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Charlotte Traverse
Charlotte Traverse 23 tuntia sitten
My subtitles referred to Courtney as ‘Blonde’ the entire way through. Everyone else had they’re names 😭
Alanna G
Alanna G 23 tuntia sitten
Damien's Lorax bit is too good
JiggleLikeYoda Päivä sitten
Shane is what makes these good
Matt Archambault
Matt Archambault Päivä sitten
i want those lovely ladies to flash me
Kylie Rose
Kylie Rose Päivä sitten
Please bring this back!
Hebah Khalid
Hebah Khalid Päivä sitten
4:25 I’m sorry, what’s the blonde name again? Oh _blonde_ thanx
Joshua D. Magsano
Joshua D. Magsano Päivä sitten
Joshua D. Magsano
Joshua D. Magsano Päivä sitten
So I ship Olivia and Anthony. OwO
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen Päivä sitten
I've missed this game! Happy thanksgiving!
metroultradynaprime 13579
metroultradynaprime 13579 Päivä sitten
what a dumb fuck as you think the banana candy resemble your hand honesty seem to myself as ultra monster bird's
Dk Monstar
Dk Monstar Päivä sitten
Soon as i seen dash the typhoon i knew it was a lie thats my favorite too damien Cap trigun is amazing
kamal reddy
kamal reddy Päivä sitten
I love Smosh pit It is a funny and cool channel and extremely funny and entertaining
kamal reddy
kamal reddy Päivä sitten
I think Shane might win or Keith
Wormz7z Päivä sitten
2020 is trasg
Bestman Douarnynney III
Bestman Douarnynney III Päivä sitten
Christine's not was one of the funniest I've ever seen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vivian Martinez
Vivian Martinez Päivä sitten
Taaniel Päivä sitten
Feels like to drink ice tea🤤
Yutah Vegeta
Yutah Vegeta Päivä sitten
So this is the last episode of lunchtime with smosh i think this is not really big surprise because 2017 is the disappearance of anthony which is currently left smosh and now he has a youtube channel or a new youtube channel and now you're left with boring characters and of course lan which is right now the last character of smosh that is at least not boring because there's only two characters that are not boring
RTP GAMING Päivä sitten
The look of Shere worry and concern on Shane and Damiens face in particular when he shoots her on the cheat question is legitimately heart warming like Oh shit are you ok to Pam then look at Ian like you absolute monster
Mikeyy Päivä sitten
2020 quarantine had me like
AwesomePig the caped crusader
AwesomePig the caped crusader Päivä sitten
Unpopular Opinion, but I've seen Marriage Story
Ailuj Borealis
Ailuj Borealis Päivä sitten🤨
Red Päivä sitten
Stefan Coleman
Stefan Coleman Päivä sitten
I love how Courtney defeated the villain with Weapons of Math Instruction... ;)
jimmie james
jimmie james Päivä sitten
When Keith farted I was crying because I laughed so hard
daniisaurushax Päivä sitten
I left my video playing while doing something else and heard Lee’s voice and thought is that Jackie?? That was weird hahaha
Hacker guy Secrets
Hacker guy Secrets Päivä sitten
You need to do a try not to laugh with Lazar beam
Ironically Emma
Ironically Emma Päivä sitten
oh my gosh you guys if at all possible should have ryan and shane from buzzfeed unsolved/watcher they would be so good on this with you guys!
aria larosa
aria larosa Päivä sitten
5:54 it’s cameron
katilyn Adams
katilyn Adams Päivä sitten
Love your vids
Tyler M
Tyler M Päivä sitten
Hydrogen peroxide is actually hydrogen and oxygen also. And hydroxide would be the closet to correct assuming saying hydrogen and oxygen you meant 1 molecule of each.
Tycent Päivä sitten
Wonder Woman?? SuperWoman?? WO' CARES???!!!!!
Chris Chaboyer
Chris Chaboyer Päivä sitten
9:31 I have no idea why but “step fight with my fist dad” is the funniest shit to me
Awesome SK55
Awesome SK55 Päivä sitten
As you see Ladies and Gentleman, This is the inception of Sassy Leg Infantry
Sean Benagua
Sean Benagua Päivä sitten
Yall should try to spin the wheel first before you reveal the food that gives a lot more intense
Darius Swanson
Darius Swanson Päivä sitten
Anyone else mad the wheel wasn’t in the center of the table for some reason? It’s mostly OCD type thing but also slightly unfair technically
ReTr0 Gamer5286
ReTr0 Gamer5286 Päivä sitten
Olivia is such a whiner
Eric Truong
Eric Truong Päivä sitten
Thanos The grape kid
Thanos The grape kid Päivä sitten
We need Monica in more vids
Eric Truong
Eric Truong Päivä sitten
Anne T
Anne T Päivä sitten
0:51 Olivia: “you know how these work” _while pointing to Keith teets_ N-no Olivia... No I don’t...
James Smith
James Smith Päivä sitten
lel zachry is funny
It’s Alex New Bro
It’s Alex New Bro Päivä sitten
Now I can be corspe husband
SHiN Päivä sitten
i think jacky did not know abt the apocalypse boneless character of courtney
William Badger
William Badger Päivä sitten
1:02 Olivia’s legs are harder to close than the John Beney Ramsey case
Torsten Davis
Torsten Davis Päivä sitten
I must be lost. What happened to Shayne?
Annie Packard
Annie Packard Päivä sitten
courtney reviews mormon versions of popular movies?
NextUp Homepage
NextUp Homepage Päivä sitten
It sounds a lot like Borat
Annie Packard
Annie Packard Päivä sitten
lowkey australia is 3.6x bigger than Greenland
O.G. 81
O.G. 81 Päivä sitten
more silent library plz i loved it lol
Sydney Mitrecic
Sydney Mitrecic Päivä sitten
I know the Yule Lads!!! Thank you Drawfee for introducing them to me and my edutainment project for acting!! 😂
Ole Berg
Ole Berg Päivä sitten
i do not get it
Sydney Mitrecic
Sydney Mitrecic Päivä sitten
Shayne doing the intro the second time was so funny! He looked like an annoyed kid
Dustin Sandler
Dustin Sandler Päivä sitten
1:46 what song was Ian singing before it got demonitized
Sydney Mitrecic
Sydney Mitrecic Päivä sitten
I love Shayne hosts while Sarah coaches/stage moms😂
Dustin Sandler
Dustin Sandler Päivä sitten
Shayne just radiates chaotic energy
Cody Clark
Cody Clark Päivä sitten
Love how Courtney made the entire idea
Darin Young
Darin Young Päivä sitten
backward of YAS QUEEN: neck say
Oscar Anzaldua
Oscar Anzaldua Päivä sitten
I absolutely die whenever Courtney does Boneless
gaming ninga
gaming ninga Päivä sitten
2020 anyone
QueenBee Buzz
QueenBee Buzz Päivä sitten
Jackie is the best 😌
pete Päivä sitten
Wow, this is really bad!
Geena Matsumoto
Geena Matsumoto Päivä sitten
They should do “Degree Bepardy” where the people with a degree go against each other. Each one have a category pertaining to their degree, but they’re not allowed to guess in that category. At the end if there’s 1 question left in that category then it’s open for everyone.
Liberty Fritz
Liberty Fritz Päivä sitten
Vibing in 2020 with the demonetization music
Reagan Adams
Reagan Adams Päivä sitten
2:34- I died 😂 “ she’s just lost.”
Deon Sikat
Deon Sikat Päivä sitten
Nice Uniqlo shirt Damien
Ava Shirley
Ava Shirley Päivä sitten
Keith and shayne have the same shoes *surprised pikachu face*
Riley Hilsinger
Riley Hilsinger Päivä sitten
Gonna be honest, that last part reminded me of the muppets
Jess Päivä sitten
noah is hilarious in this video, this should be a series
Ifreth Suman
Ifreth Suman Päivä sitten
Keith, Noah, 'blonde' and jackie laughs.... Blonde🤣🤣🤣.....
Jess Päivä sitten
the simlish skit needs to be a thing that was hilarious
Adrian Yabut
Adrian Yabut Päivä sitten
Grinding! I heard it loud and clear!
Nonya Businesd
Nonya Businesd Päivä sitten
Shoutout to Spencer or whoever put the sonic sound effect in there had me good
Kathy H
Kathy H Päivä sitten
Thank you Damien for appreciating healthcare workers. That got me all choked up.
Dakota Dad
Dakota Dad Päivä sitten
Mari “swallow it like a true lady”
Fenix1o Päivä sitten
lol i only know the second one was real because of another youtuber
Little kiri boi 2
Little kiri boi 2 Päivä sitten
Shane getting ready for quarantine three years erlier
lunatic Päivä sitten
Solbrite Päivä sitten
5:20 is that a Christmas Chronicles reference-