Sharks @ Wild 1/24/21
2 päivää sitten
Pius Suter Hat Trick 01/24/21
Bookshelf Bunker
Bookshelf Bunker 13 tuntia sitten
Laine and Torts will get into it the first time Laine doesn't back-check..... 100% guaranteed.
dumaramutsi 13 tuntia sitten
Is Bernier okay?
falconeaterf15 13 tuntia sitten
5 games in 7 days and Jets still look great.
Matt C
Matt C 13 tuntia sitten
Glad to see a great portion of the cast show up. I'm surprised Joshua Jackson didn't join.
PoloRat 13 tuntia sitten
How did this team of no body’s. Except Luke and Potvin. Beat the legendary Avs with multiple hall of fame players like WHAT
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 13 tuntia sitten
You're so great ??
Soccasteve 13 tuntia sitten
Watching blues hockey is not good for my health.
GTI 13 tuntia sitten
Doughty unlocked a trophy. Red line to red line.
Emill2x 14 tuntia sitten
Amazing sounds a little Ariana Grande 🔥
Doug Anthony
Doug Anthony 14 tuntia sitten
Nice bounce back by wedgewood, islanders had there way with him the first game
J N 14 tuntia sitten
Subban dumped that snow bunny and is playing smart hockey. Black man kryptonite
J N 13 tuntia sitten
And I’m a conservative
J N 13 tuntia sitten
@Hugh Mungis wanna see him regain that Norris level of play she’s a distraction. It’s ok I can’t be racist I’m Black
Hugh Mungis
Hugh Mungis 13 tuntia sitten
Theres no room for racists in hockey. You sound like a damn democrat
Se Un
Se Un 14 tuntia sitten
Justin Williams, Mr. Game 7 scored first in game 5. I think he is retired. 3 on 2 in double OT, Clifford to Toffoli shoot save rebound scored Alec Martin. The Los Angeles Kings just won the Stanley Cup. Final scores Kings 3 Rangers 2. Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Ton! Fog horn went off for 1 min and 30 seconds.
Ballistic87 14 tuntia sitten
I didn't know we had a hockey team in NC. That is crazy. Well done!
Tyler Moreau
Tyler Moreau 14 tuntia sitten
"Ducks haven't had pick luck on the offensive side of the equation." They're getting out shot 11-3 and up 1-0. Definition of puck luck. Lol
Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia
Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia 14 tuntia sitten
Nice game by the ducks. I can respect they played pretty well. Although, if these highlights are representative, looks like the Avs spent an awful lot of time in the Ducks' zone, and Gibson was just unbreakable.
Scalez 14 tuntia sitten
I was at that game when they scored that goal
Makaveli Tha Don
Makaveli Tha Don 14 tuntia sitten
I don’t care what anyone says, jets have the most loyal fan base in all of the NHL. Every game sold out since 2011.
Bob Peterssen
Bob Peterssen 14 tuntia sitten
Simply a great player that everyone loved!
Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia
Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia 14 tuntia sitten
I don't know what was up with the Islanders--they've been rocking it this season so far. Happy to see NJ beat them, and I have to say WEdgewood really redeemed himself from that last performance. He played really well this game. Good to see the Devils making strides and coming into their own.
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 14 tuntia sitten
Good game Edmonton Oilers and tough loss Winnipeg Jets!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 14 tuntia sitten
That’s was a two period Tyler Pitlick highlight real. Too bad Arizona cam up with loss in this one.
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson 14 tuntia sitten
2:17 is obviously goaltender interference
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson 14 tuntia sitten
The jets winning streak is no more
bobkatfan 14 tuntia sitten
Fluery’s skate got a piece of the puck and that caused it to hit the post.
William Sydney
William Sydney 14 tuntia sitten
Tom Gaglardi is a real liar 😘
William Sydney
William Sydney 14 tuntia sitten
Tom Gaglardi sucks😑
We Cake'n
We Cake'n 14 tuntia sitten
Still like Sheary more than Guenzel
Marian Jacobs
Marian Jacobs 15 tuntia sitten
That's the oilers second buzzer-beater
Bigbuck 69er
Bigbuck 69er 15 tuntia sitten
Watch the Hawks make the playoffs somehow
Scott Becker
Scott Becker 14 tuntia sitten
Heck yeah. Two years in a row.
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 15 tuntia sitten
Good game San Jose Sharks and tough loss Minnesota Wild!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 15 tuntia sitten
How important was that bad puck play for the Ranger’s Lafreniere as the old time guys say the barn door was wide open.
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 15 tuntia sitten
Good game Los Angeles Kings and tough loss St. Louis Blues!
D C 15 tuntia sitten
Compare this to Tkachuck on Cambell dumb leaf fans
Victor E
Victor E 15 tuntia sitten
so ... 6 games in 0 regulation losses - 4 lines scoring, all 6 D men with points, 2 wins for Jake Allen...check, check, check, check ... I got that 1986 feeling....
jamal adams
jamal adams 15 tuntia sitten
Poor gibson
Brock Stiksma
Brock Stiksma 15 tuntia sitten
Love how on the bench got thrown in there 😂
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 15 tuntia sitten
Good game Dallas Stars and tough loss Nashville Predators!
Tom H
Tom H 15 tuntia sitten
Blues keep going back and forth with wins and losses. I feel like every time the other team has a power play, that team always take advantage of it.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 15 tuntia sitten
Rangers are absolutely garbage. Shesterkin looking like he’s a rookie goalie in every game this year. The defense is performing horrible. Odd man rushes, can’t intercept passes. Offense isn’t any better either they can’t put the puck away even if there was a gun pointed at their head
Eric Peacock
Eric Peacock 15 tuntia sitten
It's still early in the season. 5 games or so. Let's see where they're at at 15 games or 20. I have a feeling they'll be better...
Drew Allen
Drew Allen 15 tuntia sitten
This goal caused me to lose my fantasy game by .1 points thanks draisaitl
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 15 tuntia sitten
Good game Anaheim Ducks and tough loss Colorado Avalanche!
Michelle Ramses
Michelle Ramses 16 tuntia sitten
Fantastic game! Congrats Oilers from a Jets fan
TheJerbol 16 tuntia sitten
People booing before it starts lol, murica
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 16 tuntia sitten
Good game Pittsburgh Penguins and tough loss New York Rangers!
Eric Peacock
Eric Peacock 15 tuntia sitten
My 2 Favorite Teams ( I couldn't get excited when either team scored ) 🤷‍♂️🙂
Flash Faster
Flash Faster 16 tuntia sitten
I don't mind a good goal horn but lets up the compression a bit so I don't have to dive for remote to turn it down. OK?
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 16 tuntia sitten
Good game New Jersey Devils and tough loss New York Islanders!
Fatty Dim
Fatty Dim 16 tuntia sitten
Barbershev is my favorite player
Richard 1
Richard 1 16 tuntia sitten
What a great performance by Scott Wedgewood the 28 year old goalie.
C 16 tuntia sitten
I’m a Bruins fan, so maybe I’m biased, but do fans of other teams get chills everytime Boston scores a home playoff goal? The fans going nuts mixed by the goal horn is such a chilling noise
Mr. David
Mr. David 16 tuntia sitten
That's what the jets get for wearing those jerseys.
T Mo T
T Mo T 16 tuntia sitten
Not sure if playoff team. HA.
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 16 tuntia sitten
Good game Vegas Golden Knights and tough loss Arizona Coyotes!
massoud tavassoli
massoud tavassoli 16 tuntia sitten
is a good game
WiFuzzy 16 tuntia sitten
another game where one team needed to have there pay cut for the week.
Cam L
Cam L 16 tuntia sitten
Keep hockey in Arizona.
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 16 tuntia sitten
Now this is Fancy
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 16 tuntia sitten
Good game Toronto Maple Leafs and tough loss Calgary Flames!
Big Buckeye Fan
Big Buckeye Fan 16 tuntia sitten
No cats?? Seriously!!
Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga
Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga 16 tuntia sitten
How many posts
Cole 16 tuntia sitten
He’s coming back to TO!!!
SoCalSportsFan 27
SoCalSportsFan 27 16 tuntia sitten
Just a depressed Ducks fan re-living the good days
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 16 tuntia sitten
Take notes NFL-NBA-MLB
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart 16 tuntia sitten
Good game Buffalo Sabres and tough loss Washington Capitals!
Candy Z
Candy Z 16 tuntia sitten
mn fan
Бадик Мухидинов
Бадик Мухидинов 16 tuntia sitten
what's the song???
Kilian Enright
Kilian Enright 16 tuntia sitten
Great devending by Vegewood
Dylan Patel
Dylan Patel 16 tuntia sitten
I love when tkachuk “fell” on Campbell in the third period. You can tell it was intentional
C H 16 tuntia sitten
s stevenson
s stevenson 17 tuntia sitten
People who live in Texas, Florida etc. shouldnt be allowed to get the vaccine until everyone else in the country is vaccinated, and should be barred from leaving their state until that happens.
Dylan Richards
Dylan Richards 17 tuntia sitten
Although I wish the jets had won this one I’m happy about how this game went. it was a great game! Lots of nice goals a bunch of huge saves some crazy plays and even a clutch goal by the McDavid Draisaitl duo! Good job Edmonton! Maybe we’ll get you next time! :)
Cody ALLCAPS 17 tuntia sitten
Please get rid of the shooout. Ruins the game. Play 3v3 til someone scores...
Michael Shanks
Michael Shanks 14 tuntia sitten
I'm sure you said that when they won the other day in the shootout.
Arnaud André Girod
Arnaud André Girod 17 tuntia sitten
Mc David is a machine
FFS FLOPPER 17 tuntia sitten
I was at the game in the seats
Amerikai 17 tuntia sitten
Glad Ullmark got this W after what he's been through this week
Geneviève Marcotte
Geneviève Marcotte 17 tuntia sitten
Arnaud André Girod
Arnaud André Girod 17 tuntia sitten
Burns them all ...
D. S.
D. S. 17 tuntia sitten
Caps played dirty. And they deserve this loose. Lets go Sabres!!!
Jonny Snipes
Jonny Snipes 13 tuntia sitten
Coming from a Sabres fan I don’t think they played dirty. That’s hockey for you. I love those big hits. I wish Sabres made hits like the caps are giving. That’s real hockey mate
Murokulho O
Murokulho O 17 tuntia sitten
caps take every game on overtime or shootout😂😂
Kasper Alsted
Kasper Alsted 17 tuntia sitten
Bruh kane and suter Nice
Fuh Q
Fuh Q 17 tuntia sitten
stars are gonna win the cup this year for sure. best powerplay and the best goaltending in the league