Black Legend - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS5

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Black Legend - A new Gameplay Overview trailer to discover its dark universe and spectacular tactical combat.
Coming to PlayStation early 2021!

ModelJames13 8 päivää sitten
Looks like modern America.
leeo iou
leeo iou 16 päivää sitten
worst ps5 title so far
Vitaliuz 25 päivää sitten
I was curious, but you lost me at character animation. *That* for PS5? Really?
BatC310 29 päivää sitten
So it was ok until I saw it was a console game per turn
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Uukausi sitten
Now you all know how PC gamers have felt over the past decade.
UntrainableWizard Uukausi sitten
Game looks interesting, but the trailer doesn't show anything gameplay wise that separates it from the crowd. And to the people in the comments- Call of Duty looks great but you're still playing the same game they were releasing in 2005. Honesly doesn't even look terrible, I'm just glad it's not another pixel or RPG maker game.
Michal Dvořák
Michal Dvořák Uukausi sitten
Do you guys understand the term "indie game" right ?
alexguskov25 Uukausi sitten
Turn base games are not my thing 😒.
Kai Pacifica
Kai Pacifica Uukausi sitten
Don't understand the hate. Looks like a potentially great AA game. Looking forward to it!
M_is_for _Machete
M_is_for _Machete Uukausi sitten
Yeah so far is ps4,ps5 later is gonna be only ps5 and they gonna left ps4 is the dust .... like they did with ps3 .. 😡😢
NEW RASTA Uukausi sitten
Load play market 🤣😌🤣
Ode Sinclair
Ode Sinclair Uukausi sitten
The EBGames Sale section is going to be overflowing with these when people who haven't looked into the game properly discover is isn't what they were expecting
Hall.p Uukausi sitten
This Nintendo switch game looks great
Ray H
Ray H Uukausi sitten
0:51 - Second to left character. Why? 😔
Doug Sam
Doug Sam Uukausi sitten
What army. Lol You had 3 others friends. Lol
Randhir Mukhiya
Randhir Mukhiya Uukausi sitten
i can see the dark days of ps5 clearly...
Finley Lawler
Finley Lawler Uukausi sitten
Change back your ps4 party system and privacy policies!!
Mathieu Lévesque
Mathieu Lévesque Uukausi sitten
Honestly. This looks awful.
Ultus veigh
Ultus veigh Uukausi sitten
This is going to be a Game of the year contender no doubt about it...for PS2😂
spooky electric
spooky electric Uukausi sitten
Bloodborne meets XCOM
Click Bait
Click Bait Uukausi sitten
No thank you i keep my money safe.
TM Johnson
TM Johnson Uukausi sitten
Can we talk about that last upload?
Scarities Uukausi sitten
This feels very generic.
BlaqMagik2394 Uukausi sitten
"We have bloodborne at home" Bloodborne @ home:
Potato Patato
Potato Patato Uukausi sitten
Aw dammit, I thought this was an indie cross between Dark Souls and Bloodborne right up until the turn-based combat started.
GamingBlazer Uukausi sitten
Nice ps3 game 😂
deejayxcrypt Uukausi sitten
Need to clean my glasses. All I’m seeing is garbage.
Conjunctorium Uukausi sitten
Oh. Simulacrum is here.
Aaron De Guzman
Aaron De Guzman Uukausi sitten
Ill play this on my vita Release it to ps vita!
Daniel Pool
Daniel Pool Uukausi sitten
This looks like GreedFall with none of the things I liked from it and somehow even worse combat.
Md. Moinul Islam
Md. Moinul Islam Uukausi sitten
Doesn't look like a AAA game
FatalPies Uukausi sitten
This game is sponsored by raid shadow legends
itsmissCoCo Uukausi sitten
I was thinking it was gonna be like a plague tale innocence kinda game lol
Commander Keen
Commander Keen Uukausi sitten
Cant wait to play this on my phone
Abhishek Lal
Abhishek Lal Uukausi sitten
Ah! These graphics look great for Andr... Oh wait
Kory Po
Kory Po Uukausi sitten
Yikes!!! Horrible!!!!
John Hunter
John Hunter Uukausi sitten
This better be 4.99
M R Uukausi sitten
Looks like a PS3/XBOX360 game.
Ricardo Alva
Ricardo Alva Uukausi sitten
..::The Medium::..
Baskara Yoga
Baskara Yoga Uukausi sitten
At least you won't see any loading times in PS5 version 😂
Jose Cancio
Jose Cancio Uukausi sitten
Thats the worst android game ever see
Dillan Rawson
Dillan Rawson Uukausi sitten
I got bloodborne vibes from the intro.
Hdjsjehsvsvs Gshshsbejs
Hdjsjehsvsvs Gshshsbejs Uukausi sitten
Ps3 Grafik
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez Uukausi sitten
This is like a cross between Dark Souls and Hitman GO.
R.O.T.C SEEM Uukausi sitten
How disrespectful. This doesn't have anything they looks like dark souls or hitman
Cross Squirrel
Cross Squirrel Uukausi sitten
For those who have forgotten. This game gives me vibes of GLadius an old rpg turn and square movement based rpg... That games was fun, long and had lots of things to uncover and side missions to even unlock cool characters So then I am giving it a chance because Gladius was such a nice game :D SO maybe this one could be too
officialfabioj Uukausi sitten
You have a powerful console and you deliver a phone game?
Janifer Amos Roberts
Janifer Amos Roberts Uukausi sitten
Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this incredible service and lots more 👍🏾
Cole Oliver
Cole Oliver Uukausi sitten
I want my view back
It’s Picklz
It’s Picklz Uukausi sitten
Venom Snake
Venom Snake Uukausi sitten
Can't wait to see this in the "Under $15" section.
Zoli Máté
Zoli Máté Uukausi sitten
3 week bro xd
Jeramy McQueen
Jeramy McQueen Uukausi sitten
This looks trash
Venom channel
Venom channel Uukausi sitten
Такая игра на ps5? В начале 2000 лучше была графика😂
Mike Uukausi sitten
what in the divinity original sin bootleg is this?
No Face
No Face Uukausi sitten
It’s certainly no looker, but a tactics...ish.. game with alternative camera angle looks kinda neat. It is certainly unique at least
ginganinja Uukausi sitten
This looks super lame.
Tasmiya Shaikh
Tasmiya Shaikh Uukausi sitten
Bloodborne vibes 😌
ELSAW Uukausi sitten
Best Game ps5
adf286 Uukausi sitten
This looks retarded....
SavingPvt_Highon Uukausi sitten
Umm, no!
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett Uukausi sitten
EVIŁ๛ SKỮLL Uukausi sitten
I think this is ps3 game And this is remastered in ps4 n 5 XD
EVIŁ๛ SKỮLL Uukausi sitten
Chl pade x box ki raaho pe XD
Jose Antonio Tirado
Jose Antonio Tirado Uukausi sitten
No vale un duro
Gustavo Sanches
Gustavo Sanches Uukausi sitten
The animation and stuff look like mobile geme
Silvermaxer Uukausi sitten
Is this next-gen exclusive?
Prince Groove
Prince Groove Uukausi sitten
Inquisition simulator? Nice!
KRATOS Uukausi sitten
Power of the playstation 5
GORILLA Joe Uukausi sitten
Terrible game
Chura Bhok
Chura Bhok Uukausi sitten
Can't wait to play this on PS5 ....any link to pre-order?
Aknologia971 Uukausi sitten
Was it neccessary for it to come to PS5??
perico Fernand
perico Fernand Uukausi sitten
¿Is a ps5 game or a ps3 game? lol
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra Uukausi sitten
Wait I thought I already played this on iPhone 6 years back..?
Ji Games
Ji Games Uukausi sitten
are you serious?! this is the next gen??? 🤦🏻‍♂️ it's very sad guys
V Larsen
V Larsen Uukausi sitten
I think I played this on my Nokia 5110 back in the late 90's.
Trr Tell
Trr Tell Uukausi sitten
Split screen?
Gameslord Uukausi sitten
Interesting. I dig the art style.
JeremyA541 PS5
JeremyA541 PS5 Uukausi sitten
This game looks horrible and not just graphics. Voice over is lacking gameplay looks like I'm playing checkers or chess. Sorry to the developers but go back to the drawing board.
Thomas Turcotte
Thomas Turcotte Uukausi sitten
So it's bloodborne
yung jose
yung jose Uukausi sitten
Bruh imagine being a game developer only to get roasted by kids in the comment section who thinks every game should be GOTY material
mario but real
mario but real Uukausi sitten
n-word legend
wegi channel
wegi channel Uukausi sitten
ff tactic gba look better than this trash.
polly moneaux
polly moneaux Uukausi sitten
so it’s like dark souls?
Sebastian Duczkowski
Sebastian Duczkowski Uukausi sitten
8.0 = ws 44369-6 nice sony
Nogarda Uukausi sitten
Trying to place where I've heard this narrator before.
Bbq Launcher
Bbq Launcher Uukausi sitten
Looks like an uninspired rpg with worse graphics than Raid shadow legends
Professor X
Professor X Uukausi sitten
Yea that turn based gameplay is really pushing nextgen hardware 🤔😒
M.Al- Araaf
M.Al- Araaf Uukausi sitten
Looks like Ads games but in console
Руслан Шахматов
Руслан Шахматов Uukausi sitten
I’m choosing a Crook as my character.
Ariel Kaplan
Ariel Kaplan Uukausi sitten
Bloodborne world with chess gameplay ?
vijayvivake Uukausi sitten
Raid shadow legends called
Colin Healy
Colin Healy Uukausi sitten
Reminds me of Odium
[ DEADMAN ] Uukausi sitten
its a pokemon game with dark souls mod
Nameless King Maniac
Nameless King Maniac Uukausi sitten
PS5....? This barely looks like a PS3 game ffs...
TOM RIDDLE Uukausi sitten
Next gen games are sucking day by day
Juan Miguel Yap
Juan Miguel Yap Uukausi sitten
I thought its like demon souls or fromsoftware games 😂
Let Tice
Let Tice Uukausi sitten
Graphics aren’t everything everyone, budget games should exist. This game doesn’t look the best, but comment sections shouldn’t be this rude.
Carfilliot Uukausi sitten
@SavingPvt_Highon how can you know if you like or dislike what someone has written UNLESS you read it?!!!! Also, stop assuming that everyone here that comments is an American, it’s called a WORLD wide web for a reason!!!!!!
Kaiden Banes-Hasty
Kaiden Banes-Hasty Uukausi sitten
@Let Tice got you. I can stand with you there 100%.
Let Tice
Let Tice Uukausi sitten
Kaiden Banes-Hasty oh yeah, I’m not saying I plan on playing this. More of a general upset at all comment sections when it comes to anything that isn’t triple A
Kaiden Banes-Hasty
Kaiden Banes-Hasty Uukausi sitten
I agree, but three weeks out from a new console release, I don't think too many are interested in seeing this.
Nathan Simpson
Nathan Simpson Uukausi sitten
@skye⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ for ps4. People complaining it doesnt do ps1,2,3.
pokeslob Uukausi sitten
this game looks pretty sweet actually, I love the setting
Tristan cossins-white
Tristan cossins-white Uukausi sitten
Why does this remind me of gamecube?
sketchyjgaming Uukausi sitten
These graphics aren't even acceptable for a mobile game anymore they are really releasing this for ps5?
NIKHIL V Uukausi sitten
this game THE REASON why i will buy PS5😂
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