D
BlastZd 4 tuntia sitten
Watching Babish eat with "that" bleeds my tongue
coco mo
coco mo 4 tuntia sitten
" that's all you can sayyyy!"
Chris Billups
Chris Billups 4 tuntia sitten
Came so close to clicking out of this video after he poured the syrup on the counter "Accidentally"
YourGuyJake 4 tuntia sitten
PugTime01 4 tuntia sitten
"Andrew..." Andrew: ( ͡◎ ͜ʖ ͡◎)
Jenna Cowart
Jenna Cowart 4 tuntia sitten
I’m 22 and am progressively losing my hearing, would it be too much to ask for updated subtitles?
MeowDad535 4 tuntia sitten
ZA WARUDO! *time stops* scott with my stand the world you have no chance against me, now DIE!.... W-what i, I CANT MOVE . I stopped time at the 9 second mark, now it wont even take a second to finish you off... DIO!
The Real Jason Griffith
The Real Jason Griffith 4 tuntia sitten
@babish what waffle iron do you use
Ari V
Ari V 4 tuntia sitten
this is GENUINELY such a delight to watch. thank you sohla & babish
Kintord Zaurt
Kintord Zaurt 4 tuntia sitten
Feck you
Feck you 4 tuntia sitten
Thankyou for the sea shanties in the background :) Yarr
girl_in_tokyo 4 tuntia sitten
I love Babish, but this is definitely white people fried rice - no rice cooker? Peas and ham? Not much garlic, no ginger? AND NO MSG????!!!!! HAIYAAAA....
Stanley De Graef
Stanley De Graef 4 tuntia sitten
Best sandwich ever : A baguette , honey, brie, argula, a few small pieces of bacon and nuts(walnut, etc).
Lexi Frame
Lexi Frame 4 tuntia sitten
truly too powerful
Craka 9
Craka 9 5 tuntia sitten
2:05 king of flavor -uncle roger
Justin Augustus
Justin Augustus 5 tuntia sitten
Hey andrew are you looking for people to join your team, I love the channel
corngrohlio 5 tuntia sitten
Sorry, I can't stand her... Why is Andrew turning half his channel into this? Been here from the start, time to say goodbye.
LawnN0ah 5 tuntia sitten
how is a channel with 8.25 MILLION subs not verified
Amalgamation Prime
Amalgamation Prime 5 tuntia sitten
I actually thought that Bart stole it, but I watched the full episode and found out Mr. Flanders was just offering like how Tricky people offers free candies.
Huzefa Painter
Huzefa Painter 5 tuntia sitten
"I got thighs of steel!" 👀
Guest Wut
Guest Wut 5 tuntia sitten
To make it 109% accurate,use stand,if u dont have a stand,use stand arrow
Leanne Abadia
Leanne Abadia 5 tuntia sitten
I make avocado toast on my Texas toast
Kevin Avelar
Kevin Avelar 5 tuntia sitten
This show basically takes the struggle part of Gourmet Makes and just made it the entire show, but with a competent chef that actually does everything right
Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira 5 tuntia sitten
No offense but she looks like deeno the filipino
Karma geddon
Karma geddon 5 tuntia sitten
you DO have a babish food shake!
Apocalyptic whale
Apocalyptic whale 5 tuntia sitten
My guy just covered my favorite entree and dessert all in one video.
Damian Navarro
Damian Navarro 5 tuntia sitten
Dora really out here teaching babish...
El Reid
El Reid 5 tuntia sitten
water absorption *babish jazzhands* (timestamp is 3:50)
Casey Kittel
Casey Kittel 5 tuntia sitten
how did this indian guy not ever have naan until he was 18? whaaaaaat?
Karma geddon
Karma geddon 5 tuntia sitten
no pepperoni... ;-;
zach ingwersen
zach ingwersen 5 tuntia sitten
MAD MAYOOD 5 tuntia sitten
How to get heart attack in 4 min