5 minutes from death : Dancing with the Devil

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Demi Lovato

25 päivää sitten

“I knew that what I’d been looking for, I hadn’t found yet. But what I had been looking for was not in the form of a drug.”
Demi and her closest confidants give a firsthand account of the aftermath of the overdose as she wakes up in the hospital after being minutes away from death.
Episode 3 available March 30 @ 12p PT

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TTY: 1-800-487-4889

National Sexual Assault Hotline
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Or if you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741
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Learn how to save lives at endoverdose.net.
Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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RM Network Live
RM Network Live 9 minuuttia sitten
love u
Roscoe McDonald
Roscoe McDonald Tunti sitten
Poor demi i never knew she was in such bad shape but I went through some of that and I understand how it is.
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer Alvarez Tunti sitten
I just have to say though I don’t agree with you using weed or alcahol In recovery. I absolutely do commend you for being so raw and honest in this documentary. You are so brave and so much more stronger than you think. I wish the very best for you and your recovery.
Marie Sabine
Marie Sabine 4 tuntia sitten
I hope what people take from this is if you're thinking, "Should I call an ambulance?" The answer is "Yes, you should call an ambulance." I did. And because of that and the AMAZING paramedics, someone I love is alive today when otherwise, they would be dead. Same situation in this video-- if Jordan hadn't called 911, Demi would not be alive today.
supriya jain
supriya jain 4 tuntia sitten
How come there was no bodyguards or security... like who came? who went??
Katarzyna T
Katarzyna T 5 tuntia sitten
Just imagine how many people are dying every day because of that kind of overdose. And not getting any help because they're poor. That's so sad.
Harry 6 tuntia sitten
woke victimization dogshit
Alana Walker
Alana Walker 7 tuntia sitten
I hope she's pressing charges on her drug dealer. Yes she called him over but he took advantage of her when she was deeply under the influence
Aldora LaPlume
Aldora LaPlume 15 tuntia sitten
No one has said anything about how freaking naturally beautiful Jordan is?!?!?!
garde hinojosa
garde hinojosa 18 tuntia sitten
poor jordan she must be traumatized i hope she is doing well
Skyler Howell
Skyler Howell 18 tuntia sitten
Kevin jonas did it
Skyler Howell
Skyler Howell 18 tuntia sitten
Mr. Piggy
Mr. Piggy 19 tuntia sitten
Isaac Redmond
Isaac Redmond 19 tuntia sitten
Do you realise that she could’ve joined the 27 club the same night Amy winehouse did.
Dash120z 15 tuntia sitten
however she was 25 when this happened.
Jennifer Rene The DemiGodest
Jennifer Rene The DemiGodest 19 tuntia sitten
always loved her.
Bruna R
Bruna R 22 tuntia sitten
Demi 4ever
Bianca Rae
Bianca Rae 23 tuntia sitten
i recently start listening to demo more and i’ve heard about her be on drugs but i never knew what exactly happened and demi has such a strong beautiful soul and this made stan her more and she didn’t deserve this at all 😕😢💕
approsa Päivä sitten
One thing I can't stop thinking and it makes me kinda mad actually is that once you're friend is an addicted, you should NEVER let that person drink a sip of alcohol EVER. I mean, isn't that the first thing we should know and do as friends? They weren't being fooled, they were being irresponsible and Im very sorry to write that. Im watching episode 3 and I didnt know her coreographer had death treats and lost jobs, I mean...how can ppl be so horrible? When I wrote this, I didnt mean to send hate, I just trully believe ppl forget an addict will ALWAYS be an addict.
Life with Kaiden
Life with Kaiden Päivä sitten
Omg I am now see dis video I feel really bad for u
Lylyne C.
Lylyne C. Päivä sitten
Jordan looks traumatized 😞.
EstDGK Krew
EstDGK Krew Päivä sitten
like this for the future to be better
SANCTUARY Päivä sitten
A personal chef, personal assistant, and a security team?? Next to being an addict, I think Narcissism is the disease here.
Siki Meets
Siki Meets Päivä sitten
I was taken advantage of while drunk as a teenager and its so hard to come to the conclusion that it was assault because you feel responsible and like its not fair for you to feel traumatized by it.
Mary ruth Dadizon
Mary ruth Dadizon Päivä sitten
why is it 5 min from death?
Nikol Päivä sitten
All of them act like why She Cant see why ??? Like guys its obviously that will damage her Brain😶🤨
JULI Bauernschmiedt
JULI Bauernschmiedt Päivä sitten
Me sitting in my bedroom, crying because it hurts so much to see her pain and what happened. I dont know her privately but her music saved me so many times. When I was down and crying her music helped me over all my pain and my problems. I love her so much, even if I only know her through the Internet and her music. It is overwelming!! I could not stop crying when I heard of her overdosis, it was horrible to me....
Stephanie J
Stephanie J Päivä sitten
How about the assistant that called 911, when she knew it was a huge risk of getting in trouble
Arinola Oluwunmi
Arinola Oluwunmi Päivä sitten
Demi just know I love you and all your fans and family do!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Katydid 146
Katydid 146 Päivä sitten
Is there a surgery she could get to fix her blind spots and be able to drive again?
Lolita Morris
Lolita Morris Päivä sitten
The assistant was a very crucial piece in the recovery
kyiesha balcomb
kyiesha balcomb Päivä sitten
Demi is the strongest singer in the world
Lady _petite
Lady _petite Päivä sitten
I ❤️ you Demi 😭😭 there's beauty in your strength.
Lauren Päivä sitten
She’s such a survivor and strong woman the strength she has is incredible
Kimberly Thomas
Kimberly Thomas Päivä sitten
13:46 yes He does
Liz Nguyen
Liz Nguyen Päivä sitten
I was like HUHHHHH
Shakira Browne
Shakira Browne 2 päivää sitten
Oh my gosh you know what I just realised! She over dosed on my birthday and it just broke my heart. I didn't realise it was that day. She is so strong and inspiring. The amount of strength you have to have to go through something like that, years of that is just incredible. So dont think that if you go through something like that, that you are weak. If you manage to bounce back and take hold of your life like Demi has you can do anything. Dont give up. It's a process and its gonna take time. Just know that it's okay to ask for help.
Tiff Q
Tiff Q 2 päivää sitten
Demi is a survivor and I really wish her the best for the rest of her life. She deserves it. Queen.
Tucsonz Glowie Gang
Tucsonz Glowie Gang 2 päivää sitten
You are such a beautiful ❤️ person Demi no matter what anyone ever says. And keep your head up! I have been in the same position and I have been addicted to Heroin and you are not alone k. I know you probably will never see this but you are NOT alone k and others have been in your position with drugs so you are not alone or weird or anything and I understand as do many other people I'm 26 an I have been in recovery for 10+ years it's a hard road and an everyday fight but you can do it!!
Arriana Hunter
Arriana Hunter 2 päivää sitten
We love you I know how scary it is when I found out I passed irl which is sad but that machine was echmo they only give you that when your so close to the end I am so sorry I love you guys 💖💖💖💖💖
L C 2 päivää sitten
I feel like she wanted someone there so she wasn’t alone and because she was alone she turned to drugs :(
Juliana Hielkema
Juliana Hielkema 2 päivää sitten
It makes me sad because i can relate except I don’t do aclchohol or drugs
antone cruz
antone cruz 2 päivää sitten
Today apr 15th 2021 i am 3 yrs sober. Thank u my higher power! I pray demi finds some sort of peace & is able to live a sober, happy life
Natty Dawn
Natty Dawn 2 päivää sitten
I don’t like her mom at all.
sarahkatzi 2 päivää sitten
I thought its impossible to overdose while smoking h, just in case of injecting,how is that possible to od from smoking no way?!?!?
antone cruz
antone cruz 2 päivää sitten
Bcuz regardless of smokin, injecting or snorting, its still going thru ur system
ellie grande༄
ellie grande༄ 2 päivää sitten
demi, you are one of the most strongest people on the world. as an arianator i can say u have my full support and i love your music! we love u🖤
Anna Sincerbeaux
Anna Sincerbeaux 2 päivää sitten
i'm a recovering addict myself. these documentaries are actually really harmful to the recovery community. im sure plenty of people aren't aware of the "jargon" we use when talking with other addicts. but in my real life experience, her team enabled her. Anyone with any familiarity of addiction knows that no matter what your drug of choice is, you can't be messing around with any kind of substance with the potentiality for addiction. this includes prescription drugs. i had to fight tooth and nail to get Adderall, and the only reason i got it was because i'd been taking it since i was 12 and i wasn't filling my scripts on time consistently for almost a decade. her team and specifically her sober partner, should have known that drinking is risky business when you're an addict. this is common sense. i've been to plenty an AA meeting, but never an NA. But the resounding cry is the same. DO NOT USE. no matter what it may be. your personality is designed to be addicted to anything that makes you forget you are human. As much as I understand addiction, it is so harmful to sit here and tout sobriety, lie and decieve people who have looked at you as a beacon of hope. Yes, I fully understand that addicts relapse and lie about it at times. But if you're lying about your usage and trying to come off as some role model and touting sobriety as an asset, you are not only doing your audience a disservice, but also yourself to the highest degree. You have crossed the line into delusional. And granted, you still need the help. But you should absolutely not put yourself in a position to be a guiding force for others trying to get sober when you're using yourself. Dishonest, shameful, and deceitful. Addiction does that to you, but there's no need to drag an audience of millions down with you.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 2 päivää sitten
Well said!
Athena Zografos-Faria
Athena Zografos-Faria 2 päivää sitten
Something feels so off with this whole documentary/interview.
Briana Herrera
Briana Herrera 2 päivää sitten
Screw everyone that thumbs down!!
Lady Bello
Lady Bello 2 päivää sitten
I really hope the person who abused her is in jail now! I really hope so
Lola Terrones
Lola Terrones 2 päivää sitten
Kat 2 päivää sitten
Imagine if Jordan decided to put everyone else's thoughts above saving Demi's life. Imagine if she didn't think of her as a friend and more than a coworker, imagine. She wouldn't be here. I'm grateful that she did but I'm tired of assistants not getting enough recognition. How many times have assistants in the ent. industry has had to make this decision? Probably a lot. And they have probably had to worry about whether or not they'd have a job the next day when the celebrity woke up. The ent. industry needs to respect their artists more and stop putting some of them with teams that don't care about them except for the money. These are PEOPLE they deserve to be taken care of like normal humans when it comes to mental health especially with addictions. Look at Justin Bieber and how bad of a place he was in around the same time... And look at how he has changed since then. Also, the fact that Dani felt that something was wrong is how I've felt in instances where things have gone wrong in my life. Luckily, not to Demi's extreme but in those instances you need to trust your gut. And it's not Dani's fault but I can't imagine how much that damaged her for a while thinking that if she just stayed that none of that would have happened to Demi.
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus 2 päivää sitten
It's weird how this woman has lived my greatest dreams but also my worst nightmares.
Zombae 2 päivää sitten
I'm on dialysis. I know how scary it is. I have a lot of appreciation for her strength. I just wish I could meet her.
jonathan herman
jonathan herman 2 päivää sitten
Demi and whole team, family and friends, everything you guys have been through, I almost feel that us the fans and people can feel the pain and sorrow for what transpired and see the honesty and bravery that EVERY single one of you up to her parents, have witnessed and If I can say, seeing and being able to hear, understand what you all have been through is so heart whelming and hard to see. Everyone in this video should give yourself a huge pat on your shoulders because you all played a huge role in the care of Demi, calling 911, not leaving her side when it might have been tougher than normal. EVERY single one of you deserve every single bit happiness and blessings that come your way after seeing the hard work and bravery from everyone is this video. You're all amazing, and have huge respect for all of you Especially you Demi.
Sofia XO
Sofia XO 2 päivää sitten
Ya'll are being kinda rude to her mother. Not everyone is confortable opening up their feelings in front of a camera, you don't know if she cries by herself. Stop judging her. Part of the trauma is denying their emotions to cope. What happened to Demi must've been really scary for her so don't judge how she handles it. She tries to look strong, so what? Everyone does that
Rafaela Marques
Rafaela Marques 2 päivää sitten
Demi você é um milagre
taylor longoria
taylor longoria 3 päivää sitten
I hope the dealer gets caught or is in jail or gets jail.
hen ko
hen ko 3 päivää sitten
Is something up with her mama? I’m feeling off vibes. Something feels untrustworthy. This is just a feeling.
Ian 3 päivää sitten
Just take it easy. You still have a lot of years ahead of you.
Xedret Xedret
Xedret Xedret 3 päivää sitten
Isang bala ka lng
jacqueline robinson
jacqueline robinson 3 päivää sitten
Demi this series really spoke to me especially this episode my father died of alcohol he died on December 24th 2004 it spoke to me that ur father was basically ur insperation and ur motivation was to see your sister again u brought me to tears 😭 girl I never wanna do meth again and of all things I got my bf on it and it makes me feel like a monster...
hen ko
hen ko 3 päivää sitten
Mama is toxic af. Boundaries Demi.
Dash120z 3 päivää sitten
16:44 this is so sad, Demi unconsciously was trying to say "please don't leave, save me from myself" 😓😫
Rae Sherron
Rae Sherron 3 päivää sitten
I love you Demi and JORDAN ❤️
Ana 3 päivää sitten
Love you Demi 😍💗
Briaunna Birdi
Briaunna Birdi 3 päivää sitten
I really feel for Demi. I really do. I know she struggles with depression and the pressure from the industry. At some point, however, we have to hold her accountable. It sounds like she’s also holding herself accountable. We can’t keep being like poor Demi. Eventually you have to recognize the people you’re hurting. I love her a lot and I really do feel for her situation, but she’s making the decision to pick up the drug again
jenjen8222 3 päivää sitten
Her mom is high AF ! total coke mouth ..smh
Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan 3 päivää sitten
i'm so frustrated thinking about how much time was wasted when jordan was grappling over to call 911 !!!! i don't blame jordan though, i blame the ~media and the ppl on her team who wanted to keep this all quiet. wow. im so relieved that jordan listened to her gut on this one.
Dash120z 3 päivää sitten
same, imagine how much brain damage was caused due to the delay of not calling sooner ugh..
Catalina Oros
Catalina Oros 3 päivää sitten
is it only me or is she reading off of something at 14:57
gracy 3 päivää sitten
I got sober to spent the last few months of my grandma’s life clean for her, I’ve been sober since and it’s hard but I am a better person for her even if she isn’t with me. This made me sob.
Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan 3 päivää sitten
i'm proud of you!!! and i bet your grandma is too 💚
Skylar Gomattum
Skylar Gomattum 3 päivää sitten
It’s the fact that Jordan was so afraid to call 911 because no one wanted this to get out, but she called them anyway and that’s what actually saved Demi’s life... but no one is praising her for literally saving Demi’s life. And was she fired afterwards because she let it out and ppl knew about the overdose?! I feel like her family and friends are toxic too, because they’re all more focused on keeping her addiction/OD from the public than getting her the help she needed
Dash120z 3 päivää sitten
she wasn't fired, Jordan quit because this incident took a huge toll in her mental health.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 3 päivää sitten
cup I will sometimes miss the cup because I could not see what was happening at the time. I am not really a fan of Demi, but I really do wish you the best Demi!
Leanne Robertson
Leanne Robertson 4 päivää sitten
10:21 Demi: I had 5-10mins & if my assistant hadn't come in...I wouldn't be here today! 11:17 Demis stepdad: He put her on that machine to clean her blood & just think that's what saved her life!! NO her ASSISTANT JORDAN saved Demis life & deserves to be recognised for that 💫❤
Leanne Robertson
Leanne Robertson 16 tuntia sitten
@MasterWarden Yeah as someone who was recently in hospital & nearly died from a blood infection I TOTALLY agree! The doctors are amazing & deserve recognition too 💖
Leanne Robertson
Leanne Robertson Päivä sitten
@Sophia Leydon I completely agree with that comment 🙂❤
Sophia Leydon
Sophia Leydon Päivä sitten
Those doctors still did a lot for Demi, but yes Jordan deserved so much appreciation for calling 911 despite being scared if it’s what her team wanted.
MasterWarden Päivä sitten
A LOT of factors in that OD saved her life. Both her assistant saved her life, as well as her medical treatment. They both deserve acknowledgment.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 3 päivää sitten
When Demi said " not most people understand how hard it is having an overdosed " I was about to cry because I could imagine that if that had ever happend to me or someo
Its Roween
Its Roween 4 päivää sitten
Her mom looks like one of those moms. Demi knows what I’m talking about.
Dash120z 3 päivää sitten
Dina Lohan 2.0 dead on..
Amber Weekley
Amber Weekley 4 päivää sitten
I overdosed & was on life support. They called in my family to say their goodbye's..somehow I made it. #WeDoRecover
Dash120z 3 päivää sitten
I'm glad you pulled through just like Demi you're a survivor.
Maju Martins
Maju Martins 4 päivää sitten
On the same day that Demi overdosed, my father had a motorcycle accident, he was coming home after buying drugs... he is also addicted
Amber Weekley
Amber Weekley 4 päivää sitten
S. M.P
S. M.P 4 päivää sitten
Mama is toxic af. Boundaries Demi.
Pri Scilla
Pri Scilla 4 päivää sitten
Demi ... you are not alone . You can take a break . We will miss you but we will know you are taking a break for your mental 💓✨.
Pri Scilla
Pri Scilla 4 päivää sitten
We need a friend like Jordan in this real world . If it wasn’t for Jordan ... there wouldn’t be no 2nd chance .
Heather Hurley
Heather Hurley 4 päivää sitten
So sad. She really is strong. She is a survivor🌻❤
Joanna Garcia
Joanna Garcia 4 päivää sitten
Why do i have a feeling that Demi is not being genuine?
Bwags 97
Bwags 97 4 päivää sitten
You are so strong Demi. So so strong. Addiction is a life long recovery but I know you can make it through this. Please always remember how important and beautiful you are inside and out. We are rooting for you love. 🤍🤍🤍
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 päivää sitten
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams 4 päivää sitten
demi is so freaking strong! i love you so much 🌹
Anthony Sace
Anthony Sace 4 päivää sitten
You're so strong Demi and a strong influence especially to our Youths today ❣💜😍
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 päivää sitten
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lilie brown
lilie brown 4 päivää sitten
Hi Demi Lavato I just want to say you are a powerful woman who over came through hardships now I understand what its like going through this type of trauma and you are my motivation to keep living life through it all you are the best keep smiling and DONT and I mean IT AS YOUR FAN OF YOUR SHOWS AND SONG DONT be afraid to ask for help and this message also goes out to everyone . And REMEMBER YOU ARE AMAZING and POWERFUL a super hero does not need an awesome suit it needs confidences.
Christina B
Christina B 4 päivää sitten
Demi, the strength you have is incredible. If it weren't for seeing how you have fallen, fought and conquered, I wouldn't think I too could make it out. I appreciate you more than you could possibly imagine ❤️
Houda El Sanoussi
Houda El Sanoussi 4 päivää sitten
When Demi said " not most people understand how hard it is having an overdosed " I was about to cry because I could imagine that if that had ever happend to me or someone I am really close to, I know they would be going thorough a lot. I know I am no expert but, having blind spots are really though because like Demi said " if I am putting water in my cup I will sometimes miss the cup because I could not see what was happening at the time. I am not really a fan of Demi, but I really do wish you the best Demi!
Emily Stry
Emily Stry 5 päivää sitten
k but madison is that young girl you always see on tiktok with eva longoria or whoever that is with her on screen little sister and she always gets made fun of
C M 5 päivää sitten
I dont feel bad for her... why do people even start drugs anyways.. disgusting
Dash120z 3 päivää sitten
to cope with deep rooted issues, it's not like she woke up one day and decided "hey I'm gonna be a drug addict!" if you don't know anything then don't say anything at all.
Valeria Colón
Valeria Colón 5 päivää sitten
All her team has been fighting for this with her and I see that she is not alone
Valeria Colón
Valeria Colón 5 päivää sitten
She is such a beautiful person inside and outside I mean she is a fighter
sherry mason
sherry mason 5 päivää sitten
Bff...is what I meant.
Canales Eason
Canales Eason 5 päivää sitten
The versed bandana partly wash because shadow algorithmically last per a lacking exclamation. different, mellow margin
Matt Lewis
Matt Lewis 5 päivää sitten
She's miserable and needs to get out of the industry. She needs to cash out of the business and do yoga, go mountain biking and travel. Is she trapped in contracts?
Moonlight Groove
Moonlight Groove 5 päivää sitten
7:59 :'( I felt so sad
Megan 5 päivää sitten
Why was there not more thanks given to Jordan from Demi family (the step father only thanked the doctors), if it was not for her finding Demi in that state, she wouldn't of even made it to the hospital in time
Katelyn Nicolee
Katelyn Nicolee 5 päivää sitten
Demi should be overly grateful any “normal” person who OD’s isn’t getting this kind of treatment to keep them alive.
gwirlzwfun 5 päivää sitten
She is
yanira fernandez barquero
yanira fernandez barquero 5 päivää sitten
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soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 päivää sitten
consideradas pelos orgaos competentes.
alexis harper
alexis harper 5 päivää sitten
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 päivää sitten
proposito, os diagramas mentais sao apresentados de uma forma extremamente positiva.Conclusoes banais mas irrefutaveis, assim como diagramas de conexao, sao
Renny Danston
Renny Danston 5 päivää sitten
Jordan deserves a lot more than she’s getting. They literally let her retell her trauma and then said “chile anyways”
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