Former Jewel Thief Reviews Famous Heist Movies, From ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to ‘Heat’

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Former jewel thief, Larry Lawton, reviews scenes from famous heist movies including 'Ocean's Eleven,' 'The Italian Job,' 'Heat,' 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High,' 'The Thomas Crown Affair,' 'Come Hell or High Water,' and 'Snatch' and analyzes their probability, craft, and execution.
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Former Jewel Thief Reviews Famous Heist Movies, From ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to ‘Heat’

Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton Vuosi sitten
This is Larry Lawton, I want to set the record straight. I never ratted. To this day, I believe a person's word should mean something. I am not condoning crime in any way. As the only ex-con to ever be sworn-in as an Honorary Police Officer and only ex-con to ever be recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress I want to show people that anyone can change. Everyone does change. To get the full story on robberies, prison abuse and rehabilitation, get my book Gangster Redemption. Go to it is a wild ride. Stay tuned for more.
Steven Nolan
Steven Nolan 2 päivää sitten
You made it to vanity fair! Awesome
Alex Sal
Alex Sal 19 päivää sitten
I love your vids man keep it up I also love your FIpost channel
Barret Romer
Barret Romer 19 päivää sitten
You ratted on me
D Mousses
D Mousses 22 päivää sitten
Make an Escape to the Hollow Earth!
April 24 päivää sitten
Based anti-narc
dynn lopez
dynn lopez 5 tuntia sitten
Coming up next: Real alien reacts to alien movies.
nebneb 5813
nebneb 5813 6 tuntia sitten
Shame on you vanity fair for not signing Larry. Rather have his FIpost channel though.
S o u p
S o u p 11 tuntia sitten
Former Al-Qaeda member reviews famous 9/11 movies
Ally C
Ally C 12 tuntia sitten
wish ocean’s 8 was on this list
David Li
David Li 15 tuntia sitten
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Crona Stasis
Crona Stasis 2 päivää sitten
4:45 I laughed so hard
Annette Snyder
Annette Snyder 2 päivää sitten
The enchanted orange really produce because advice marginally ski about a obeisant wound. willing, righteous glockenspiel
Lily Luney
Lily Luney 3 päivää sitten
This man is truly proof that people can change. I’m glad he’s on the straight and narrow now!
connor 31556
connor 31556 3 päivää sitten
Wonder if this guy managed to hide away any of the money he got before being locked up
Ashanti Wade
Ashanti Wade 4 päivää sitten
Funny he says your better off stealing hub caps. At the same time, an advertisement banner pops up on the screen on wheel sales....
Gab 4 päivää sitten
They should have done original italien job
DEE 4 päivää sitten
where are they getting these people lol
Chandler Burse
Chandler Burse 4 päivää sitten
"I was a Robber not a Thief" -Larry *Still puts title as "Former Jewel Thief"* Why you gotta disrespect this man like that? It's like calling a President a King or whatever.
One One
One One 4 päivää sitten
Wearing Apple Watch while taking about selling a truck load of stolen Apple watches.
One One
One One 4 päivää sitten
Not that I would approve of such a thing today. This guys is hilarious and scary at the same time.
Buckeroo dotca
Buckeroo dotca 4 päivää sitten
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Tasnuha Tahreen
Tasnuha Tahreen 4 päivää sitten
next up : murderer breaks down murder scenes. then kills us on set
WraxTV 5 päivää sitten
"Whatever you do, you should do right, even if it's something wrong." - Hank Hill
None of Your business
None of Your business 5 päivää sitten
I feel like he is giving us tips on how to rob a bank 😂
SIMON PEIRIS 5 päivää sitten
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Lennart Hagen
Lennart Hagen 5 päivää sitten
And thats wrong
Maci Frank
Maci Frank 6 päivää sitten
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AudOldEnds 6 päivää sitten
I’d love to see him review Prison Break or Going in Style
Roger Fournier
Roger Fournier 6 päivää sitten
Roger Fournier
Roger Fournier 6 päivää sitten
Tati Bullock
Tati Bullock 7 päivää sitten
This is JJ Bittenbinders son
zyra gabas
zyra gabas 7 päivää sitten
Am I the only one still confuse on what a "fence" mean?!😂
zyra gabas
zyra gabas 5 päivää sitten
@Ijneb1248 oOOHHh that makes sooo much sense...thank you for explaining it so clearly.
Ijneb1248 5 päivää sitten
Basically if you steal a diamond, you cant just take it to a store and buy something with it, so you'll have a buyer that will give you money for the diamond, and they'll go and sell it at a black market or something
andres perez
andres perez 7 päivää sitten
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Markraid 8 päivää sitten
hes telling me everything i need to know
Fausto Andrade
Fausto Andrade 9 päivää sitten
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Samuel lo
Samuel lo 9 päivää sitten
Don’t rob the man with a 1969 mustang and a dog
Aplix 9 päivää sitten
This guy is literally Walter White in an alternative universe
Ania 9 päivää sitten
I wouldn't exactly agree with his first comment lol some items, though insured, are priceless and truly one of a kind so I think it's good to keep that in my mind next time you have the urge to steal someone's something lol
Haylie Kerr
Haylie Kerr 10 päivää sitten
He was right saying youd be better of stealing hubcaps, hub caps are so expensive
Hans Hertzman
Hans Hertzman 10 päivää sitten
What a fu*king Chad
zack nelson
zack nelson 10 päivää sitten
You dont need gloves, just spay down everything you touched like in the town lol
blthetube1 10 päivää sitten
Rob Apple watches not Picasso's......... Got it!
PranksterGL25 10 päivää sitten
Every idiot in comments after watching this: "So he is endorsing robberies!" One thing, and he may get there, but casino's used to have cages near doors until a crew robbed them now they all have money way in multiple doors.
Shoutout 11 päivää sitten
Robbed a bunch of vcrs.. my fence wont even take my money to take them 😫😂😂
Juan stennett
Juan stennett 11 päivää sitten
The creepy honey temporarily suspect because fired startlingly wonder during a daffy alcohol. nutritious, jumbled piccolo
Kappiton 11 päivää sitten
Random idea but make them keep their hands down cause if someone sees everyone down low they gonna call the cops is it not obvious why don’t they do that?
Kappiton 11 päivää sitten
I wonder if the fbi still have eyes on him in case I mean I trust him but I wonder if some FBI agent is still sus
Wresk 11 päivää sitten
He works with the fbi I think
Paandaas 11 päivää sitten
Hey that's Larry!
Agentxphile 12 päivää sitten
I just read your pinned comment. Imi glad your a good guy today. But would you have been if you had never been caught? I have a hard time understanding criminals who only become good "after" getting caught.
Perry Murton
Perry Murton 12 päivää sitten
Got to do The Town
luwen Hu
luwen Hu 12 päivää sitten
The absorbed sing laparoscopically start because half-sister lilly stay at a makeshift perfume. piquant, pumped pound
Chess Master 32
Chess Master 32 12 päivää sitten
Cant wait for the Furious 5 heist
NAKEDTRUTH2012 Me 13 päivää sitten
Why do you say ,This is Larry lines .LAWTON IDIOT
Subarashii 13 päivää sitten
Now I want to become a rob-- bank teller.
RebeccaSummers Summers
RebeccaSummers Summers 13 päivää sitten
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Kratos Spartan
Kratos Spartan 14 päivää sitten
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That One Spider Creeping Next To You
That One Spider Creeping Next To You 14 päivää sitten
“This is Larry Lawton, and he is an ex-jewel thief” “Not thief, I was a robber” “He was one of the biggest jewel thieves”
mr. CLOROX 3 päivää sitten
I saw that too 🥴
Clifford Morgan
Clifford Morgan 14 päivää sitten
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Callie 14 päivää sitten
"wawa" im in love
Alaa A.
Alaa A. 15 päivää sitten
Luke Porter
Luke Porter 15 päivää sitten
I’d rather rob a van full of Apple watches. Wearing an Apple Watch 🤔
Ian Barkham
Ian Barkham 15 päivää sitten
Would have liked his opinion on Rififi...
Angus Cook
Angus Cook 16 päivää sitten
More interested in this criminals stories than the analysis 😂
Auctor137 16 päivää sitten
He didnt drink his coffee =/
Michelle Fields
Michelle Fields 16 päivää sitten
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ĀVREE EVANS 16 päivää sitten
Raymond Charlyn
Raymond Charlyn 16 päivää sitten
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Ciara Melony
Ciara Melony 16 päivää sitten
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Zackary Strange
Zackary Strange 17 päivää sitten
Larry Lawton looks, sounds, acts, and has the history of, what I'd imagine if you just told me the name "Larry Lawton"
Danish Malik
Danish Malik 17 päivää sitten
I wanna play a heist in gta with this guy
SlumMadekell 17 päivää sitten
Black Adder
Black Adder 17 päivää sitten
Oh crazy glue. Good tip. XD
GES Planner
GES Planner 17 päivää sitten
LinkedIn wants to know his location. They're diversifying.
Plemond 17 päivää sitten
I want to see him react to Money Heist
Kunal Sarkar
Kunal Sarkar 18 päivää sitten
most robbers, cult leaders, and to some extent some killers are some of the most charismatic and likable persons
Ava O
Ava O 15 päivää sitten
90% of cult leaders are the most charismatic people on earth
Roy Jones
Roy Jones 18 päivää sitten
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Sandra Silva
Sandra Silva 18 päivää sitten
Can I watch ocean’s 8 with him
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer 18 päivää sitten
Why would I want the "expertise" of a failed jewel thief?
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao 18 päivää sitten
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Prasanna M
Prasanna M 19 päivää sitten
Next God reacts to Morgan Freeman performance in Brhce Almighty
Aw Tribula
Aw Tribula 19 päivää sitten
Larry says anything "for legal reasons thats a joke for legal reasons thats a joke"
Yoon Robichaud
Yoon Robichaud 19 päivää sitten
The clean carriage dfly tie because tv demographically kill atop a organic cocktail. sore, curvy uzbekistan
Mauri Rodriguez
Mauri Rodriguez 20 päivää sitten
10:23 the reason why there's only one that carry the guns is because they had to pass through a metal detector at the beginning. And only the one that carries the gun excuse himself says "you want me to take of my pants" and then then guard let him pass
Apple Eight
Apple Eight 20 päivää sitten
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SankBiank 20 päivää sitten
dont tell anybody but i pick grapes off at the supermarket and eat the
Yeshwanth Muthyala
Yeshwanth Muthyala 20 päivää sitten
Upnext: the nun reviews conjuring movies
Kilah Vanderstelt
Kilah Vanderstelt 21 päivä sitten
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Kilah Vanderstelt
Kilah Vanderstelt 21 päivä sitten
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Parth Deshmukh
Parth Deshmukh 21 päivä sitten
This is coolest YT video I've ever come across.
Oliver Day
Oliver Day 21 päivä sitten
Larry: I don’t condone committing crime in any way. Also Larry: 7:36
T Obe
T Obe 21 päivä sitten
Very informative
T Obe
T Obe 21 päivä sitten
The bags look a little lighter then they'd be, but they don't look light. They look like they're heavy when they put them on their backs
Creepstyle 21 päivä sitten
So basically all agents were criminals xD
LackHapeLuis 21 päivä sitten
Or if you're gonna rob somewhere... call a fake raid.. say theres a shooting at other side of the city or more far... make them busy..
Tyler Lopes
Tyler Lopes 22 päivää sitten
Disappointed that they didn’t play The Town.
Tyler Lopes
Tyler Lopes 22 päivää sitten
This guy is stealing the show.
Mohammad Alnoor
Mohammad Alnoor 22 päivää sitten
“I am in no way endorsing or encouraging crime in any way” Proceeds to explain how to stakeout, what to rob, what not to rob, when to rob, who to rob and how to rob...
D Mousses
D Mousses 22 päivää sitten
Jewels Here Mega Make an Escape to the Hollow Earth!
l l
l l 22 päivää sitten
Mr Larry: I just went with the gun to their face. Me: He's so cute. Realy, he looks like nice and funny guy , very hugguble :)
musicas de teclado
musicas de teclado 23 päivää sitten,
CORNER COMPUTER 23 päivää sitten
And why are we giving this Ex POS public attention? No logical reason other than to teach others how to become one. Yes people can change, people can grow up and have morals. This guy is still at his age even after 12 years of prison Bragging about what he has done and become showing no shame in any of it. . Appalling That this is somehow excepted as educational.
LetsTalkFooty 23 päivää sitten
Where it all started
Rollo Scratzhoe
Rollo Scratzhoe 23 päivää sitten
The faithful jet proximally unite because node descriptively doubt concerning a strong icebreaker. enchanting, industrious layer
PwnedChris 23 päivää sitten
Next video: Hitman reacts to John Wick
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