Apple's entire iPhone 12 event in exactly 12 minutes (supercut)

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Apple today revealed a slew of new products, including 3 new iPhones, the new iPhone 12, the 12 mini, and the 12 pro, as well as a new Homepod Mini. You're watching CNET's supercut, an edited recap of the event, in 12 minutes, so you don't have to watch the whole hour-long event, just every product that was announced, back-to-back. For all this and more, be sure to subscribe for continued iPhone 12 news.
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SKULLFIRE games 7 päivää sitten
I phone11 is beater
Jeremiah West
Jeremiah West 9 päivää sitten
I got a successful pre-order of the original iPhone 12 Pro and it came in successfully,thanks to *Cyberwizard19* on IG,he really works 💯
Gene Edward
Gene Edward 9 päivää sitten
I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount,that guys is a life saver indeed 💯✅
Chad T
Chad T 10 päivää sitten
Not sure why apple is so high on the 12 using 5G. I've been getting 5G on my 11 Pro Max
Simps Sit Down
Simps Sit Down 12 päivää sitten
I only have one question Does it come in black 🥷🏾
Courageous Tom
Courageous Tom 24 päivää sitten
Damn.. These Events have definitely lost there magic :(
Most_ Creative_1
Most_ Creative_1 24 päivää sitten
Apple has gotten boring...
Typhlosion Master
Typhlosion Master 25 päivää sitten
Was hard for me to tell if it was an iPhone Keynote or a social justice allegory.
Michelle Richard
Michelle Richard 26 päivää sitten
Hackerzggy on Instagram his very reliable and trustworthy to fix phone. He helped me so, you can try him
litarchives 27 päivää sitten
When the pacific blue color gets dirty the finger print pattern on it looks cool almost like a tattoo
funnehmemer 29 päivää sitten
Grab your *I want to pre order this* ticket here.
J EJH Uukausi sitten
The design is nothing special looks iPhone 4
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Uukausi sitten
Getting rid of the charger = Cheaper for Apple, more expensive for us
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Uukausi sitten
Nobody: Not even Apple: Me: still watching with an android
Sofus Gallery
Sofus Gallery Uukausi sitten
So the video for iPhone 60 will be an hour long?
Veronica Achzet
Veronica Achzet Uukausi sitten
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
kolim jone
kolim jone Uukausi sitten
Ok literally they’re like “the design is so unique” it looks exactly the same as an iPhone 5
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Uukausi sitten
charging port will be gone by the iphone 15, mark my words.
Sebastijan Lipnik
Sebastijan Lipnik Uukausi sitten
Iphone 11 gang>>>>>>
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Uukausi sitten
charging port will be gone by the iphone 15, mark my words.
RandomPersondfgb Uukausi sitten
OMG stop saying it has the same design as iPhone 5, does the iPhone 12 have bezels!?
James Adams
James Adams Uukausi sitten
Anyone still watch this video?
LV DS Uukausi sitten
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kolim jone
kolim jone Uukausi sitten
But where will I place my pop socket? 😕
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Uukausi sitten
They are seriously talking about OLED and 5G like they just invented it...
wozo the wozo
wozo the wozo Uukausi sitten
I wanna watch this video all day
Iqmal Miz
Iqmal Miz Uukausi sitten
the design same like iphone 4g, did you forget how iphone 4g looks like? google it laaa super retina XDR ? sounds like AMOLED to me that samsung has been using it since 2012 every pixel in AMOLED is illuminate by 1 tiny LED, stop making it sounds so revolutionary when its not. the only revolutionary move by apple is taking out the charger and earphone from the package, thats it.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Uukausi sitten
Everyone complaining about Apple forgot they are basically the definition of “if it aint broke, dont fix it”. 2 trillion worth
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Uukausi sitten
Put it on 2X and its only 6 mins
VOIRA 88 Uukausi sitten
The same thing happened between iphone 4 and the iPhone 5🙊 nothing new just polishing the old iphones
Cierra Hadley
Cierra Hadley Uukausi sitten
A natureza é maravilhosa
pointlessproductions Uukausi sitten
Apples a total joke now
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Uukausi sitten
Every Chip they put is "Fastest" ever smh
Zeo Huang
Zeo Huang Uukausi sitten
iPhone 5G oh iPhone 5S
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Uukausi sitten
your new iPhone like you've never been before. It's extremely smooth display experience, the first in the World.
HP -
HP - Uukausi sitten
Screw you Apple for buying Peanut holiday special so now we can watch for free on tv. 😡
Brooklyn Halo
Brooklyn Halo Uukausi sitten
charging port will be gone by the iphone 15, mark my words.
Megan Coulter
Megan Coulter Uukausi sitten
big iron
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Uukausi sitten
all know iTunes is gone. It's been replaced with Apple Music to push people to monthly payments. Apple is failing. If you are not an Apple fan-boy and just say everything Apple
Stuff Uukausi sitten
And people still buy Apple products. Bruh they don't even include a charger, at least ny "inferior" android phone has a charger
DeeRo Holla
DeeRo Holla Uukausi sitten
But where will I place my pop socket? 😕
Slayying_Savage queen
Slayying_Savage queen Uukausi sitten
I wanna watch this video all day
Amrit Raindi
Amrit Raindi Uukausi sitten
I think it’s the iPhone 4 + the iPhone 11 and boom u get the 12
Stuff Uukausi sitten
Without a charger
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Uukausi sitten
Video lasted 11:59 minutes therefore it's not exactly 12 minutes I am sed
umer Uukausi sitten
Put it on 2X and its only 6 mins
Nick O
Nick O Uukausi sitten
No creativity anymore. Screen looks the same as always. Wish Steve Jobs was here to reinvent his own phone.
Martin Felix
Martin Felix Uukausi sitten
6.5 to 6.7 is definitely "Expansive"
Rock girl
Rock girl Uukausi sitten
Notice how they didn’t even mention the battery life. Cause it’s worse now lmao
Martin Felix
Martin Felix Uukausi sitten
Every Chip they put is "Fastest" ever smh
Rock girl
Rock girl Uukausi sitten
Stunning & brave.
Martin Felix
Martin Felix Uukausi sitten
So an iphone 5 thats an iphone 11 with 5G... damn apple really is selling recycled products
arjacques Uukausi sitten
In this thread: How is anybody gonna know I bought the shiny new thing if it looks like the old one?! Raymond Loewy: laughing in his grave.
Sigperay Behaveya
Sigperay Behaveya Uukausi sitten
Comparing to other phones released in 2020 ,very old design with foolish price testing IQ .
Rock girl
Rock girl Uukausi sitten
“Gorgrous blue”? o_O “nice” try putting it into our heads. It’s not gorgeous! It’s just.. blue
PatienceZero Uukausi sitten the most "powerful IPhone ever" simply means it is only now approaching Samsung or Moto in its capabilities.
bertraminc Uukausi sitten
Apple programming fail of the day: You get up, get your cup of coffee and sit down to work on some item in it's appropriate application. While you're doing this you like to listen to Apple Music... their own program.... in the background. How do you start the music... with the Play/Pause/F8 key on Apple's own keyboard.... but when you press it, you don't hear music, but some other sound like a movie playing. You have several applications open on the dock from the previous day... so where is this sound coming from? Why isn't Apple Music playing? Because Apple has no management. Idiots at Apple are being allowed to do their own thing and programming is getting screwed up. That sound you're hearing is from FireFox in the background... but you have to check your Apple Messages App, Safari AND FireFox, becuase any one of those three may have had the function of the key YESTERDAY and you have NO IDEA which program in the background was the last to have the key. This key used to only control iTunes.... now it's just another function that is on the list of broken programming under Tim Cooks reign. THIS IS WHAT STEVE JOBS ALWAYS TALKED ABOUT WITH EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP AND HIRING PEOPLE. You can't let these brilliant minds.... well, what used to be brilliant minds.... go out and do their own thing. You don't micromanage but you don't turn them free. You have to give them parameters within which to work.... here's another Apple fail for your enjoyment. If you have the original AppleTV 3, you'll notice all the Apple company App icons are icons and not words.... if you look at the Apple TV 4, some of Apple's apps there are words and some are pretty icons. THIS is an example of when you have no management standardizing the appearance of Apples products. Why would some be words, like "TV SHOWS/itunes" and "MUSIC/itunes".... and some like the app store be a nice pictorial/icon/graphic? And we all know iTunes is gone. It's been replaced with Apple Music to push people to monthly payments. Apple is failing. If you are not an Apple fan-boy and just say everything Apple does is great.... if you are actually paying attention to all the problems you have each and every day on Apple devices... you know, this is the worst management Apple has ever had.
Kenn Little John
Kenn Little John Uukausi sitten
Apple continues to amaze me. Their release dates are ecstatic and accurate for projected sales. They seem a bit above when it comes to innovative technology.
Ahday Winters
Ahday Winters Uukausi sitten
Chan Cuong Huynh
Chan Cuong Huynh Uukausi sitten
I funny thing i find with iPhone 12 is they not come with charger? How can people charger their phone? It’s just like order take away food without cutlery? Do they think about this issue?
sano sana
sano sana Uukausi sitten
Can't wait for zack to do his thing to this phone.
Josue Ochoa
Josue Ochoa Uukausi sitten
Comment section is toxic here
scottsrush Uukausi sitten
Does it still use a lightning connector or a usb c yet? Lightning is so outdated and need adapters for the most basic things
Dirk McMillan
Dirk McMillan Uukausi sitten
Stunning & brave.
Sue Cuevas
Sue Cuevas Uukausi sitten
I have yet to see speed issues in my iPhone X, yeah faster is better but why? They are going to need tons of bloat ware in the new iOS to get me to upgrade. Also what BS, 1k for a phone and its got a weak aluminum vs a stainless steel frame like the X?! Lidar is cool though.
simp card holder
simp card holder Uukausi sitten
Nobody at apple: Absolutely No One Should we Put back The 3.5 Cm Aux Jack Back?
Sheikh Humayun Kabir
Sheikh Humayun Kabir Uukausi sitten
I am explaining it in one sentence.....not
theMekanik Uukausi sitten
When are you going to get rid of the bath tube at the top of the screen??
Super atrax
Super atrax Uukausi sitten
Its basically the iphone 513🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carlo A
Carlo A Uukausi sitten
SuperMarioAdventures Uukausi sitten
I Can Already Tell People is Doing Videos Of Breaking This Phone
PEPE PIPI Uukausi sitten
I bet you they cannot take pics like p30 pro
PEPE PIPI Uukausi sitten
From apple ...plis apple stop making fact close down dhop all over
PEPE PIPI Uukausi sitten
More junk
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm Uukausi sitten
Ok literally they’re like “the design is so unique” it looks exactly the same as an iPhone 5
Fred Behrend
Fred Behrend 22 tuntia sitten
@harry green what can you possibly change externally?
litarchives 27 päivää sitten
I have the 12 pro I had the 4 and used the 5 there’s a big difference screen size and no chamfered edges it feels more like the iPad Pro just smaller and way more Boujee. I have pacific blue model but after awhile it does get dirty
harry green
harry green Uukausi sitten
To put it in to words barely anything has changed dramatically and Apple obsessed idiots are gunna eat up like it’s a whole new thing and waste money I swear I’m actually losing faith in this brand they are so running out of ideas and they know !
The Magic Twister
The Magic Twister Uukausi sitten
What no it doesn’t??? Have you ever had an iPhone 5? Saying it’s the same because of the straight edge is like saying all phones are the exact same because they all have a camera. 🤦‍♀️
Jacamoto Sukiyaki
Jacamoto Sukiyaki Uukausi sitten
Lol I'm right 9n that part! So true though!
Khang Tran
Khang Tran Uukausi sitten
Bruh they kinda are getting lazy with the designs. They’re making it similar to the iPhone 11 except for the boxy design and the camera quality. The boxy design is the only key that tells us that its different but what about when you put a case on it? You can’t tell if it’s the 11 or the 12 and then the next thing yk, people with the 11 is gonna be asked, “iS thAt ThE 12?”
Jal DG
Jal DG Uukausi sitten
how i wish that the starting amount will last like forever..when the apple reach other countries it almost doubled.sad
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm Uukausi sitten
T V Uukausi sitten
So now the screens are the same you only pay for the color of the pro models
Ahmed Alrawashdeh
Ahmed Alrawashdeh Uukausi sitten
I wanna watch this video all day
Elan Pritchett
Elan Pritchett Uukausi sitten
iPhone always have boomers doing these vids 😹
Sourabh Rangdal
Sourabh Rangdal Uukausi sitten
Can anyone share the song name played during 11:02 - 11:04 please
Andre Phillips
Andre Phillips Uukausi sitten
😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 this makes no sense. Why do ppl keep buying iPhones when it seems like they aren’t even trying. Just stop making phones for a year and then come back with some creativity
Vincent Asatru
Vincent Asatru Uukausi sitten
Anyone else remembers when Apple was innovative? Today they just copycat competitors 🙄
EndlessPower Uukausi sitten
Those. accents ......
J Dizzy
J Dizzy Uukausi sitten
I'm still waiting for I phone 9
CHRISTIAN De Napoli Uukausi sitten
Collins gray
Collins gray Uukausi sitten
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Anderson Pearl
Anderson Pearl Uukausi sitten
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six lal
six lal Uukausi sitten
MrBig s
MrBig s Uukausi sitten
Iphone 11 and 7 videos shot in 4k cant be edited on computer ! Well partially but not fully ! 😡 has this issue been resolved in iphone 12 ? ? No use bringing out new shiny phones when previous problems still there 😡🚽
mikelo303 Uukausi sitten
Angela David
Angela David Uukausi sitten
Was scammed so many times until I met clevercrack on ig who helped me got my iPhone 12....he's truly the best
Gersi Doda
Gersi Doda Uukausi sitten
Android 5g 3 years
Gersi Doda
Gersi Doda Uukausi sitten
In all event toking all time for 5g
Liu Jack
Liu Jack Uukausi sitten
iPhone is bad brand, because my ipad4 and iphone4 can not work now, they are only brick, Probably iphone12 will be also a brick some day!
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Uukausi sitten
Remember when Apple innovated? Ever since Jobs died this company has been a joke ran by tools
Mr Genesis
Mr Genesis Uukausi sitten
iPhone 13 screen sold separately
Jet HYTECH Uukausi sitten
It looks like iPhone 5 With more cameras
doctajonz Uukausi sitten
Skipped the 12 and went straight to an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Of course I was upgrading from a 6S+. 😂
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Uukausi sitten
Oh awesome, the iphone 11 again.
Momo 1
Momo 1 Uukausi sitten
Why am i watching this while i am living in Afghanistan where they grab and even kill you because of having a new and expensive mobile phone.
MK4VLI S Uukausi sitten
There has been zero long term safest testing for High band 5G You are the Lab rat
ALEX AMOR Uukausi sitten
If Gods Will 🙏 I'd like to have One .....
AKWASI ANKABENG Uukausi sitten
Wow awesome development
TOXC Predator
TOXC Predator Uukausi sitten
When apple made there first idea how about we make a phone that's made out of a glass cup then add some cameras on every new phone we come out with then make you pay alot of money and make you rich for 1-2 years 😀👍
István Mező
István Mező Uukausi sitten
"New aluminum design"???? It is the same design as the OLD iPhone SE, except the camera on the back is super ugly :(((((
Ansh Chhajed
Ansh Chhajed Uukausi sitten
Next year iphone 13 aa raha h. Usme iphone ka khali dibba milega iphone alg se kharidna padega😆😆
Frostwing Gaming
Frostwing Gaming Uukausi sitten
What were they thinking. Not even giving you a charger for your phone. What if it’s a kid getting his first phone and then he can’t even use it.
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo Uukausi sitten
The way they talk about the wireless charging. Mark this comment. By iPhone 15 the charging port will be gone.
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson Uukausi sitten
Can it start my car if asked ? Cause I do have Apple play ?
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