Happy Trails
Happy Trails 18 tuntia sitten
How someone that big skate like that
Motown Warriano
Motown Warriano 18 tuntia sitten
Go Knights Go! What a great game, stay golden boys! ⚔️🖤💛❤️🐼
Quons Lecn
Quons Lecn 18 tuntia sitten
He must be so happy to not have to play for Torts anymore
Stancy Lee
Stancy Lee 18 tuntia sitten
C. 19 tuntia sitten
This guy. This team. When they get buzzin' 😥
Aksel Burjam
Aksel Burjam 19 tuntia sitten
Hat pick?
Nathan Mcdonald
Nathan Mcdonald 19 tuntia sitten
Only subban can push goalies into the net and score
DriveThru 19 tuntia sitten
Jets allowed so many breakaway chances not exactly what you would want to see late in the season
Peter Donkey-Doo
Peter Donkey-Doo 19 tuntia sitten
As a Caps fan I'm happy with Mantha but that price is steep. I know Vrana's form has been sketchy and Panik is pretty much useless but those picks ouch
Dan Wegg
Dan Wegg 19 tuntia sitten
Laine doing his mcdavid impersonation. But he might be going on a heater now.
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic 19 tuntia sitten
Kings powerplay in this game was a joke.
Gans Hristian
Gans Hristian 19 tuntia sitten
This kid (Ivan Prosvetov) is the future of the Coyots. You'll see.
Synthical 19 tuntia sitten
He tryna spoil us 😆😢👍🏼 I love this guy
B LN 19 tuntia sitten
SteveWK 18 tuntia sitten
They get tested like 20 times a week........lol
Maxo Pilon
Maxo Pilon 19 tuntia sitten
Where are the 5 mins vids??
K Harmanen
K Harmanen 19 tuntia sitten
"Tell me your teammates passes suck without telling me your teammates passes suck"
Peter Donkey-Doo
Peter Donkey-Doo 19 tuntia sitten
I think everyone is being too harsh on the Sabres GM. It's obvious Taylor Hall is a locker room cancer. Both Arizona and Buffalo got worse after he went there and Edmonton and New Jersey got better after he left. He's been awful this season even accounting for him being on a terrible team. His stock was not high especially with him carrying an 8m salary and a NTC. Obviously I'm not an insider but I'm guessing his team list he was willing to waive it for was not extensive. I really don't think he could've gotten much more and waiting until the deadline probably would've yielded worse results.
STARPHASE 19 tuntia sitten
Bleh. Reaves is just as much of a scumbag on the ice. Not going to like him just because he hit Wilson lol
Mikhail Balan
Mikhail Balan 19 tuntia sitten
Было бы, до всплыло.
Tanyan Strudwick
Tanyan Strudwick 19 tuntia sitten
Any else notice how Reeves slu foot wilson on the second hit
Нюргун Федоров
Нюргун Федоров 19 tuntia sitten
Крутые ребята были💪🔥
Deway Shigos
Deway Shigos 19 tuntia sitten
Look what happens when Domi doesn’t get in the sucker punch. And Domi’s complaining that he couldn’t get his gloves off here when he was the initiator? What a joke
Richard M
Richard M 19 tuntia sitten
No offense to whoever "Alex" is, but Bob Miller is just irreplaceable. Fox doing color is top notch as always.
xjaskix 19 tuntia sitten
can we get the shorter highlights back please.
Transcendent HD
Transcendent HD 19 tuntia sitten
Wow. Love Tim and Sid. I was at the Toronto raptor parade I was right under thier booth and silly story one guy smoked too much 🍁 and needed water. The people in the crowd screamed for Sid as he looked down to see what was going on. It went quiet and that’s where I screamed out to Sid and we met contact : I said Yo BOSS one guy needs water he needs help : he throws down a water bottle and we give it to the guy. Cool moment. Wish I could’ve met him and shake his hand both of them. Gonna miss the show. ❤️
Solace 19 tuntia sitten
For the culture
Evan Berger
Evan Berger 20 tuntia sitten
Both goals.
Evan Berger
Evan Berger 20 tuntia sitten
That's a hat pick
maui mikey
maui mikey 20 tuntia sitten
2:15 minute highlight? WTF sportsnet
Native Dakota
Native Dakota 20 tuntia sitten
Brendan Shanahan player safety on Thursday 8th Kadri is suspended 5 games after Perry hitting a jets player into the boards Kadri will not play tonight game against Calgary.
Eli Morigeau
Eli Morigeau 20 tuntia sitten
They got to change how this works what a joke. I agree with the decision but they should be able to determine that on the first review not review it twice
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven 20 tuntia sitten
With 4 of the highest paid forwards in the league. It’s disappointing to see the power play output in the middle of the pack. Dubas seems fond of bottom 6 forwards. But what he needed was a D man who can co ordinate the power play. And Sandin never got a chance to show he can play that role.
Rocket Guy ARCCZ
Rocket Guy ARCCZ 20 tuntia sitten
InQuickWeTrust 20 tuntia sitten
Mr. Jokso
Mr. Jokso 20 tuntia sitten
coast to coast
Liam Pett
Liam Pett 20 tuntia sitten
Disgusting!!!! - the helmets obvs
attesih 20 tuntia sitten
I think Hakanpää will show hes value in playoff games. When games get more physical he plays in his comfort zone.
EmilioLV126 20 tuntia sitten
That slo mo 🙌
Ron L
Ron L 20 tuntia sitten
50 games hopefully reeves is a clown
Jeff Bailey
Jeff Bailey 20 tuntia sitten
Arizona's defense is more porous than their Southern border.
The Kolt
The Kolt 20 tuntia sitten
Text book headshot.
Inpatientsnake 20 tuntia sitten
*Trips wilson* Wow what a big hit. *Casual fans go wild*
VidIbby 20 tuntia sitten
Best GM Leafs have had in years! Go Kyle Go!
Pat Ward
Pat Ward 20 tuntia sitten
He’s still fairly young. He’s played on some bad teams. Hopefully he will make a comeback. I’m rooting for him even though I don’t root for Boston.
Joseph King
Joseph King 20 tuntia sitten
I miss CB on my Leafs 😢 good game Sens
Giggly Bits
Giggly Bits 20 tuntia sitten
1:54 lol that look on gretzky’s face just says “that’s the last game i play on this team”
Conesjones 20 tuntia sitten
Perry dirty as usual
JustADudeFromFinland 20 tuntia sitten
The way people are overrating Vrana is rediculous. He is fast and he has a good shot, that's it. He doesn't compete hard, he floats and he's gotten himself on the bad side of every nhl coach he's played for. This season Vrana scored almost all of his goals against bad teams like Buffalo and New Jersey, against good teams he was almost a no show. Also, Vrana has two points in his last 26 playoff games.
Ana Celina
Ana Celina 20 tuntia sitten
Our goalies? ELITE
Ian Bats
Ian Bats 21 tunti sitten
Looks like Middleton may have accidentally pushed the puck across the line when he attempted to block the shot and slid back to the net. Avs own goal ? Then the puck went out past the line when Grub tried to scoot out the net. That's why it seemed like the puck never crossed the line from the top angle that was shown in the video. It also seemed like Kadri was poking Mid's butt🤣
Harcus Peterson
Harcus Peterson 21 tunti sitten
I love when reave blows people up om away games and the announcers just go after him
Mike Rodrigues
Mike Rodrigues 21 tunti sitten
10 men on and they still lost
Kenji Lee
Kenji Lee 21 tunti sitten
Both Pearson and Gaudette have a bad year, but 1 gets 3.25m as an aging vet, and another got traded away. How does this make sense?
Michael McConnell
Michael McConnell 21 tunti sitten
Wilson a loser
RIP Jeff Carter
RIP Jeff Carter 21 tunti sitten
This team is so frustrating to watch
kikyoass 21 tunti sitten
I love tuch!!! Ugh he’s been a beast ever since James Neal was scoring for us. Tuch is one of the best top 6 solo actors. He can create his own shot and gets a decent chance.
Austin Paquette
Austin Paquette 21 tunti sitten
Am I alone in thinking they got both reviews wrong? I mean, the outcome is the same and I feel like that is at least right but damn. - Play is ruled no goal. - Review never shows a clear visual of puck across the line (though I accept there’s some reasonable inferring that it would be under the goalie pad in the net) - the ARI player never caused the push into the net. Middleton did. Am I missing something??
Ian Bats
Ian Bats 20 tuntia sitten
Yeah, it seemed like an own goal to me too.
Acangz Boi
Acangz Boi 21 tunti sitten
Emil Heineman 💙🤍💙
613 ottawa4life
613 ottawa4life 21 tunti sitten
Greatest team ever! 😉🍻
Philip Glassrules
Philip Glassrules 21 tunti sitten
I've never been to Boston and never will go there, ever!
kikyoass 21 tunti sitten
Wow i love how sportsnet actually took the time to provide an appropriate slow motion clip. This is high quality video. I’d support this over the official recaps if it can keep providing quality content like this!
Vince H
Vince H 21 tunti sitten
Forsberg really kept them in this one.
Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly 21 tunti sitten
This will be on dang its for sure
SkiPlaysChel 21 tunti sitten
Rasmussen is starting to look alot better. Him and Evgeny both seem to have found confidence. Im proud.
Will 21 tunti sitten
East division analysis nonexistent 😾 Bruins and Caps, buzz-names blah blah. Tell me more about the north division /s
mike di
mike di 21 tunti sitten
hahahaha hahahaha Let's all laugh at Toronto
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight 21 tunti sitten
Love both teams uniforms. Sick !!
Pat Ward
Pat Ward 21 tunti sitten
Columbus doesn’t deserve him.
Austen Reid
Austen Reid 21 tunti sitten
Ahh yes, good old fashioned sharks hockey right there.. I can always count on my sharks to brighten up my day with their consistency. Thanks fellas 👍
Glen DiRienzo
Glen DiRienzo 21 tunti sitten
I wonder why his kids didn't see Walter after his brain aneurysm?
Дмитрий Ворошнин
Дмитрий Ворошнин 21 tunti sitten
Столарз зверюга!
Andre Alexis
Andre Alexis 19 tuntia sitten
А как же Волыч?)
RebelTV r
RebelTV r 21 tunti sitten
2:14 video when Leafs lose, but 6+ mins when they win. Sportsnet is losing credibility. Just call yourselves Leafsnet already. We're not dumb. We know what's going on, you silly bitches.
FenRIR 21 tunti sitten
Тяжело болеть когда две любимых команды играют)
Sashimiroll 22 tuntia sitten
I’ll be honest, I love the VGK’s golden helmets
shocktrauma85 22 tuntia sitten
This reminds me of the Herschel Walker trade.
Patriot751 22 tuntia sitten
I wouldn't trade Tuch for anybody, that's a bad boy, nobody can do what he does !!
Matheus Sinobio
Matheus Sinobio 22 tuntia sitten
Entendo nada dessa parada aí, mas tô curtindo
NHL Edits
NHL Edits 22 tuntia sitten
laine deserves better