38 Is a Magic Number - Marble Machine X #89

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Eat, Sleep, Bend PMMA Pipes, Repeat! I want to say thank you for all the supportive comments on the video I posted before the summer about taking a short break, I am addressing one of all the comments in this video. Have a great day everyone, see you next week! / Martin
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TRAINERDS Vuosi sitten
Martin: "Autumn 2019 is going to be a roller coaster and I´m going to take you with me for the ride" , Cue Titanic theme song
1984 2056
1984 2056 4 kuukautta sitten
@Homunkoloss Hannes Kuatsson
1984 2056
1984 2056 4 kuukautta sitten
Trainerds whats your name
Homunkoloss Vuosi sitten
Please make more videos!!!!!
Alicia Manolas
Alicia Manolas Vuosi sitten
@Cinnamunoo Smiles We all are, and thankyou for writing him what you did, it was beautifully put, heartfelt and well said. I really felt like you were putting into words what I (and I'm sure many others) truly felt. I'm so glad your words gave Martin some mental relief. Hugs from Perth, Western Australia.
Cinnamunoo Smiles
Cinnamunoo Smiles Vuosi sitten
I am sure ready for the ride! :-)
1984 2056
1984 2056 4 kuukautta sitten
38 Is a Magic Number... Marble Machine X
1984 2056
1984 2056 4 kuukautta sitten
I saw some pipes
1984 2056
1984 2056 4 kuukautta sitten
Ryan Kozarich
Ryan Kozarich 7 kuukautta sitten
"I thought 42 was the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?"
용삼형제 9 kuukautta sitten
Always good luck Take care of yourself Come for healing in the mountains Freshwater eel Freshwater Crab Fishing Come and see me. apply Sounds good. Recommendation is love. It's not about spending money. Always have good luck, stay healthy and do your best fipost.info/show/videot/0KmI1IGLa2utg4Q.html fipost.info/show/videot/yqyJlWWlq4SRhXw.html fipost.info/show/videot/0tKcsqqbh62RqHg.html fipost.info/show/videot/2LmjxqWsaq6jnWM.html fipost.info/show/videot/l8OauX15hH2NYZo.html FIpost facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011652750114 Facebook fipost.info/show/videot/l8OauX15hH2NYZo.html or9t Insta vt.tiktok.com/8mwsTe/ Tick ​​Talk yg710319 Kakao Talk thethreebrothers Timeline I wish you healthy and happy 365 days
Gil Marquez
Gil Marquez 11 kuukautta sitten
I hope that you know this is awesome! I cant wait to see it on the world tour
Nuts Mc Flurry
Nuts Mc Flurry Vuosi sitten
Docking pipe connector should have been magnetic instead of a screw
earle0024 Vuosi sitten
Can I PLEASE send you a band saw??? Watching you spend all that time with a hacksaw is starting to impact my life.
locksmithmuggle Vuosi sitten
You may not have an expensive diploma but you absolutely are an engineer
King Kebo
King Kebo Vuosi sitten
The tapping story arc is one of my favorites
Spike! Vuosi sitten
guys you won’t you won’t believe how many times he said 38
mankz103 Vuosi sitten
We all gangster until Martin says 11 and sounds like yos hi
Redsunblaze Production
Redsunblaze Production Vuosi sitten
9:10 sounds megalovania for a sec
Anita Reilly
Anita Reilly Vuosi sitten
You are freaking unbelievable. What skill.
ANY HOW Vuosi sitten
ENGINEER : If you get tired, youre not doing it right.
AMON RONIN Vuosi sitten
Can anybody tell me if this thing is done?.....and where can i see it?
War Run
War Run Vuosi sitten
But.... the magic number is 42!!! isnt??
riseupwarriors888 Vuosi sitten
Wintergartan= modern day Leonardo da Vinci :)
Wopadopadoobawop Vuosi sitten
9:10 dont think i didnt here you start megalovania.
Natural Caffeine
Natural Caffeine Vuosi sitten
-_THXXSH_- Vuosi sitten
I have been waiting for years cant wait to see the final
Ondes Estou
Ondes Estou Vuosi sitten
The best intros in yt
Vax Not
Vax Not Vuosi sitten
No need to ponder if building MMX was a good idea. It's living art so it needs no justification other than that. Instead, ponder how you will be able to transport it when on tour without damaging it!
griffen98 Vuosi sitten
You are an incredible inspiration. You are a light and the Dark World. In America where laziness handouts and complaining are the most prevalent aspects of our society. You take on a job like this. Quite wonderful indeed.
H&J Shilling
H&J Shilling Vuosi sitten
Amazing work I love that you're listening to harry potter while doing it, I have a suggestion that's coming quite a bit late in the process it seems, For your tube bending, theres a specialized lubricant called Tubeloob from Bleederhead. It's meant for tubing for computers but would work amazingly to make your inserts slide freely in those tubes!
Soli Vuosi sitten
In all honesty i had not much interest in the musical side of your videos, your personality and the WONDER of a machine the MMX was the main attraction.. to start with ahha Over the years I've see your music develope an along with it your machines, you sellyourself short. You deserve ALOT more credit than you give yourself youre a mastermind engineer who has inspired generations to come! Keep it up!
jelly meyer
jelly meyer Vuosi sitten
the medical silicon rod's kind of the unsung hero of this entire project, i mean where would the MMX be without that discovery?
Helmi Voutilainen
Helmi Voutilainen Vuosi sitten
38 < 42
Maxi Vuosi sitten
I'm a wot?
Strycnine Vuosi sitten
"not really an engineer" The hell you aren't. This thing is so complex an masterful. I'm 100% sure this thing will be talked about 1000 years from now by historians. You might not see it but this thing is so fascinating it will absolutely be part of your legacy.
Drakonus Vuosi sitten
Martin: 38 is larger than life Me: But-but I thought life is 42??
sandi Babsel
sandi Babsel Vuosi sitten
circuitboarddude gaming
circuitboarddude gaming Vuosi sitten
The first song on it will the marble machine
Paulo Mangano
Paulo Mangano Vuosi sitten
I'm assuming we would've reached mars already if you were at NASA. Using marbles, of course.
Cringy Stingy
Cringy Stingy Vuosi sitten
This is like something from those weird early cg music videos with the weird machine instruments
creageous Vuosi sitten
It is such a gorgeous machine! A 21st century mechanical masterpiece that would feel right at home in the museum. But first... the world tour.
The Chucken Noris
The Chucken Noris Vuosi sitten
This is what happens if you chuck learnado da vinchi into the 21st century
Abdul Latif Al Jawawi
Abdul Latif Al Jawawi Vuosi sitten
Man,you are genius
John Smith
John Smith Vuosi sitten
This machine is a tribute do your skill, intelligence, diligence, fortitude and most important of all your imagination. After all, without our imagination we are nothing! Congratulations, on this marvelous accomplishment.
Pedro Lima
Pedro Lima Vuosi sitten
Parabéns pelo o instrumento. Muito criativo
Amphy Boi
Amphy Boi Vuosi sitten
Waiting for a song called '38', written in 3/8
Argentina3000 Vuosi sitten
best MMX ever, did you see anything like this? man your machine is like an unicorn. thank you for sharing your amazing work with us.
finpainter1 Vuosi sitten
Amazing engineering .
keiharris332 Vuosi sitten
8:51 this sounds like music you would hear during a difficult boss fight. I really like it :)
NochSoEinKaddiFan Vuosi sitten
I don't think you are actually wondering if it is a good idea. I think you are scared of it actually being finished and working.
V Vuosi sitten
Wolfram, bitte!
Luckyman Vuosi sitten
Чертов шведский гений.
Bruno Tube
Bruno Tube Vuosi sitten
¡hermosa la maquina!
Simon H
Simon H Vuosi sitten
Keep up the great work, I can't wait for the first song you will make on the mmx !!!
Roger Rojas
Roger Rojas Vuosi sitten
I love your creations
Timcat100 Vuosi sitten
The Sandman
The Sandman Vuosi sitten
If you also wanted it to be larger than the universe and everything, the magic number is 42.
Firekumakuma EKU
Firekumakuma EKU Vuosi sitten
Very mechanical and interesting I really liked it 🇯🇵
fr64vr Vuosi sitten
Je MMX word elke keer dat ik m zie mooier!!!
musikSkool Vuosi sitten
"If you stumble on the mountain, let us stumble with you." - Cinnamunoo Smiles, 2019
portul 56
portul 56 Vuosi sitten
now this is just my opinion but i think that the kick drum looks a bit weedy and small compared to the MASSIVE snare drum which on a real drum is smaller than the kick drum. looks strange to me but hey its your magical mystical musical marble machine :D
Björn Persson
Björn Persson Vuosi sitten
Retro Rudimentary J M Jarre
Matt Vliet
Matt Vliet Vuosi sitten
I need my fix martin!@@#@!#@# MMX... NEED... MORE.. MMX!!!!
spicydragonz Vuosi sitten
looks good. Where can i buy tickets for the tour?
Stepan Rogonov
Stepan Rogonov Vuosi sitten
U R Awesome! Keep going, it's really inspiring!
Dallin Crump
Dallin Crump Vuosi sitten
Martin, your channel is my most favorite on FIpost not only because it showcases such a unique and fascinating intersection of music and technology, but because you are genuine - you are real. So much of what is popular on FIpost ( and media in general) is fake, contrived, scripted, false. Your videos and music captivate me because they are authentic - they are you. You put yourself out there for the world to see - weaknesses, failures, and all - and you keep going. It inspires me. It gives me hope. It makes me want to try harder to achieve my own goals, in spite of my own weaknesses. Thank you for making an effort to stay true to yourself, anchored in your purpose, and connected with your fans and viewers. I have followed your journey ever since the first Marble Machine video, and I have enjoyed every minute. Thank you.
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 Vuosi sitten
Dude it's definitely not stupid. This is such a unique way to perform, not to mention an achievement in engineering and design. Nowadays when there's so much content and music, you somehow managed to come up with an original idea but also marry both a scientific aspect with a creative one. So, if I were you, I wouldn't ever doubt the time and energy you put in to bring this thing to life. And I'm sure when you're on stage programming the wheel on the fly and bringing the house down, that'll be the furthest thing from your mind.
Jordan Habash
Jordan Habash Vuosi sitten
"Why build an Antikythera mechanism when we have modern technology that can do the same thing?" "why build the MMX when you can use modern instruments" The MMX will be worth it in the end.
Gary Hunnel
Gary Hunnel Vuosi sitten
This is by far the most positive channel for artistic engineering ever. I am an electrical engineer and I am impressed and amused every video ... thank you for making all of our lives better!
Bart Deadman
Bart Deadman Vuosi sitten
The fans of the Grateful Dead are called Deadheads. What should fans of Wintergatan be called? What is Swedish for Marbleheads?
Bart Deadman
Bart Deadman Vuosi sitten
The fans of the Grateful Dead are called Deadheads. What should fans of Wintergatan be called? What is Swedish for Marbleheads?
willythemailboy2 Vuosi sitten
How many takes did that drumroll require to get the cymbal just right?
Sergio Solórzano
Sergio Solórzano Vuosi sitten
+Wintergatan 7:39 use weak magnets to just click them in place
zebrin Vuosi sitten
42 is life, the universe and everything. therefore 38 is not larger than life. The amount of interesting mechanical fiddling done to find solutions is always amazing.
Louis Ramirez
Louis Ramirez Vuosi sitten
Yeah, Thanks but I'm Officially Bored by now...
Attila Ternai
Attila Ternai Vuosi sitten
You are awesome! Amazing videos, amazing music. Amazing design, and achievement. You are seriously awesome!
Hope Unbroken
Hope Unbroken Vuosi sitten
fipost.info/show/videot/uc2IrH2djIxvl3Q.html *** I thought of you when I saw this ! 🤗
ThunderClawShocktrix Vuosi sitten
great to see the pies in I think now all thats leaft i think is the vibes and base guitar then its time for it to play the Marable machine song for an initial test , then once it plays make the kentic fingers and then a new song
sebastiantomas Vuosi sitten
great video, i also love how it's exactly 13:37 minutes long
Inked Leo
Inked Leo Vuosi sitten
Love that the sorcerers(philosophers)stone is playing in the background lol
Mooba2 Vuosi sitten
The MMX isn't just a musical instrument. It's performance art. Seeing all the pieces come together and create music brings me so much joy. Yes you could just play the instruments and mix them together but this is so much more than that. You are bringing beauty and joy into the world. Thank you ❤
Nic Vuosi sitten
"Why dont i just play normal instruments?" Because normal gets lost in the masses. And you are meant to stand out.
POTThaesslich Vuosi sitten
The first video I watched was the one where you printed the marble guide for the bass, can’t wait to see it coming into action finally. Keep going...
feynthefallen Vuosi sitten
Are all the pipes bent? none more to do? Ok, a little late to share this trick then. (Didn't I comment that before some time ago) Anyways, I've always found the best stuff to get something to slide in and out of pipes is lube from a sex shop. ... OooooorKaaaay IF you are all done tittering like a bunch of twelve-year-old boarding school boys ...? The story of how I came into possesion of a large bottle of this stuff is not something I am willing to discuss here, but once I had it, I found it has a million uses around the household. Mostly when it comes to things sliding back and forth inside other things.
feynthefallen Vuosi sitten
I need to learn to weld. But first I need to find a workshop to rent and save up the money for a welding machine. It would be too depressing to learn to weld and then not being able to do it for lack of a place to do it in.
Ralph111417 Vuosi sitten
No internet for six days, and the only regret was not seeing this latest video when it was uploaded. ''All is well'' (now) as Martin would say.
CristianKirk Vuosi sitten
Couldn't agree more with Cinnamunnoo Smiles' comment. It's just a pleasure to being able to join you in this journey, at least as a spectator.
Rasendriya Vuosi sitten
Ohh New one!
Jack Filibuster
Jack Filibuster Vuosi sitten
всё конечно хорошо, но технику безопасности важно соблюдать, работайте в перчатках!
๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ Vuosi sitten
once this machine is completed, it alone would merit truly a PhD in mechanical engineering from a nonzero number of universities, because in the design alone are many totally unique and innovative features which have never been applied to music before, even in the years before recording and later digital audio killed autonomous mechanical instruments.
Mergh06 Vuosi sitten
However, it is good he is not a standup comedian, I have never heard one laugh so much of himself before now! "Thehe hehe"
Giatrus Vuosi sitten
Che monumentale spreco di tempo
Wind Schacht
Wind Schacht Vuosi sitten
Do you store it in a fire prof room in case you house burns? Awesome machine!
Palamanda Vuosi sitten
5:14 Gut das ich eine Sonnenbrille auf hab! 😎 Good that I have a sunglasses on :)
soangry Vuosi sitten
I'm just glad to see him using the tap handle instead of the drill.
Deveto Jenkins
Deveto Jenkins Vuosi sitten
You my friend are what is right with the world, keep it up mate, your amazeballs!
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen Vuosi sitten
Wintergatan please dont get caught up in "labels", like Engineer. Besides its not a protected title.
Reality Rogue
Reality Rogue Vuosi sitten
This kind of machine will be passed throughout the ages just like all those other really cool music machine
Tom Croese Høivold
Tom Croese Høivold Vuosi sitten
Hurra, for mer Wintegatan. Hurray for more Wintergatan.
@brotschuh - DIY Experte
@brotschuh - DIY Experte Vuosi sitten
If the Marble Machine is finished somewhen, would you ever build one again? I mean, if for instance somebody would like to buy one from you.
Seldoon Nemar
Seldoon Nemar Vuosi sitten
also, I just wanted to say, As a fabricator, I get your struggles. you're tearing this design out of your brain using your own blood sweat and tears to forge it. not only are you trying to figure out how to put it all together (engineer is) you're trying to fabricate it, tune it, and basically mix it. all from day one. It's monumental. burnout is super common, and being able to identify that and see that you need to step back is huge. that's the difference between being able to do amazing things, and simply trying to do amazing things. after this is done, you'll be equally suited to work at a shop, a concert hall, a design studio, or an audio engineer. and learning about all this stuff with you is amazing. Don't feel like you have to drive yourself harder for us, to make videos. these videos are like having a look at a watchmaker for us. it's absolutely fascinating, and it's about all the little bits and bobs for us. No joke, you should reach out to tested.com and see if they would be interested in doing a bit on your some time. your story and your journey is amazing
Seldoon Nemar
Seldoon Nemar Vuosi sitten
the only time you should use a cordless for taps is with larger size ones. itty bitty ones like that are definitely a nono. I wouldn't even put those in the magnetic drill press. although for what you're doing, they also sell combo drill bit taps. so that might be a legitimate option for you, considering it's being off-axis that snaps bits, so having a big drill guiding your tap though the hole helps
Seldoon Nemar
Seldoon Nemar Vuosi sitten
Life pro tip with tungsten. you don't need full-length tungsten, ever. snap them in half now you have 4 sharp tips and can use a smaller tail cap to get into smaller places. also, to get fast, sharp tungsten, just slap it in a cordless drill. always sharpen with the tip facing the rotation so you're not pulling material and thinning out the tip to where it's going to explode in your weld. go look up a tungsten angle vs puddle guide, it'll blow your mind because it isn't what you expect. also, when snapping tungsten, don't. just grab a cutoff wheel, cut the whole pack in half, and then shapen it. tungsten will shatter rather than snap cleanly, so just accept that you need a tool and cut it. a 10 pack will get you 40 tips , but it's more like 30, because you're going to go swimming so badly with some that you can't use the other side because it'll get stuck in the torch (NOT FUN). you should just be able to slide your tungsten in and out from the front of the cup when you loosen the back cap. grab 2 cups and mark one clean and one dirty and just keep your tungsten sorted that way, and then when you sharpen them with the drill, it goes FAST. when i'm going at work, I save all the ones i find so i have about 65 in an electrical tape bin, and i'm set for like a month at a time. what is going to cost you more, stopping to sharpen tungsten, or having an extra 3/4" piece that's too short to use, considering you were able to weld for twice as long? also, check out CK worldwide and get a gas lense for your torch. it's better coverage with less gas. it'll make life a little easier for you.
Seldoon Nemar
Seldoon Nemar Vuosi sitten
lmao, all i could think was it's like building a PC's water cooling loop
King Mondo
King Mondo Vuosi sitten
I totally agree with Cinnamunoo Smiles. *"If you stumble on the mountain, let us stumble with you."* I've already enjoyed probably days worth of your videos, and I'd love to get even more into the world of the MMX and learn more about not only what it takes to come up with solutions to a set of complex engineering conundrums, but also what the builder himself deals with when undertaking these efforts to create true human art. I hope to one day meet you and take a moment to hear about your journey in person, as I've found your work incredibly inspiring, fun, and absolutely genius. It just goes to show that when we work at something and organize, we can accomplish wonderful things that may change the world. I think you've changed the world for me.
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