Countersink - Marble Machine X #143
109 Things To Do
5 kuukautta sitten
Engaging the Wintergatan Community
5 kuukautta sitten
Vibraphone Funnels Completed
5 kuukautta sitten
Cyber Funnel
6 kuukautta sitten
Cyber Bass Marble Drops
6 kuukautta sitten
Playing the CYBER BASS
7 kuukautta sitten
Attention Is The Cash Value Of Time
Renovating my Guitar
9 kuukautta sitten
Quick Announcement
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Elias Catubig
Elias Catubig 13 tuntia sitten
You used some Lego???
Anon 13 tuntia sitten
Who the hell were the 56k people who disliked this?
Raging Raichu
Raging Raichu 14 tuntia sitten
I like how there's one black marble amongst all the silver ones, lol.
Sok Thanh
Sok Thanh 14 tuntia sitten
I love this band.
NoobOfNoobs 14 tuntia sitten
Wilson abuse :c
Piero CM
Piero CM 14 tuntia sitten
Increíble, me dejaste sin palabras, sin mencionar que la musica esta buena. V:
Scott Turcott
Scott Turcott 14 tuntia sitten
I really wish I could contribute to the mission... One day I will be able to chip in.... It would be amazing if there was a way for every single MMX Fan could contribute, even in a miniscule way in comparison to the mountain you've chosen to conquer.... God speed Martin, god speed
Shanna Hudson-Stowe
Shanna Hudson-Stowe 14 tuntia sitten
You have mastered the difference machine
Alexander Common
Alexander Common 14 tuntia sitten
Well done Martin! Keep up the great work!
Benjamin Stadler
Benjamin Stadler 14 tuntia sitten
This calls for an intervention. Somebody get him out of the shed? Feels like current circumstances take a heavy toll on artists. Nothing wrong with focusing on details but this turns more and more into an unhealthy obsession - called perfecting yourself to death. It's not worth going insane over this.
KWA 14 tuntia sitten
If it were not for this kind of ambition and determination the world would never have the light bulb, the automobile, or the airplane. Keep up the good work.
PropheticEnvy 15 tuntia sitten
God I love this thing its a masterpiece!!! <3
Rachael Lim
Rachael Lim 15 tuntia sitten
He’s making new musical history
Hadley Siqueira
Hadley Siqueira 15 tuntia sitten
I feel sorry for those ones who are making the 3D model of MMX. ^^'
Juan Jose Aguilar
Juan Jose Aguilar 15 tuntia sitten
Hi, My name is Juan José i'm from México, i gave You the idea of using plastidip on the funnels to reduce noise. I think there's a fact that You are missing and have to be consider, if the plan is a world tour without fails. Where can u send You a mensaje?
Vaughn Calugcugan
Vaughn Calugcugan 15 tuntia sitten
This is a nice creation!..
El Momote
El Momote 15 tuntia sitten
I don't appreciate music a lot but wow.
TopDedCenter 15 tuntia sitten
@8:12 One of the registers stuck as he was demonstrating the reliability.
Jonathan Moir
Jonathan Moir 15 tuntia sitten
Now that you've watched, go back and rewatch at 1.25x. You're Welcome.
Pastella Games
Pastella Games 15 tuntia sitten
here before tik tok takes over
lisa shiplett
lisa shiplett 15 tuntia sitten
My friend has been playing bass for 55+ years...has played/worked with Bob Dylan, played USA from East Coast to West Coast and I can't wait to show him this and the Marble Machine....he'll lose his mind !!! *excellent work* 🏆 ❤💙❤
Sage Doggo
Sage Doggo 16 tuntia sitten
I haven't seen this video in two years
culturenomad 16 tuntia sitten
nice opening
enlightened1ne 16 tuntia sitten
We actually need more reliability, since each marble passes through multiple parts. So 1/10,000,000 failure x (for example) 100 processes = 1 or more failures in 1/10,000 marbles. So the overall machine has to have fewer than 1/10,000,000 failures, meaning each part would need to be 1/1,000,000,000 failure/99.9999999% reliable.
Faisal Ibrahim
Faisal Ibrahim 16 tuntia sitten
😂 martin you 100000 glasses very cool and funy
not a channel
not a channel 16 tuntia sitten
I don't want to know what happens of some random thing falls onto the Machine while it's playing.
mueggevagges'zh 16 tuntia sitten
La lucha de el caracol por llegar
Просто Кроль
Просто Кроль 16 tuntia sitten
Задание: смастерите какой нибудь простенький инструмент из подручных материалов Все: *делают свистульки и что то простое* Сын маминой подруги который впервые за семестр пришел в школу:
Mr Cool Yoghurt Cup
Mr Cool Yoghurt Cup 16 tuntia sitten
It looks like a middle age time machine
Lindita Rexhepi
Lindita Rexhepi 16 tuntia sitten
This is a very cool machine konstraktion. 😊🤗🖒👏👍and a very cool musik. Respekt.
BJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary
BJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary 16 tuntia sitten
I am completely impressed.😂 The precision of that contraption is spectacular.🤯
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 17 tuntia sitten
I bet he gets all the girls haha hey babes look at the machine that I play
aandy 1111
aandy 1111 17 tuntia sitten
Sergi Garreta Serra
Sergi Garreta Serra 17 tuntia sitten
I feel like you always waste a ton of time because you just trust stuff will work. I think when doning new designsyou should try to build a part of it like 5 channels then test it. And afterwards build the rest.
. 17 tuntia sitten
Previous video: 8664 manual operations to install a redesigned part. Start of this video: Martin points at redesigned part and says, "I made a mistake."
Eluem 17 tuntia sitten
With all that captain context build up... I thought you were about to say that you need to tear down the entire build and restart... I'll follow wherever your story goes regardless.. your determination gives me hope. Though, I can't imagine how you work such long hours so consistently. It's impressive.. but also seems a little unhealthy. However, if you feel happy doing it, I'm happy for you... It just seems like you feel a need to rush to the finish line on this project.. which is understandable. You're anxious to make music again. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
Цукенгшщзх Фывапролджэ
Цукенгшщзх Фывапролджэ 17 tuntia sitten
Супер впервые такое вижу и слышу
燐と申すもの 17 tuntia sitten
Alex Chulzhanov
Alex Chulzhanov 17 tuntia sitten
Quick question... Why do you use additional Loctite on top of already using nylon locking nuts? I have never, ever had a nylon lock nut fail unless it's been taken off and on several (and I mean several) times.
Shane Lynch Buckley
Shane Lynch Buckley 17 tuntia sitten
i love this but WHY!!!!
rosario andolina
rosario andolina 18 tuntia sitten
カカポ 18 tuntia sitten
日本人いますか?いるなら言う この人は神です
PurpleGuy2779 18 tuntia sitten
when i hear brutal, i think of sledgehammers.
Hfric`s Gaming Backlog
Hfric`s Gaming Backlog 18 tuntia sitten
damn , Mass Effect 4 graphics looks so tight ... haha
• SEVEN • 18 tuntia sitten
Horale está chido
Ákira 18 tuntia sitten
This video inspired me to get back on making music after months of scrapping ideas and being on an art block, thank you, and the best of luck with the Marble Machine X!
Jotzness 18 tuntia sitten
When I first saw these glasses, I thought this was something like a very late 1-Million-Subs Special...
Deane Minister
Deane Minister 18 tuntia sitten
I was moaning like "this will never be finished cos he keeps changing things". Then the .99999 video was released so though I know there's a long way till we actually hear a tune from MMX. I now understand WHY and my enthusiasm is again restored. Good luck u elephant eaters 😂😂👍✌
J Jonah Jameson
J Jonah Jameson 18 tuntia sitten
Hey mate, you can break down threadlocker in situ with heat. I like to do it by putting a big soldering iron on the fastener for a bit.
peccantis 18 tuntia sitten
No one seems to have complained about using a perfectly good chisel to remove the sandpaper, so now I have to. *gaasp* How DARE you!
Evan Stunt
Evan Stunt 18 tuntia sitten
Someday you'll need some magnetic polarized balls repelling to each other to avoid some noise .. or mechanism .. try adding alternated magnet binaries .. if they repels each other there is no reasonable motives to the marble to get stocked .. cause it will flow by magnet repulsion almoust for about forever..
Pepijn de Groot
Pepijn de Groot 19 tuntia sitten
94stones killed it
Abstract 19 tuntia sitten
I remember this from like 3 years ago this brings back memories
Lemon Boh
Lemon Boh 19 tuntia sitten
This is the kind of thing the teacher assigns you to make with a group that is too lazy
ronrooz 19 tuntia sitten
Martin, why is it that in many of your videos the sound is sometimes out of phase and a moment later (next edit step) back in phase again?
Uraneum 19 tuntia sitten
JazzlynnTheFNaFfan 19 tuntia sitten
All i know is one thing.... This guy never loses his marbles
KoPlaysGuitar 19 tuntia sitten
The marbles are obviously paid actors.
KoPlaysGuitar 19 tuntia sitten
Me: ‘Can I join your guys band?’ Them: ‘You already are in a band at home.’ Band at home:
Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy 19 tuntia sitten
Slap that bass
don wright
don wright 19 tuntia sitten
You need a good engineer to help you not make these mistakes
FastTheFood 19 tuntia sitten
Complains about wasting time producing videos, proceeds to make them even more complex with pointless AMR.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach 19 tuntia sitten
These screws could screw me by screwing each other ...
Jonathan Bolden
Jonathan Bolden 19 tuntia sitten
This guy got his cues from the Greek Antikythera device...
domi Bárdos
domi Bárdos 19 tuntia sitten
Let's be honest, you don't search for this video. This video found you.👁️ ͜ 👁️
Joel Becker
Joel Becker 19 tuntia sitten
I love the assembly sounds 🙂
Baron Münchhausen
Baron Münchhausen 19 tuntia sitten
Why? YT-Money for this "never ending story"!
Cantor Yakov
Cantor Yakov 19 tuntia sitten
i think someone needs to issue him a do-or-die deadline
Jonathan Bolden
Jonathan Bolden 20 tuntia sitten
Just waiting for the oompa loompas to come out.
Drew Duncan
Drew Duncan 20 tuntia sitten
The sound was incredibly satisfying. My ears thank you.
Jack Brew
Jack Brew 20 tuntia sitten
I’m really late! Could you not have 8 pre made super thin sheets of metal with the pins welded on per song, and the sheets are attached to the 8 wood sections with magnets as 8 pieces? Then you can remove the 8 wooden sections, pull the pinned metal sheets off and put the ones for the next song on (in minutes)
L Gayle
L Gayle 20 tuntia sitten
This is pure genius
Panda 20 tuntia sitten
I need this on spotify! Please? :3
riuphane 20 tuntia sitten
so "riveting"? I see what you did there...
ArachnoFool 20 tuntia sitten
Behind the engineering decisions, there is a mind (and its opposite) at play. Is Martin's will to build-fix the machine stronger than his will to take the machine apart? Sometimes, setting yourself an impossible path for a goal (99,99999999% infallibility) is nothing but an elaborate self deceit in order not to achieve set goal. Towards the end of the video, when referring to the 'sunken cost fallacy', Martin seems to be working on accepting he has invested too much in a failed project, but is that really the case? If this is indeed his dream-vocation, all his energy would be naturally flowing into finding ways to make it work... probably such way would imply accepting imperfection and making art out of such limitations. As exaggerated examples, I would love to hear a song made out of all the sounds of cranking pieces, dropped marbles and 'errors'. Even a destructive song of Martin beating the machine to a pulp could be wonderful art. Where engineering sees error and self-destruction as failures, art find in these the key elements of style. When Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire, it was not the end of his project: he began making music out of fire.
LMacNeill 20 tuntia sitten
Captain Context to the rescue! :-)
Max Laurore
Max Laurore 20 tuntia sitten
If this dude pushed this on a cart he could be a whole marching band
Louis Banks
Louis Banks 20 tuntia sitten
that level of precision and reliability will for sure take away the artistic feel of the machine and humanity in the music. you forget you are building a MUSIC machine
Abe Dillon
Abe Dillon 20 tuntia sitten
Here's some more math for you: assume diminishing returns on re-design. Let's assume each additional 9 you want is going to be 5x harder than the previous. If it took 10,000 man hours to get to 99% reliability, it's going to take 5^5 * 10,000 = 31,250,000 man hours to reach 99.99999%. If the current 10,000 man-hours were accumulated over 2 years and you keep the same pace, you're looking at finishing MMX in 6,250 years from now. Alternatively, if you add a fail-safe that has 99% reliability to a gate that has 99% reliability, then your system will reach 99.99% reliability 25-times faster than improving the gate alone. Add a secondary failsafe with 99% reliability and you'll get to 99.9999% reliability ~625 times faster than trying to get the gate-alone to 99.9999% reliability.
Anson Olds
Anson Olds 20 tuntia sitten
Piano Technician here, I would advise against using Graphite Powder. In pianos it is useful for the short term, but eventually it gums up. Some "technicians" use graphite so much that it ends up everywhere, and those parts need to be cleaned or replaced because the friction becomes unmanageable. Instead I would recommend using Teflon powder, very sparingly.