Dude Wars | OT 24
Päivä sitten
Flying RC Car
Uukausi sitten
Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22
Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
2 kuukautta sitten
It Finally Happened | OT 20
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Go Kart Paintball Battle
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Halloween Stereotypes
3 kuukautta sitten
Giant Grouper Fishing Battle
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Concrete Shoes Football Battle
Airsoft Battle 3
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Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17
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Swimming Pool Stereotypes
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Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots
Card Throwing Trick Shots 2
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All Sports Golf Battle 4
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Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16
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Quarantine Stereotypes
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Blindfolded Archery Battle
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Giant Foam Pit | Dude Perfect
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Top 10 Candy List EVER | OT 14
11 kuukautta sitten
Mitchell Rossman
Mitchell Rossman 12 tuntia sitten
Someone one of them lost $16000 and yet still didn’t come out the worst on this episode. Wild
SATX Coasters
SATX Coasters 12 tuntia sitten
Totally not going to get copyrighted for the Star Wars material
Alpri Teze
Alpri Teze 12 tuntia sitten
Got some Esports tournament games for ya! Head to my channel and don't forget to wear that smile 😁
NOAH PATZER 12 tuntia sitten
Garrett got too over confident. And then lost the ring Lol.
hi 12 tuntia sitten
The back of Cory and Coby looks better than they drowings
Clara Hartfiel
Clara Hartfiel 12 tuntia sitten
Chef Culture
Chef Culture 12 tuntia sitten
I’m in Texas just like you I’ve been in front of your place and took a picture
mastercraftgaming 5
mastercraftgaming 5 12 tuntia sitten
I really liked the fight scene!
Clive Hodgson
Clive Hodgson 12 tuntia sitten
I’ve watched this like a million times
Matthew Wasco
Matthew Wasco 12 tuntia sitten
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii done done done done done done
Matthew Wasco
Matthew Wasco 12 tuntia sitten
done done done done done done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Zimmerman
Mark Zimmerman 12 tuntia sitten
Bryson Kangas
Bryson Kangas 12 tuntia sitten
There is a Waffel in the background of the Home page screen hahah lol
hannah linroth
hannah linroth 12 tuntia sitten
traveling stereotypes??
Isaiah Gz
Isaiah Gz 12 tuntia sitten
I love it they play the right console
Wateen Sam
Wateen Sam 12 tuntia sitten
Me and my brother and sister always play that game I never win better very nice bottle flip can you like put it over your car and then you go and then stop like maybe 10 seconds you go like slowly and then you stop and then skateboard will go on it and then a bell seeThen a bouncy trampoline bounce the water bottle into the floor
Star Clash
Star Clash 12 tuntia sitten
The stormtroopers really need to have shooting training 😂😂😂
imnotreallyokay 12 tuntia sitten
Overtime is legit my favorite part of their channel
Tate Fowler
Tate Fowler 12 tuntia sitten
How can these guys make better lightsaber fights than Disney?
I_bake_bred 12 tuntia sitten
plot twist: the editors didnt edit the video and the lightsabers and fighting were legit
Bryce Cole
Bryce Cole 12 tuntia sitten
At least it was Ty that did that he is the best dude for that
Davis Hayes
Davis Hayes 12 tuntia sitten
When dude perfect makes a better lightsaber fight then disney
Junaid Ahsan Zareef 1
Junaid Ahsan Zareef 1 12 tuntia sitten
I am a big fan of Dude Perfect, from Bangladesh🇧🇩 . It’s my favourite channel among so many youtube channels. I really love this 5 members. 💜 Go far ahead ☺️💜
Enigma 12 tuntia sitten
Airsoft Fatty would be so proud
Alex Power
Alex Power 12 tuntia sitten
I hate Cody
Kerry Brennan
Kerry Brennan 12 tuntia sitten
I love the rage monster
LENGARDY GOATED GAMER 12 tuntia sitten
Orange Dragon5
Orange Dragon5 12 tuntia sitten
Are you still friends with Danielle Cohn?
Ayla Frost
Ayla Frost 12 tuntia sitten
The rage monster is amazing and i feel bad for mr forgets the only important thing
James Randall-Morton
James Randall-Morton 12 tuntia sitten
My whole family is almost the human controller but i'm like the rage monster in war zone
Muaaz Baba
Muaaz Baba 12 tuntia sitten
Tbh I love dude prefect but IN MY OPINION fight scene is kinda boring
Lady Top
Lady Top 12 tuntia sitten
Navom Gupta
Navom Gupta 12 tuntia sitten
5:39 who else thought he threw the turtle
Adriel Sanclemente
Adriel Sanclemente 12 tuntia sitten
Have they gotten their 50 mil subs trophy.
Lynda Pugh
Lynda Pugh 12 tuntia sitten
The fight seen my sis be like dam,m,mmmmmm,mmm
Kerry Brennan
Kerry Brennan 12 tuntia sitten
When coby drinking did anyone now tase cory
Jett McKinney
Jett McKinney 12 tuntia sitten
bro in the cover there is a blue and red light saver and in the video there is a green and a red
matija leva
matija leva 12 tuntia sitten
Why did you guys do every week for 4 weeks OT and then took almost 3 month brake???????? Someone explain this to me in comments
Paul Cimijotti
Paul Cimijotti 12 tuntia sitten
Jesus loves yall:)
K B 12 tuntia sitten
If you pause in the intro it says “tall guy, weird twins, purple hoe-“
Andy Woodland
Andy Woodland 12 tuntia sitten
Bring back fun with dentistry
Faithfulmarinewife09 12 tuntia sitten
i knew it was checkers cody blew it !!!
Ali Hany
Ali Hany 12 tuntia sitten
Hi iam from egypt انا بحب فيديوهاتكم
hawe dollie
hawe dollie 12 tuntia sitten
"00:24" 👌 Your choice but only *WATCHDAD.C 𝐎 M* 📌
Corbin Fairchild
Corbin Fairchild 12 tuntia sitten
Ya'll put this out on my 16th birthday! Thanks guys.
viro cruz
viro cruz 12 tuntia sitten
the fight scene was SO COOL!! it also cracked me up 😂
Raymonds Wellness
Raymonds Wellness 12 tuntia sitten
Fight scene is on fire
THOMAS RAMPTON 12 tuntia sitten
Ty's singing I'm so fancy you already know🎶🎶
David Rau
David Rau 12 tuntia sitten
joe stopped the illegal 30 billion dollar wall
Aadi's recipes & hacks
Aadi's recipes & hacks 12 tuntia sitten
10:25 The purple hoser looked fire 🔥
lil d
lil d 12 tuntia sitten
Is it just me or are you watching this during class
BRANSON TUTTLE 12 tuntia sitten
Purple Guy William
Purple Guy William 12 tuntia sitten
“We didn’t celebrate his 2nd battle win” Didn’t even remember his 3rd...
Sebastian Sepulveda
Sebastian Sepulveda 12 tuntia sitten
Coby could have make 8 donuts but they decided to glue one of them in a cam XD
Ruslan Руслан
Ruslan Руслан 12 tuntia sitten
TheKnifeGuy 12 tuntia sitten
Wish I had an X-MAXX
Ruslan Руслан
Ruslan Руслан 12 tuntia sitten
Paul Cimijotti
Paul Cimijotti 12 tuntia sitten
Jesus loves yall:)
SynisteR 12 tuntia sitten
The end was funny and the loft fight scene was awesome
Giovanni Freeman
Giovanni Freeman 12 tuntia sitten
I would love if taste test came back
Edgar Madera
Edgar Madera 12 tuntia sitten
Iqra Abdulkadir
Iqra Abdulkadir 12 tuntia sitten
Go team coby
Jack Camryn
Jack Camryn 12 tuntia sitten
"03:16"The only working one is * WATCHDAD.COM *
zarwa uffan
zarwa uffan 12 tuntia sitten
I love coby
Party Cat
Party Cat 12 tuntia sitten
The editors need a financial improve after this one
Brady Galloway
Brady Galloway 12 tuntia sitten
Judge dudy segment is really bad too... two terrible segments back to back makes this episode a tough watch
Tuddy 12 tuntia sitten
I liked the battle but you somehow managed to combine 1,3,5 and 9 eithin like the first 90 seconds of the thing
EndSheat -
EndSheat - 12 tuntia sitten
I’m ddisliking, cause they said that dude was leaving, and he didn’t.
AFFAN Hadzic
AFFAN Hadzic 12 tuntia sitten
robin sechriest
robin sechriest 12 tuntia sitten
Garrett in 2020: Hugging strangers and no masks Garrett in 2021: Mask helmet Me in 2020: No masks?!?!?!?!? Me now: ABOUT DANG TIME
Brady Galloway
Brady Galloway 12 tuntia sitten
Please don’t do ‘fight scene’ segment again... you should do a bucket list segment
Rock 12 tuntia sitten
10:46 is a deadly game of no u.
Hadil Kilani
Hadil Kilani 12 tuntia sitten
My friend has a jellyfish lamp
golf boy
golf boy 12 tuntia sitten
When the “durable” face shield broke It was like the Tesla truck window all over again 😆
Loving Life Missions
Loving Life Missions 12 tuntia sitten
Why did coby take off his hat then put it back on ... it distracted him