Poin 19 tuntia sitten
This western trash press is attacking our President and country with misinformation and being one sided lol You cant take down the will of Filipino people to eradicate all unnecessary people and problems in our country. You can say all terrible insults about our country but that's all you can do. Don't even try to intervene on our internal issues DW because you cant do anything on us at para naman sa mga kababayan ko diyan na hindi makita ang halaga ng pagpatay sa mga baboy na to sa daan. Hindi aayos ang bansa kung hindi tayo gagamit ng kamay na bakal at marahas na paraan. Hindi natin malilinis ang bansa sa simpleng awa at maayos na usapan. Delusion ang human rights! Pwede nyo kameng insultuhing mga DDS hanggang sa gusto nyo pero hanggang doon lang magagawa nyo at hindi nyo padin maitatanggi ang magagadang bagay na nadulot ng administration na to.
Aiur 19 tuntia sitten
DW News, why are you erasing comments? ohh,, you must be a Communist lover ain't you?
Keybraker 19 tuntia sitten
Run a red light: us: get shot by police rest of the world: 50$ fine
consulting insultant
consulting insultant 19 tuntia sitten
Remove Terte (whatever it means) from dui (whatever it means) and you would recycle him to a good man
Sai Karan
Sai Karan 19 tuntia sitten
Trump in the background going🤨
Ronald Allan Chua
Ronald Allan Chua 19 tuntia sitten
DW you got it all wrong, please do more research,..do ask local ordinary filipinos from Luzon to Mindanao....
John Gatmaitan
John Gatmaitan 19 tuntia sitten
Those information came from the CPP NPA a terrorist organization. 93% approval ratings states that the people want to eradiate those communist terrorist and kill all the the drug lords.
J Pi
J Pi 19 tuntia sitten
She is a woman and women should know where their place is
Neo Severus
Neo Severus 19 tuntia sitten
Because they are the fronts of Communist Terrorist Groups in the Philippines, that's why they opposed and use human rights as an alibi to stop the armed conflict crackdown. Their leaders literally admitted it. Media manipulation has been a problem for centuries. These foreigners know nothing about living with ongoing terrorism in the Philippines. The militant groups don't really care about the Filipinos, they even use child soldiers. They are just pawns fighting for their leaders that wants power.
Al Silva
Al Silva 19 tuntia sitten
Beijing Biden is Xi's puppet, the world knows he is compromised but US "media" will never talk about it. look at hunters laptop
dorothy 19 tuntia sitten
sana nandyan ako noong WWII, para patay na ako ngayon
yoda 1
yoda 1 19 tuntia sitten
This is something interesting
Robson Mikael
Robson Mikael 19 tuntia sitten
why did he try to run away when police ordered him to stop at first? It starts from his running away action.
MakeDredd2 19 tuntia sitten
What happened to good old fashioned police brutality before shooting someone dead? At least swing a baton at the guy, or give a warning shot to the sky, or shoot him in the leg. Before killing the perp from the slightest erratic movement!
Audrey Ws
Audrey Ws 19 tuntia sitten
There is no end, Madrid will never agree.
Paul Liu
Paul Liu 19 tuntia sitten
I think biden will not care any lives on the earth, because his days are numberes
The Ragoo overlord
The Ragoo overlord 19 tuntia sitten
Its like the left just forgot about facism and spoiled excessive celebrities, politicians and sports stars cause trumpers found out what they are into.
Jane Franco
Jane Franco 19 tuntia sitten
What about the human rights of the innocent victims of drug addicts? Do you have any idea about the damage and terror they're doing to the Philippines?
Emperor Jahrome
Emperor Jahrome 19 tuntia sitten
I was saying last night that in their defense perhaps if the English government didn't just prioritise Scotland and Wales and stopped throwing Northern Ireland under a bus wouldn't be the case. The government should re think their position and start treating Northern Ireland as part of Britain. Its really cruel when you think about it what Brexit has done to our own union.
Malec Yizhan Skace
Malec Yizhan Skace 19 tuntia sitten
Don't worry bro am a Ugandan who supports you.
Leonard Grant
Leonard Grant 19 tuntia sitten
Yeah yeah, those Ukrainian troops are near Moscow and murdering innocent Russian civilians. If the Russian TV would say something like this they would probably believe it.
Peter P
Peter P 19 tuntia sitten
In the meanwhile in sweden, no masks, no lockdowns.
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 19 tuntia sitten
Hahahaha all one big show all actors.
MozartificeR 19 tuntia sitten
Re:17:13: These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
Al Silva
Al Silva 19 tuntia sitten
Beijing Biden is Xi's puppet, the world knows he is compromised but US "media" will never talk about it.
A M 19 tuntia sitten
WHO is useless under the Chairmanship of Harsh Vardhan.
María 19 tuntia sitten
Lmao DW News who paid you to further push a false narrative on our President? 😂 How about actually living in our country first before calling our country a ‘conflict zone’? You’ll discover that more than 75% of us Filipinos support his policies and feel much safer after his administration’s crack down on drugs. ABS CBN media was simply corrupt and avoided their taxes for many years now and so were not permitted to renew their license. It’s the law and if they had took the straight road and paid their taxes, it could have helped Filipinos during this pandemic. Their company claims to be “in the service of the Filipinos” but they really need to do better lol. Our president has issued clean ups on our garbage infested capital and provinces that were ignored by previous administrations helping to ensure a cleaner and greener environment for our future generations. He has put aside budgets to build new infrastructure, especially roads to decongest EDSA and lessen the traffic which is costing our country millions of pesos daily. He also issued a new FDI tax lessening it from a whooping 30% to 25% to help our economy get back on it’s feet quicker after this pandemic. These are just a few examples. The fact that you are choosing to ignore these and instead magnify our country as a ‘conflict zone’ is just hilarious. I must applaud you for your biased journalism. 👏🏻👏🏻
guy Location
guy Location 19 tuntia sitten
I hope he sue them for 1 billion $ and win
Batata Tomatish
Batata Tomatish 19 tuntia sitten
The time of demands to turkey are over. You better start visiting turkey before it visits you with an ottoman smack to the face!
Al Silva
Al Silva 19 tuntia sitten
Beijing Biden is Xi's puppet, the world knows it but US "media" will never talk about it
Jazz Man
Jazz Man 19 tuntia sitten
He and t--rump are friends.
Michael Salac
Michael Salac 19 tuntia sitten
Red Tagging really? Where you get this words? The reports seems like a news from local (Philippines network - i.e. ABS CBN or Rappler) spoken by a western journalist. Why the UN speaking like the reading from script from someone in the Philippines? Where do u get the word Red Tagging? Where the English dictionary can this be found? Do your own research go to the Philippines and not by words from other journalist.
al villapando
al villapando 19 tuntia sitten
My God look who's talking, Can't believe you're challenging DW to do research ☺️😜 you're humoring me 😂
Ryan Dawson
Ryan Dawson 19 tuntia sitten
Man she new she had a gun Taser doesn’t weight like a gun . Gun is Way heavier
Gary B
Gary B 19 tuntia sitten
These riots had been ongoing for 9 days in other Loyalist areas of Derry and Newtownabbey before these scenes. I would ask the Loyalists to give examples of how their culture and identity is being eroded. They can still have approximately 3000 marchs a year, they can still fly their flag but just on limited days and Northern Ireland can only join the Republic of Ireland if tere is a majority democrat vote. So basically their position of being English and celebrating their cultural is not under risk.
Samurai X
Samurai X 19 tuntia sitten
Taiwan is a semiconductor superpower, much more so than China.
Neo Severus
Neo Severus 19 tuntia sitten
This guy that westerners and the terrorist sympathizers criticized just killed drug and terrorist link politicians, modernized our military, and started a mega infra projects so Stfu.
LoveBrids 19 tuntia sitten
I wonder if the people vote for a dictator leader, it is still a democracy?
Al Silva
Al Silva 19 tuntia sitten
Beijing Biden is Xi's puppet, the world knows it but US "media" will never talk about it
Robert. Hansbury
Robert. Hansbury 19 tuntia sitten
No matter the name of the company that's pushing the vaccine you're still getting the Bill Gates chip embedded in your body... when the Bill Gates Foundation first came out and said they were going to chip people 👿mark of the beast👿 99% of the people said no way.. all these companies are making billions and billions of dollars off a drug that is not FDA-approved it takes 4 years to make that vaccine not one year💰 and our own government is getting almost two dollars for every injection..💰 doesn't take too much to figure out if they gave out 8 million injections = How much our government gets and they didn't tell you the vaccine only last 3 months..Nobody asked that's why people that got the injection early are now getting the virus because their three-months are up..Bill Gates,Dr.fauci, Biden & the Democrats they want to try to keep this going until 2028.. more people will die from the vaccination then the virus itself.. and by killing off the elderly the government saves billions on Medicare, Medicaid hospitalization Home Health Care physical therapy.. medications and so on.. if you ever read the Box that tells you the ingredients in that bottle you will run faster then any man or woman could possibly run... they only show you the needle they never show you the box or let you read the ingredients.. people that are in Congress for example Nancy Pelosi she got a vitamin B12 shot the same with Joe Biden do you really believe they're going to put that poison in their own body.💉⚰💉⚰💉⚰💉⚰💉🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Samurai X
Samurai X 19 tuntia sitten
All Filipinos I know in Hong Kong love the man. They just love him through and through. He can't be all that bad if he is so well loved.
nick chase
nick chase 19 tuntia sitten
Dear International Readers, The Filipinos who celebrate the President and keeps trolling these channels are paid to do so--mostly illiterate.
Adam Ali
Adam Ali 19 tuntia sitten
Tried to flee shot dead Tried to breath ....
cool kevs
cool kevs 19 tuntia sitten
lol those extra judicial killings are not from durterte that's from dealers and drug lords. tryna portrait durterte bad in international community
Yogeshwar Rao
Yogeshwar Rao 19 tuntia sitten
Everything again...looks like deja vu
ruth stedman
ruth stedman 19 tuntia sitten
In the time of the pharaohs, the children of israel were commanded to make bricks from straw........nothing new under the sun.
Victoria's Choice
Victoria's Choice 19 tuntia sitten
He donated our islands to China.😔
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 19 tuntia sitten
You must be misinformed of that because way back 2012 china is expanding its territory in WPS Obama and Aquino have done nothing but to watch and make a trade deal agreement in china lol and now you want duterte to clean up the mess of other people? And by the way Philippines alone cannot even defeat the insurgency in the country and now you want them to fight against china as a bait of Americans to enter in a world War? Uncle Sam must be happy at this point the dream defeating Chinese will come true funny 😂
Scamander101 19 tuntia sitten
Nah, what date? when did the dredging of China Started? When did China occupy and built bases in the disputed territories? .The current president just shouldered the last administrations problem. Please do your research ma'am.
The Game Stampede
The Game Stampede 19 tuntia sitten
Duterte's era is the best era after your so called lawless democracy! People need an enforcing government or atleast feel that they have a government.
Edska1 19 tuntia sitten
Stayed in Taiwan for 8 months during pandemic, best place in the world, lovely country and friendly people, wish to come back again some day.
Manuel Dominic Fulache
Manuel Dominic Fulache 19 tuntia sitten
One sided news. EU are just angry with Duterte.
Brent Joaquin
Brent Joaquin 19 tuntia sitten
Hahaha neffy in the flesh
Herra Tossavainen
Herra Tossavainen 19 tuntia sitten
Germany is proud partner of Philippines in its "war on drugs"
Malho Hispano
Malho Hispano 19 tuntia sitten
We love your country Germany. We wanted to be like your country before the war. :)
willy wuff
willy wuff 19 tuntia sitten
each as he deserves .the turk is no better
Kevin Tang
Kevin Tang 19 tuntia sitten
This is very different from George Floyd's case tho. He shouldn't have tried to flee... He doesn't deserve the death of course, and the officer should be punished for incompetence, but that's like the difference between killed in a car crash because of your incompetence, versus being rammed by others
Dorian Nox
Dorian Nox 19 tuntia sitten
I feel the same way, that look like that could have been a accident.
Sam K
Sam K 19 tuntia sitten
You are right, this is manslaughter or gross negligence, George Floyd was straight up murder.
Arnisho 19 tuntia sitten
Quite impressive to be able to smuggle in explosives into the most SENSITIVE location in Iran. Well done! not only once, but TWICE! without any detection
bantumwt 19 tuntia sitten
Lord, let this be solved peacefully.
Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson 19 tuntia sitten
The wisest thing that should be on every individual list is to invest in different stream if income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now that the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard
Amber Theresa
Amber Theresa 19 tuntia sitten
Marie Denise
Marie Denise 19 tuntia sitten
How do i contact him please am interested
Marilyn Danielle
Marilyn Danielle 19 tuntia sitten
I took the risk of investing 5000USD with Mr Oliver and he made me profit of 21,340USD. Now I'm more confident when investing
Rose Isabella
Rose Isabella 19 tuntia sitten
I lost $3200 carelessly trading in 5A platform before I was referred to Mr Oliver Watkins, he recovered the lost and made an extra profit of $12,600 for me
Billy Jordan
Billy Jordan 19 tuntia sitten
I think that's on the average. I tried trading with Mr Oliver Watkins , my first investment of $500 was with fear but it gave me a profit of about $5300 in a few days!! Last week I made profit of $9620. Trading with Mr Oliver Watkins made more profit for me that other professionals I traded with in the past
Jezy 19 tuntia sitten
Justice for Daunte Wright, justice for looted shop owners !!!
Jose Lozada
Jose Lozada 20 tuntia sitten
Dictator ship
the Branch7757
the Branch7757 20 tuntia sitten
There is a term for accidentally killing someone. Manslaughter.
ZjRsXzJm LCB 20 tuntia sitten
Asians true Americans are our Allies 🤫
Games TV
Games TV 20 tuntia sitten
Seems China land wants war with the world.
Last Cope
Last Cope 20 tuntia sitten
Guys call of the riots, it was a whaman
Lav Kumar
Lav Kumar 20 tuntia sitten
The American human rights group go for toss when their own country invade ,butchered and rape in countless nations.
Andrei Ștefan
Andrei Ștefan 20 tuntia sitten
that "Queen's Gambit" wallpaper tho...
Mithila Dissanayaka
Mithila Dissanayaka 20 tuntia sitten
Tim, Come to our country and interview random civilians. You will find out your question are not practical pointless.
Joseph Alcindor
Joseph Alcindor 20 tuntia sitten
Global pandemic, economic downturn, financial uncertainties, shakey and confusing Brexit, youths feeling like the future is hopeless.... It’s like the perfect storm
Sol Stice
Sol Stice 20 tuntia sitten
Sure sure.. Accidentally drew her gun on an unarmed man, who didn't present any imminent danger to the officer life. Just call it what it is. A licence to kill. Stop being so dumb hypocrites. Racist police.
Hassan Koiss
Hassan Koiss 20 tuntia sitten
Nonsense, he didn’t sacrifice anything for the nation
Jezy 20 tuntia sitten
Everything is just a consequence of constant retreat, denial and cancel culture. The fact that the policeman was a woman also fits into that. You drop the statue of General Lee, then erase it from the textbooks. "A nation that does not know its history is forced to repeat it" America is not expecting good times.
O'Neil Leiba
O'Neil Leiba 20 tuntia sitten
America keep in mind there are people who believe with all their heart the officer did nothing wrong n that his actions were completely justified and right. Their are people who think n believe he did nothing wrong. Even if we change the laws and life changing punishment that will affect police officers families, this will continue to happen. We will see more n more of these videos n people folks will think the police was right n did nothing wrong......
Karljason Baluyot
Karljason Baluyot 20 tuntia sitten
Our Country Philippines is very peaceful now with the Duterte Govt..
Marc 19 tuntia sitten
@Poin well, lets agree to disagree, we will speak in 20 years and i will ask you if you think the Philipinnes is a better place , i dont think so....
Poin 19 tuntia sitten
@Angela Calaguas Napaka gandang balita nga non eh. HIndi ba mas ligtas ang bansa natin laban sa komunismo pag pinulbos natin ang mga symphatizer ng komunismo?
Poin 19 tuntia sitten
@Marc yes its peaceful now unlike the past administrations and You cant force your "Human rights" on us in these criminals and terrorist because were more happy to see them dead than alive and also You don't have the single right to dictate what to do in our problems here in our country. Shoo sho!
Angela Calaguas
Angela Calaguas 20 tuntia sitten
"peaceful"... have you heard of the *Bloody Sunday* incident from literally a month ago?
Marc 20 tuntia sitten
If you call a death rate of 6.037 and yearly growth of 1.6% peacuful you should see a doctor.
Louis 20 tuntia sitten
Duterte is China's happy lap dog. Filipinos cannot trust Duterte in handling China.😂😂😂
big mac
big mac 20 tuntia sitten
Von der Leyen :" Aähhhhmm." Erdogan:" Not ÄÄhhhmm, go and make me a Sandwich."
Women's rights was a mistake
Women's rights was a mistake 20 tuntia sitten
Female Cops everybody 😂🤣 Either they are walking walkie Talkies who need Male Cops to do everything or they are trigger happy due to fear and incompetence
Jack Escalona
Jack Escalona 20 tuntia sitten
Understandable from your point of view, but from here, I say democracy is very much alive and kicking, we can criticize the government all we want and also give praises. This is a complicated country with a complicated history, weeding out those who opposes and incite doubt is natural--those people you mentioned are guilty themselves, they too have their skeletons much more gruesome and horrific. This is a battle for a bright future versus a system that is old and submissive. We will take our chances. Do better next time.
raf888 20 tuntia sitten
Vassal state...
flameout12345 20 tuntia sitten
Americans have found a way to use Free Speech to attack Rule of Law and in Racial Matter. Accident will always happen even professional gun handler have a higher risk of getting shot just by being next to a gun. But these protestors want to make it a race thing which was never the case and could have happen to anyone
Mr.Avid Outdoorsman
Mr.Avid Outdoorsman 20 tuntia sitten
Accidental?? more like negligent discharge!!
Malte Christensen
Malte Christensen 20 tuntia sitten
Instructor at police academy to students: "See now, this in my right hand is a pistol. I'm holding a taser in my left hand. Next I'll show you the difference between your thumb and toilet paper". Make sure you're aware of any differences.