Google Pixel 5: What to expect
27 päivää sitten
The best tech demo fails
TikTok, WeChat ban explained
Note 20 Ultra vs. Note 10 Plus
Apple Watch Series 6 preview
Antonio Mould
Antonio Mould 15 tuntia sitten
You might can hide from a lot but you can't hide from the ALMIGHTY GOD
spookzagøn 15 tuntia sitten
this is rolling off the table with the design, literally 😳
Lil Kittens Kawaii Edits!
Lil Kittens Kawaii Edits! 15 tuntia sitten
i just realized theres another offline music app on my phone o-o
mencoba Gear
mencoba Gear 15 tuntia sitten
It's a broccoli
Ihtesham Emon
Ihtesham Emon 15 tuntia sitten
Eco sounded better in both tests
konstantinos sergakis
konstantinos sergakis 15 tuntia sitten
We can comfortably live on our planet the next thousand years but it’s not really a long time, so if we start working towards leaving the time the change happen we will be ready looking for a new landlord. We don’t want to leave but we will be forced out.
Untitled 16 tuntia sitten
Him: lets take a look at the COVENANT Wrangler. Me: T R I G G E R E D
Dimitar & Lidija Berberu
Dimitar & Lidija Berberu 16 tuntia sitten
Drop aginst rough is always worse compared to smooth surface
Man with his mind
Man with his mind 16 tuntia sitten
I hate Indian accent
Yeehaw 16 tuntia sitten
This is the most CNET review I’ve seen CNET do
Nihal Ahmed
Nihal Ahmed 16 tuntia sitten
Why are you google?
Stefan Vasilev
Stefan Vasilev 16 tuntia sitten
People will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground from the fearful presence of the Lord and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth. Isaiah 2:19 NIV Repent for time is short. Open your eyes there is no much time left. Jesus is coming back and no one shall escape. Repent and Follow Jesus. Give your life to Jesus and trust Him. This is not a religion. This is The Only One God and every knee shall bow infront of Him
Mizanur Bhuiyan
Mizanur Bhuiyan 16 tuntia sitten
I wish I could dwell there.
Let's Go Productions
Let's Go Productions 16 tuntia sitten
Well at our house we have a Nest doorbell because Ring can be hacked and can also send false reports to the police.
Mizanur Bhuiyan
Mizanur Bhuiyan 16 tuntia sitten
Our deep admiration to the inventors. The lovers of the world.
GamesGoodBeeBad 16 tuntia sitten
Galaxy Advance SP
T. Hanks
T. Hanks 16 tuntia sitten
Some people here in the comments really need to understand how privacy works. It amazes me how many of you don't care (don't have enough knowledge about the topic).
Mobius Dick
Mobius Dick 16 tuntia sitten
I love my 12
Padam singh Rathore
Padam singh Rathore 16 tuntia sitten
*Miy phone start working when glins_web get access to it on ¡natagram*
Amur Ika
Amur Ika 17 tuntia sitten
Omg I got most of them right before the questions
do it
do it 17 tuntia sitten
I am switching to apple this is too much
Sofus Gallery
Sofus Gallery 17 tuntia sitten
So the video for iPhone 60 will be an hour long?
sarsoorify 17 tuntia sitten
So they ask him a question then cut him off halfway his answer. Seems fair!
Fred Fred
Fred Fred 17 tuntia sitten
I thought it was Rosie O’Donnell
Mike Coshan
Mike Coshan 17 tuntia sitten
The reason Apple put magnets 🧲 on the iPhone 12series is to make it more attractive to consumers 🤪
PRIME12602 17 tuntia sitten
Don't worry "SLAC" is just a name.
edward daly
edward daly 17 tuntia sitten
After transferring my music list over from goggle play to you tube music i was generally quite happy, except when searching and finding a tune on shazam one couldnt open it on you tube music. Glad to say that is possible now. So one can open the song shazamed on you tube music add it to their library playlists. in other words hear a song you like on the radio its just a few steps to adding it to your playlist/library on you tube music.
SAGAN ORTIZ 17 tuntia sitten
this is a copy of another video but with editing and dumb dubstep
Wayne S Kilroy
Wayne S Kilroy 17 tuntia sitten
*Access unlocked successfully Through wave4ox ōñ ¶ñstāgrām he's the best😎♨️*
Wayne S Kilroy
Wayne S Kilroy 17 tuntia sitten
*Access unlocked successfully Through wave4ox ōñ ¶ñstāgrām he's the best😎♨️*
Mizanur Bhuiyan
Mizanur Bhuiyan 18 tuntia sitten
Amazon, in the no compromise level ⁉️ Not only Luna 😲 Search whatever you need 🏃
Naseem Ahamed
Naseem Ahamed 18 tuntia sitten
I can't wait to summon my Yu-Gi-Oh monsters or throw my Poke balls.
Xdeadlyxphantom 18 tuntia sitten
if you have pets or kids lay down sideways Or it's going to fall and damage it
ViciousPlay 18 tuntia sitten
I find funny how Elon is afraid of Ai but not about neuralink, what will happens when the first humans with neuralink will be 10000 x times smarter then anyone else? the risk of them being disruptive is as high as ai going berserk
Peter Ma
Peter Ma 18 tuntia sitten
Compare homepod mini to this plz
Sharko77 Gaming
Sharko77 Gaming 18 tuntia sitten
So we r basically going to be lobots from Star Wars cloud city
Nikhil S
Nikhil S 18 tuntia sitten
So where do the poor people go?
The Anorak channel
The Anorak channel 18 tuntia sitten
It will be good to see a comparison between this and the Apple HomePod, but also the echo studio. I have an echo plus, any idea whether I compare that with the Amazon fire stick?
Scott Tilden
Scott Tilden 18 tuntia sitten
What do you do if the “home sharing” is only picking up a handful of media and not the entire library.
yaH0zer oOo
yaH0zer oOo 19 tuntia sitten
Oh Great!! *Sarcasm* 00:52:30 So then what you're saying is with an implant potentially our BRAINS could be hacked..? -_- ..sounds promising..
DrAg0n3250 19 tuntia sitten
*laughs in i5-10600k 6c/12t 4.6ghz boost for $260 2 months ago with better thermals than R5 3600* How many Xans do you Amd fan boys take to ignore reality for so long?
Therma Hutton
Therma Hutton 19 tuntia sitten
After raising kids, who wants to be underground with them for years? What about when they want to get a job or get married? Or have kids that never experience being outside in the sunlight or rain or snow at Christmas time? After a couple of years, where do you go to "get away" for a change or go on vacation? What if you want to get a divorce? You would never be able to get away from someone you don't want to be around! And what do they do when someone dies? Have a funeral??!! If you couldn't take all the people you love with you, how do you lock yourself in and leave them outside to take care of themselves? I would rather be ready to die when my time comes and know that heaven is going to be forever and so much better than a bunker!! More room and more people and eternity to enjoy it. And you don't even have to be a millionaire to get in--all you need to do is get to know the designer and creator!! Jesus died for us so we would be able to live forever. All you have to do is accept his gift to you.
A. L. M Walker
A. L. M Walker 19 tuntia sitten
This make me the important of earth
Barada Plus
Barada Plus 19 tuntia sitten
Сервоприводы это тупиковая ветвь для экзоскилетов .Ин надо повысить ПКД и уменьшить.Но это тоже в пустую.Надо работать над мышцами!
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II 19 tuntia sitten
There are too many cloud gaming devices. Do we need more?
O-man The Human
O-man The Human 19 tuntia sitten
I just realized something: If they release an xt variant We could get 5 ghz On 12 cores Stock
Coleen Cortez
Coleen Cortez 19 tuntia sitten
*RETRON04 at 1G is actually the best 0f best, he just got my series 3 that was locked successfully unlocked*
Coleen Cortez
Coleen Cortez 19 tuntia sitten
*RETRON04 at 1G is actually the best 0f best, he just got my series 3 that was locked successfully unlocked*
Mary Sandra
Mary Sandra 19 tuntia sitten
*finally I got my watch done in some minute by these man deztoolz on Instagram""""""he is so amazing in unlocking anything*
YoBoiDani 19 tuntia sitten
Nobody : The video "Lets face it we are all going to die"
Mary Sandra
Mary Sandra 19 tuntia sitten
*finally I got my watch done in some minute by these man deztoolz on Instagram""""""he is so amazing in unlocking anything*
yaH0zer oOo
yaH0zer oOo 19 tuntia sitten
2030 = Line up to get your NeuraLink folks! So awesome, it'll blow your mind!!
Juan Carlos Gebhardt Rubí
Juan Carlos Gebhardt Rubí 20 tuntia sitten
der judensau !!!!!!!
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 20 tuntia sitten
robo arm... Robo Arm... ROBO ARM!!!!
SuperER1 20 tuntia sitten
Sucks! Constantly stopping, not loading, none of my uploaded songs are there. Worthless!!
tcorourke2007 20 tuntia sitten
Snitch. Should be ashamed to show his face.
seeeLAH1 20 tuntia sitten
i just got the 3800x :( lol 5800x work on b450?
SinisterÆnigmA 20 tuntia sitten
wtf?! youtube can't even play gapless track! thankfully i can't downgrade to the previous version off google music, cause it was a system app, can'r be deleted
Duncan 20 tuntia sitten
Who's here after finding out they finally shut it down? 🖐🏻🙄
Peter F-Model
Peter F-Model 20 tuntia sitten
Ignoring for the moment the whole end of the world thing, if you were wealthy enough this would be a good place to retire, allowing your friends to visit on a regular basis so you can have company. ON a more serious note, the lifts, if something goes wrong and you are in a lift, how long to get someone out to get you out and fix it. There better be stairs.
Josh Mateo
Josh Mateo 20 tuntia sitten
People don’t buy the most affordable options from Amazon and Google for their sound quality. They need to release a lower sound quality $49 version.
BlueFox 20 tuntia sitten
I use the surface go just to sign invoices at work when I am at the customers house. I use Edge draw on PDF feature with black pen. Print to PDF, email the customer after.
Kimberly Evans
Kimberly Evans 20 tuntia sitten
Yeah, most of us in America have known about this for years and where it's located. He must have been joking and told her it's location is top secret. Google it.
michial harris
michial harris 20 tuntia sitten
Shadow is the best way for gaming streaming. Their tech and quality is way better then Google and Amazon
Zeus 20 tuntia sitten
Anyone notice how the Echo kinda looks like a old school Nexus Q?
Lemi Go
Lemi Go 20 tuntia sitten
great best console ever but why do we have to pay for xbox live to play FREE games
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 20 tuntia sitten
Nano bots come out in 5 years theoretically but if they do the ideas not entirely out of the ball park
phyo sone
phyo sone 20 tuntia sitten
Amazing Gorgeous Apple
Teknisi Newbie Berkreasi Serba Serbi
Teknisi Newbie Berkreasi Serba Serbi 20 tuntia sitten
waw amazing
Phoebe Imafidon
Phoebe Imafidon 20 tuntia sitten
I hate this!
Sandra Frazier
Sandra Frazier 20 tuntia sitten
I would do this, I have inoperable Damage to my spinal Cord, Brain and paralysis of my legs. If It gets damaged more I will be left paralyzed from the neck down. That is a lot scarier thought! I have 3 Children, 2 Dogs and 3 cats small farm as well. If I loose my legs, which is happening more and more. I want to be able to work and provide again for my children and husband! This could fix the Damage from the accident! I can not do anything for my situation. Thank you Elon
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson 20 tuntia sitten
I Picked up a iPhone 12 today definitely worth the upgrade from a iPhone X pics are absolutely amazing and playing games are incredible
L G 20 tuntia sitten
👍🏻🤓👍🏻What focal lenght and apperture will this produce?🤔📷🔭🌟