Funny Family Fails | FailArmy 2021
Nordic Nosedive:  Skiing Fails
Stupidity At Its Best | FailArmy
FLOYDCAILLOU 15 tuntia sitten
3:43 les québécois vous etes ou !? 🙋‍♂️
The secret knowledge
The secret knowledge 15 tuntia sitten
_Are you success in failure??, Yes sir, I'm success failing all the time._ 🤣hahaha
Timothy Talks
Timothy Talks 15 tuntia sitten
3:13 The Hollywood Evil Villain Laugh 😆
Her Peeze
Her Peeze 15 tuntia sitten
When will people learn to record with phone in landscape!
Yungeen-ent 15 tuntia sitten
It's always funny when the fail is least expected
R Lyle
R Lyle 15 tuntia sitten
0:29 "Like a glove!"
PeterH 16 tuntia sitten
The dumb question of the 21st century: "Are you ok?"
Nicole Werchnow
Nicole Werchnow 16 tuntia sitten
Super 😂🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
tom heitzman
tom heitzman 16 tuntia sitten
autkhajon Witoonchart
autkhajon Witoonchart 16 tuntia sitten
4:50 who is want to pay The answer is man that not looking around and not looking up properly
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez 16 tuntia sitten
Practice outside u lazy bastards-
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez 16 tuntia sitten
Why don't people just do thier stupid shit outside anymore...they stay inside & break everything...lazy bastards
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra 16 tuntia sitten
3:50 the dog is overheated you dumb asses
mr. mister
mr. mister 16 tuntia sitten
Tay W.
Tay W. 16 tuntia sitten
7:25 alligator: "excuse me...sorry lady dropped my fish" Lady: "????????????...#&$_#.$&&!!&!×€#.#!-&#.#[email protected]@$*!*÷;÷/×*+€×£"
Swarnabha Das
Swarnabha Das 16 tuntia sitten
ViolinguyGolf 16 tuntia sitten
7:43 Catch and release fail
Dylan Crock
Dylan Crock 16 tuntia sitten
gotta be one of the best vids in a long time
Chaitanya thyagi
Chaitanya thyagi 16 tuntia sitten
5:40 ... oh my god!!!
Coldstreamer19 16 tuntia sitten
Not a catfish
Swarnabha Das
Swarnabha Das 16 tuntia sitten
1:47 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Tay W.
Tay W. 16 tuntia sitten
3:55 girl: "yeah um soms wrong w/ the door" Manager: " just push harder dramaqueen" Door then shatters into a million pieces
David Henry
David Henry 16 tuntia sitten
Wanted to see more stick your finger in...hilarious!
Hey Hayden Show
Hey Hayden Show 16 tuntia sitten
Some of these people would buy an automatic toothbrush and turn it off because of that “weird humming noise”
Tay W.
Tay W. 16 tuntia sitten
Guy 1( super excited): "u knew i knew that was gonna happen right?" Guy 2(annoyed at guy 1's bragging): "yeah, yeah, yeah, yea, yea"
Bottom Feeder
Bottom Feeder 16 tuntia sitten
5:41...definitely got diddled by his uncle Ron when he was a kid.
Leo Rodriguez Molina
Leo Rodriguez Molina 16 tuntia sitten
Glistening Viscera
Glistening Viscera 16 tuntia sitten
"Mommy, where do crippled people come from?" "Stupidity, sweetheart. They come from stupidity."
Mynameiskfcu 17 tuntia sitten
Number 54 isn’t a fail
Alejandro Lee
Alejandro Lee 17 tuntia sitten
0:00 Now this is now annoying. She got gorilla glue in her hair and now she has popsicle sticks stuck in her nostrils.
Denzel Silagan
Denzel Silagan 17 tuntia sitten
11:15 Hill climb racing be like:
I Can Has KPop
I Can Has KPop 17 tuntia sitten
4:16 - IRCHA Jamboree in Muncie, IN. I've been to the event many times, and I was there when that happened, although on the far side of the spectator area. There have been more than a couple of incidents of helis going into the crowd, but fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.
Saulo Barreiros
Saulo Barreiros 17 tuntia sitten
Pretty bad
Blue Miracle93
Blue Miracle93 17 tuntia sitten
6:25 Its you that I want ! 😂🤣
Justin Swaynie
Justin Swaynie 17 tuntia sitten
FIpost rules has made these videos suck! Sorry failarmy!
Van Le
Van Le 17 tuntia sitten
President Elect SDBASSIN
President Elect SDBASSIN 17 tuntia sitten
Save the Bass kill the Gator!
vovaya 17 tuntia sitten
Last is in StoneRidge hockey arena in Burlington, Canada., I was there only few times 2y ago and never on that training arena, but immediately recognize. superpower :)
Brandon Lkhagva
Brandon Lkhagva 17 tuntia sitten
I’d be screaming like a girl if i saw that fucking alligator coming out like that 😂
Kathie 17 tuntia sitten
Too much bad language. Can't share this. Sad...
Luthiers Daughter
Luthiers Daughter 17 tuntia sitten
I'm INVINCIBLE!!!!!! .... 🙄 Duhhh!!!!
Aaron Screwface
Aaron Screwface 17 tuntia sitten
1:01 Holy fuck, he turned into Cleveland Brown real fast hahhah
Craig Rockford
Craig Rockford 17 tuntia sitten
The more intelligent the species the more sickening they are
FunnYasuo 17 tuntia sitten
4:49 everybody is a gangsta until server decides to suicide
David The Artist
David The Artist 17 tuntia sitten
@7:14 "I did this in the game, Bro but I can do it in real life! Watch me... Better yet POST it, Dude!"
S. G.
S. G. 18 tuntia sitten
There are far too many people driving their cars into frozen lakes!
Riff Raff
Riff Raff 18 tuntia sitten
6:42 But did he get a strike? Looked like it was going...
Limafox 18 tuntia sitten
Mina VanderLeest
Mina VanderLeest 18 tuntia sitten
I love physics
David The Artist
David The Artist 18 tuntia sitten
@1:48 Epic Fail... Nah. More like an Epic Comeback!!! !!
Poliqaxe 18 tuntia sitten
phone go brrrr
jouni k
jouni k 18 tuntia sitten
Golf balls are plastic
Kinazzo 18 tuntia sitten
7:25 most florida man thing ever lol *gator eats a fish next to a golf cart guy: keeps talking on the phone about some random subject
Western Traveler
Western Traveler 18 tuntia sitten
Sorry to inform you, but "Jesus Christ" had nothing to do with that crocodile!