First Debate Cold Open - SNL

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Saturday Night Live

27 päivää sitten

Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) moderates the first presidential debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (Jim Carrey).
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Black Panther
Black Panther 11 minuuttia sitten
The black man worst enemy is the white liberal ~Malcolm X He said you white liberals are like a fox 🦊 and are WORST than the white conservative 🤔
Brian Karimian
Brian Karimian 30 minuuttia sitten
“I’m gonna do 10” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Whittaker
John Whittaker 43 minuuttia sitten
Democrats you should watch the show "Plot Against the President". Facebook banned me for my postings, Biden admits on TV that he got the Ukraine Prosecutor Fired and would not give aide unless he was fired that is interfering. Biden, Falls a sleep on Live TV during Hillary Clintons endorsement. Watch the show its eye opening
Austin Duffy
Austin Duffy Tunti sitten
Trump 2020
Social Media
Social Media Tunti sitten
Too funny
Midaris Finger
Midaris Finger Tunti sitten
Wait I thought the first debate was a SNL skit
Jesse Richards
Jesse Richards 2 tuntia sitten
Great stuff, i love it lol
smallgoon 4 tuntia sitten
SNL really trying to get that dem vote out with that closing statement
Nemmet X
Nemmet X 5 tuntia sitten
this is even more orderly than the actual debate-
Giovanni A
Giovanni A 5 tuntia sitten
Jim Carey has way too much energy to impersonate Joe Biden.
LemonSqueeze321 5 tuntia sitten
TRUMP 2020!
My Ansver
My Ansver 6 tuntia sitten
vote trump dont talk just do it!
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 6 tuntia sitten This video changed my vote 🙏🙏
daleksee 6 tuntia sitten
Trump forever for America
Amelia H
Amelia H 6 tuntia sitten
I’m watching this episode on Hulu and I came here to FIpost to see how much I needed to fast forward to skip it. I don’t like SNL’s political sketches like this one. These ones that are always the opening sketch.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 7 tuntia sitten
Car crash tv.
toxatt2 7 tuntia sitten
Спасибо. Посмеялся!
Cheyenne Cannaday
Cheyenne Cannaday 7 tuntia sitten
Joe Biden joke - Johnny Carson (33 years ago)
Уруш Халдей
Уруш Халдей 7 tuntia sitten
А теперь переведите для русских хакеров, что говорят эти два клоуна!
MihalychWS 7 tuntia sitten
Русские хакеры вам ещё покажут кузькину мать!
Peter williams
Peter williams 8 tuntia sitten
Jim Carey ... killed it 😆😆
Alyssa Williams
Alyssa Williams 9 tuntia sitten
Harry made an appearance. As he should.
Leaf Cripe
Leaf Cripe 11 tuntia sitten
TRUMP 2020
Hoard_The_Garlic 11 tuntia sitten
Jason Serpentino
Jason Serpentino 12 tuntia sitten
Biden’s in this rap video. Rapid fire
Enigma 12 tuntia sitten
Everyone talks about the skit itself rather its legitimacy. lol Trump really be a dozen narcos at once
Cole Preston
Cole Preston 13 tuntia sitten
Trump is so spot on
88ntil 13 tuntia sitten
Idk if anyone will do a Biden face like Jimmy did 👌🏾👌🏾
SpiroSZN 15 tuntia sitten
Biden would be better off hiring Jim Carrey to do his rallies instead
Maurice Mitchell
Maurice Mitchell 15 tuntia sitten
Lmmfao x 10..!!! Awwww man they foolin' around for real...😂
DRUMIO76 _THESKIN 15 tuntia sitten
TrumpIt Party
TrumpIt Party 16 tuntia sitten
“Greatest trump impersonator sings “Hamilton”, dances, says he’s a racist, a king, & tired of protests! #trumpitparty
TrumpIt Party
TrumpIt Party 16 tuntia sitten
Trump Off-mic takes dump on Barrett before swearing in..”too annoying”-Greatest Trump Impersonator #trumpitparty Http://
Yogiballa 17 tuntia sitten
Science and karma !! Haha
Andy l
Andy l 17 tuntia sitten
joe biden tells a 13 year old he's h-orny!!!!!!!!!
David Mims
David Mims 17 tuntia sitten
Jim is the best!!
Tenshi 370z
Tenshi 370z 17 tuntia sitten
It’s the guy from the movie “cat in a hat”and that dumb guy from “dumb and dumber”
Chris Ruggieri
Chris Ruggieri 18 tuntia sitten
They should have let him carry actually act like joe Biden because it would have been actually funny
Ken Mosley
Ken Mosley 18 tuntia sitten
Baldwin is a complete and utter fool.
Cosmocat 08
Cosmocat 08 18 tuntia sitten
“If we learned anything tonight is that we need a women president” Most truthful words ever spoken
Bethany Henderson
Bethany Henderson 15 tuntia sitten
No thanks.
REPENT 18 tuntia sitten
Very Important Message: John 3:16
JULIAN Y LUCHO LA TITULAR 19 tuntia sitten
Vivi M
Vivi M 19 tuntia sitten
Ok now i hate both of them
rivphoenix fangirl
rivphoenix fangirl 21 tunti sitten
this is inaccurate, the real debate was more unprofessional
Dylan Gullo
Dylan Gullo 21 tunti sitten
Tell that to my Adderall chris😂😂😂
Peter Velasquez
Peter Velasquez 21 tunti sitten
It’s crazy how people will vote based off this stupid bs. I love comedy but the fact the there’s clear biased sarcasm. It really crushes my heart. America will never get over racism nor financial progression with shit like this.
Justgivememakeup 21 tunti sitten
Alec Baldwin really does a bang up job of Trump !!!! 😂
uncle spider s
uncle spider s 22 tuntia sitten
Hot garbage 🗑
Paul Kadia
Paul Kadia 22 tuntia sitten
Biden: I hate you trump Trump I hate you too. Biden: people are dying because of the stupid things you did Biden: I can’t stand you Trump: I’d rather die than look at you. That’s how much I hate you in general
Marat Pussurmanov
Marat Pussurmanov 22 tuntia sitten
well done as usual👍👍
jason k
jason k 22 tuntia sitten
Statistics are 65% of Americans consider themselves to be Christian. Is American culture in step with these numbers? ROE V WADE omitted, the Dem party on numerous other issues still does not represent Christian values and belief's
hiram richards
hiram richards 23 tuntia sitten
the left are far more racist, they have just banned white people collecting for children in need and comic relief in UK
Rich 23 tuntia sitten
Why don't they show creepy Biden sniffing & kissing women's hair?
Alex From
Alex From Päivä sitten
"Now, look! Here is the deal..."
Brandon Päivä sitten
I've watched a 10 year old take a dump publicly, that was more thought provoking than this.
Vakhtang BoLoTashvili
Vakhtang BoLoTashvili Päivä sitten
Biden sucks, but Jim was perfect !
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain Päivä sitten
Jim Carrey looks like he's enjoying himself immensely.
TheSweetSoySauce Päivä sitten
WAP = Woman As President, is that what Cardi B's song is about?
Angel Lezay
Angel Lezay Päivä sitten
This got 27m views. The debate got 3m. That's terrifying.
Shawn Roddick
Shawn Roddick Päivä sitten
Only way biden will ever win a debate lol
LRD 90
LRD 90 Päivä sitten
OMG, Jim Carey is absolutely horrible as Joe Biden. Send him back to 1980.
matthew owens
matthew owens Päivä sitten
I got the beging of 46 thoughts ahahaha thats fucking good so biden
Andrea Burns
Andrea Burns Päivä sitten
The pet detective guy made better closing speech than the Big guy Joe himself.
Andre Gamma
Andre Gamma Päivä sitten
Baldwin secretly votes Trump, to be on the show 4 more years
Mason and Haylie Scimone
Mason and Haylie Scimone Päivä sitten
Trump has balls. Biden doesn’t.
John Roussest
John Roussest Päivä sitten
please, diffuse this.
Stepping Twelve
Stepping Twelve Päivä sitten
Vote 2020 Hi 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 Den
Stepping Twelve
Stepping Twelve Päivä sitten
Hi 👋 👋 👋 👋 Den
Stepping Twelve
Stepping Twelve Päivä sitten
Whrre is bunter hi 👋 den
Stepping Twelve
Stepping Twelve Päivä sitten
Where is bunter hi 👋 den
Stepping Twelve
Stepping Twelve Päivä sitten
Where is bunter 👋 den
Z3B B Päivä sitten
I love how they weren’t biased, this was funny as hell.
Bryce McDaneld
Bryce McDaneld 13 tuntia sitten
Idk personally i think it was biased more towards Biden considering they gave him the whole last part of the video. And they told people to basically vote Biden lmao
See Humor
See Humor Päivä sitten
Appreciate the video - politics & humor is a unique combination! I tie in politics + satire on the last video on my channel as well - A presidential parody. I hope our videos inspire people to think outside of the box. Just subscribed to your channel too- Keep it up
Mary Style
Mary Style Päivä sitten
Johnatan Trujillo
Johnatan Trujillo Päivä sitten
...I thought this was an add😐
pana Yamilla
pana Yamilla Päivä sitten
oğuzhan öder
oğuzhan öder Päivä sitten
”Mr. President, please, stop using a laser pointer.” ”It’s not, it’s not. This is a wand that cures the COVID, okay?”
Guzman23 Päivä sitten
Jim carry is the shit
DARWIN LARA Päivä sitten
Better Jim carrey 2020
Port Charlotte
Port Charlotte Päivä sitten
Polls are only a reference, and many times they have been wrong. So, put a mask and a hand sanitizer and go to vote in person as it is too late now to do it by mail. Don't wait till the very last day as there will be longer lines. Go Biden!.
Ed Päivä sitten
Joe biden is joe biden's husband. 🤪
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson Päivä sitten
watching this for the 3rd time cannot get enough of Jim & Alec hahahaha :D
Jackson Orrick
Jackson Orrick Päivä sitten
Can we come to a consensus, that, regardless of where you stand in politics, that this is absolutely hilarious
J J Päivä sitten
So this is where useful idiots get their news. Make sense now..... Brought to you by Hollyweird Chicom productions.
Dragon-King 1232
Dragon-King 1232 Päivä sitten
Woman as president? Best not be Kamala Harris
Shaniac 1007
Shaniac 1007 Päivä sitten
Am I the only one thinking the guy who played joe Biden is Jim Carey
Dave Jones
Dave Jones Päivä sitten
roaring tiger
roaring tiger Päivä sitten
Nice propaganda
Geraldi Bufi
Geraldi Bufi Päivä sitten
Geraldi Bufi only tramp is good men.
SuperThunderGoodGuy Päivä sitten
This will never get old 🤣
M T Päivä sitten
Both very good impressions very funny. I enjoy good humor in all of the madness thats happening. TRUMP 2020
Carlos Vega
Carlos Vega Päivä sitten
Que pasoJim Carrey ya eres nuevamente amiguito de los reptilianos que sacrificaron a tu vieja
Dylan Mcgovern
Dylan Mcgovern Päivä sitten
Trump 2020
Mister D
Mister D Päivä sitten
I really hope Biden wins the election just so that we can see more of Jim Carrey doing this
Jerry Ben
Jerry Ben Päivä sitten
This shows how good of actors Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin are!
Rammy M
Rammy M Päivä sitten
6:17 4:39
lil sauce
lil sauce Päivä sitten
making joe biden look better while the actor impersonating trump acts like the most evil person ever
funsize31 Päivä sitten
I'm disappointed Jim Carey didn't come out with a mask on
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain Päivä sitten
is it me or does jim carrey resemble the late stan lee maybe its just the glasses and hair
Yarn and Things
Yarn and Things Päivä sitten
Not a huge fan of either of these guys but it's pretty darn funny lol
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