The Rise and Fall of J.Crew | WSJ
How Energy Got So Cheap | WSJ
Sagrav Vjl
Sagrav Vjl 11 tuntia sitten
Thank YAWEH for The VICTORY 🇺🇸❤️🌹!!!.....
2 MuchNRG
2 MuchNRG 11 tuntia sitten
Realize how the debates have gotten worse over time
Maaz Ismail
Maaz Ismail 11 tuntia sitten
Whatever it is, we have to get out of this Covid Asap. This is now getting frustrating.
Sagrav Vjl
Sagrav Vjl 11 tuntia sitten
Thank YAWEH for The VICTORY 🇺🇸❤️🌹!!!..
Sagrav Vjl
Sagrav Vjl 11 tuntia sitten
Thank YAWEH for The VICTORY 🇺🇸❤️🌹!!!.....
Franklin Walters
Franklin Walters 11 tuntia sitten
Way better moderator than Chris! Way better debate!
Nathanial Compton
Nathanial Compton 11 tuntia sitten
How can Russia and Iran interfere with the election, when civilian votes DO NOT ELECT THE PRESIDENT. ELECTORAL VOTES ONLY. State Reps. Not CIVILIANS.
g allen
g allen 11 tuntia sitten
Type ( ) into your browser and it takes you to biden's web site... CASE CLOSED!
busy boy
busy boy 11 tuntia sitten
the chinese instead of wasting resourses in the interstellar field have better to figure out how to do water management for their distreessed land and improuve their lot of 850 milion starving souls.
Ted Gamma
Ted Gamma 11 tuntia sitten
Rip ooorah
Hielo Gogo
Hielo Gogo 11 tuntia sitten
John Rogers said in a interview afterwards that he thinks that MJ is the greatest of all time. For the dumbasses in the comments this was just for fun and MJ had before Rogers already like 14 other 1 on 1s and let players always score first like 2 Times before shutting them down in Rogers his words. But the last lay up was little bit of a surprise but MJ was also tired from the previous 1 on 1s and this was from 2003 so for fun last Wizards year, 40 years old. But after reading the comments that people really take this serious it shoes how dumb and ignorant people can be. MJ was never serious against regular folks, just fun. Then Charlie Sheen also beat MJ. If MJ really didn't like Rogers he would destroy him with real pressure defence and offence lay ups, dunks, fadeways, cross overs, fakes etc. Don't be a dummy.
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson 11 tuntia sitten
Clearly Trump won, he got to leave with the prettiest girl.
ygg drasil
ygg drasil 11 tuntia sitten
"Please get out of here" - probably would have been a good idea to do that a few minutes beforehand.
dacypher22 11 tuntia sitten
This feels like the trailer to a longer documentary. It feels like there could have been a lot more.
Deborah Wood
Deborah Wood 11 tuntia sitten
I am gonna get a transcript of this and do a hysterical play by play ... It spiked, it's gone, Florida, it's gone. a US presidential election and it's from China, it's a world wide problem, making them all over the world, rounding the turn it's going away .... OMG this mans lies. Helped put him in in 2016, he betrayed that vote and now I can't wait to get him out in 2020!!!!
Razorblade56 11 tuntia sitten
Is it weird to know peaople copy "is it weird" comments for likes?
Nathanial Compton
Nathanial Compton 11 tuntia sitten
I hate that our political system and leaders are entertainment. And they convince so many of Americans that their vote matters yet the electoral college exists.
Jahmar Grant
Jahmar Grant 11 tuntia sitten
Not true
Amanda Brewer
Amanda Brewer 11 tuntia sitten
Pawns in a much larger GAME.
junjay velasco
junjay velasco 11 tuntia sitten
If Biden will win this campaign shame on you America... He is much more a Father to you than Biden shame on you
Beth Rowe
Beth Rowe 11 tuntia sitten
Biden: He has no clear plan. Other countries: We don’t have clear plans either. 🤷🏼‍♀️
senseno potsnon
senseno potsnon 11 tuntia sitten
Joe Biden 👍🥇 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Adi 11 tuntia sitten
So is he smart or dumb I still can’t figure
Zainab 2728
Zainab 2728 11 tuntia sitten
I came back to this. He was only 11 now 16. And he has grown so much. Im really proud of him! He didn't know he was gonna be this big! Still being so adorable.
User 182
User 182 11 tuntia sitten
Barney the messiah
Barney the messiah 11 tuntia sitten
Obama was practicing Islam secretly. Wonder why when 2008 (wich nothing happened at that year 🙄) Muslims came to America just like a tornado
Pam M
Pam M 11 tuntia sitten
Michael Brown was a punk. He never said hands up don't shoot
MrBottezini 11 tuntia sitten
Unfortunately too many mispresentations and mutual accusations by both sides derailing the debate. When a conversation was sane, I support Biden's goals in principal, but they are too good to be true and Trump's argument is a good reality check.
Triljoona 11 tuntia sitten
Please america, just vote him out. I would sleep better at night :') Love from finland
Brazos Forager
Brazos Forager 11 tuntia sitten
So was Corn Pop from Scranton or Claymont? Just trying to get the story straight.
silkygirlable 11 tuntia sitten
America has made so many enemies foreign countries start interfering in elections. Being an American must be so embarrassing right now.
Alex Lewis
Alex Lewis 11 tuntia sitten
Addicts ruin everyone around them lives. They put themselves first above every one, not caring about the children they hurt along the way.
Ioan Jivan
Ioan Jivan 11 tuntia sitten
Unless you know how the scores are given, it's hard to trust them.
oximas 11 tuntia sitten
Prince EA for president like if you agree
David P
David P 11 tuntia sitten
Biden won the debate in the first 15 seconds. Notice who walked in with their mask on?
The Real Tea
The Real Tea 11 tuntia sitten
If you could see what i could see.
First Legend
First Legend 11 tuntia sitten
Come on now... Don't you see that Donald Trump isn't helping the Americans who are in poverty, thirsting for money and that aren't able to pay off their medical health care? If you think about it, he has only made that much contribution to America in this modern Era whereas the rest of America president contributed MORE in their time because of the difficult economic times. We expect more progress, no delays, for a sustainable future and ongoing development of the people.
**** 11 tuntia sitten
I do not know why, but when I look at Pence, I cannot help thinking of BIG EXOTIC FLOWERS, such as RAFFLESIA ARNOLDII, STINKY STRAPELLIA, and AMORPHOPHALUS TITANUN. ... oh oh! could it be that little fly?
T 11 tuntia sitten
The new reality show is great. I hope there's a second season.
Dipankar Saikia
Dipankar Saikia 11 tuntia sitten
Politicians are liars. Biden is one.
mathunny jose
mathunny jose 11 tuntia sitten
How can Someone says to close Country forever?? Social distance in home , and social distance in business, and social distance in school ? Where does this space come from?. There is orange alert and red alert. Then why not red state and blue state? This is prudance to anallysis , classify and grouping and making decisions??. While listening others we have to use our own prudance if You have one!!. Others are not better than us. No one knows anything about this pandamic yet . All predictions so far failed. Ha .. Panic? If it is , why do you wear big mask always - not because not panic? Mask has 400 times bigger pores than the size of virus . This is said by Dr. Guptha too? You do not even include China bribes and Ukraine bribes in tax return at all. IRS reviews the President's tax return before he became President ? It is the job of IRS to review every ones tax return ? 47 years in Politics made him crooked People to take advantage of disadvantaged good Public and pass the burden to innocent Tax Payers. One is 47 years in Politics and other 4 years Politics . Many thing done in 4 years than which distroyed in 47 years.. Pre-existing desease can never seperate from current conditions . All physical conditions relate to each other. We want our old mejesty restored. No one can successfully conclude discussion on China brought Covid in a 10 minutes discussion . The whole world is working on it? When the President was in hospital for day the stock market collapsed ? what will be if he is out? The whole world will be on disarray?? Different states are different in economically advantged levels , so state must decide the minimum to that place even more than $15. No size fit for all. Most kids come with Agents and not with own Parents !!..There are many innocent dreamers all over the world like to enter in USA ?? . Only smart dreamers are here now.!! Then all dreamers in the world wish to enter must be innvited to USA and must be brought here? Now crookedly smart one is here innocent smat cannot make it. Justice must be served for all not just who are crooked- smart to infiltrate.. Charactor ?? Be a philantrophic or a phillospher. Ha. He said MS 13 not- hispanic and IS - not islam. My God Almighty ....Be our Savior ...Was Vice President not Wise..President .. Why didn't do in 8 out of 47 years at the least?. God must decide. Global Warm is white-elephant to steal American fund by crooked countries .. We know you will associate with China as said now said on climate deal.
hammodi your bud
hammodi your bud 11 tuntia sitten
Idiot your breaking it
Catherine Robson
Catherine Robson 11 tuntia sitten
Oil and gas pipeline!
May Walsh
May Walsh 12 tuntia sitten
Clinton and Obama only release prisoners at the very end of their term in office, to make it look good for the democrats, but it backfired,
May Walsh
May Walsh 12 tuntia sitten
Biden the min wage is 10 bucks or higher here ,,,schools are opened and fire fighter and new cops are being hired ,, where do these dems get there info ,
Proffesor Dick
Proffesor Dick 12 tuntia sitten
In short, trump is a Amateur flunkie. But he had his extended reality series. Now, it's getting cut...
Barb & Iz Doin Biz
Barb & Iz Doin Biz 12 tuntia sitten
M Glory
M Glory 12 tuntia sitten
I see no problem pointing out the region the crime or disease came from in a discussion. Using a politically correct language doesn't automatically make you a non-racist. Mentioning where the criminal or the disease came from doesn't make you a racist, either. That is a way to take freedom of speech away from people, the political correctness can be hypocrisy so watch out.
sokin jon
sokin jon 12 tuntia sitten
André Maurois "Our faults are doomed to oblivion and that's what they deserve."
Ching Chou
Ching Chou 12 tuntia sitten
This castle appeared in Grand Design
Estevan Lugo
Estevan Lugo 12 tuntia sitten
Amazing 🤩🤩🤩
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze 12 tuntia sitten
*To show the World that US govt. doesn't run Google. That's the least they can do.* *Bdw, the **2:59** girl is really sweet. And cute. That's the kinda girl you wanna marry.*
BandiBean Live
BandiBean Live 12 tuntia sitten
It's awesome when the press starts censoring the people. So much for the first amendment, huh, Wall Street Journal? ( They are deleting comments that aren't even offensive )
minTwin 12 tuntia sitten
The US election has two imposters. They both sus.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 12 tuntia sitten
Very interesting 🧐
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 12 tuntia sitten
A series about the characters pasts would be great 👍
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 12 tuntia sitten
Great job 👍
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 12 tuntia sitten
Awesome 😎
Gregy Wolfe
Gregy Wolfe 12 tuntia sitten
I actually thought Trump and Biden both did well but I think Trump going to win
M Glory
M Glory 12 tuntia sitten
Reputation of telling you the truth... really?
Sofiane Geullouma
Sofiane Geullouma 12 tuntia sitten
Please dont vote for Trump i am not an american and i dont live there but i want to make you aware that Trump wants to destroy my country he wants to destroy Africa and he s implementeing for a war there and he has bad intentions for the other countries
Satya R Lenka
Satya R Lenka 12 tuntia sitten
I am from India. I just came here to enjoy and learn debate skills
harry ratcliffe
harry ratcliffe 12 tuntia sitten
That moderator's hot.
May Walsh
May Walsh 12 tuntia sitten
Arkansas is open and the work here is great. thanks President Trump for your help and support
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 12 tuntia sitten
google is so big it will cannibalize itself later. Shadow banning is being evil for content creatures and the public.
Rob 12 tuntia sitten
You ain’t black..
Vincent Lui
Vincent Lui 12 tuntia sitten
I do believe that this was comparatively more presidential than the first presidential debate owing to the fact that both candidates had their mics muted when not being allowed to speak. Both candidates can express their stances coherently without interruption. I was thrilled to understand their stances that we can know what their elaborations over many aspects.
Cash Cash
Cash Cash 12 tuntia sitten
All those troubles are just the CIA expansion toward Russia .
victoria kornelius
victoria kornelius 12 tuntia sitten
I love you president trump, light your world. May heaven God protect you from wrong decision. Do not afraid who kill the body but afraid who has power to kill the spirit and soul.
u2blr 12 tuntia sitten
The fact is store fee is way lower compared to transitional physical software distribution. I think charge 15% for big companies such as Netflix and Spotify acceptable. However they should consider to reduce fee for smaller businesses and small start up.
Grant Solder
Grant Solder 12 tuntia sitten
Go Lincoln project
May Walsh
May Walsh 12 tuntia sitten
stuttering joe
Archon331 12 tuntia sitten
Oh common that ferrari joke was funny :D
Jacob Palmer
Jacob Palmer 12 tuntia sitten
1:07:00 yes Joe, forcing higher wages for jobs like “fry cook” and “janitor” will force businesses to fire people or close their doors. This guy is such a clown
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 12 tuntia sitten
Joe Biden: You know who I am Yeah Sniff Sniff Uncle Joe
LAST GAME 12 tuntia sitten
**** 12 tuntia sitten
Did Puppet Pence just tell Harris to stop playing politics with people's life? are you serious? If this is not deflecting and gas lighting by trying to turn the tables on her, (in a cheap and obvious manner, including that little emotional break in his voice) i do not know what is.
Abu Feras Abdullah
Abu Feras Abdullah 12 tuntia sitten
Excellent report. Thanks