Fraud Killa
Fraud Killa 16 tuntia sitten
BS: he could have done what he was told rather than being smug and setting up a dash cam to try and be some internet star. This is a false narrative.
LastSun The Thin Veil
LastSun The Thin Veil 16 tuntia sitten
You mean violent riot's!
levi-samson tago
levi-samson tago 16 tuntia sitten
so manslaughter right?
Paul 16 tuntia sitten
A tragedy for sure! But cops are under tremendous pressure. Dozens of cops are killed every year for what started out as a routine traffic stop!
Lupton Pittman
Lupton Pittman 16 tuntia sitten
Let’s not forget that he jumped in the car with intentions of running from the cops and had his girlfriend in the car. He had no issues with putting her life in jeopardy. He only cared about himself and his freedom.
M JP 16 tuntia sitten
She’ll regret this lame excuse at her trial.
Shytown Provoked
Shytown Provoked 16 tuntia sitten
This wasn't even a tense situation. The cops made it that way. Bc their disrespect for Black Americans has no restraint. Her record and that department should be riped apart. Why is her boss even speaking on it, he has a clear biase. White police should police only white folks.
S955US84 16 tuntia sitten
LYIN' JOE BIDEN -- worst president ever
Scooty 16 tuntia sitten
Cedric is right in saying everyone needs to be held accountable...and where do you think cops learn this type of behavior...also the back handed "apology/explanation"...seriously the cops were placing blame on the Army officer...and if those cops weren't being sued the public would never have heard about this incident
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 16 tuntia sitten
The Democrat party should be classified as a hate group
Martenson Lee
Martenson Lee 16 tuntia sitten
Are u kidding ! We want trump back ! America 1st.... Not joe America late.... Look at the disaster at the border right now.... Joe's confused he has no plan !!!.. Joe's confused on what infrastructure even means !!! Joe doesn't even stand understand the job market of America.!! I won't be long till it will become obvious where we're going !!!
Maga Patriot
Maga Patriot 16 tuntia sitten
Interesting how no cuomo reporting ?????? What about hunters laptop or the big guys sexual assualt claims ????????????
Steve Williams
Steve Williams 16 tuntia sitten
All republicans are crazy liars will never support a republican again for anything
Darrell Powell
Darrell Powell 16 tuntia sitten
Max Headly
Max Headly 16 tuntia sitten
As if we will believe Gaetz the Republican, Trump has over 20K reasons to show for it.
Paul 16 tuntia sitten
He is no different than Pelosi! They are cut from the same cloth - just a different color!
Roger Jackson
Roger Jackson 16 tuntia sitten
Boehner's current schtick rings pretty hollow. When it mattered, he was all in with the rightwing nuts.
Karlheinz Egger
Karlheinz Egger 16 tuntia sitten
Boehner is not the good guy here. Just because he seems to hate Cruz as much as most people do, does not make amends for his time as speaker. He made it very difficult for President Obama to get things done. He is largely responsible for the mess that is the GOP now..
Angel Camacho
Angel Camacho 16 tuntia sitten
I agreed, the LT should sued for more than just one million, this is a disgrace, I was in the military for 22 years and this is really disgusting. This Police officer should be in jail not patrolling our streets. Let's send this police officer (both of them) to the front lines... to see if he is so tough .
jannmutube 16 tuntia sitten
---- > Boehner is trying to sugar-coat his reputation. The problem is not any single individual within the Republican party, it's the GOP platform with its supply-side only agenda.
drew Don
drew Don 16 tuntia sitten
I used to believe you Al sharpton, but then I started to listened to what you say and watch what you do, now I KNOW almost everything out of your mouth is misleading.
Louis Tully
Louis Tully 16 tuntia sitten
the literal definition of fascism
Sky Dog
Sky Dog 16 tuntia sitten
How is it that this future felon is getting any air time? This house of cards is about to vaporize!
Monica 16 tuntia sitten
trump said he loves his “poorly educated” supporters.🤷🏻‍♀️
Max Headly
Max Headly 16 tuntia sitten
Wonder how much the Greenberg the canary will sing to get just an hour less in the jail showers.
ThePinkBinks 16 tuntia sitten
They (racist groups) are doing this because they want more "BLM riots" so they can be rewarded with attacking big groups of black people and "race traitors". I got this information from a white supremacist. (They don't know I think they're deranged.) Sounds like they think the non-existent Antifa is made up of the "race traitors".
Iam Good
Iam Good 16 tuntia sitten
The Keystone cops make a traffic stop and slaughter a man.
Richard 16 tuntia sitten
Karma toward the main stream media.
Jonn Cockrell
Jonn Cockrell 16 tuntia sitten
Nazis with a badge and gun supplied by the State.If you hire punks and give em power you end up with American policing.
Jim DeFazio
Jim DeFazio 16 tuntia sitten
Non compliance with lawful orders is the cause of all of these cases. No one would get hurt if they simply could learn to comply with authority figures. Fix the black community absent fathers and children out of wedlock with no discipline or teaching moments and you’ll raise up a generation of respectful young men and women who listen to the police.
wily wascal
wily wascal 16 tuntia sitten
GOP cult: “Democracy is great…only so long as we can subvert it with lies, a multitude of Jim Crow voter suppression laws, egregious gerrymandering, obstruction, sedition, and terrorism to gain power and maintain our corrupt, plutocratic, minority fascist rule!”
Michael Akiyama
Michael Akiyama 16 tuntia sitten
Donald Trump's Biggest Mistake was being the Worst PRESIDENT in his first term as PRESIDENT and that was and is a Blessing to the Entire Country .
Christena Smalls
Christena Smalls 16 tuntia sitten
How do we know that they are in the minority? Bad cops.
Brian Kinread
Brian Kinread 16 tuntia sitten
Sold his soul.
Doreen Jemmott
Doreen Jemmott 16 tuntia sitten
That was no accident, you know when to taser if you don't know the difference between taser and a gun very sad , *hunting season is free*
Dante Attenborrough
Dante Attenborrough 16 tuntia sitten
Cops should have to have insurance. As a contractor I have to carry liability insurance and my 'tools' aren't taser's and guns.
Mark Maurer
Mark Maurer 16 tuntia sitten
I want to believe it was a mistake too. But we have decades of police being cavalier and careless with the lives of young men of color especially but of all the citizens of America. Just don't get baited into violence.
Traveler Road
Traveler Road 16 tuntia sitten
It’s murder.
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury 16 tuntia sitten
The narrator seems to be enjoying this just a bit too much............
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub 16 tuntia sitten
ThatLadyDray 16 tuntia sitten
Thank you. If we're not talking solutions, I don't want to talk. It's the same issues so the problems have been identified. Next is solutions. Otherwise it's the run around.
Eve Kennedy
Eve Kennedy 16 tuntia sitten
This sh!t not gonna stop until WE stop it.
Doug Ohaver
Doug Ohaver 16 tuntia sitten
Every time something like this happens the first things you hear is they need more training they need better training. Maybe on some level they do but it's so ridiculous because I can no more teach my wolf Chow mix to swim with sharks then you can teach a racist proper law enforcement techniques. The bottom line is hiring better people to perform this function in our society. Secondly, qualified immunity needs to go into the history books because I do not care what profession you are in, if you do something like this especially if you are a long time police officer it just doesn't wash true. I think back to the Amber Geiger case and the way she had the best defense team that a police Union could buy even after she had been fired was ridiculous because if that had been Joe blow as a defendant, he most likely would have gotten a second year public defender and this goes on in our justice system continuously when it comes to law enforcement. BTW that sentence that she got of 10 years for murder was completely ridiculous.
Victor Pradha
Victor Pradha 16 tuntia sitten
Negligent discharge is something that happens during a drunken hook-up and the hookies forgot to use protection. Shooting at a fleeing person was unnecessary in the situation; they already know who he was as they identified expired tags and ran his name for outstanding warrants. They know where he lives and could have just as easily issued citations and summons in the mail including new counts of fleeing from police and assaulting an officer (if they wanted to characterize his wiggling away as a push). Even if you shoot a person operating a car that's in motion with a taser and the car could continue careening forward uncontrolled. It's a bad idea all around. They could have easily pursued him if need be, but frankly...they know who he is and where he is. It did not have to be a fatal encounter.
Argenisdrpride1 16 tuntia sitten
Thank God he didn’t get out the car when they had guns drawn. He might have not been alive today. The real terrorist are the untrained police with guns.
wily wascal
wily wascal 16 tuntia sitten
As political commentator and former Republican presidential advisor Mark McKinnon so aptly put it recently, "The Republican party is at dysfunction junction." May disagree with conservative ideology and with their stances on many issues, but do value and respect LOYAL opposition--a duty that the GOP has for too long forgotten and abdicated, putting personal and party interests before country. That is not only harmful to their party, it is harmful to our democracy and institutions. And it has come to represent a clear a present danger to our nation, a serious threat to our very security. All of this is mentioned because it is firmly believed that this is not a time for diplomatic, soft-spoken words. This is not a time to be timid or Pollyannaish about our current political landscape, but a time for frankness, a time for acknowledgment of defects, a time for courageously confronting stark unpleasant realities. Our democracy is a fragile construct, only as sturdy, vibrant, and enduring as we maintain it, requiring constant vigilance and due diligence. Just as we don't forget Pearl Harbor, or 9/11, even more so the attack against our nation's Capitol on January 6, 2021 by fascist Reich-wing domestic terrorists incited to insurrection by a deranged President against his own government must never be forgotten or forgiven. Thus, we MUST condemn both cowardly, corrupt Republican so-called "leaders" defying truth, justice, duty, democracy, and Constitution--and their dysfunctional political party that behaves as a cult--in the strongest possible terms, using the most muscular language that can be mustered. For it is necessary; the very fate of our nation depends upon it. Disaster was narrowly averted with the defeat of Trump, with Democratic control of the House and Senate, but the battle for the soul of this nation is far from over, and we must never again allow ourselves to become complacent. And so it is vitally imperative that we remind each other of this, that we impress these things upon our children and fellow citizens of this nation. Call this civic barbarism. Instead of promoting the values of responsible citizenship, Trump, Republican leadership, and their media enablers have elevated and blessed the very worst among us. They are making many Americans less suited for self-government and more dangerous to their neighbors. And they are doing so for the reason some of the Founders most feared: To lead the mob against true democracy." ~ Michael Gerson, from _'Trumpism is American Fascism'_
V F 16 tuntia sitten
I would do the same thing keep riding to a WELL LIT AREA! He deserves more than 1 million
alan bailey
alan bailey 16 tuntia sitten
Please God, give us the wisdom to know that with freedom comes responsibility. We live in a country where ANYBODY CAN EASILY GET A GUN. That proves we are irresponsible as a nation with our 2nd amendment rights. Every gun should be registered to a certified owner. To be "certified" you pass a test and get a background check. Registration will help greatly with straw purchases and gun running, as in a well ordered militia. In short a system which encourages the safe, lawful use of firearms while making it more difficult for children and criminals to obtain an illegal gun.
Budzzable Rides
Budzzable Rides 16 tuntia sitten
Great testimony, too bad it won't help. After the Castile murder in the same city, I have no faith in the justice system. That killer received a bonus cheque & is carrying a gun around in Texas somewhere pretending to be a cop again.
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon 16 tuntia sitten
May this republican infighting continue for a long time. They are showing themselves up for the hypocrites that they are.
Emme Summerlin
Emme Summerlin 16 tuntia sitten
Really digging the bottom of the barrel when Boehner is providing news on MSNBC, ABC, etc.
My American 2021
My American 2021 16 tuntia sitten
Fortunately, somehow, this video was retrieved and released and just exposed a great deal. I think we all saw something happen that is mind bending to watch. The rogue officers must be in shock now eh. 😷
BLM is not a terrorist group, don’t ignore BLM ✊🏿 . the insurrectionist are the terrorists and bad popos are their backers.
pepperjack77 16 tuntia sitten
The only real requirement for American police officers are small ego and fear of your own shadow
Richard 16 tuntia sitten
Look at these media fools
John Broderick
John Broderick 16 tuntia sitten
Liberals stirring the pot. Taking advantage of a terrible incident.
Brian Kinread
Brian Kinread 16 tuntia sitten
Do u think term limits would fix this? Want to have power and cling to power?
Jrock Az
Jrock Az 16 tuntia sitten
Facts are had duante wright just went to jail he'd be fine. Also the lt. Just complied nothing would of happened
Diana Agnoli
Diana Agnoli 16 tuntia sitten
Now we need new people in social security and post office.
Gator Dragon
Gator Dragon 16 tuntia sitten
This is the second day in a row that i find myself defending Lucifer, on a different issue. It's not fair to equate him with Senator Were-Badger.
Peter Burstow
Peter Burstow 16 tuntia sitten
Unbelievable! I carried a weapon while serving my country, was a qualified instructor, even if you mistakingly drew your 9mm you would have to (put a round in the chamber or if for some reason you were carrying the weapon with a round in the chamber, which clearly is bad practice, you would have to remove the safety to fire it) accident no, murder yes, badly trained of course 🤔
Indian Summer
Indian Summer 16 tuntia sitten
They’re asking Joe why do we keep seeing videos like this ? I believe it’s because you keep hiring people like that , bad people a e still in uniforms and has always been in the business of doing bad and being mean for no reason at all instead of helping and protecting
DPS670950 16 tuntia sitten
We never get the truth from MSMs anymore so I assume whoever was starting 💩 died for it. Don't be starting no 💩 and there won't be no 💩.... ...comes to mind 💀🔫 😉👌
Donald Hart
Donald Hart 16 tuntia sitten
Equality is pointless without freedom
Jonn Cockrell
Jonn Cockrell 16 tuntia sitten
If we don't corral the pigs America is toast.
Tj White
Tj White 16 tuntia sitten
The laws need changed that driving to a safe, well lit place for a minor traffic stop is not eluding.
Jrock Az
Jrock Az 16 tuntia sitten
I'm tired if seeing ppl not comply with the police and creating an issue that wasn't an issue..
Altair IV
Altair IV 16 tuntia sitten
No mistake. 1) This is a veteran officer, not a rookie. 2) How does a veteran officer pull a gun, which is holstered on their RIGHT side and think it is their taser which is holstered on their LEFT side. 3) Then point a BLACK gun out in front of them at someone and think it is a BRIGHT YELLOW taser. No way this is a mistake.
luisa carrillo
luisa carrillo 16 tuntia sitten
This is some dark stuff and redundant. Soldiers serving and possibly dying for this country and it's people... even minorities lol ufffff get other hobby racist 💩s smh
Richard 16 tuntia sitten
The american people need to put these race baiting media fools in check and shut them down.
D H 16 tuntia sitten
There should be a mandatory regular review of ALL police officers in ALL states who have had complaints made against them. There must be documentation of complaints, etc. Police should be fired where there is evidence of numerous (make this quantifiable) complaints of misconduct, racist overtones, the unnecessary force used, etc. They have BODY CAMERAS! Fire them, period. Forget having a trial.
The Hebrew Widow
The Hebrew Widow 16 tuntia sitten
She may have disciplined herself to always say, "taser," and never say "shoot." She was a seasoned, trained police. She escalated the situation, purposefully! Over a minor infraction, during a pandemic, during time of unrest over their treachery.
The Hebrew Widow
The Hebrew Widow 16 tuntia sitten
Suspicion instantly, when the chief was so willing to show the body cam footage. Think about it.
The Hebrew Widow
The Hebrew Widow 16 tuntia sitten
The chief may have put her up to it. Planned, and staged alibi.
StevenFromTexas 16 tuntia sitten
Boehner is a LOSER like fortunately deceased John McCain and other RINOs. He's a LOSER like anyone that watches CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or MSNBC. Boehner is a pothead and a drunk, so he fits right in with a typical Democrat.
Bush Man
Bush Man 16 tuntia sitten
Heads on spikes or nothing changes. Make sure to send it to his wife, gift wrapped and everything with a smile 😁 Look to your muslim brotherhood in the middle east for inspiration
Thirdy Davis
Thirdy Davis 16 tuntia sitten
If you hear the word "We will investigate about this matter" Ya'll know that it will be forgotten... FACT!!!
StealieSteve 16 tuntia sitten
Surprised msnbc didn't blame this on the Russians somehow.
Yaonan Zhao
Yaonan Zhao 16 tuntia sitten
You can’t just let go someone when they mistaken killing someone especially when she is a professional. Lives is not going to come back!
MaryQuiteContrary 16 tuntia sitten
I once sold a car to an under-20 Black man. He was understandably excited to get his first car, and I was happy for him. However, his 20-something brother, who came with him to pick it up, was more savvy. He walked all around the car, inspecting it for "problems." He only found one: a missing screw at one corner of the license plate. One screw, smaller than a quarter. He didn't let his brother get in the car until he had found some wire and secured the plate so it was not an excuse for the police to pull him over. I later asked a Black friend if this was, in the '80's, still a likely scenario and was shocked to hear it was. I am more shocked to hear that it's still true today. Truly, white people (me) have no way to understand and feel the deep rage of people of color at these needless assaults by police, or, for that matter, the police culture that is encouraging and abetting this behavior. One screw! Or, in Daunte's case, an expired temporary license plate. Why? WHY?