Georgia election
Georgia Senate runoff election: live updates from ABC News Live
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Why a US election in Georgia matters so much
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The Georgia runoffs, explained. Subscribe to our channel! The US 2020 election isn't completely over.
Watch live: Georgia Senate runoff election coverage
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CBSN is streaming coverage of Georgia's Senate runoff elections, which will determine which party controls the Senate.
Democrats to control U.S. Senate with wins in Georgia run-off elections
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Breaking down ramifications of Georgia runoff elections, presidential election certification
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CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how Democrats positioned ...
Steve Kornacki Breaks Down Impact Of Georgia Senate Runoff | TODAY
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Georgia election | Live coverage of U.S. Senate runoff races
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This is a replay of a livestream of 11Alive Election coverage that began at 7:00 p.n. on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2020 and ended the next ...
Republican Georgia election official has a message for President Trump
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Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager for the Georgia Secretary of State's office, tells CNN's Amara Walker ...
Georgia election official refutes Trump's voter fraud claims
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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering ...
Analysis and results from Georgia Senate runoff elections - 1/5 (FULL LIVE STREAM)
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A pair of runoff elections in Georgia will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) faces Rev.
Georgia runoff election voter turnout tops 3 million
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Georgia Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler said she'll object to certifying President-elect Joe Biden's win. She also dodged ...
Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Election, NBC News Projects | MSNBC
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NBC News has projected a win for Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock in the race for one of Georgia's Senate seats, as he defeats ...
US Election: Tensions rising as Trump lead narrows in Georgia
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Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania are all still counting their ballots as the world waits to see if Joe Biden or Donald Trump will ...
Georgia Voters Head To Polls In Crucial Senate Runoff Elections | TODAY
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‘This Is A Defeat For Donald Trump,’ Chuck Todd Says Of Georgia Runoffs | TODAY
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NBC political director Chuck Todd and chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson join TODAY with analysis of the results of ...
Latest Georgia Senate election results
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11Alive's Liza Lucas reports on the chances for a recount in the Jon Ossoff-David Perdue race.
US Election: Georgia's black voters 'voting for their lives'
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Sky's Alex Crawford is in Atlanta, Georgia, which has emerged as an electoral battleground for the first time in decades.
Political strategist Tony Fratto on Georgia's Senate runoff election
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Georgia Election Official Condemns Threats Of Violence, Slams Trump, GOP For Not Speaking Out
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Georgia Republicans accused of trying to suppress votes with new election bill
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A new election bill in Georgia would ban counties from holding early voting on Sundays. It would shrink the window of time ...