Episode 122: The East Knows This

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This week, we talk about Harry Styles wearing a dress, Rudy Giulianni's melting head, city winters, responding to criticism, we look through my subreddit, and so much more!
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0:00 Toronto Winters
07:17 Getting Sappy
10:35 Apologizing For My Mistake
15:48 Dandruff
22:30 Harry Styles In A Dress
35:22 Rudy Is Melting
43:35 Looking at my Subreddit
49:48 Advice Segment

MrRawrgasmic Uukausi sitten
God damn solo podcasts are already so bad but this is insufferable
Molono 4 päivää sitten
This feels like satire but I'm not sure
corabeth 10 päivää sitten
@prince im currently dying right now because of this comment.
prince 10 päivää sitten
the east knows this
corabeth 13 päivää sitten
@Savage 901 lol, they are so easy to spot out
Savage 901
Savage 901 14 päivää sitten
@corabeth You are probably right, look at his discussions tab, there is a comment defending Chris Crocker 10 years ago. Probably mocking him for being feminine.
Wheeze 16 tuntia sitten
Lol, it’s literal fabric. In ancient times, no one was like “this is ONLY for MEN,” no, they were trying to survive and making dick jokes. They didn’t care, but suddenly we assign clothes a gender, it’s so wild.
Marco Medeiros
Marco Medeiros 20 tuntia sitten
I love that someone mentioned what you think about fan encounters because you're like my favourite FIpostr and "celebrity" and I would love to meet you one day but it would probably get super awkward haha
Lucy Päivä sitten
Ayoooo dandruff head checking in 🗣🗣🗣 But also if head and shoulders doesn’t work for you you should try like a tea tree conditioner and leave it in for a while, let it really moisturize your scalp before rinsing!!!
asia thomas
asia thomas Päivä sitten
There’s nothing more yeeyee than wearing a tie dye hoodie
Gigi Veltheim
Gigi Veltheim 2 päivää sitten
As someone who lives in the east my brother loves wearing skirts and dresses 👍
greyghost 3 päivää sitten
hearing kurtis laugh at himself is the best thing ever
feiyunn choy
feiyunn choy 4 päivää sitten
i live in alberta and i wanna ask, why he acting like alberta doesn’t have cities?
Molono 4 päivää sitten
I've only heard good things about Logan since he started his podcast, I could say the opposite about Jake though. I used to watch Jake because I found the dangerous videos entertaining but he's always been this shitty, I guess I was just too dumb to see it, he took down his kaitlin Bennett one I honestly don't know why he took it down but I didn't watch it so there might have been a reason other than him finding out she was a lot worse than he had originally thought
lola 2 päivää sitten
i used to watch jake and logan before grew up and started watching kurtis and stuff. also i’ve heard conservatives and democrats saying they like logan’s podcast so i’m intrigued.
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant 7 päivää sitten
“The East knows this” gives me the same vibes as “slapped by legal” idk why 😂😅 Edit: “the east knows this” is the new “makin it stinky!”
Kate Roth
Kate Roth 7 päivää sitten
have these people never listened to verbatim
peach_total 7 päivää sitten
47:10 the “he can’t be straight” rhetoric also implies that there are other personality traits inherently linked with being gay/bi/pan other than.......who you’re attracted to??? it’s literally reinforcing stereotypes about men who aren’t straight
Cecilia Sellars
Cecilia Sellars 7 päivää sitten
guns are cum Chum is FUM
Geegs 8 päivää sitten
Nothing says unbreakable man like losing your shit over what someone else is wearing. Imagine trying to boast your masculinity only to cry when someone wears a dress. The fragility of masculinity.
Dani Gentry Evans
Dani Gentry Evans 8 päivää sitten
If you want a beard just use minoxidil on your face, it will grow %100.
Kristina Elliott
Kristina Elliott 9 päivää sitten
Everyone thinks they have dandruff, use head and shoulders get no results, and most never realize it was dry scalp or buildup all along
Elizabeth Tyson
Elizabeth Tyson 14 päivää sitten
Hey Kurtis! I've had dandruff for years and the only thing that helped me was tea tree shampoo and conditioner! It works miracles and also lice hate the smell!!!! Like so Kurtis can see this
Sierra Kennedy
Sierra Kennedy 14 päivää sitten
Literally the highlight of my day love laughing at work and passing the time listening to an amazing creator💗💗thank you for keeping me sane
Emma Tennyson
Emma Tennyson 15 päivää sitten
Yeah can we get a mental health check for Kurtis
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 15 päivää sitten
How about everyone just wears what they want and everyone just minds their own business? Dude wears a dress, let him. Chick wears a suit, let her. Its literally a piece of cloth designed to cover your body. People need to chill.
Flora Li
Flora Li 15 päivää sitten
saw harry so i had to click
Octavie Gourguechon
Octavie Gourguechon 16 päivää sitten
the advice section omg... Hey exactly, you are only SIXTEEN, i started really "living" when i went to college, when i was 18, take your time
Chloë 18 päivää sitten
Thanks for apologizing for that, I totally understand though that you didn’t see it like that. Also, I’m sorry about that Reddit post because that sucked.
Jeune Gal
Jeune Gal 19 päivää sitten
I dont understand the "kurtis must be bi" thing. You dont assume people's sexuality. if they tell you, you dont get to doubt that and speculate. At least keep those thoughts inside your head. It's incredibly disrespectful.
Brittany Bertolin
Brittany Bertolin 21 päivä sitten
Just gotta point out I have mad respect for that apology man. You explained your thinking and pointed out the issue with it and that takes a lot of integrity
Samantha 21 päivä sitten
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez 22 päivää sitten
I don’t think you needed to “come clean” about a damn lame fart joke. People should stop victimizing women for stupid stuff like this. There is no need to apologize, Kurtis. You good.
greta thumb
greta thumb 22 päivää sitten
you look a lot like joe exotic in this
Andrea Jo Chasco
Andrea Jo Chasco 24 päivää sitten
I'm guessing Candace wants to be transported back in time to the 1950's... she can have all the "manly men" in exchange for her basic equal human rights.
Gabe 24 päivää sitten
the east nose this
seren 27 päivää sitten
wow kurtis named his dog after harry styles song 🥺
Angelia Rapi
Angelia Rapi 28 päivää sitten
As somebody who has been to China, Japan, and South Korea, I can confirm that everybody there wipes boogers all over their face.
Eddy Boy
Eddy Boy 29 päivää sitten
Isn't the East know for their cultural contributions, such as loli hentai, Astolfo, Feilx the catboi, and fembois in general?
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★ 29 päivää sitten
when i heard him mention alberta i went like- JSKFBKP since i live there
Melanie W
Melanie W Uukausi sitten
Snot = good moisturizer
My wi wi goes boing boing
My wi wi goes boing boing Uukausi sitten
Yes, the world needs strong men. But, may I ask you what a strong man looks like? The world needs strong women, what does a strong woman look like? The world needs leaders, strong people that will help the world, but a strong person doesn’t have a certain look, it can be anyone.
Kate Uukausi sitten
He's fulfilling his weatherman dreams in this one
GR!M Uukausi sitten
dandruff headz 😌
hari .x
hari .x Uukausi sitten
nothing like a good dandruff snow cone straight from kurtis' head
Scariett909 Uukausi sitten
My fanasty stereotype for Canadians was that they rode moose with a pet timber wolf and dressed as a game warden. They also have a obsession with maple syrup and hockey but are too kind for their own good.
Eve Elkort
Eve Elkort Uukausi sitten
Normally I do not watch any podcasts because I have a short attention span, but I just had a terrible nightmare about sexual assault and for some reason my brain wanted to listen to kurtis talk and so I turned on this podcast. Hearing him talk about the weather grounded me and made me feel comfortable, especially since he is so respectful of women.
Mr.Duck1 24
Mr.Duck1 24 Uukausi sitten
I think you should only try to figure out someone’s sexuality if they ask you to, like asking for help, cause they’re confused and unsure. Otherwise, it’s really none of your business!
It's a Mystery
It's a Mystery Uukausi sitten
Kurtis... I mean this in the most respectful way... You’re hot.
Icacus Uukausi sitten
People trying to say that kurtis isn’t the sexuality that he is..... shit fart actually
scout lund
scout lund Uukausi sitten
crazy that the people who try to preach about "liberty and freedom" are the Same ones to try to limit what someone can and cannot wear. isn't very "free" is it?
Evelyn Uukausi sitten
People in the comments trying to support feminine men by saying how manly it is to be feminine. That's not the point!
Melanie Sheldon
Melanie Sheldon Uukausi sitten
Teresa Tara is a stinky, but effective shampoo that treats dandruff and siriosis super well.
Robin pissing
Robin pissing Uukausi sitten
man cant wear skirt bc if man wear skirt, how man fight war???? if man wear skirt all strength vanish!!!!!!!!!!!!
atlasasf Uukausi sitten
if man wear skirt man no fight anymore. man with long hair girl!!
Bailey Paris
Bailey Paris Uukausi sitten
In a Marilyn Monroe film class, I had this year, my professor said the least feminism in America was in 1953 when Playboy Magazine was born. Maybe that's the time Candace Owens wants to go back to.
loveutill theendoftimes
loveutill theendoftimes Uukausi sitten
They're literally doing the same as when people didnt want women wearing pants.
Uncle Wiley
Uncle Wiley Uukausi sitten
Every time a man wears a dress Candace Owens loses a day of her life. She's got a week left.
Aubree Lynn
Aubree Lynn Uukausi sitten
conservatives say if men wear dresses then they’re not men??? but if a trans women wears a dress then they say that they’re not a women and will never be???? girl i- what do u want exactly?
tearsnoots Uukausi sitten
hey kurtis! ik im gonna seem like an "organic-products-only-antivaxx mom" rn but maybe try using tea tree oil for ur dandruff :'} it very really helps lol
killikhive Uukausi sitten
as a compulsive scalp-picker i stand in solidarity with all of y'all with dandruff 🤝🤝🤝 i don't have the itchiness but i know your pain. frosted flakes time 😔
grace liu
grace liu Uukausi sitten
kurtis looks like a very nice mouse when he smiles
Inaya Parker
Inaya Parker Uukausi sitten
did kurtis get bullied into apologizing for laughing at a fart joke?
Genna Sitero
Genna Sitero Uukausi sitten
Idk man he said himself he likes when people respectfully point out what they feel he did wrong instead of attacking him. I’m assuming he decided to apologize because a lot of fans gave him constructive criticism that he agrees with.
Wesley _
Wesley _ Uukausi sitten
"Yeah I'm talking about the ~weather~" *looks absolutely disgusted by himself"
randomhavoc123 Uukausi sitten
The whole time you're talking shit about snowy cities: *nods in Chicagoan*
charlie marchione
charlie marchione Uukausi sitten
kurtis has the mustache auston matthews wishes he has
em Uukausi sitten
th- the east knows this
Claire Roberts
Claire Roberts Uukausi sitten
This is the silliest thing I could comment but Kurtis dandruff is a fungus, if your dandruff is seasonal it might just be dry skin and not dandruff and shampoos like head and shoulders won't help if it is dry skin! Use a gentle shampoo focused on scalp health and maybe try some hydration treatments. I hope this helps. I don't want to assume anything about you or your life but I used to work in cosmetics and I saw this confusion a lot and if you're uncomfortable, then I want you to have helpful information! Again, I don't want to assume anything, just help if I can.
LimitedEditionP Uukausi sitten
Conservatives dont believe in climate change or covid so it's easy for them to get mad at man I'm dress, they have all the time in the world
Anna H
Anna H Uukausi sitten
I have covid right now and have watched about 12 hours of your podcast in the last three days and it makes me so happy, your words are so good and I feel like I'm learning so many life lessons
Winter Robertson
Winter Robertson Uukausi sitten
low key wanna by a town name it Curtis town an live in it
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Uukausi sitten
if i actually ran into kurtis i’d simply pass away because i have officially reached the peak of my entire life and nothing would beat meeting him i think
Kimberly Whiston
Kimberly Whiston Uukausi sitten
Me listening to this living in New Mexico which never gets snow: 👁👄👁
Vic G
Vic G Uukausi sitten
I want cis men to wear dresses and skirt so that I can and I wont be seen as immediately a woman. This is for trans men I know as well that like "feminine" clothing but cant wear them if they want to pass.
JUSTICECLARKE Uukausi sitten
i just had to scratch my dandruff off my head and a snow storm is on my floor rn...
Lim jack
Lim jack Uukausi sitten
The economic bubble physiologically obey because condor secondly thaw aboard a chivalrous blouse. temporary, satisfying jury
Z Lamb
Z Lamb Uukausi sitten
"man·ly : having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength." do you know how much courage and strength it takes for a man to wear a dress in todays day and age? that shits manly asf
sleeping songbirds
sleeping songbirds Uukausi sitten
As someone in Alaska .. I think kurtis gave us that snowstorm 😂so cold now
im barney bitch
im barney bitch Uukausi sitten
"come and take my gas" me, an american, say sike rn kurtis
Cam J
Cam J Uukausi sitten
i think ppl only say that abt your sexuality bc as an lqbtqa person its so rare to feel safe and comfy w a straight man
Bunny Mouse
Bunny Mouse Uukausi sitten
Since when the fuck did strength become an exclusively male trait. It literally makes no sense
Freya x
Freya x Uukausi sitten
What is a street car?
The Toxic Waste Podcast
The Toxic Waste Podcast Uukausi sitten
kinda like a bus
Oliver Rose
Oliver Rose Uukausi sitten
I love the lengthy discussion about men wearing skirts because that's sooo my aesthetic. I also happen to be transgender, and when I came out a lot of people questioned my identity since I still enjoyed "feminine" things like skirts and makeup. I'm a man who likes to express myself a certain way, and I'm so happy that more people with large platforms are talking about stuff like this in a way that's so casual, not sensationalizing or anything like that.
Crystal Wolcott
Crystal Wolcott Uukausi sitten
It's so easy to make my podcast even worse.
Crystal Wolcott
Crystal Wolcott Uukausi sitten
If your dandruff is so bad like...wash your hair?
D Reye
D Reye Uukausi sitten
It's weird that she says "the east knows this", while also blaming feminine men for Marxism. Communism has historically thrived in the east more than anywhere else. Also, how does it make you "strong" to support capitalism as a working class man? Boot-licking isn't strength.
Daisy Mendoza
Daisy Mendoza Uukausi sitten
idk why but its so funny how mad he is about the cold weather 😭
jordan Uukausi sitten
selsun blue is a good dry scalp shampoo
Tara Carmelina
Tara Carmelina Uukausi sitten
In regards to the “East”. Rwanda was in the east and that IS a society that rebuilt themselves without men after a tragical war that killed off nearly all the men. In fact, today it’s the leading country for women in politics. I don’t know why they’re not spoke of that much.
Tara Carmelina
Tara Carmelina Uukausi sitten
Society does need strength... however strength doesn’t mean men.
Molly Romero
Molly Romero Uukausi sitten
also just thought of this.. so candace owens is clearly ambitious and strong. men can tend to display masculine or feminine qualities women can tend to display masculine or feminine qualitites. cue a punnett square of that candace owen is a women displaying masculine qualities harry styles is a man displaying feminine qualities she dislikes people of a gender displaying qualities outside of what is generally thought to be in alignment with that gender? she is doing that? help me if i'm wrong
Molly Romero
Molly Romero Uukausi sitten
is a women. and i mean it
Kai Jones
Kai Jones Uukausi sitten
How is Jacob so beautiful idgi
Qasim Heron
Qasim Heron Uukausi sitten
i was vibing with kurtis as a british citizen
Jake Uukausi sitten
I always assumed Candance Owens was inserting some subtle Islamophobia into her tweet about "The East"
Basha Fredman
Basha Fredman Uukausi sitten
I’m so fucking dead rn Kurtis is too funny
Basha Fredman
Basha Fredman Uukausi sitten
Sssweaters and ssssscarves and hOt cOcaO
Andres Garsia
Andres Garsia Uukausi sitten
Harry uploaded a picture with the captions "bring manly man back" 😹😹 love him
OG31 Uukausi sitten
when logan paul makes sense.... you know the situations fucked
Extall Uukausi sitten
Bro that intro was trippin me out
Vanessa Gliever
Vanessa Gliever Uukausi sitten
i’m sorry i love you kurtis and your podcast but it seems like the jokes are just beating a dead horse and it’s really repetitive
Taysha Billinger
Taysha Billinger Uukausi sitten
iiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmm gonna say it kurtis reminds me so much of chris delia in his podcasts
JustCora Uukausi sitten
For real im high as shit and i though i was going to die when he compared guns to cum. Oh mygod😂😂😂😂
nevermind. key
nevermind. key Uukausi sitten
okay I don't know where the original quote is from, I think maybe a poetry collection called Cement Garden, but in the Madonna song What It Feels Like For a Girl, a woman featured on the song speaks "Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, cause it's okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, cause you think that being a girl is degrading." The repression of men and the fact that their fashion choices are so limited by society is really an insult to women. What's so shameful about wearing a dress or a skirt or a crop top or makeup? Most people who paid attention to history at all know men wore these things first. But when a woman does it, now there's an issue, now men can no longer do it. Femininity should not be seen as inferior or silly. Big ole bunch of bs...
Tanelisse Gonzalez
Tanelisse Gonzalez Uukausi sitten
barber: *throws up on someone's head* literally anyone: ew, dude, wtffff Kurtis: thanks, here's your $60 :,)
Lalie Q.
Lalie Q. Uukausi sitten
Joe Jonas and Harry styles looks different here 22:30
GuilelessDragon Uukausi sitten
Das Kapital (first draft) by Karl Marx Men are women now Gays can get married Something about bread
Jhoso Uukausi sitten
dandruff head gang rise up!
Ryan Sondgeroth
Ryan Sondgeroth Uukausi sitten
I kinda miss when we only had 1000 cases a day.
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