Film Theory: The ONLY Way To Beat The Monster From It Follows! (Scary Movie)

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It Follows brought a very original and terrifying monster to our screens. The Entity that once attached to you and follows until it can end you. The only way to save yourself is to pass it along to someone else... or is there another way? Is there a way to actually defeat the monster? Loyal Theorists, this will have to be one of my most clever solutions yet! Let's get SCARY!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Edward Earl Newton, Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Sierra Ace Extrordinaire
Sierra Ace Extrordinaire 8 päivää sitten
The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more- Vanessa Carlton: I'd walk a thousand miles- The Entity: hold my beer
Beverly Hyland
Beverly Hyland 20 tuntia sitten
Why would he need someone to hold his beer? He's walking? lol
•Aqua and Violet•
•Aqua and Violet• 2 päivää sitten
Diego Cantu
Diego Cantu 2 päivää sitten
Me a master rank hunter: *Sighs* I suppose it's a super powerful entity to scare away another... *Farcasts Wingdrake* Entity: What are you...- *Starts hearing Sora's and Fatalis theme* Also Entity: Understandable. I'll go haunt someone else.
uwubb 2 päivää sitten
1000 Subscribers without any videos it's challenge
1000 Subscribers without any videos it's challenge 3 päivää sitten
Alfred Antony
Alfred Antony 10 minuuttia sitten
Rob a bank And be in jail for 15 years 🤔
DiaglothTheViridianKing 28 minuuttia sitten
Anyone else notice he used the intro from river monsters? No? Just me? Ok.
Colin jackson
Colin jackson 30 minuuttia sitten
He’s gotten to the point where he’s copying nerd explains this channel is really gone downhill
LinkBoy 72
LinkBoy 72 36 minuuttia sitten
Matpat: Michigan: the land of relentless killers Me, from Frankenmuth: And Christmas... for some reason
Zbear 47 minuuttia sitten
Imagine if the entity was real and someone had to use this plan forever and then quarantine hits and they can’t go anywhere
fearfulcat 49 minuuttia sitten
Your mention that money is an issue is an important one. I'm pretty sure one of the themes of this movie is being stuck with the circumstances you are born into. None of these kids have much hope of ever leaving this town. And they are affected by all of the problems that are part of this town. And they have a small limited circle of people that they are ever gonna have relationships with. And going to the University of Detroit is never going to give her a leg up on this life. She's trying to get past her circumstances - sleeping with the new guy who's from somewhere else, going to college, etc. - but the cards are stacked against her. Her only hope is band together with the other members of her community, because that's how people in these go nowhere towns are able to survive it's terrible problems.
Dalzombie Tunti sitten
So... here's a wild thought. Since the entity is humanoid, what if you managed to do the entity? It certainly can't chase itself now could it? Wouldn't make for the hottest date, but what if it imploded?
gamer god
gamer god Tunti sitten
live in la and move to Hawaii it has lungs and breathes so it would drown if it tried to swim and it cant get on a boat or live in new york where its always busy
Francytj :D
Francytj :D Tunti sitten
Ok but what about stuff like quarantine or stopping for gas?
Joaquin Ntshangase
Joaquin Ntshangase 2 tuntia sitten
Or here me out sleep with a prostitute
Diego RF
Diego RF 2 tuntia sitten
A bird
PlayzCompleted 3 tuntia sitten
Uh the movie came out in 2015 not 2014
jacob combs
jacob combs 3 tuntia sitten
Down to earth practical plans for it are great and all but the ridiculous stuff is much more fun. Are there any stats on its ability to climb? Two words, Tree House lol. Digging a home into the side of one of those gimongous California redwoods would be dope, and if you build it right you should easily be able to keep the entity out of it.
jacob combs
jacob combs 3 tuntia sitten
An important part of your STDC treatment is to have group of 3. You, the person that gave it to you and a trusted friend who has not received the curse. That way you have another person who can see it and one person who can't to confirm the suspicious person walking toward you isn't visible to normies.
T iemon
T iemon 3 tuntia sitten
see what happens when you throw it in the strid
Otto Hartmann
Otto Hartmann 4 tuntia sitten
Imagine you got in an aeroplane to go to another country to escape it, but midway through the flight you realise it's onboard with you.
Dante 4 tuntia sitten
Where all my Michiganders at?
frederick dinsdale
frederick dinsdale 4 tuntia sitten
No, not a honda, are you mad, Volkswagen golf would be the best for this
Vishva Kumara
Vishva Kumara 5 tuntia sitten
Spooky STD Vector.
Elyes Fourati
Elyes Fourati 6 tuntia sitten
why we don't build a space ship or something to live in space (would be good for long term survival right?)
Raymond Rasonabe
Raymond Rasonabe 6 tuntia sitten
Use reverse psychology, why it follows when you can follow it lmao
halfcatman2 6 tuntia sitten
i watched this before bed
Lunacity 6 tuntia sitten
Because it's a horror movie you'd discover that it's rate of approach changes over time and after taking enough measurements of the entity's speed you find that the approach rate is becoming exponentially faster with each passing day.
K 7 tuntia sitten
Here’s how you beat that demon. Call on Jesus and send him straight to tarturus.
Krys 7 tuntia sitten
Friend: Wow your so good at planning right down to the tiniest details, what's your secret? You: Oh nothing much, I made a small mistake in high school now I have a demon stalking me wherever I go, nothing too spectacular. Friend: .....what?
ShadowStalker BG
ShadowStalker BG 8 tuntia sitten
*laughs in asexual*
Lad !
Lad ! 8 tuntia sitten
Teenagers not getting aids...Thanks alot uncle Charles I cant be like anyone...
Matei Antonescu
Matei Antonescu 9 tuntia sitten
What would happen if you did it whit the entity itself? Does he have to pass it, or does he like, die?
No one important Just a borderlands fan lol
No one important Just a borderlands fan lol 11 tuntia sitten
MATT I HAVE A THEORY! What if the guy from hush is the same as the guy that survived in the belko experiment? I mean I don’t have a whole lot of evidence but the guy in the belko experiment was the only guy to survive I mean this would mean you would have to watch both movies and I really recommend them for a Friday night scare but like it it really is true their both played by the same actor and me and a friend are pretty sure there both made by BH production! Also the guy from belko (at the end) acts a lot like the guy in hush! He seems cold and emotionless! I wonder if their in the same universe
Mike R
Mike R 11 tuntia sitten
Its filmed in Detroit? OH CRAP
Mike R
Mike R 11 tuntia sitten
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Gordon Ramsay
secretly judging you
secretly judging you 12 tuntia sitten
Wait what if micro-organisms that continuously divide (reproduce) are involved...?????
The Wild Child
The Wild Child 12 tuntia sitten
You should do a theory on the movies time zone. You’ll be more confused than trying to figure out fnafs lore😈
GamerKid11 13 tuntia sitten
how to defeat the entity: *be a virgin*
impreza0109 13 tuntia sitten
Throw a single Moon Dust at it then hack it with a Silver sword and get over it. Jeez.
Final Froggit Approaches
Final Froggit Approaches 14 tuntia sitten
I can’t manage my own schedule, let alone the schedule of a constantly-moving demonic curse.
Jamie Wigg
Jamie Wigg 14 tuntia sitten
See I’m fine cuz I’m a 35 year old virgin
Jamie Wigg
Jamie Wigg 14 tuntia sitten
Btw it can’t go across water because it can’t take transport so just go to europe
Sela Rock
Sela Rock 14 tuntia sitten
6:50 , mAcomb, not mAYcomb.
Me ME 15 tuntia sitten
If you have the money, go to space. it wont ever reach you, just stay under your exact spot. till you get down that is.
André Barreto
André Barreto 16 tuntia sitten
make a deep hole, lure it, bury it.
Charlie the Champion
Charlie the Champion 16 tuntia sitten
Why not just drive really really far away then take a flight, then a long while later do it again back and forth forever, although eventually you might not have enough money which why you fly away as far as possible, so then you have a long time to work and stuff, maybe make friends and tell them to help you maybe give you a home
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 15 tuntia sitten
So you can put sheets on it and such, why not a tracker necklace?... BOOM!
jet100a 16 tuntia sitten
Or just dig a hole and poor some concrete in. Or acid so it's completely disintegrated
jet100a 15 tuntia sitten
@Charming nowhere to hide well I just saying if it were literal as I'm sure everyone else was too, including this video but your comment was interesting
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 15 tuntia sitten
You can't escape the entity from It Follows because it's a metaphor about mortality: Life is a sexually transmitted disease, once you're born, your destined to die.
HD SINGH 16 tuntia sitten
F a astronaut and send him to the moon gg
Chrysostomos 16 tuntia sitten
Good thing for me I’m never gonna get the chance to get hunted.
I Am Aidan Smith
I Am Aidan Smith 17 tuntia sitten
What if someone with the entity following them went to prison
Jesse Luera
Jesse Luera 17 tuntia sitten
Why don't you do what you said earlier by getting the paint and show it to Some Organization That will study it or something
Miles Tails Prower
Miles Tails Prower 17 tuntia sitten
what about kissing the monster and then it would hunt itself?
H Re
H Re 17 tuntia sitten
Just bait it into a room, go around it, then lock the door or put some paint on it, go to a police station lock it in a jail or something and they can do science on it
Joi Jansen
Joi Jansen 18 tuntia sitten
When you casually live near Detroit...ah Haha
Mei Sasakura
Mei Sasakura 18 tuntia sitten
2:39 my class just watched the movie and my god, I’m sorry for your sons death and all,(that was tragic... like the ending scene...) BUT BOY! WE NEED TO WRITE LIKE 10+ EXTRA LONG PARAGRAPHS AND FINISH IN A FEW DAYS WHILE ALL OUR OTHER TEACHERS GIVE US DEATH SENTENCES SO THE TIME SPENT ON THAT WOULD MAKE ANOTHER ASSESSMENT LATE!!!! WE CANT WIN!!!--^_-
Mei Sasakura
Mei Sasakura 18 tuntia sitten *I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER FRIENDS TO SHARE THIS WITH!!!*
Gabriel Everson
Gabriel Everson 19 tuntia sitten
Finally something I will never have to worry about!
Xzacter Gaming
Xzacter Gaming 19 tuntia sitten
Just taze it and throw it in maximum security prison or another universe where scp bases are actually safe
babie girl
babie girl 20 tuntia sitten
If the is was real would it mean nobody would be born? You have to do it to have kids and if it kills you before 9-10 months how would the child be born. And how would it follow every single person who does to do. I mean there's a lot of people who do it at the same time
Daniel 20 tuntia sitten
0:07 How is feminism helping there? Why are people relating it to everything. Or film theory is going woke like with the PewDiePie episode
The Mutton Chop Gamer
The Mutton Chop Gamer 20 tuntia sitten
How to beat it is simple... Just stay a virgin. It's worked for me :')
PD Zombie
PD Zombie 20 tuntia sitten
You can't escape the entity from It Follows because it's a metaphor about mortality: Life is a sexually transmitted disease, once you're born, your destined to die.
Beverly Hyland
Beverly Hyland 20 tuntia sitten
So you can put sheets on it and such, why not a tracker necklace?... BOOM!
theBoss31 20 tuntia sitten
Just have some [Good Time] with an astronaut before he gets spent to space. Gg ez
Cow King
Cow King 21 tunti sitten
Is it just me or is the entity picture in this video an archon
Mythical phoniex
Mythical phoniex 21 tunti sitten
Well I live in Michigan so FRICKKK
Deangelo Lopes
Deangelo Lopes 21 tunti sitten
just do it with the monster lol
eXwhY Z Gaming
eXwhY Z Gaming 21 tunti sitten
Greg Did
Joshua Churchill
Joshua Churchill 22 tuntia sitten
Man, I don't know if anyone could handle living a life that montenous, I think most people would become depressed relatively quickly and probably give up after awhile
Nightmare Daymare
Nightmare Daymare 23 tuntia sitten
When I’m going to watch a movie i see the theory lol
Ann Hong
Ann Hong 23 tuntia sitten
I live next to the northville psychiatric facility so this is real creepy
George Harris
George Harris Päivä sitten
sleep with the same person everyday and pass it like a game of hot potato
TurtleKing777 Päivä sitten
Don’t steal Cracked After Hours content if you’re gonna make a video crying about having YOUR content taken from you and money stolen from you. Good to know you’re a hypocrite
CIA Päivä sitten
Orrrr... tie the entire class up and make sure they associate birth control and condoms with happiness. And not using them with extreme pain. Just an experiment we thought of...
Daniel He
Daniel He Päivä sitten
There is an imposter among us
Ulysses Anguish
Ulysses Anguish Päivä sitten
Morale of the story: Virginity is cool, stay pure
Evangeline Rose saddler
Evangeline Rose saddler Päivä sitten
BEST WAY TO AVOID IT just be like Elizabeth I (stay a virgin)
Julia Kovacova
Julia Kovacova Päivä sitten
bro you know how clutch a tesla would be i would live in it and it would drive me to all these different places
Remi FluneYT
Remi FluneYT Päivä sitten
this is like scp 096 but it walks and shapeshifts
Nate Blazek
Nate Blazek Päivä sitten
Just move overseas
renisyuy Päivä sitten
Plot twist: it's an enemy stand
Rob Dinglasan
Rob Dinglasan Päivä sitten
I have a strategy Actually multiple Go to a cliff with a parachute Jump off Block off every single entrance So it has no choice until to jump off and BREAK DA LEG BOY Or just jump without a parachute
Rob Dinglasan
Rob Dinglasan Päivä sitten
I have fifteen felonies so cops will be following me already
TheRealBrit Päivä sitten
Like a bit of a cop out as most people don't work 12 hour shift, most work around 8 which would throw a spanner in the works
Revv Päivä sitten
Im heading out, what yall want?
Madison Freedman
Madison Freedman Päivä sitten
I got exited when he just said Maine because no one ever mentions Maine. I went to school with someone who moved from California and he said he didn’t even know where Maine was until then.
Elijah Garzon
Elijah Garzon Päivä sitten
me a supernerd: I am immortal
cognitive_player Päivä sitten
what happens if you go to the next planet?
Gregory Parsons
Gregory Parsons Päivä sitten
You're presuming the demon curse monster is stupid. In the beginning it doesn't know you at all, so of course it has no choice but to blindly follow you. However, after a few days of your commute, it'll figure out your routine and just wait for you at home or work.
O.G. Nofuxgiven
O.G. Nofuxgiven Päivä sitten
In California you don't have to tell people you have AIDS
PrestonTV Päivä sitten
Wait, if the entity follows you after you have a 1 nightstand, couldn't you just marry the person or start a relationship with them to stop the entity since it only comes after you if you have a "One Night Stand".
triggerDC3 Gaming
triggerDC3 Gaming Päivä sitten
Wait so if it follows whoever you have a one night stand with.... then have a two night stand👀 Entity would be like: understandable have a nice day
Marjorie Juggins
Marjorie Juggins Päivä sitten
Naufal Aqilah
Naufal Aqilah Päivä sitten
this is just a neverending game of hot potato
IssyDuck 鸭
IssyDuck 鸭 Päivä sitten
As an idiot, I am watching this before I go to sleep :)
glasy crazy
glasy crazy Päivä sitten
im just waiting for a skyrim vid but i can wait u know
Vader 14
Vader 14 Päivä sitten
and a plus live with it without spreading it then die of old age and if everyone else is dead where who will the entity follow
dave bertaud
dave bertaud Päivä sitten
Man, just put it on a treadmill. You're welcome.
FerretForRent Päivä sitten
15% of comments: asexuals 25% of comments: pilot or trucker 30% of comments: tell the police 30% of comments: theory ideas
GetOn TheList
GetOn TheList Päivä sitten
The movie was enjoyable, but it offended me that they set it in The US. Even if one ignores that they have more guns than people; because kids don't have a lot of disposable income and there's theoretically a seven day wait to buy a gun; it makes no sense. They sell almost every sort of useful weapon at Walmart. On top of that, they also have fireworks for sale in every city with more than one traffic light. The M-80's (literally a partial stick of dynamite) are not legal anymore, but that's not much of a barrier. Then there are YA novels (like the Grimpow series), movies and cartoons that explain how to make gunpowder, TNT or dynamite, from easily sourced materials. That is probably why their horror movies are usually about people in the ocean or camping. American teens living on a farm or in the city would drop an eldridge horror in the hurt locker.
buddered egg
buddered egg Päivä sitten
Who saw "accept your fate" XDDD
Maddie Tannie
Maddie Tannie Päivä sitten
This is why Pewds stays a virgin.
zephodb Päivä sitten
Or... pass it on to a stewardess and/or pilot on an airline. >.> You know, those that have places to stay on the other-sides of the continent when needed...
LadyZapp Päivä sitten
"Sexually transmitted demonic curses"
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