DarkSouls76 LETS SLAY SOME DEMONS! 23 tuntia sitten
Dan Wise
Dan Wise 23 tuntia sitten
I love donkeys I wish I could have bunch of them 🙂
Ani Olson
Ani Olson 23 tuntia sitten
Oh gosh... Steve -1, Human - 0. Too cute
Chris 23 tuntia sitten
Its called locking the door
olivecat 23 tuntia sitten
i like how she started clapping like “yeah great job lil buddy”
Garv Wadhwaney
Garv Wadhwaney 23 tuntia sitten
The only time it's ok to snitch.
TormentedTerrorizer 23 tuntia sitten
"Its over, I have the high ground."
Ernie sotelo
Ernie sotelo 23 tuntia sitten
Hey gator don't play no shit! Ya hea--yha feel me! Gator never been about that Gator never been about playing no shit!! Will Ferrell
Dude 23 tuntia sitten
NY Militia
NY Militia 23 tuntia sitten
Mom: No PS5 No Christmas Boy: and so then I just said fck it and snitched
sheths 23 tuntia sitten
Wife: Uhhh Jesus Christ wtf Meanwhile Husband: On call 📞 Yeah me and Shawn played 9 holes. No wonder men are more happy than women
Boyhasnoname Franco
Boyhasnoname Franco 23 tuntia sitten
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec 23 tuntia sitten
More of this and I will subscribe
F B I 23 tuntia sitten
The short arm cat: bruh why u gotta do me like that The other cat: [ Muffled maniatical laughter ]
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham 23 tuntia sitten
Well that’s a quick way to shit your pants
Brian Ellinger
Brian Ellinger 23 tuntia sitten
Apparently it was from someone pretending to be my mother and the trash board members of some crime family who did that
Welhy Nole
Welhy Nole 23 tuntia sitten
This is definitely a regular routine for that croc haha
Carlos Baquero
Carlos Baquero 23 tuntia sitten
Now I’m curious about the rpm’s at which it separated
fishbuffalo18 23 tuntia sitten
Lady, amazed you caught this - what's with the guy fishing? Did he turn away or something and not see it?
Adris Lea
Adris Lea 23 tuntia sitten
Storm of X-Men: I summon the horrendous wind and rain. Feel the fury of the nature... Open the doors! (A moment later...) My apology, it's the wrong store.
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec 23 tuntia sitten
You can't script this 😂
Dec. gyrrl
Dec. gyrrl 23 tuntia sitten
U couldn't even see her little face😂
Mike Ktaco
Mike Ktaco 23 tuntia sitten
Wow got to love the FIpost algorithm!
Oxana Klachkova
Oxana Klachkova 23 tuntia sitten
yaguchi tk
yaguchi tk 23 tuntia sitten
:Doggy doggy? ; Yes mommy? : Eating berries? ; No mommy : Telling lies? ; No mommy : Open your mou-
nom prenom
nom prenom 23 tuntia sitten
That guy is a chad
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn 23 tuntia sitten
Had a dog who would bite at the leash but never had one who jumped.
good gamer t.v
good gamer t.v 23 tuntia sitten
ZRAIARZ 23 tuntia sitten
This is like when a kid imagines how cool college will be and this is one of the scenes shown.
Mongkol Kongkaphan
Mongkol Kongkaphan 23 tuntia sitten
The world need more pple like her. And good you man wish you a successfully in life..
good gamer t.v
good gamer t.v 23 tuntia sitten
Yes me is the chosen one 😌
STAR 23 tuntia sitten
She was 4 feet away from the Aliigator, so had a good reason to freak out.
good gamer t.v
good gamer t.v 23 tuntia sitten
BrokenNena V
BrokenNena V 23 tuntia sitten
That's awesome, respect OoO
Zylin Jay
Zylin Jay 23 tuntia sitten
Short legged cat : **tries to punch** Grey cat : *no.*
Mark Penhall
Mark Penhall 23 tuntia sitten
Where does your food come from America? Love to bite the hand that feeds you?
Mark Penhall
Mark Penhall 23 tuntia sitten
@It’s Yaboi lol soon to end lol
It’s Yaboi
It’s Yaboi 23 tuntia sitten
Right!? how else am I supposed to get my avocado toast and my toiled cleaned in my privileged California suburb!
T T 23 tuntia sitten
Brian Peck
Brian Peck 23 tuntia sitten
It's not about the size of the paws in the cat but about the size of the cat in the paws.
Anita Bonghit
Anita Bonghit 23 tuntia sitten
good ole dads
Deeeeeyn 23 tuntia sitten
Me vs my brother (I’m the short one :<)
Nice 2 you
Nice 2 you 23 tuntia sitten
I guess the alligator said he don't need it
gisann ramharack
gisann ramharack 23 tuntia sitten
They deliberately did that
ØNE SHØT 23 tuntia sitten
Im the 8th comment
T-Wain 23 tuntia sitten
I just wanna know the rest of the Shawn story.
August 23 tuntia sitten
Is this the bite of '87?
Tiana Nu
Tiana Nu 23 tuntia sitten
Calico: you wanna figh- Grey cat: You smoll. Period.
DivaDelgado128 23 tuntia sitten
That was the perfect end to my busy day.
Deeeeeyn 23 tuntia sitten
Calico : *ataaaac* Grey cat : *no no*
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 23 tuntia sitten
Wow this’ll probably get millions of views
Pinas-4-ever 23 tuntia sitten
*_Queen of Fake falling._* 🤣
Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer 23 tuntia sitten
Standing on glass door during a hurricane.......good idea! 🤦
mwebtex 23 tuntia sitten
Little did she know that something far worse than a crazed deer with large antlers smashing through the window was on its way (COVID).
Purvi Joshi
Purvi Joshi 23 tuntia sitten
When you dog is part kangaroo:
Sumeet winner
Sumeet winner 23 tuntia sitten
This is torture on baby ,keeping such attractive colour drink and keeping him away
marie sandal
marie sandal 23 tuntia sitten
do insurance cover that?
Freiya2011 23 tuntia sitten
It wants to run or at least go faster to burn off energy, but the person walking that dog is as fast as a snail. So this is no joy but frustration. If you have a dog adapt to its needs.
Lovecraft IDV
Lovecraft IDV 23 tuntia sitten
This just made my entire week, so freaking cute
Suman Samwal
Suman Samwal 23 tuntia sitten
She is a queen👑 😂lol
Yogee Yogee
Yogee Yogee 23 tuntia sitten
Jyoti Sharma
Jyoti Sharma 23 tuntia sitten
I used to do same with my bunny they used to sleep in my hand and than I give them to there mommy my bunny was so close to me whenever I come from school we play and I used to color him make him dresses and many things .... .. . . . But why bunny's have such a short life time No worry my bunny would definitely enjoying in heaven
J L 23 tuntia sitten
That's a weird roach
BRENT Conlon
BRENT Conlon 23 tuntia sitten
Really she's there with another dude lol
Professor Frink
Professor Frink 23 tuntia sitten
It's not crazy unless it's the original Jenga blocks.
Teabonesteak 23 tuntia sitten
Buddy on the phone?
Sir BaEn[Z]
Sir BaEn[Z] 23 tuntia sitten
They don't realize that you can actually turn off the sensors so it won't open by movement anymore.
sirpibble 23 tuntia sitten
Woman: JESUS CHRIST! JESUS CHRIST! Man: yeah so uhh, me and shawn were...
Rylee Olmstead
Rylee Olmstead 23 tuntia sitten
she dig 😼 she throw 👐🏻 she want SNOW❄️
cryvsspy 23 tuntia sitten
at least that's one kid that will have some character when she grows up
Luke A
Luke A 23 tuntia sitten
What kinda class was that because that prof is chill asf
walkie talkie
walkie talkie 23 tuntia sitten
Where is the action?
Marko 23 tuntia sitten
The smart grey cat ran off. It could see the calico was going to go craZy and come inside. Best to avoid a “fur-ball” type fight. My tough little calico would have....
TC 23 tuntia sitten
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Daniel C. Freteval
Daniel C. Freteval 23 tuntia sitten
Disgusting human creation
Afifa Iqbal
Afifa Iqbal 23 tuntia sitten
Best thing i saw this morning.
JayRico 23 tuntia sitten
bf just cocc blocced other bf lmao
AvionicsGuru 23 tuntia sitten
Dogs like pigs ears and Donkeys like human ears 😉
James Taihuttu
James Taihuttu 23 tuntia sitten
First guy: Come on, door...cooperate! Second guy: Yes man, cooperate damn it! Door: Not todaaayy...
_____________________________________________ Päivä sitten
Sn0wbearYT Päivä sitten
The kid just did a massive uno reverse