good morning
2 päivää sitten
Cup o' tea gaming
Cup o' tea gaming 22 tuntia sitten
Oi blyat I played this on my bike and the water turned into vodka blyatiful
Adsız qəhraman bruh
Adsız qəhraman bruh 22 tuntia sitten
What the fu*k noice
Car loving twink
Car loving twink 22 tuntia sitten
Alright but real talk that lada looks rad with those wheels
Car loving twink
Car loving twink 22 tuntia sitten
This goes hard
Jon Smals
Jon Smals 22 tuntia sitten
And no Svetlana or kalishnikov knife or axe or chainsaw etc 😁
rafa argu
rafa argu 22 tuntia sitten
didnt know boris was main jhin 3:26
Richard Stefano
Richard Stefano 22 tuntia sitten
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 22 tuntia sitten
Ah Boris is best Ourtuber
ComfortMusic And Gaming
ComfortMusic And Gaming 22 tuntia sitten
4:00 Boris you need a girlfriend XD (oh Blin didn’t see this was 3 years old)
ComfortMusic And Gaming
ComfortMusic And Gaming 22 tuntia sitten
Who whoever you’re interested in idk your choice QwQ
GrayZ 22 tuntia sitten
Doesn't WESLAV sound like western slav?
Astolfo 22 tuntia sitten
HAH, he broke the promise.
Theo Souris
Theo Souris 23 tuntia sitten
Hey fellas, be wary with plastic wrap. Even “safe-rated” plastics still release microplastics, BPA, and other chemicals when hot. These chemicals have several health detriments, but for most of us watching, the main concern is their estrogenic effect. In ladies, this means an increased chance of breast cancer. For the fellas, that means difficulty in muscle and facial hair growth, potential man-boobs, and a tendency towards a more docile, servile personality. In other words, less manly. Don’t risk your Slav virility just to cut corners on homemade sausage.
Konstantin Herfurth
Konstantin Herfurth 23 tuntia sitten
The secret is revealed Boris is not a Russian gopnik, but a Hungarian gopnik. And then I was a German Fuhrer, that is, a German Gopnik
Oliver Hel
Oliver Hel 23 tuntia sitten
Soinach mayonaise? That seems awesome .. with basil?
Oliver Hel
Oliver Hel 23 tuntia sitten
01:30 ? "Come.on birchelicious? The blin did you say there?
TobeyWalker youtube
TobeyWalker youtube 23 tuntia sitten
Epic kat comrade
Merry Seymour
Merry Seymour 23 tuntia sitten
Missing small chair and lake. However, plenty of comedy here comerade.
Spaghetti Boi
Spaghetti Boi 23 tuntia sitten
Just listening to this glorious song embodies everything you see from Boris compiled into a single song. It's glorious, and da na na na na.
Dpmm Päivä sitten
boris's 46 second vid : *entertaining*
Jordan D
Jordan D Päivä sitten
5:40 the way it cut looked like he stabbed himself
Petro Petrika
Petro Petrika Päivä sitten
How about some drugs?
Austin Wortham
Austin Wortham Päivä sitten
9:40 *succ*
random ass cod shit
random ass cod shit Päivä sitten
Ohio Bless you
Miles H
Miles H Päivä sitten
Anna Dewald
Anna Dewald Päivä sitten
Is it me or does Boris saying la la la la la awesome? 🤔
Owen Wiedlin
Owen Wiedlin Päivä sitten
9:05 Anyone else here from the lathrixen legion?
Netherite Boii
Netherite Boii Päivä sitten
"Spian but the s is silent" do you mean bread in French?
Nomadiac08 Päivä sitten
So its just balogna
EyedBolty Päivä sitten
Don’t mean Slav tsar
Netherite Boii
Netherite Boii Päivä sitten
3:53 no, no its not
Slasher _
Slasher _ Päivä sitten
Honestly forgot Boris existed
Yamezy Boi
Yamezy Boi Päivä sitten
Thanks Boris, I cracked a bone
Anna Dewald
Anna Dewald Päivä sitten
My teacher:okay everyone sit down Me:*squat* My teacher: o-o
Evan Wochos
Evan Wochos Päivä sitten
Маша the bear 🐻
Anna Dewald
Anna Dewald Päivä sitten
At this point I’m just rewinding to 3:05 😊
The Kool Ninja
The Kool Ninja Päivä sitten
Ima play this at friend's club for christmas this year
bmxdude1337 Päivä sitten
Do it! And record it komrade
Bleydersitoh0079 Päivä sitten
Come to Madrid the next time Boris!!
Niel Alumbro
Niel Alumbro Päivä sitten
"This is kid is possesed by demons" HAHAHAHAHA
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Päivä sitten
Is this gonna become one of those recommendations that blow up again...
bog Päivä sitten
Boris zvjezda mayonez is croatian
[ACHTUNG] [MINEN] Päivä sitten
Make vodka ice cream 🍦
}{y Päivä sitten
How do you know?
Zeno Lachance
Zeno Lachance Päivä sitten
Public service announcement , Boris, you're putting on weight , yeah tracksuit is getting Mighty tight around the mid drift
Leonardo Taylhardat
Leonardo Taylhardat Päivä sitten
El sandwich de cangrejo es el mejorcito, intenta ese
BMM Päivä sitten
I think I know why artyom is so hectic when you get home from somewhere, HES LOOKING IF VADIM STOLE ANYTHING AND MAKING SURE EVERYTHINGS IN ITS PLACE
wifiboino the gamer
wifiboino the gamer Päivä sitten
who else is going to use this as an actual tutorial to build their first pc
ShyLer Green screen
ShyLer Green screen Päivä sitten
Пиздишь! Притворщик херов. Ты не русский.
Cat VonDee
Cat VonDee Päivä sitten
Fun fact, you can't make mayonnaise with olive oil. Or yes, you can if you want really bad tasting mayo.
ShyLer Green screen
ShyLer Green screen Päivä sitten
Чай Нури хуле.
legoRCtanker Päivä sitten
Wait I didnt know that antolin could talk, this shows how far behind I am
Cat VonDee
Cat VonDee Päivä sitten
You know it's bad when one russian calls other one crazy 🙈
Mason Holt
Mason Holt Päivä sitten
"Eugh it is sweet"
Resnicanin Päivä sitten
While watching first seconds of your video, someone crashed into my gate and yard with a car... I guess my fan mail is here!
великолепная четвёрка
великолепная четвёрка Päivä sitten
Жду видоса про сталкера
великолепная четвёрка
великолепная четвёрка Päivä sitten
Говоришь почти по русски.
великолепная четвёрка
великолепная четвёрка Päivä sitten
Наверное это потому что ты русский
Aarron Terrell
Aarron Terrell Päivä sitten
Sometimes I start a boris video just to hear that intro hardbass
b_awesome Päivä sitten
i love your intro blyad
kewldude_117 Päivä sitten
What he says: How to slav your car! What I hear: How to slap your car!
The Electrical Electronic crazy maker
The Electrical Electronic crazy maker Päivä sitten
Boris is fine a bottle of vodka and a jar of mayones and is ok
Cosmonaut Dimitri
Cosmonaut Dimitri Päivä sitten
Zvijezda majoneza je najbolja.
hits*academic Päivä sitten
Ok so I think the problem with coming up with solutions that can really improve or save lives is that it's NOTHING LESS than an insult to kind honest older people who ended up not coming up with the same idea to save members of their generation from dying. Maybe it's also because the super rich whom we borrow from when we start businesses see us on the news saying we need to have a violent revolution to kill them, or take their place and make them live near a bunch of people who always wanted them dead. So a long time ago when we stereotypically taught the dirty hungry mentally ill people to say they could communicate with those old peoples' dead families for money, it made it easier for The Township to use new suggestions/solutions that are sensible.
MONTEISER ツ Päivä sitten
But Niko and Roman are from Serbia 🇷🇸
The Wild history boy
The Wild history boy Päivä sitten
The Demonshield
The Demonshield Päivä sitten
Scorpo, my man...
Tofu Päivä sitten
Ооооо Оливье салад вез Анатолий Вери фани, вери фани))
The Electrical Electronic crazy maker
The Electrical Electronic crazy maker Päivä sitten
Boris Slav Jesus in midle of hardbass
Tyler Hibler
Tyler Hibler Päivä sitten
I hope he can open the PO box successfully. I have Soviet rubles and kopek for him
_______ ________
_______ ________ Päivä sitten
Tofu Päivä sitten
Tofu Päivä sitten
NORMAL KANAL Päivä sitten
Y r u So gae
Y r u So gae Päivä sitten
3:49 when I got a 59.49 on My report card so fucking close