1960s Austin Mini Cooper S - Bangers & Cash S01E01 (English)

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Behind the scenes of a North Yorkshire-based, family-run historic car auction business, which uncovers some remarkably rare vehicles in the picturesque village of Thornton-le-Dale.
The car restoration programme is a genre particularly beloved of channels nestled far down the electronic programme guide. Yet while this new series broadly fits the bill, with plenty of blokes cooing appreciatively over engine blocks, it’s really more of a gentle observational documentary about the Mathewsons classic car auctioneers in Thornton le Dale, North Yorkshire. Headed by patriarch Derek, the firm is staffed by family members all the way down to 11-year-old Charlie.
Film of their work is interspersed with the slight grumbles typical of all families, which is hardly riveting - but then Derek finds a rare, dilapidated 1960s Mini Cooper S crumbling in a garage and the excitement builds to an astonishing auction.

mrstephenteoable 2 päivää sitten
How much would it cost to refurbish a 1963 Austin Mini & ship it to Malaysia Kota kinabalu, Sabah?
Graham Lee
Graham Lee 2 päivää sitten
It's crazy how many cars we send to the scrappy. Great show
Danny Boy 888
Danny Boy 888 4 päivää sitten
My first car was a 1960. Austin Cambridge for $50. Drove it for 4 years and sold it for $35. 🍺🍺🍺
Johan Smith
Johan Smith 8 päivää sitten
Hope the guy make a restoration video of the Mini and share it on FIpost. May post a link here in the future if he does?
Johan Smith
Johan Smith 8 päivää sitten
Hope the guy make a restoration video of the Mini and share it on FIpost. May post a link here in the future if he does?
7532eddie 13 päivää sitten
Whoever made the Triggers Broom remark in the comments below me is correct. All the replacement parts used for this rebuild will be Heritage parts made last week, because no genuine parts exist for these cars. This will need a new shell, panels, sub frame, running gear, most of the engine etc, etc. If the only part of the car worth saving is the VIN plate then it’s absolutely crazy to think you will have a genuine Cooper s at the end of the rebuild.
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 13 päivää sitten
Derek has something in common, he hails from Tottenham :)
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 13 päivää sitten
I've had quite a few cars, the mini was my best and favorite car
Aaron Reece
Aaron Reece 15 päivää sitten
For the money you'd put into that mini you can buy a new body shell.
dave h
dave h 17 päivää sitten
That mini looks like its been on the deck of the titanic
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 17 päivää sitten
That’s mental
Guillermo Nieri
Guillermo Nieri 18 päivää sitten
Chantelle Peak
Chantelle Peak 20 päivää sitten
Julian Watts
Julian Watts 20 päivää sitten
Who on earth edited this. The continuity is all over the place.
Perez Macho Thor
Perez Macho Thor 21 päivä sitten
Buuu. Jilis mucho blabla ...y es una pu...mierda 😢😢😷😱
Joe Colwell
Joe Colwell 21 päivä sitten
It would be great, unless he has already done so, for the guy who brought the Mini to show the restoration on You Tube.
NCB 22 päivää sitten
For 'collector'... read 'hoarder'. End.
NCB 22 päivää sitten
Porky chops.
Mercmad 23 päivää sitten
In the early 70's my 'S' wasn't much better, It crabbed along the road because the rear sub frame had rusted away and was loose....
Part Time
Part Time 23 päivää sitten
Then the Cooper S 'woody' would be extremely rare.. A friend of mine has one..
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
A cooper S estate? And I thought I knew quite a bit about coopers in my day.
peter 23 päivää sitten
does that mean my Scion Xb is worth $60k
Dr 2Stroke
Dr 2Stroke 24 päivää sitten
£18K for that thing?... My father had a scrapyard back in the 80's and 90's and had an old Fiat 500 that was rotten like that , it used to fall off the forklift everytime i tried moving it , i cant ever imagine it making that sort of money
Integra DIY
Integra DIY 24 päivää sitten
Those were some true mini fans! They should’ve swept up the rust, and auctioned off the rust to the highest bidder 🚙 🧹
Alex Lintern
Alex Lintern 24 päivää sitten
I was waiting for that garage to collapse once the mini was out.........cheaper to run than a BentLee !!
Karna Jaya
Karna Jaya 25 päivää sitten
I need repair & Rebuild Morris,no result🙏
Don Dada
Don Dada 25 päivää sitten
Mira Gino Baby ... One day
paul robinson
paul robinson 25 päivää sitten
£18000 Thats £2000 more than my fully restored 1962 Mk1 850 is worth
paul robinson
paul robinson 25 päivää sitten
31:04 He ain't no real Mini fan, if that was an MK1 850 Mini, he would not even give that a sniff or the light of day. He is only in it for the money, not the love of saving an old Mini!!! So glad he didn't win it.
geordiemik72 25 päivää sitten
I seem to remember 1965 model 1275 Cooper S had S badges on the boot and bonnet and they were fitted with twin fuel tanks. That one has none of those. Is it really a 1275 S or has someone fitted a 1275 motor into a Cooper back in the distant past?
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
@geordiemik72 could well be....my cooper 998 had a 1275 S engine that was never registered....no one cared years ago
geordiemik72 22 päivää sitten
@White Monkey Shouldn't it have the 'S' badge on the boot lid and bonnet? Checking the government web site searching on the reg no describes it as a 1275 but could it have been a 998 Cooper that someone fitted the bigger engine to?
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
Not all coopers had twin tanks, it was an option. You can check in ten minutes from the VIN. A quick check reveals that is a 1275, so it has to be an S though with UK law ages back, you could stick any 1275 A series lump in a mini and notify the changes and it would show us as a mini 1275. I have just checked my cooper 998cc online and it doesn't specifically show up as a cooper
José Vinagre
José Vinagre 25 päivää sitten
Nice "intro", my new friends!!
Genti dushaj
Genti dushaj 25 päivää sitten
Super super
Roger Brown
Roger Brown 25 päivää sitten
Wish I still had my 1962 997 cc Morris cooper. Rog. Pacific sunset records .
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
@Roger Brown I had a MK2 Lotus Cortina...now THAT I wish I still had..I also had a MK1 1500 cortina GT which was a beautiful car. Shame they all went.
Roger Brown
Roger Brown 22 päivää sitten
@White Monkey hi but I do still have a 1965 mk 1 lotus Cortina but the mini epitomised the swinging 60s. Keep hold of your 998 cooper as they can only increase in value. Best wishes and stay safe. Rog. Pacific sunset records
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
I have a 998...the 997's are a very rare beast as are the 970/1071S variants
John Due
John Due 26 päivää sitten
A wast of time: One rusty MCS bought and then discarded
BigJulie 26 päivää sitten
I could be tempted to sell my 1969 Mini Cooper S, 45,000 miles....... 98% restored... gold plated ash tray, sterling silver wing nuts. It is in Perth Australia. Red with white top.
John Lee
John Lee 26 päivää sitten
Surely they didn't pay for that.
John Lee
John Lee 26 päivää sitten
It will need a donor car to put that mini back on the road.
John Lee
John Lee 26 päivää sitten
People who treat a treasure like trash shouldn't own a car.
John Lee
John Lee 26 päivää sitten
Take that mini to the crusher .
NVRAMboi 26 päivää sitten
Thanks from the USA. Very well done.
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods 26 päivää sitten
That’s not even worth fixing. Total junk . Even if it got restored I would not want it. A shit sandwich
Christian Sanden
Christian Sanden 26 päivää sitten
Thats too much money for that piece of junk, crazy. I love the mini cooper but that thing, no way
macelius 26 päivää sitten
Time to send it over to Bad Obsession Motorsports, I think the boys are finally close to done with theirs and gonna need a new project lol.
rudy farkas
rudy farkas 26 päivää sitten
the car is taxed so must have put something on the road
Annette Kleynhans
Annette Kleynhans 26 päivää sitten
Oooo...deep,deep mini nostalgia for me! I married a man with a Mini Cooper (not S) in 1964 and I scrapped it in 1966!! My longing for a Mini never retreated and the moment there was enough money for a bottom of the range Mini we bought in1970....painted a battleship grey..... then my beautiful yellow Mini with its dashing black “enhancements” My son scrap that one🙇‍♀️. Don’t like the modern version.....so now....... into the sunset I drive with my 2002 trusted old Nissan Almera. 265 397 on the clock and not a days trouble......still missing a “proper” Mini .
ArtisanCans 26 päivää sitten
ROVER 416 Si
ROVER 416 Si 26 päivää sitten
Mark G6JVY
Mark G6JVY 26 päivää sitten
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson 26 päivää sitten
what a crack up I've got the Cupper s stamp plates and can make them new
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
Yes, many people can, but you need to know the VIN and engine number first. He was smart enough to take the chassis plate off before someone did just that.
simon Gee
simon Gee 27 päivää sitten
That explains it - ! Must admit though, having twin tanks / filler caps certainly added a certain panache to the look - ! 😁
den co
den co 27 päivää sitten
The genuine cooper s's had a 130 mph speedo not the 120 mph speedo oh dear what have you bought (quickly takes off vin plate)🤣
Vinko Franicic
Vinko Franicic 26 päivää sitten
@den co 😂😂😂😂 good you proved you know nothing about spotting a genuine S' 😂😂😂😂
simon Gee
simon Gee 27 päivää sitten
Back in the early '70s, a pal had a Cooper S with twin tanks. Certainly appeared to have been factory fitted as I recall.
INCOMING SHELL 27 päivää sitten
Mini's are great, but $18 K ?.... That's just ridiculous.....People put too much money on a tag.....
Barry scarlett
Barry scarlett 27 päivää sitten
Expensive plates and tags
2005 girl
2005 girl 27 päivää sitten
Michael Dickens
Michael Dickens 27 päivää sitten
I love it how stunning
carlos silguero
carlos silguero 27 päivää sitten
uma merde.
Balham 27 päivää sitten
A World before covid
Dale olson
Dale olson 27 päivää sitten
The music junked another video 👎💩
trem op
trem op 27 päivää sitten
poor men ! pay for trash
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 27 päivää sitten
how can u make a video this bad
S Dry
S Dry 27 päivää sitten
Absolutely love this show - just the best way to chill for an hour. But I can't understand this obsession with barn find minis and paying £000s for a VIN plate. The restored car will will share almost no DNA with the car that left the factory.
Kiinell 12 päivää sitten
That's what I'm thinking. I can't get my head around it. Someone will pay 50k for a plate on a 15k car, essentially.
stephen edwards
stephen edwards 27 päivää sitten
i know where there are two 60s coopers s just sitting in a garage doing nothing. owner wont do anything with them ...its tragic
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
Hopefully no one will creep in and photo the engine and chassis plates. Or worse, pop them off. Minis always have been one of the easiest cars to clone.
Mitchell Edwards
Mitchell Edwards 27 päivää sitten
Just about to turn it of then a Mk2 Escort pops up lol
desertmandan123 27 päivää sitten
Brilliant show, lovely honest hard working people...10/10.
Neat dirty Twats
Neat dirty Twats 27 päivää sitten
Im looking for one like this but at around 6 figures Very nice show 👏
johnsamu 27 päivää sitten
Back in the days, I had a mini and after that a clubman but those were in WAY better state than this pile of ironoxide 😉😁
SteeVeeDee 27 päivää sitten
This place is just around the corner from me - I see all sorts of stuff turn up outside. This wreck was purchased just for the VIN and engine block in order to use a new shell to produce an 'original' 60's Cooper S which can be worth £50-60k. A new mini shell currently costs £9k and the engine block could be built back into a 'genuine' Cooper S engine.
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
I'm not sure how the DVLA points system works with a new shell, a good proportion of the original running gear has to be reused for it to retains it's identity, unless of course you just stay quiet. Pretty much everything is available except for block and head castings, the bodyshell is a mini deluxe shell, and if I remember correctly not much else is dedicated to the cooper save for the brakes.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 26 päivää sitten
Watched the show a few times it looks a nice place to live and the people too must be cool to live near the auction rooms
habibil huda
habibil huda 27 päivää sitten
35:05 🤣🤣🤣
Andy Bush
Andy Bush 27 päivää sitten
I put a 1250 engine in a Mini shell, twin tanks, high ratio differencial a 2 inch carb and long center branch manifold and straight through exhaust. Lowered it too. It went like the proverbial clappers. I wasn't one for badges, mine just said Mini. Total time starting with a bare shell and an old mini van, working weekends only was three months to complete. Lovely program here.
Future Classics
Future Classics 28 päivää sitten
Will almost certainly have to re-body that Mini. Most valuable part of it is the V5 form
Kar Guy
Kar Guy 23 päivää sitten
I restored a 1978 Mini, which was in a right state, but not as bad as this one. The block and cylinder head might be recoverable, but the balance of the car will end up as scrap.
Kevin Chamberlain
Kevin Chamberlain 28 päivää sitten
We of the 60's 70's and 80's owned the very best cars and motorbikes which we can no longer afford to buy! LOL!
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 13 päivää sitten
So true
Colin Mould
Colin Mould 28 päivää sitten
Look forward to seeing the rebiuld
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
It won't really be a rebuild, they will just pin the VIN and engine numbers back on.
Ascott Steve
Ascott Steve 27 päivää sitten
They got a new log book for it January 2019 and it aint back on the road yet
H-J. K.
H-J. K. 28 päivää sitten
Old People buying old things.
jeep2003 28 päivää sitten
Crazy these loaded guys buy project cars and have other people fix them. Just buy an already restored car if you dont want to get your hands dirty!
Rob Balinski
Rob Balinski 28 päivää sitten
fuck that mini's in a bad way.... imagine if the owner kept up the maintenance on the garage what that mini would look like. Even I wouldn't bother trying to save that shell.
Davied Lopulalan
Davied Lopulalan 28 päivää sitten
When the latest car mods are too much, just go back to classics.
EngineEngineer 28 päivää sitten
"nice mini cooper S wheels" *hits them with sledgehammer
James Davis
James Davis 27 päivää sitten
He was hitting the studs.
WhoIamIsNotImportant 27 päivää sitten
They'll be scrap anyway along with 95% of the car.
Mark 28 päivää sitten
I thought they were called Morris
White Monkey
White Monkey 22 päivää sitten
Austin or Morris
Hecthor Vasquez
Hecthor Vasquez 28 päivää sitten
What the Fk happen to that car.
Hecthor Vasquez
Hecthor Vasquez 27 päivää sitten
@Kierran Stevenson the car
Hecthor Vasquez
Hecthor Vasquez 27 päivää sitten
@Kierran Stevenson this garbage
Kierran Stevenson
Kierran Stevenson 27 päivää sitten
The people who rent it out have tried to make it Dilapidated and a write off but they can’t and ain’t man enough , the car will suffer accordingly once craze calms down , barring some senior citizens routine excursion
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 28 päivää sitten
Hope to see the resto on youtube would be nice
Neil Fraser-Smith
Neil Fraser-Smith 28 päivää sitten
Starts at 4:11
bizling 28 päivää sitten
I assume the "S" part of the boot logo is pinned in a grommet to the back panel?
Michael Aldredge-Greenwell
Michael Aldredge-Greenwell 28 päivää sitten
I positively love this show. These awesome car restoration shows relax me, & lower my stress levels daily. Plus, they’re enjoyable to watch. As y’all can tell, I’m a huge car fan
Selwyn Froggitt
Selwyn Froggitt 28 päivää sitten
You wouldn’t do it for the £ - that’s for sure.
B von A
B von A 28 päivää sitten
Amazing that the MIni did not break in half. I was expecting it every moment...
Ge Gwen
Ge Gwen 28 päivää sitten
18K for that heap & its not even an S (IMO) A Cooper yes but not an S
Ge Gwen
Ge Gwen 26 päivää sitten
@Steve Cooper997 Yours is an early one then Steve and a few were produced without twin tanks. All mine had twin tanks, my last being a 1071 that I rebuilt from the shell up in around (?) 68 certainly did.
Steve Cooper997
Steve Cooper997 27 päivää sitten
I have a 63 Cooper 997cc which I have owned for 40 years and that (heap) definitely looks like a Cooper S from my armchair
Trump Won
Trump Won 28 päivää sitten
Funny, none of these people want to spend a quid on their teeth.
Itsonlymeee1 24 päivää sitten
Kierran Stevenson
Kierran Stevenson 27 päivää sitten
In time in due order
simon Gee
simon Gee 28 päivää sitten
I was under the impression that the Cooper S had twin fuel tanks and thus a filler cap each side.
Steve Cooper997
Steve Cooper997 27 päivää sitten
It was a factory option which was available when ordering the car new
John Michael
John Michael 28 päivää sitten
No, I don’t think any mini had that from the factory.
Hoonatic Bloggs
Hoonatic Bloggs 28 päivää sitten
Light restoration
dhouse 28 päivää sitten
He basically paid for the engine and serial plate and a few oddments.
Team33 28 päivää sitten
Fcuk - That mini. Why bother ? All parts will be newly made in anycase. May as well just DECLARE - I have a project - and buy all the parts new and assemble a mini ? Save all the hassle of taking a heap of rusted junk home and spreading it all over the garage floor.
WhoIamIsNotImportant 27 päivää sitten
@Team33 Mini is one of the greatest cars ever made. Cooper S was a giant in rally. £40-60k seems steep but in the current classic car market it makes sense. It's the nasty tatty rot box Rover mini's etc that people think are worth in excess of £5000 which is laughable.
Team33 27 päivää sitten
@WhoIamIsNotImportant its a mini FFS
WhoIamIsNotImportant 27 päivää sitten
The VIN for £14k so they can call it a cooper-s. Speedo is worth £1k. Some pieces and engine pieces worth £3-4k are salvageable. Yes they will buy £25k for a new shell and all new parts....so meh whatever floats your boat. The new shell won't have all the original fine details, I'm sure they'll modify it to match the original.
THATSMYNAME 29 päivää sitten
Bring back the picnic, You can't even sit on park bench nowadays 😂😂😂
MAX POWER 29 päivää sitten
If they reshell it then its no longer the same car...triggers broom
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 29 päivää sitten
As usual we never see the restored car
Hatchet Harry
Hatchet Harry 25 päivää sitten
you'll have to wait two years according to the new owner!
J Stewart
J Stewart 29 päivää sitten
Good video but the bloody background music is too bloody loud no need for it who are these people that put the music to the videos, I was wanting to see the outcome of the little mini , but I won't bother now .
Biker - 57
Biker - 57 29 päivää sitten
Die schönsten Autos. Aber leider fahrt ihr Engländer immer noch auf der falschen Straßen Seite !!!
leaflee 29 päivää sitten
A new shell, a new engine, new running gear and a paint job it will be as good as new!
darryl campbell
darryl campbell 29 päivää sitten
Great show though.
darryl campbell
darryl campbell 29 päivää sitten
The man that brought that mini etither has too much money or hes delusional. that car is ROOTED. what a genuine POS. The car that is...
Bob Eden
Bob Eden 29 päivää sitten
I thought that a cooper s had twin tanks?
aftonline 27 päivää sitten
@Ascott Steve Surely the VIN must have checked out or he wouldn't have paid 18k for it?
Ascott Steve
Ascott Steve 27 päivää sitten
It's a 1965 they were optional until 1966 but can't see where the S badge would have been on the boot. it might have an S engine but I reckon it's a Cooper.
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