Yaje Popson's "Poets" Part
7 päivää sitten
The Upper West Side Curb Club Video
Max Wheeler's "Stained" Part
7 päivää sitten
HOMIES Ep.7 "Backyard Blowout"
Vans "Rowan Mix" Video
7 päivää sitten
Out There: Danny Garcia
Will cabamba
Will cabamba 9 tuntia sitten
Kenzo Coogan
Kenzo Coogan 9 tuntia sitten
I really like Zion’s style! He rocks🤙
Fca Montoya
Fca Montoya 9 tuntia sitten
Ben! You’re fuckin gnarly 🔥🙌🏽
royce 9 tuntia sitten
his run on about nsync sent mee
beautiful night
beautiful night 10 tuntia sitten
dangerius, how if someone trying to real
Timothy o
Timothy o 10 tuntia sitten
Petrocelli getting gnarly
ManiacDrummer1212 10 tuntia sitten
Props to the filmers most of the lines felt really really close and intense!!!
veromikes 10 tuntia sitten
Two words. Hea- Vy
Vinngaming 10 tuntia sitten
Do you still know ashton kelly i heard he was your freind and ashton is my fav FIpostr
Joshua Weglarz
Joshua Weglarz 10 tuntia sitten
William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb
Bus Stop.
Bus Stop. 10 tuntia sitten
Theses, guys are living The Dream: making a living Skateboarding & Making Art
Fonzerellie 351
Fonzerellie 351 10 tuntia sitten
So sad .... i battled depression. Playing music is what saved me . Music really is good for the soul . Positive Music of course ....
Shay Gabay
Shay Gabay 10 tuntia sitten
איזו גאווהההההה
Zane Roberts
Zane Roberts 11 tuntia sitten
He’s the best
ליבנה שביט Shavit
ליבנה שביט Shavit 11 tuntia sitten
כל הכבוד חברים אתם אלופים 👍👍
a. r.
a. r. 11 tuntia sitten
Wonder if the person in the car honks at everyone they see on a sidewalk. What a tard
Gennaesse 11 tuntia sitten
Brandon West wit the bs 360 kickflip shit was dirty
ThomasTrain Fan
ThomasTrain Fan 11 tuntia sitten
722,000th like for this funny vid
J. F.
J. F. 11 tuntia sitten
Haha I instantly have to think about Jarne Verbruggen.. guess Belgians have a style of their own
Leoslappys Minaj
Leoslappys Minaj 11 tuntia sitten
Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez 11 tuntia sitten
fucking genius, nice ass too lol!
Adri Salaroli
Adri Salaroli 11 tuntia sitten
nate 11 tuntia sitten
what a good video
SoberDude 12 tuntia sitten
shit the video is so awsome
Jared Boring, Jr
Jared Boring, Jr 12 tuntia sitten
What’s the song in the credits?
Dylan Ryan
Dylan Ryan 12 tuntia sitten
Really like this one thrasher!!
William MBG
William MBG 12 tuntia sitten
My brother can do that without the help of green people
cyril pitet
cyril pitet 12 tuntia sitten
hi from 2021 👋 you guys are not ready
Jason May
Jason May 12 tuntia sitten
He is so dope. Just watched this for the first time in a while. Love it.
Hugo Mundo
Hugo Mundo 12 tuntia sitten
Never be ashamed to be yourself, NEVER!
gucci eyelids
gucci eyelids 12 tuntia sitten
This made me realize how little fun I have.
Olysk8er 12 tuntia sitten
It's good to see that Tom Penny's pants from the early 90's are still able to find work.
Canardo AbuSa
Canardo AbuSa 13 tuntia sitten
Sooo muuuuuuch style ! I love her
Ivanel Lamas
Ivanel Lamas 13 tuntia sitten
Quien rayooooooos es este tio? How tha heeeel are this guy? holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! <3
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 tuntia sitten
Wait, really?
Tyler S
Tyler S 13 tuntia sitten
That’s karma for not wherein a helmet
Dimo 13 tuntia sitten
Antwerpen for life!
Emil Lundby
Emil Lundby 13 tuntia sitten
Is Maite a girl or boy? Well, He/She has a fricking fucking awesome style!
FORANWFS 14 tuntia sitten
Andy Roy shapes almost haha rad stuff this
Zylo 14 tuntia sitten
Damn honestly didn't even know she was chick, straight shredder
Amit 14 tuntia sitten
אתם משוגעיםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםם איזה כיף לראות
Zalseon 14 tuntia sitten
Me: You know, i haven't heard from skater culture since 06, i wonder what it's up to these days. 2019 Skater culture:
Josiah Pabst
Josiah Pabst 14 tuntia sitten
This shit is iconic. High bar gd
heshwuan 14 tuntia sitten
If 'Public Domain' and 'Future Primitive' were rented out at the VHS place, this is what I would rent. I've seen this countless times and, to this day, it still scratches that itch. I remember wearing those same Converse and using shoe-goo to get them through the entire summer.
andre correia
andre correia 14 tuntia sitten
She’s a real gangstar 🔫
jumanjiwarlord 14 tuntia sitten
Are those JNCO jeans? U go girl. 💪👽
Isaac Halley
Isaac Halley 14 tuntia sitten
0:22 1:03 3:09 4:11 damn
Antwuan Pryer-Infinite
Antwuan Pryer-Infinite 14 tuntia sitten
you had me rollin this time Gary lmfaooo. keep up the great work hemmie.
Szabolcs Horváth
Szabolcs Horváth 14 tuntia sitten
5:09 headshot
gRosh08 14 tuntia sitten
inoxia datura
inoxia datura 14 tuntia sitten
Easily the best video I've seen this year
The DLC 14 tuntia sitten
i love maite so much but i have to admit i felt like i was listening to alvin and the chipmunks lol
HASSAN GARAH 15 tuntia sitten
MONSTER ! 15 tuntia sitten
I enjoyed watching this👍💯
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner 15 tuntia sitten
0:34 when the AC suddenly goes out at work lol
Lance Love
Lance Love 15 tuntia sitten
I don't let things make me want to skate anymore. I control me and I wish I did from the start. It was fun and I was good but I sacrificed alot and made other people sacrifice alot and even hurt themselves. Maybe saved a few people but whats a few worth. Probably ruined a few lives too. I know its been real serious. So I think before I get on a skateboard again I will continue to resist it. Theres still some things I can't explain and some risks I'm not willing to take. If you can't get what you want in life then don't try to act like you can when you're just getting what you need. Its just not been in the way of things to get what I want out of skateboarding..my needs are not always clear or easy to interpret at the time. Not much else to it. Just don't want to get hurt.
Scary Teej
Scary Teej 15 tuntia sitten
I really thought the beginning was a funny punchline to the beginning
Ricky Rolando
Ricky Rolando 15 tuntia sitten
Song was a perfect fit because that dude was MOVING. He's both got the moves and was going fast.
popadom palace
popadom palace 15 tuntia sitten
If anyone knows the final song please let me know I’ve been searching for it for fukin ages aha
The Record Library
The Record Library 15 tuntia sitten
pietrão 16 tuntia sitten
3:33 caralho
pietrão 16 tuntia sitten
3:13 da hora essa
Just Chilling
Just Chilling 16 tuntia sitten
I hope I meet these guys before I die!...100
Mr Tesco Meal deal
Mr Tesco Meal deal 16 tuntia sitten
The worst ones are when they hurt their nuts or land on there neck
Nae Cervós
Nae Cervós 16 tuntia sitten
Las rodillera y casco gi************
Dylannn 710
Dylannn 710 16 tuntia sitten
One of my favorites
Christian O
Christian O 16 tuntia sitten
this is hard as fuck
thomas S.
thomas S. 16 tuntia sitten
Hes skating some difficult looking spots
dontcallmegus 16 tuntia sitten
Guy at 2:44 looks like a Mike Carroll impersonator haha
Sunday Slayerzz
Sunday Slayerzz 16 tuntia sitten
That whole vid had me grinning. So fucking rad
Ian Cicco
Ian Cicco 16 tuntia sitten
Silas Donald
Silas Donald 16 tuntia sitten
Love the antics
Dan David
Dan David 16 tuntia sitten
Idk anyone better then Huston. I don't know how you could ever push skating any further. Next gen of skaters will have to be putting their lives at risk to up the game
Nicolas Lacasse
Nicolas Lacasse 16 tuntia sitten
Maité got so much styleeee
Kaffee Skateboards
Kaffee Skateboards 16 tuntia sitten
Amazing Job on the filming and editing.
Kaffee Skateboards
Kaffee Skateboards 16 tuntia sitten
Uff, crusty flatground... You can feel it.
Danny Chavez
Danny Chavez 16 tuntia sitten
"Wavves" is in this! Let's go!
HanSwollo 17 tuntia sitten
new fav part, ngl
Nikinovski 17 tuntia sitten
Maité and her gang are one of the most creative people in skateboarding right now, this is proof of that. Her personality is imprinted all over this part. So much respect and love to her skating, been following her since the other part she dropped with element.
גיא רודוי
גיא רודוי 17 tuntia sitten
Crazy shit