First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.

s smith
s smith 48 minuuttia sitten
Where is Hunter. Hard to find an item made in the USA nowadays. Trump will bring manufacturing and jobs back to the USA. You don't need a magic wand to bring jobs back you need to negotiate fair trade agreements as Trump has done. Biden is just going to line his and his families pockets with foreign bribes and kickbacks.
Soldiers-Brooke Amber
Soldiers-Brooke Amber 52 minuuttia sitten
What the heck is the director wearing lol?
JavenMusic 杰爾文
JavenMusic 杰爾文 Tunti sitten
I've made a Trump vs Biden remix after watching this debate, very inspiring ->
Otto D
Otto D 2 tuntia sitten
He never does what he promised lol
Aditi 2 tuntia sitten
It's like a couple of third graders quarrelling and their teacher trying to control the situation 🤣
La Ho
La Ho 2 tuntia sitten
Do you understood the CCP.
Peggy JaxBch
Peggy JaxBch 3 tuntia sitten
Joe Biden would not know his right hand from his left. He is telling you he is cutting your off of your income because of biden killing the taxes trump got us.
Peggy JaxBch
Peggy JaxBch 3 tuntia sitten
I absolutely detest Wallace and Biden.
OLO OLO 4 tuntia sitten
Trump is a POS . wrong man in very important place.
saad ansari
saad ansari 4 tuntia sitten
All seeing eye causes shit....
Some guy named Zwie
Some guy named Zwie 5 tuntia sitten
44:47 "Will you shut up, man ?"
Alec 5 tuntia sitten
"I'm going to beat Joe Biden" - Joe Biden
emmanuel sheshi
emmanuel sheshi 5 tuntia sitten
Is Trump a child? How is he the president of the united States?
Diana Wolf
Diana Wolf 5 tuntia sitten
Ladies, LOOK at Joe Biden and Donald Trump, then decide which candidate you choose to be married to for the next 4 loooong years.
Cheyenne Cannaday
Cheyenne Cannaday 6 tuntia sitten
Joe Biden joke - Johnny Carson (33 years ago)
Baby Dragon Edits
Baby Dragon Edits 6 tuntia sitten
This debate was predicted by South Park in 2004.
Hitachi 7 tuntia sitten
"if you wanna go then go to hill and go down" "fuck you bloody" is pretty much what this debate is
MN R 7 tuntia sitten
BLM - Biden's Laptop Matters.
TheWitness1001 7 tuntia sitten
1:05:45 Why is Biden laughing. He reminds me of those clueless students in high school when put on the spot by the teacher, they just start laughing and smiling to hide their embarrassment.
otrebor 7 tuntia sitten
Does anyone have the timestamp when the background seems to spell "PeePee", pls?
MN R 7 tuntia sitten
patrick mulyungi
patrick mulyungi 9 tuntia sitten
Too bad, the two old men need some sessions with Obama
Hoard_The_Garlic 10 tuntia sitten
stephenwade 11 tuntia sitten
Go Joe!!!
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 11 tuntia sitten
Mr. President!
Jason Serpentino
Jason Serpentino 11 tuntia sitten
BidenGate rap video. Rapid fire
Samuel Padilla Jr
Samuel Padilla Jr 12 tuntia sitten
If your reading this in the future ( if there is a future ) 2020 was shitty idk if things got better but this election was awful ... Most of us can’t even have dinner with our families anymore there is so much division ! I pray we fixed things !
Kl Le
Kl Le 12 tuntia sitten
I just came to laugh
Landon Martinez
Landon Martinez 12 tuntia sitten
Walter 2020
Allen Philip
Allen Philip 13 tuntia sitten
Only and Only Trump💖 Best President Ever💖 #Trump2020
Allen Philip
Allen Philip 13 tuntia sitten
Only and Only Trump💖 Best President Ever💖 #Trump2020
Echo nanzor
Echo nanzor 13 tuntia sitten
I think I’ll vote for Putin
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 14 tuntia sitten
I’m lost, what are they arguing about? The TV controll?
Sebastian Swirski
Sebastian Swirski 14 tuntia sitten
Starts at 27:50
Ex Nihilo
Ex Nihilo 14 tuntia sitten
trump goes over the time limit simply cause he has more to say, which is more than you can say for platitudinous joe
Madison Panno
Madison Panno 14 tuntia sitten
In case anyone was wondering, Joe Biden never used the phrase "super predators". That was in fact Hillary Clinton (1996), he's so brain washed he can not even recall who said what.
MidnightFoxPaw 15 tuntia sitten
It's the best show ever until you realize it's going to most likely negatively impact your life-
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 13 tuntia sitten
”Would you shut up man?” “Let’s try to be serious about it” Is this a debate or argument between two kids??
Ian McPherson
Ian McPherson 15 tuntia sitten
As a HACCP certified middle class employee of 5 years now. 1 hour Sanitation 1 to 2 Daily. The Great Compromise 2020. Vote Trump.
De Dub
De Dub 15 tuntia sitten
President Harry S Truman: “No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook.”
Dee Carter
Dee Carter 16 tuntia sitten
Imagine if you all knew that you had yall own mind.
Serena Luna
Serena Luna 16 tuntia sitten
Trump is bad, but Biden is definitely not the solution.🤪🤪🤪
August Bailey
August Bailey 16 tuntia sitten
We need matt dillahunty running the mic's.
Donald Shimkus
Donald Shimkus 16 tuntia sitten
Remember, 1 Donald "trumps" 2 jokers any day.
Mat Komando
Mat Komando 16 tuntia sitten
how could babby trump can be a president...
•B l u ə B e r r y•
•B l u ə B e r r y• 17 tuntia sitten
41:12 The hell was that😂💀
Jacob Lerner
Jacob Lerner 17 tuntia sitten
Avenue Beatz
Avenue Beatz 17 tuntia sitten
Joe contradicted himself at least twice in the question about systemic racism
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai 18 tuntia sitten
Pocahantas was hilarious as fuck.
DYLAN ROERING 18 tuntia sitten
Trump 2020
Rhett Hottle
Rhett Hottle 19 tuntia sitten
They need Samuel L Jackson as a moderator
Zeyu Guo
Zeyu Guo 19 tuntia sitten
”Would you shut up man?” “Let’s try to be serious about it” Is this a debate or argument between two kids??
LeesiD 19 tuntia sitten
Trump family comes in a dark masks but they soon take them off.....this debate and Trump was a disgrace
emily hunt
emily hunt 21 tunti sitten
You know I don’t like Biden but I did felt bad that Trump kept interrupting him lol 😂
tomirmigi 22 tuntia sitten
Dethglam 23 tuntia sitten
My two eight year old cousins fighting for who is gonna play with me call of duty because there's only one control left
The Martin
The Martin 23 tuntia sitten
Trump * spits straight facts * Biden: histerical laughter (he is no man ) Come on americans wake up
Nina Sukopova
Nina Sukopova 3 tuntia sitten
@The Martin what.
The Martin
The Martin 7 tuntia sitten
@Nina Sukopova stfu I don’t mind people from siberia..
iiiconicxkweeen 10 tuntia sitten
@Nina Sukopova lmaooo😭😭
Nina Sukopova
Nina Sukopova 22 tuntia sitten
You should be the one waking up. Idiot
The Martin
The Martin 23 tuntia sitten
I mean, who is even Biden? He is just a doll of the party, he has NO PERSONALITY. Come on americans wake up! VOTE FOR TRUMP, HE REALLY DID SOMETHING FOR YOUR UNGRATEFUL COUNTRY Disappointment from Italy👎🏻👎🏻
Tamira Johnelle
Tamira Johnelle Päivä sitten
Donald gets so offended when the moderator said something that he hasn’t done well with. It’s like he thinks that he’s being picked on. I don’t understand because the moderator is asking the same level of questions to Joe. Both of them give me a headache.
laura gomez
laura gomez Päivä sitten
Biden makes me wanna punch him in the f! Face
Kathleen Onieal
Kathleen Onieal Päivä sitten
Wallace was so biased. So sad we can’t even have a fair debate.
Bella Hyuan
Bella Hyuan Päivä sitten
Maquela Tesillo
Maquela Tesillo Päivä sitten
All this debate is simply trump interrupting Biden. Biden not being able to give his points on the topics. Biden laughing at everything trump says. Its absolutely childish. This is the most unprofessional presidential debate and it worries me .They need to pass a law saying anyone running for presidency in the US should need to pass mental health exams or psychological and psychiatric evaluations.
wagwan 6 tuntia sitten
noah_s_selftapes Päivä sitten
The moment I see Colby. 😂😂😂😂😂
Beatrix Päivä sitten
Geogos Theodoulou
Geogos Theodoulou Päivä sitten
Donald J Trump forever!!!!
Seth Ramos
Seth Ramos Päivä sitten
Your the fuck joe Biden fucker
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Päivä sitten
His eyes show you he is a ✔ out old abuelo
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Päivä sitten
People will actually vote for Biden!!!🤣 lmfao
Seth Ramos
Seth Ramos Päivä sitten
See won't even let trump talk stupid fucks
Sephirex Xie
Sephirex Xie Päivä sitten
Joe Biden just talk but no action, he can't even make any change for black community in his 45 years career, but he succeeded put more black into jail. We all know Joe is no more than politicians, the dishonest , selfish politicians.
Cassidy M
Cassidy M Päivä sitten
“it is what it is” smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
Cassidy M
Cassidy M Päivä sitten
Trump has a severe interrupting problem..... his kindergarten teacher be like 👁 👄 👁
Muhamad Amin
Muhamad Amin Päivä sitten
HOl up, why did the moderator called Biden the Vice president? it hought Pence is the Vice ppresident?
Al Nelson
Al Nelson Päivä sitten
Am I the only one that heard Biden say, “when? In Sha Allah.” Talking about Trump producing his tax returns soon. Is that a joke or what? I don’t trust Joe
Karthik Bharadwaj
Karthik Bharadwaj Päivä sitten
Who Won Trump or Biden ? comment
Cynthia Päivä sitten
Please Google: TONY BOBULINSKI and the truth Shall set you free
All life Joke
All life Joke Päivä sitten
So this is the first time i watched a debate.its just 2 people makeing fun of each other and some guy blabing in backround egging them on then breaking them up and starting them to fight agian?its dumb and there both lieing anyway?trump is a good president working for free makes no sence.
Cynthia Päivä sitten
Cynthia Päivä sitten
Kerri Ramler
Kerri Ramler Päivä sitten
"It's going to create thousands of millions of jobs" - Joe biden
Cynthia Päivä sitten
S955US84 Päivä sitten
Watch B I D E N PROMISE TO CUT SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE and VETERANS BENEFITS - Bernie exposed Biden in the primary debates.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Päivä sitten
“would you shut up, man?” LMFAOO
Anthony Carranza
Anthony Carranza Päivä sitten
This was the most insane debate Ive ever seen. They both acted so childish
Tas Mikigal
Tas Mikigal Päivä sitten
Sleepy Joe or Creepy Trump either way we'll all be fucked.
Kerri Ramler
Kerri Ramler Päivä sitten
Suck it Big Pharma!! -Trump
# WhoDeyGuru
# WhoDeyGuru Päivä sitten
37:54 this can’t be real man lmfaooooo
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Päivä sitten
Is this orange vs pear
LIL OFF Päivä sitten
Biden can't even think or critically think for himself. Trump did an incredible job in this debate. Biden will destroy the economy!
Roktoof Päivä sitten
Laura Pons
Laura Pons Päivä sitten
i just don’t think that biden it’s prepared enough I’m on his side but trump has so many facts and evidence he speaks so professionally i just hope he doesn’t get the country any worst if he actually wins
Bubble Beany
Bubble Beany 13 tuntia sitten
nah I think he just lies with passion and confidence that it feels like a fact lmao. (i’m a Canadian so my opinion doesn’t really matter) I thought trump was actually smart to an extent and got some unnecessary hate, then I looked online and researched for a bit and um... I will say trump does say some smart things, but everyone interprets it wrong to make fun of him. But a lot of the things he says are made up, general knowledge that doesn’t need to be said, or he was dogging the question and talking about things he knew about instead of the actual things he needed to address lol
tarjei øvrekleiv
tarjei øvrekleiv Päivä sitten
Mike Burton
Mike Burton Päivä sitten
Biden looked weak and didn't answer anything about the scandal regarding his son and influence peddling. I thought President Trump came across a lot more presidential and used a lot more restraint in letting Biden lie his ass off.
Lumu Päivä sitten
ok the debates cool n all but why did it get so political????????
Cody Li
Cody Li Päivä sitten
They need an Italian grandma as the moderator lol
Дима Шурыгин
Дима Шурыгин Päivä sitten
Мда, после этого я понял, что наши дебаты с Жириновским и прочими на федеральном ТВ не так уж зашкварны. Два старпёра кричат друг на друга: ты дурак. Наш ЦК КПСС по сравнению с этим был молодёжным клубом. А мы ещё над Черненко смеялись. Какая ирония. Запасаемся попкорном.
John Rudge
John Rudge Päivä sitten
trump is so funny i think he is lies a LOT
Gregory Degraw
Gregory Degraw Päivä sitten
U couldn't even hear the moderator when he was talking unreal
MOHASAL MEDEH Päivä sitten
The whole debate presidential thing is A JOKE Two old man yelling at each other while home employee said ˢⁱʳ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵠᵘⁱᵗ
Gregory Degraw
Gregory Degraw Päivä sitten
Is all this bullshit nessasarry to start the presidential debate really
Zaki Fachryan
Zaki Fachryan Päivä sitten
1:48:22 lol
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