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Welcome to Troom Troom University, where getting an education is NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe
✎Enter ➜ Simply Go To School Tuition Giveaway: ***NOW CLOSED***
🚨 Winner announcement🚨:
H💿L💿 everyone! Happy to announce that the 2 WINNERS of my Simply go to sChOoL Tuition Giveaway have been selected and notified! Can I please get a big CONGRATS to:
1. Shelby, attending the University of Guelph for Computing with a major in Software Engineering
2. Sarah, attending the University of Western Ontario for Business Management and Organizational Studies with a specialization in Finance
Thank you to everyone who entered and more generally for all of your positive support in this giveaway! Without you guys I would not be able to pay other peoples tuition like this, so thank you thank you thank YOU for your ongoing support in everything I do on the internet, even when questionable🙃
CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS, I wish them a successful school year and future, and a big well wishes to every other student out there! Keep it up, work hard but stay sane, you've got this! You're all doing amazing sweetie🏫👌 💯
🛎UPDATE AUG 22/2019 (1 YEAR LATER): I caught up with the winners over email🤠
Shelby, University of Guelph for Computing with a major in Software Engineering:
“I’m just finishing up a 8 month coop work term with The Cooperators, where I've been working as Second Level Tech Support. In the fall, I'll be going into my 4th year at the University of Guelph for Software Engineering. I'm hoping to continue with The Cooperators once I graduate, and it's been an awesome experience working with them this last little while :) I'm very grateful to them for working with my school and I'm very thankful for the awesome program staff who helped me land this work term! In terms of career, I'm hoping to wind up in Project Management, which means more school (kinda) once I'm done, but I know that doing this stuff as soon as I can will help me get to where I want to be a lot sooner. Thanks again for everything! I really appreciate it :)”
Sarah, University of Western Ontario for Business Management and Organizational Studies w/specialization in Finance:
“I am going into second year, with an honours specialization in accounting. I am hoping to attend law school after my undergraduate degree. Earlier this year, I went to Superior Court in Toronto and watched a few criminal cases live, so I got to experience what court is really like in Canada. It was hands down one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, and it made me realize that practicing law is what I truly want to do. I have also gained an interest in auditing and forensic accounting, career paths I am looking forward to learning more about. Currently, I am working with local businesses and start ups to connect them with Western students and mentors who will provide them with consulting services to solve any issues they may be facing. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people this past year from over the world. I am really looking forward to my next three years at Western. It’s such a diverse place, which is something I really love about it. I really recommend Western to anyone who is considering it, no matter what area of study.”
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Ariana Sum
Ariana Sum 13 tuntia sitten
ik its 2020 but i was just typing ppls reaction to the most famous content farming channel troom troom and you sound like the narrator im sry but u really do :,(
Micaela Casasnovas
Micaela Casasnovas 15 tuntia sitten
if you go back to exactly 1:42 when she reads the title she sounds like the troom troom
Nicole Courtney
Nicole Courtney Päivä sitten
Poor sparkley teacher BEYYNN
tady jedno lepře
tady jedno lepře 3 päivää sitten
So...Its 4:45 in watching two 30years old guys on FIpost and my life Is totally fine....yea.....don't mind me, IM HAVING A TIME OF MY LIFE!
me me
me me 4 päivää sitten
I don't enjoy school, but I know that I can't do anything in life without it.
Answer questions Me
Answer questions Me 5 päivää sitten
She has 7.69 subscribers 😂
Caro W.
Caro W. 6 päivää sitten
I watched one troom troom video and followed something they said. To not do those pranks😂😂😂 PS: You stole the word "Kindergarten"! Why did the american english do that?! English is so much better than german!!! PPS: I guess, we stole more words...😂😂😂😅
IzBee abee
IzBee abee 6 päivää sitten
Marina Stegantseva
Marina Stegantseva 7 päivää sitten
Cristine: stay in school kids! me watching in april 2020: umm im not allowed to do that
I'm_bored_today 7 päivää sitten
menchie in the back casually licking her cat bed
Donovan Goldie
Donovan Goldie 8 päivää sitten
4:36 just listen to this 🤦
Thehufflepuffinme 1
Thehufflepuffinme 1 8 päivää sitten
Is it just me or when she said "weird ways to sneak food into class" she sounded just like the narrator
Kate 8 päivää sitten
I can’t be the only kid on the planet to actually enjoy attending school. I mean yeah, I dislike some classes (French class in Canada is very repetitive and Gym sucks) but for the most part I find it fun. I am also a nerd who likes Math and Science though so that could just be a me thing.
Audrey Yates
Audrey Yates 8 päivää sitten
if my teacher did these, i’d sue
A Nobody
A Nobody 8 päivää sitten
You ask if I’ve ever followed a troom troom video well I have they said put toothpaste on your face when you sunburnt and my eyes burned :>
human_6660 _oof
human_6660 _oof 9 päivää sitten
8:16 mRs PuSsY. CAt wHat 💀
Slime Fairy
Slime Fairy 10 päivää sitten
I followed one and I got called to the principal office and got suspended and got a warning letter and a slap from my parents and grounded and have no electronics toys or comics ps I did the pen sling shot thing
Mango Juice
Mango Juice 12 päivää sitten
i followed toom troom hacks every day and now im in jail
mariu care
mariu care 12 päivää sitten
McScoot Scoot
McScoot Scoot 13 päivää sitten
The fishing line confuses me because how would they not notice that someone is wrapping them in fishing line
Shavon Stefanie
Shavon Stefanie 13 päivää sitten
*When someone wants the latest hack, only use *** They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Meghan L
Meghan L 13 päivää sitten
I swear this is the funniest of their videos I've ever watched! "isn't it only fair that you wear your schoolgirl uniform?"* "next troom-troom video: how to build a pipe bomb!" I AM DEADDDDD *Implying Cristine has one
Syasya 13 päivää sitten
Eventhough 90% of what I learned does not apply to my current lifestyle/work, I’m still really grateful that I get to learn it. It’s a joy to learn something new and working hard to ace it.
Mina Bell
Mina Bell 15 päivää sitten
I did try a troom troom prank on my teacher one time, I got detention for a month
Elli 16 päivää sitten
i tried to follow a troom troom tutorial on making starburst look like a glue stick. you had to put the starburst in the microwave to melt them, and i put them in for 30 seconds (it said to do a full minute but i was nervous) in a plastic container it melted the container and when i was going to throw it in the trash the melting plastic and burning hot starburst dripped all on to my hand. my hand got badly burt and developed multiple blisters. never watched troom troom again
Amber Barrett
Amber Barrett 16 päivää sitten
this video put a smile on my face today so good job
Random_bi _guy
Random_bi _guy 17 päivää sitten
Boys who whatch Christine 👇
Little Animations
Little Animations 17 päivää sitten
Well one time ( idk if it was from this vid ) one of my classmates put a tablet in her tea but it actually exploded upward onto the celing and now we have a stain on the walls, roof, and even some of pur school supplies.
L L 13 päivää sitten
Lmaooo that is so fake
Ellie Edmonds
Ellie Edmonds 18 päivää sitten
Thank you Ben, for finally realizing that teachers deserve way more then they get
Makayla Nicole
Makayla Nicole 18 päivää sitten
Video: "I think I need help" No one: Me: *CAUSE IM DROWNING IN MYSELLLLFFF*
Tay Wan Yi
Tay Wan Yi 20 päivää sitten
A boy at my class throw they pencil in our Professor coffee and he got expelled
Elizabeth Yoskova
Elizabeth Yoskova 21 päivä sitten
"I feel all warm and fuzzy inside" is what Jude from 6teen said when he donated his Christmas presents. Have Cristine watched 6teen, it just crossed my mind that shes canadian as well as the tv series 😀
Marie Hervieux
Marie Hervieux 21 päivä sitten
My favorite video my favorite prank was when you sprayed Ben with the water and then you put glitter on him
Riley_ Grant_
Riley_ Grant_ 22 päivää sitten
Am I the only one who got this in their recommendations 2 years later!!
Doria Peng
Doria Peng 22 päivää sitten
I am whching troom troom
Christina Ganshert
Christina Ganshert 22 päivää sitten
Its called TEAcher
e girl
e girl 23 päivää sitten
The girls in troom troom are collage students so ya
Witch kid
Witch kid 25 päivää sitten
Ben has to be the best boyfriend of all time, He takes part in all these crazy videos for Cristine and let's her prank him. Ben needs an award
Crazy Owl
Crazy Owl 25 päivää sitten
Don't eat anything while watching said video. *You will choke to death. Stating from previous experience.*
Moon_Spells 25 päivää sitten
Simply: I DONT WANNA GO TO SCHOOL IMMA BE A FIpostR Me:Honestly Same Lol Troom Troom:ItS NoT A pRoBlEm ANyMoRe!
Kerry lobach
Kerry lobach 26 päivää sitten
My neices tried these and they got suspended
Ellianna Mae
Ellianna Mae 26 päivää sitten
Beeeyyn is her TEAcher
Anna 26 päivää sitten
11:25 omg bens hand its just wtf
Brooke Brigham
Brooke Brigham 27 päivää sitten
Ben: “ I’m 30 years old and I have glitter all over me” This is the definition of this channel
Kiiten Giirl
Kiiten Giirl 27 päivää sitten
the capital b in back is triggering me
Gaming with Riley
Gaming with Riley 27 päivää sitten
hey cristine can i use your channel name but a bit different Truly Nailogical!
Gaming with Riley
Gaming with Riley 27 päivää sitten
Do you want to play with me! (out of context) let that sink in
Dinara Wehrmeister
Dinara Wehrmeister 28 päivää sitten
Good thing i like school
Allison Riley
Allison Riley 28 päivää sitten
"That's illegal" -cristine Not in private school it isn't.
Alli Cz
Alli Cz 28 päivää sitten
I don't like school I'm going to be a FIpostr lol
NIKALAUS13 13 29 päivää sitten
Simona Marin
Simona Marin Uukausi sitten
I got expels🤪😅🖕
Marian Wilkinson
Marian Wilkinson Uukausi sitten
i think ben is slowly exepting his fate
Silver Nightcore
Silver Nightcore Uukausi sitten
I was watching this in the background while studying and when they started talking about how important school is I felt proud of myself for well, studying. And before someone says something, I wrote this on my break. :)
Eleni Gavala
Eleni Gavala Uukausi sitten
Does anyone else see the resemblance of Cristin and Devin from LadyLike (buzzfeed) or just me? 🤔🧐
Mariam Mazen
Mariam Mazen Uukausi sitten
Watching for the second time in quarantine 😂😂
kenny potato
kenny potato Uukausi sitten
my teacher laughed at the crossbow prank i did on her lol
Hannah Heinzman
Hannah Heinzman Uukausi sitten
i just want to say im a kid and i would like to not be included in this group of kids who think this is a good idea but i do know people who beleive this
Molly Prentice
Molly Prentice Uukausi sitten
when i get older i want to become a lawyer and do youtube with my friends on the side
ItsYe Kid
ItsYe Kid Uukausi sitten
The confession should be on a channel they should start SimplyBenlogical
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Uukausi sitten
I tried a troom troom hack one time and it didn't work it was trying to sneak candy in the class
ScorpioChan Uukausi sitten
poor ben😭
Allyssa Knack
Allyssa Knack Uukausi sitten
Beyyyyyyyynnn is a good teacher 🤣🤣🤣
wxllyxwxnka Uukausi sitten
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕪 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕔𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕘𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕗𝕣𝕠𝕞 𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕞 𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕞 𝕨𝕒𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕙𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕀 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕒 𝕡𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕝 𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕀𝕋 ℂ𝔸𝕄𝔼. 𝕆𝕌𝕋. 𝔸𝔻𝕆ℝ𝔸𝔹𝕃𝔼
RORY BURKE Uukausi sitten
On time a tried a troom troom hack that said microwave starbursts in a bowl in the microwave, I did it, good thing I was home alone and it went so Wong a had to throw the bowl in the garbage so that my parents didn’t find out.
Kim Namtiddies
Kim Namtiddies Uukausi sitten
As someone who got depression and anxiety from school its really a tough life honestly people just hate school for the trend while i hate it because it actually ruined my life and my health.
Aimee conspiracy
Aimee conspiracy Uukausi sitten
I actually did get expelled because of troom troom yeah I'm ashamed
Zainab hatim
Zainab hatim Uukausi sitten
trust me when i say nobody does that to their teachers,we have respect for them teaching us buttheads and acctually putting up with us so yeah speaking as a 13 year old
Stella Bella
Stella Bella Uukausi sitten
Makayla Musselman
Makayla Musselman Uukausi sitten
Is no body going to talk about the cat licking it's bed in the backround 2:59😂
ThatOneSamoyed Uukausi sitten
Does anyone know in what episode does Christine make the blue nail polish in the intro? (๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღԵհɑղƘՏღ
Duane Beard
Duane Beard Uukausi sitten
I followed troom troom hack and i got a isolation and a detention and i also got expelled
Georgia Mole
Georgia Mole Uukausi sitten
Does anyone know what the song at 11.13 is called? 'I think I need help' is the lyric?
Addison Dumond
Addison Dumond Uukausi sitten
ms.pussy cat i am dead
Laura Hansen
Laura Hansen Uukausi sitten
"My girlfriend is a fcking idiot that's how i explain it!" 🤣🤣 It's been years and that still gets me
bøba _gacha lover
bøba _gacha lover Uukausi sitten
I got a detention for blowing glitter in my teachers face then my friend hit them with the crossbow but it was our last day
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Uukausi sitten
That one where you blow glitter in the teacher's face, besides the obvious that you'll get in trouble, what if you get some shit in the teacher's EYES?
shannon menendez
shannon menendez Uukausi sitten
“They don’t pay teachers enough” 😂
DragonFruiTea Uukausi sitten
I needed a good laugh. I may be going back to school on November, and if that happens, I won’t be able to see my family for the holidays. Thanks for making the most hilarious videos ever!
Holland Clyburn
Holland Clyburn Uukausi sitten
So we just aren't going to talk about how in the beginning when they were talking about Troom Troom University Cristine sounded EXACTLY like the woman narrating every video by Troom Troom
Yoana Paredes
Yoana Paredes Uukausi sitten
you guys don’t even look like a couple, you guys look like me and cousin. y’all act like little kids
A.R. Mezger
A.R. Mezger Uukausi sitten
Jasmine Chen
Jasmine Chen Uukausi sitten
me: laughing my ass off also me: watching this at 2:00 AM in the morning Parents: 🤔
Hufflepup Uukausi sitten
7:50 the red head girl was like"bruhhhh"
Help me get to 10,000 subs with no Videos
Help me get to 10,000 subs with no Videos Uukausi sitten
My friend once watched a troom troom hack of how to sneak candy In to class (she got a lolly pop and covered it in toilet roll) she got so badly told of xD
Natsuki Uukausi sitten
Plot twist: Cristine (no h bitch) is the narrator of the troom troom videoz
PraneshRaj S
PraneshRaj S Uukausi sitten
I mean, who said children in Somalia are starving?
Marine Desaubliaux
Marine Desaubliaux Uukausi sitten
"If I have to be dressed like a teacher isn't it only for that you wear your schoolgirl outfit" 😏😏😏
Candle Uukausi sitten
clicked on this video at 3am to be sat down and taught life lessons im not prepared for :(
noppera Uukausi sitten
"who brought their cat to class? This reminds me of a cat in my school that goes into my class just to ask for some meat
Yeetskeetmageet Uukausi sitten
Professor BEYYYYNN
molly dw
molly dw Uukausi sitten
I have
XxNoddle TwinsxX
XxNoddle TwinsxX Uukausi sitten
“If I have to dress like a teacher, does that mean you have to wear a uniform?” “nO yUo sExIesT pIcE Of SH*t”
Ava Amarante
Ava Amarante Uukausi sitten
my friend did a teoom troom teacher prank and got detention
Serena Bean
Serena Bean Uukausi sitten
12:48 correct when we are taught correctly but in several of my classes i am taught to memorize things for a test and then i don’t retain all of that information that skill of memorizing quickly is not as useful as actually learning how to learn properly and THAT is the point where many students who love to learn get annoyed because we are not learning we are just cramming info in our brains so that we pass tests- some of the classes that i retain the most information from are my allied arts classes because we are expected to retain and apply information year round as opposed to for tests
Kyra Hutchison
Kyra Hutchison Uukausi sitten
Omg when Ben made that joke, it made me audibly snort. 7:55 And 6:20
Madison Harvey
Madison Harvey Uukausi sitten
Poor beyyyyyn
Juan José
Juan José Uukausi sitten
2:10 the Troom Troom Troop
Margot Shaw
Margot Shaw Uukausi sitten
I have
humininnn potat
humininnn potat Uukausi sitten
Any one notice the cat LICKING ITS BED or was that just me
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