Brodie Smith's 2020 In The Bag
11 päivää sitten
I Make A 1000 Putts
7 kuukautta sitten
How To Throw A Forehand In Disc Golf
OUR WEDDING VIDEO | Brodie & Kelsey
kc5string 8 minuuttia sitten
“You took advice from a guy that throws a distance driver on a 150ft hole” 🤣🤣🤣
Christopher Dutton
Christopher Dutton Tunti sitten
Why you did this in the ship at hoover high school though? My school lol
pearce mkwii
pearce mkwii 3 tuntia sitten
Can you please do frisbee again
Nathan Chapman
Nathan Chapman 5 tuntia sitten
Paul shoulda been "One Man Army"
Kunal Singh Dedha
Kunal Singh Dedha 10 tuntia sitten
2020 become baby
Сечёшь о чём я!?
Сечёшь о чём я!? 17 tuntia sitten
where did you get Bale?)))
Ks 19 tuntia sitten
My lava red 5x esp luna lost this summer:(
kidc2004 20 tuntia sitten
Golf. Golf golf. Golf golf golf. More golf.
Timmy Duncan
Timmy Duncan 23 tuntia sitten
just grabbed a couple of those bro-d roaches. I looooovvvee the material.
Charles Porch
Charles Porch Päivä sitten
Got one of the new Get Freaky run! Love it!!!
Shane B
Shane B Päivä sitten
This is honestly one of the most fun disc golf rounds I've ever watched, and I've watched a lot.
Daniel Rhodes
Daniel Rhodes Päivä sitten
This guy has to be one of the best driving coach ive ever watched. He truly is a professional at the drive.
UFO Specialist
UFO Specialist Päivä sitten
Why am I watching this?
Nathaniel Moore
Nathaniel Moore Päivä sitten
Yo why doesn't Brodie have a number on his jersey?
Jesse L
Jesse L Päivä sitten
Boys clubhouse E
Boys clubhouse E Päivä sitten
The coach catch was amazing
McDerbin Games
McDerbin Games Päivä sitten
On the 3rd challenge I would have attempted a left handed scooby and hoped it counted as both a left hand and a scoober. That gives you two chances at a regular right hand putt.
Charles Harris
Charles Harris Päivä sitten
How do I get your disks
Panhandle Pirate
Panhandle Pirate 2 päivää sitten
This is awesome !
Talon Flint
Talon Flint 2 päivää sitten
Keep up the great content, love the rounds with the spouses. One thing I noticed on Kelsey's backswing she's got her left hand on the disc, that can cause some inconsistency with pullback because it kind of gets in the way almost. Keep slingin them discs!
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales 2 päivää sitten
Hey Brodie, if you ever come out to Tucson, I'd like to show you our courses out here. We've got amazing food out here too! Hope all is well!
PC STL 2 päivää sitten
That would have been the sickest ace on hole 4
Dap P
Dap P 2 päivää sitten
Would love to see a jomez with garret simon eagle and drew on a distance course.
x4x D. Grizzly
x4x D. Grizzly 2 päivää sitten
Of course it's a gsd❤️❤️
Nb Being
Nb Being 2 päivää sitten
14:44 his name is mud
Blake Ealy
Blake Ealy 2 päivää sitten
Is the crystal flex softer compared to a basic Z Plastic?
Anthony Huard
Anthony Huard 2 päivää sitten
As a huge fan of both Paul and yourself, I think some day you guys should create an all around badass putter called, (The MCBirdie) or (MCBrodie) or (The MCBirdie Brodie-blend). Lol. Thanks for the videos they are always entertaining and helpful.
John Larson
John Larson 2 päivää sitten
What's your guys thought on the Viking Rune and Knife putters
Osom Muhammad
Osom Muhammad 2 päivää sitten
Play a full 18 left handed
Scott Artzer
Scott Artzer 2 päivää sitten
I hadn't swung by the channel in a bit but certainly glad I did! Looking better and better every time I see you throw, keep killing it man.
Ginger Rose
Ginger Rose 2 päivää sitten
Fantastic !
Zara Ali
Zara Ali 2 päivää sitten
My brother goes to your old highschool
Taylah Coleman
Taylah Coleman 2 päivää sitten
Cade Evans
Cade Evans 2 päivää sitten
I have now seen Paul McBeth run
Lill I
Lill I 2 päivää sitten
Well here come the water works
J 2 päivää sitten
This is great. i was aiming too large at the basket. I was shooting all my discs (10) at the basket before moving back. Question, what is the difference between putter disc weights? I'm using a very light disc right now that I think would be better for a child. Any recommendations? Love the accidental trick shot.. reminds me of older yt
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales 2 päivää sitten
Brodie, you’re so much better now.
Michael Rowe
Michael Rowe 3 päivää sitten
My first thrasher
Derek Patterson
Derek Patterson 3 päivää sitten
Kind of hard to believe this courses record was -9. I only watched the back 9 but the holes weren't that long, I can throw 300', and a few were way less, even I would have to had let up. Love the vids Brodie!! Keep them up!!
max tanner
max tanner 3 päivää sitten
do the rick wysocki parked challenge !!!
Bee Plaze
Bee Plaze 3 päivää sitten
Aerin Abelar
Aerin Abelar 3 päivää sitten
Thank you ♡
Kryptic710 Sav
Kryptic710 Sav 3 päivää sitten
This is that great value dude perfect
Dimas surya
Dimas surya 3 päivää sitten
Gg bro
Brody Kunisch
Brody Kunisch 3 päivää sitten
this is the year i was born!!!!!!!!!
Ismail Ksila
Ismail Ksila 3 päivää sitten
I like frisbee !!!!!!!!, it is the best
Nathan Chapman
Nathan Chapman 3 päivää sitten
Brodie come play Tullahoma TN course.HMU if you need someone to play with!
Ink Junior213
Ink Junior213 3 päivää sitten
What is gareth bell doing In this video
Joe N
Joe N 3 päivää sitten
Look at the flick of da wrist! 🎶😂
Dan Pharoah
Dan Pharoah 4 päivää sitten
I so appreciate this video because I am just learning myself. It’s also nice to see how far you have come Brodie!
pranay kumar
pranay kumar 4 päivää sitten
Anthony Huard
Anthony Huard 4 päivää sitten
So far the Gateway SSS Wizards are my best scoober disc. I love the lunas and the Brodie blends, but they are death traps in the wind. Unless you’re Paul or Brodie. It’s a fun shot!
James Stables
James Stables 4 päivää sitten
Thermal 💨
BoostedEfSi 4 päivää sitten
Do you have any pointers for people who don't have 10 of every disc? Love the channel
Michael Noeth
Michael Noeth 4 päivää sitten
Make a glow in the dark dic
Michael Noeth
Michael Noeth 4 päivää sitten
Gavin Bennett
Gavin Bennett 5 päivää sitten
Lacrosses is the best
Fred Slade
Fred Slade 5 päivää sitten
"up draft"
Joe N
Joe N 5 päivää sitten
How did you measure how far your disc went? 🧐
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 5 päivää sitten
175g. 🤦‍♂️
Ashton Albright
Ashton Albright 5 päivää sitten
tchugs66 5 päivää sitten
Anybody else think Brodie is a total doucher or just me?
T H 5 päivää sitten
Now that was fun.
Chad Allison
Chad Allison 5 päivää sitten
I can throw is “farther” not “further” :P
kert Piirak
kert Piirak 5 päivää sitten
Why don't you throw a backhand on hole 3?
Louis Frohock
Louis Frohock 5 päivää sitten
You don’t need fairway drivers since youre ripping putters about the same distance as most people throw drivers
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 5 päivää sitten
2 things here : 1. Get bug spray in that bag!! 2: brodie smith tour series machete needs to be a thing!!
Craig’s Cuts
Craig’s Cuts 5 päivää sitten
This bob guy just made Brodie look like Am3 😂😂😂 dude was killin it
Circuit Gamer
Circuit Gamer 5 päivää sitten
Who else is here in 2020 because they weren’t paying attention to your gym class 😂