Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole - Marble Machine X #66

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Going Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole to slay the Dragon. This is a special kind of Dragon that lives in rabbitholes.
Good luck with whatever you are doing!
Sincerely, Aspiring Dragonslayer
#Marble #Machine #X
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Torc Handsomeson
Torc Handsomeson 11 kuukautta sitten
lol, i hate everything about the programmable piano roll so much, the complexity, the materials, the manufacture. it could be so much easier and look cooler imo. i hope it ends up changing a lot. props to the guy for actually doing it tho of course, this is just one darling that needs killing.
tânia santos
tânia santos Vuosi sitten
this obsessiveness and '5000 holes to cut' business makes me think of mathematicians of times gone that spent 4 years calculating logs by hand so they could publish tables for others to use: fastidious and time consuming but necessary.
chaosMusic Vuosi sitten
"The beginner engineer that is in me..." °Builds an extremely complex masterpiece of engineering*
Poison Snivy
Poison Snivy Vuosi sitten
"This is a special kind of Dragon that lives in rabbitholes." Hahahahah lol
Hari Koneti
Hari Koneti Vuosi sitten
"A melody is like a dragon. You have to sit by your grand piano and wait for it to stick its neck out, and then you chop its head off." - One of the other guys
Luís Guilherme Holl
Luís Guilherme Holl Vuosi sitten
I have a good idea to you to reduce the time to change the program. You asked about a paper wiht the information of the right holes to put the magnets, to reprograming the machine. And i asked. Why you don't glue the magnet in the paper? To reprogram is just remove the paper with the program and magnets and put another paper (or other thin material) with the magnets and new program.
Олег Тарасов
Олег Тарасов Vuosi sitten
What's in next private video? And why is it in Wintergatan Wednesdays' playlist?
Jakob Busse
Jakob Busse Vuosi sitten
Hahaha, "oh no, they already solved the Sudoku" keep up the good work
WojtekTabak Vuosi sitten
Hey Martin, have You seen a polish music instrument for kids based on the same idea as yours ? Its called MUSICON. The buttons idea is lovely. Check this out. Regards from Poland.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Vuosi sitten
To permit the PE300 plate to bend more easily for drum section mounting would require cutting out material (grooves) on the bottom side with a sawmill blade (0.5mm and less). The cuts would be cylinder lengthwise to the Drum of course. There would be a formula of how many groove cuts to create and at what depth over the Radius bend to relieve tension of compression on the bottom and stretching on the top. As you bend the grooved plate - the grooves close up with little stress in the bottom and top surfaces. There are Finite Analysis software programs that model stresses in designed parts. Quite expensive but an engineering firm could run a modeling of the rather simple plate bending. The ultimate would be getting PE300 formed at the Radius for the plates (highly unlikely). You would need a Metal form just like MM X Plates. Mount the PE300 on the metal frame (with spring tension clamping) and place in a large convection oven that is precisely controlled for heating up and cool down. Then its clamping the curve formed section down flat for milling the programming holes. When you un-clamp the PE300 programming plate from the milling table - it springs back up to the drum curvature for mounting on the Drum plates with no clamping.
Grant Lionheart
Grant Lionheart Vuosi sitten
Still loving your work and dedication, keep it up man.
Pierre-Luc Leboeuf
Pierre-Luc Leboeuf Vuosi sitten
i know nothing about any of this but why didnt you make new pins to fit the shrunk holes instead of making whole new slabs?
train fan 4014
train fan 4014 Vuosi sitten
Mate keep digging because when X is done you’ll feel so proud and you can make so much music you’ll be the next Johnny Cash
Mike L
Mike L Vuosi sitten
I love your videos! I will continue to watch them as long as you continue to make them! When I first watched this video, I thought the same thing many others did. Treat this like engine building. Mount the plates on the drum and machine them as an assembled unit. I do have one question that I have not seen answered in the videos. With the plan being to have two sets of programming plates, with one offstage being re-pinned for the next song, how are you going to be able to accomplish this task in the length of time of one song without errors? Seems like a heavy task for your off stage crew. Pre-printed template that lays over the programming plates to insure quick installation? Optical comparator? I am curious what your plan is. Last comment: Please make Bangor Maine USA one of your world tour stops! There is a brand new large outdoor venue by the river that sounds amazing!
TDUD3 Vuosi sitten
are you considering the temperatures and climate of the places where you gonna play the machine x?
Keineangsthaber Vuosi sitten
Please do not keep the micrometer screw closed the surfaces can become cold-welded. Great Work! Love your CAD Design!
Luis Felipe Trigo Boix
Luis Felipe Trigo Boix Vuosi sitten
Katharina K.
Katharina K. Vuosi sitten
Can we hear it?
Everseeker Vuosi sitten
I am beginning to get that withdrawal feeling again.......
Sven Mengerink
Sven Mengerink Vuosi sitten
hey man, i was looking forward to an other video today. its been a sad day since i cant watch a wintergatan video anymore.
MSI2k Vuosi sitten
"The morning after, the holes have shrunk".. that's what she said ;)
Bobcheese Smithcarrot
Bobcheese Smithcarrot Vuosi sitten
@wintergatan where is the dragon quote from? I cannot find it anywhere...
Blue Apple
Blue Apple Vuosi sitten
Hi, hope all is well - just a marble x junkie looking for my Wednesday fix.
Outdoor Explorer
Outdoor Explorer Vuosi sitten
Matt Vliet
Matt Vliet Vuosi sitten
優さん Vuosi sitten
This is the brain of the machine, we need better technology than this Is it possible that the surface is bent as required for mounting on the machine and then ... we use laser to cut into the material? This will solve all the problems but I am not sure if a mechanism exists that can orient a laser for cutting in this way.
Yeyo Jimenez
Yeyo Jimenez Vuosi sitten
oh no, where is the marble machine x wednesday?
Matt Vliet
Matt Vliet Vuosi sitten
It’s Wednesday my dudes
Matt Vliet
Matt Vliet Vuosi sitten
@Raphael Duleu Hopefully its coming soon!
Raphael Duleu
Raphael Duleu Vuosi sitten
but no video ?
Joshua Donahue
Joshua Donahue Vuosi sitten
Who's here waiting for today's video to drop?
Bobcheese Smithcarrot
Bobcheese Smithcarrot Vuosi sitten
ITS HERE!@David Molenberghs
David Molenberghs
David Molenberghs Vuosi sitten
I've been checking almost every hour since this morning :)
Johannes Meyer
Johannes Meyer Vuosi sitten
uaaaahhh... please not!!! I can't sleep without it!
Bobcheese Smithcarrot
Bobcheese Smithcarrot Vuosi sitten
if it helps get mmx done, Martin can flunk a few videos here and there :)
Bobcheese Smithcarrot
Bobcheese Smithcarrot Vuosi sitten
might have to wait till next week!
Makrill0 Vuosi sitten
I'm here to follow the process, not only see your successes, so even the failures are good to watch. Don't let them get to your Martin, you are doing something completely new so it is to be expected to stumble a few times along the way.
dululú voxnel
dululú voxnel Vuosi sitten
When you finish this project, please return to upload new music Spotify! I imagine new melodies are being cooked in your head while you are finishing this instrument.
ES SO Vuosi sitten
I feel that am stupid to the deep while watching your videos
King Mondo
King Mondo Vuosi sitten
Your videos are always so uplifting.
Dianarte Vuosi sitten
So much dedication, passion and time dedicated to this incredible project, you are incredible. Can't wait to see the machine finally working.
Magical Vanilla
Magical Vanilla Vuosi sitten
Now this is an epic gamer moment
Watchdog Goon
Watchdog Goon Vuosi sitten
I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to ThisOldTony because now I have another funny and interesting FIpost channel to watch.
Gillian Daemon
Gillian Daemon Vuosi sitten
I came back after a year and you're still working on the marble machine. At first i was confused until i read the X on the title... Shit now im excited
jeff mattson
jeff mattson Vuosi sitten
I'm curious, you've not mentioned in any of your videos how you plan to transport these when you go on tour, except to say that you intend to make many of these so that you can quickly change the programming drum between songs. So I'm presuming you will have a crate filled with dozens of these already programmed and carefully labeled. However they don't appear to be sturdy and resilient enough to withstand the rigors of transport. I suspect it will take longer for one person to program a drum than for the song itself to play. I'm imagining the whole band spending hours before every show programming plates backstage before each show. I think it requires some stress testing. You might want to test a finished programmed plate and take it for a long drive in the back of a truck, or ship it to a friend. I suspect you will need to create some manner of restraint or lid. You can't risk even one peg falling out during transport. It would be the equivalent of finding where the needle fell out of the hay stack. I fear your dream of a fast efficient method of reprogramming the plates on the fly could be all for naught if after all your work you need to redesign a sturdier system that can withstand the rigors of transport.
Malco Vuosi sitten
The plates will be reprogrammed during the gig. A guy is working on turning midi files into templates which will be laid over the plates. And the pins then magnetically stick to the lower metal plate.
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang Vuosi sitten
its great
Shady Man
Shady Man Vuosi sitten
You need to use more stable materials. Plastics will shrink over time and will not stop shrinking. Your designing a disposable Marble Machine.
Alex Hill
Alex Hill Vuosi sitten
Doing your part “next👏🏻meme👏🏻”
Johannes -
Johannes - Vuosi sitten
Hei, maybe you want to play Sakura Drop on the marble machine, when it's finished.
Tryst Lee
Tryst Lee Vuosi sitten
Thermal resizing! xDDD
François Girard
François Girard Vuosi sitten
Beginner engineer in you ? HAHAHA... you are a the master engineer of this masterpiece ! Remember that.
Youssef Aly
Youssef Aly Vuosi sitten
I was working with a kind of plastic called PUM if I can recall correctly, it drew moisture from the air and grows in size which was the only conclusion when we couldn't open an end cap of a tube, both are machined from the same plastic, that's after a few months.
Duncan Urquhart
Duncan Urquhart Vuosi sitten
(stand up comedian voice) Folks, I have to say, I haven't seen someone so obsessed with holes since that time I went to r/incels!
Mergh06 Vuosi sitten
The more lazy you become, the more you can split up problems. Classic example
Todd Speck
Todd Speck Vuosi sitten
Wow, Super impressive seeing you make this.
Ben Centurion
Ben Centurion Vuosi sitten
Keep it up!
Prof. Sparkles
Prof. Sparkles Vuosi sitten
Have you considered switching over to POM (aka Delrin)? Its a fair bit more expensive but structurally super stable in comparison to HDPE, you might not see the shrinking with POM.
Spike H Crunked
Spike H Crunked Vuosi sitten
Didn't know where to share this so
Drew Deering
Drew Deering Vuosi sitten
Not only the holes are shrinking but the entire sheet will expand or contract with ambient temperature variations. The holes could be too loose to hold the magnet firmly during a hot summer concert. Have you tried less thermally sensitive materials?
P M Vuosi sitten
Going into the rabbit hole and meet....Mr tolerance. It seems that you build yourself very strong limits. What was the tolerances of your first machine? I guess you want to improve, but what could you live with? What if you just build a small stripe for the 4 plates and test it? Maybe its not so bad as you think when the magnets are 0.1mm or 0.2mm out of place. In your video #52 you speak about 1-3ms beeing defined as tight you have a conversion into how much mm-tolerance this would translate in for the magnet position? Al the best.
Alex Silva
Alex Silva Vuosi sitten
Discovered this channel yesterday by watching the original Marble Machine video and binge watched this playlist of BTS videos until 4 am. He's is one of the most fascinating and inspiring people I've ever seen and the amount of work and talent put into the machine itself and this videos its mind boggling.
MajorMcIver Vuosi sitten
we will be the music of the 20's, wintergatan!
Ken Dwyer
Ken Dwyer Vuosi sitten
Fascinating stuff! Like designing a pianola and it's roll...
jabond77 Vuosi sitten
I thought came to me. Wouldn't it've been a better solution to skip this manual programming of the pin wheel and instead program the wheel with magnet spool/solenoid aktivated pins. A lot of of time could be saved during performance if you just push a button on a computer than having to go through all the thousands of magnet pins when switching tunes. The solenoids have to be very small in diameter to have room beside eachother inside the wheel but they might maybe also be mounted on the outside of the wheel, completely stationary on the marble machine. The electromagnets would then just move detented on and off positioned pins on the drum from the outside. The stickout difference between the pins off and on position could probably be reduced a lot as well since that would work better with the magnet operation. Another benefit in this scenario would be that the pin wheel would continously be reprogrammed for example on the underside. Your music could be forever changing, no repetition. I guess this would eliminate the need for any manually disconnecting of instruments during the playing... Maybe not what you want...
Jackie Shea
Jackie Shea Vuosi sitten
When would you estimate this project being completed
Jazz on Ancient Instruments
Jazz on Ancient Instruments Vuosi sitten
Big fan .. got my t shirt and wear it with pride..
Arkeresh Vuosi sitten
Even the videos you don't think are successful are interesting to watch. And even the mistakes are still a form of progress.
Norman Boyes
Norman Boyes Vuosi sitten
Martin you are doing terrific work and I have only read less than 1% of the comments but it is so heart warming to see the worldwide interest in the project and the strong active team you have gathered around you in direct strong and able support. It is for this reason I hesitate to give advice but here goes- 1. Bin the current design. 2. Use aluminium instead of the plastic for the programming wheel sections. 3. Make the programming pins out of plastic with a ‘fir tree root’ that inserts in the holes of the programming holes. There I have said it.😀
Torin Vuosi sitten
5:07 *"Next me-step!"*
Astryd Lilium
Astryd Lilium Vuosi sitten
So if have to do a concert with 5 songs you have to use a truck to move the marble machine and 20 programming plates. Maybe is better to find a way to use less space, also e thin metal plate with pin welded or screwed on it or a paper sheet and a way to push pin from inside the plate where there is a hole. In this way you can use the space under the machine to store many songs.
BaNaNa Joe
BaNaNa Joe Vuosi sitten
Hey i worked about 9 years in the metal industry, did you tried to use more oil on the air cooling, this could help a lot with the plastic.
jon spon
jon spon Vuosi sitten
coolant mist would definitely keep the plastic cool, but make a mess. too bad you cant get a piece of aluminum or stainless tubing to press into the plastic keeping it a stable size.
Kirk Demadaler
Kirk Demadaler Vuosi sitten
Is it possible that this plastic is Hygroscopic most plastics are? Meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air causing it to swell. Perhaps you could let the panels sit in high humidity conditions like a big bag with water allowing them to swell then machine and allow them to stabilize for a few days to see what your results are. Perhaps these issues that your facing is why history shows that the easiest and most correct way to "read" the notes is by a hole instead of a pin? Perhaps it is time to rethink this design and have reading levers drop into the holes of the drum to activate the notes this way you would totally remove the pin fit issues. Failing this redesign perhaps you could easily "grow" the hole size with heat then insert the pins and let it shrink fit to the pin.... Just some thoughts to ponder
Right Legged Knight
Right Legged Knight Vuosi sitten
You can do it!
craig chamberlain
craig chamberlain Vuosi sitten
2 ideas for you to mitigate the tollerance of cut and magnets. 1 Make the hole in the plastic more deformable/springy. Perhaps drill a hole just inside the wall of the thinner bit of your hole? 2 Increase the magnetism? Thicker steal. Optimal steal recipie for magnetism. Granted the plastic will fail faster if you deform it in a bigger way through a smaller section of the material. The life span may be acceptable?
Hautzel Vuosi sitten
Чувак, ты реально крут!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Halcyon Claire
Halcyon Claire Vuosi sitten
hey so the machine is pretty sick but are y'all gonna like release any new music or what?
Nicholas Halderman
Nicholas Halderman Vuosi sitten
I love that you're sharing the weeks when you don't finish something as well. Part of the value of this series is in seeing inside a huge project like this, and seeing how it's messy, and how things get revised over time, and how you make mistakes and learn from them, and how new processes cause you to see old parts in a new light, and so forth. I know the music is the goal, but the journey is mesmerizing and inspiring.
gernith Vuosi sitten
Victor the Kid
Victor the Kid Vuosi sitten
What am I watching
DikoMan Vuosi sitten
By the time he will finish building the machine, he might not remember how to write music anymore. :)
Voldigar Vuosi sitten
The material that you are using will change sizes based off of humidity and temperature.
Alejandro Cordero Rios
Alejandro Cordero Rios Vuosi sitten
How long is this going to take
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Vuosi sitten
I wonder, Martin, have you considered using the holes themselves to trigger the marble and use magnets to fill the holes instead? Might mean a mod to your mechanism but may get around tolerance issues?
gggfx Vuosi sitten
Incredible engineering bro and I admire how you maintained your drive and sense of humour despite the huge amount of work you had to do!
capnthepeafarmer Vuosi sitten
With tolerances like that you're going to have to worry about the temperature the machine is playing. If it's too hot the pins may fall out or not be tight. Also the temperature you are machining at. It's currently winter, in summer those holes will change size.
Liz Cambe
Liz Cambe Vuosi sitten
Esto se ve realmente impresionante, pero como no se ingles, ni de musica, no entiendo un carajo 😢
bouyant Vuosi sitten
Arthur Kuperfield
Arthur Kuperfield Vuosi sitten
ничего не понял кроме того что он гений)
Zechy_YT Vuosi sitten
This is very complicated but very educational thanks
vinny142 Vuosi sitten
How does this material react when it's a hot day vs a cold day? If 0.04 makes a significant difference then a show in Australia is going to be a serious problem.
Jonas Eira
Jonas Eira Vuosi sitten
Sweet. Did you consider the tear on the holes? Also the end credit song is sweeeet! Keep the spirit up! Love watching the progress!
Lodge Cav
Lodge Cav Vuosi sitten
Those must be the hardest working stepper motors ever! You will be able to look back on this period and smile, hang in there! Thank you for the content.
Matthew Vincent
Matthew Vincent Vuosi sitten
You're going to work day and night but you couldn't wait overnight to finish this thread and show us the result?
Lu Peters
Lu Peters Vuosi sitten
Given the amount of test material you are burning through, I would highly recommend outsourcing this and using aluminum plates. Also most plastics don't have the best dimensional stability and will age quite poorly. This should be done on big a 4 axis CNC with people doing this for years.
René Bakker
René Bakker Vuosi sitten
You have many plastic parts in the design. Plastic has a different coefficient of expansion than wood or steel. Did you take all these tolerances into account considering the mmx will have to perform on stage under the hot lights. For the programming pins this might not make a difference, but can the marbles get stuck inside the tubes ?
carl lavertu
carl lavertu Vuosi sitten
use a custom cutter grinded for the shape you need
carl lavertu
carl lavertu Vuosi sitten
use a custom grinder cutter
GagHalfrund Vuosi sitten
Maybe it would be easier to drill the holes on the mounted program plate. ;-) Another idea is to leave the plate after drilling and repeat the same run after 12 hours. Then the drill does not push the material away, but only cuts the shrunken one.
Nighthawk Vuosi sitten
I believe RPM is not your problem, the speed of the drilling head is. drill bits are meant to take out the material as they drill, so the faster they go, the better, the more polished the hole. but, if you rush the drill bit onto the material, you risk compressing the material before it can be carved off. so, .... drill, but don't _drill_ , more like, _slowly grind away, taking the material up and out by means of the drill bit spiral_
tz-lom Vuosi sitten
Aren't you affraid that on stage under heat of the lamps this slots will jam a pins?
Basovskaya D
Basovskaya D Vuosi sitten
Sandwich Vuosi sitten
Does ambient air temperature affect the material at all?
Sherman Sherbert
Sherman Sherbert Vuosi sitten
Your going to need so many spare parts for this one off insainity to try to take it on tour. You will likerally need that workshop in a semi to pull it off.
TheD3LAY Vuosi sitten
A Mitutoyo micrometer! Awesome! I worked there! :D
Bætnet Vuosi sitten
Fredrik Knudsen would like to know your location.
Dan Severns
Dan Severns Vuosi sitten
Bætnet He might not be familiar with that idiom.
A Sabetti
A Sabetti Vuosi sitten
Hey great work You inspire me every day Every time I think of you working so hard and holding yourself to such rigorous standards i know that I too can achieve my much smaller by comparison goals Keep at it The marble machine x is going to sound so sweet
Ho-Oh Shiny
Ho-Oh Shiny Vuosi sitten
Ho-Oh Shiny
Ho-Oh Shiny Vuosi sitten
castillelarkin Vuosi sitten
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