Full Debate: Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris | WSJ

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24 päivää sitten

Watch live coverage of the vice-presidential debate, with Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris.
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Jeffrey Canfield
Jeffrey Canfield 11 tuntia sitten
The plagiarist is honest😂
Thursday The 12th
Thursday The 12th 16 tuntia sitten
It's funny to me that both Biden and Harris use laughing strategies. those two are a joke
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 tuntia sitten
Somehow Harrris time is never up. The media is a joke. The moderator should be embarrassed.
Samir Calakovic
Samir Calakovic 21 tunti sitten
They did a great job giving them just two minutes of time. Because, they have said so much in two minutes and they cover so much topics, imagine 5 minutes of time, answering questions which are not even asked. It would create a mess confussion and would be hard to follow. It would just end up in another useless debate. At least they have to give their best in two mins, respect for both. Im not American, but i dont know why, i kinda more trust Pence. Sen Harris, gives me fake and manipulative impressions.
ismail sahin
ismail sahin 23 tuntia sitten
kamala was awful. Never seen such a fake person since hillary
Sandhya Manikyam
Sandhya Manikyam Päivä sitten
Senator Harris you are entitled to your own opinion but you not entitled to your own facts 😂😂😅so true ...how hard she was trying to make up fake news 😜
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 tuntia sitten
He clearly dominated
Sandhya Manikyam
Sandhya Manikyam Päivä sitten
God bless Donald Trump and God bless Mike Pence ..Truth always prevails 👏👏👏
Carl Gibans
Carl Gibans Päivä sitten
Somehow Harrris time is never up. The media is a joke. The moderator should be embarrassed.
Ananya Päivä sitten
it looks very rude, interrupting in between but what can the mod do? if she doesn't interrupt these politicians will go on and on and on!!!
The GMan
The GMan Päivä sitten
I would of simply said "look, don't believe what I say, look for yourself online and see everything she is lying about to you ALL!"
The GMan
The GMan Päivä sitten
She lies through her teeth. I can't stand liars man ....I swear
Mya Päivä sitten
fipost.info/show/videot/0qams2WEgJ-BZng.html 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Darren Edmonds
Darren Edmonds Päivä sitten
theres radiation in the water at yellowstone - i can convert the signal into music - or sunlight stopping the volcano from feeding on the radiation - i will let mike pence know as well
colleeng63 Päivä sitten
First Kamala says Biden has a Covid plan , it happens to be very similar to what's in fact been done, and then she said what was done it failed. She didn't mention what would be different to make Biden's plan different. hmmm What does she think Opportunity Zones include? Infrastructure and property in underserved areas.
Among Us
Among Us 2 päivää sitten
They should stand up. If they stand it'll tell us the truth of lies.🌮🌭
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 2 päivää sitten
Pence absolutely destroyed Harris.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 päivää sitten
Kamala's best arguments in every debate: :Lowers and shakes head smiling:
Quiara Armstead
Quiara Armstead Päivä sitten
Copycat, and, your profile is a little...
Brandon J
Brandon J 2 päivää sitten
Susan. SHUT UP!
WeGameGrizzly 2 päivää sitten
why has nobody covered the fact that people who die of heart attacks, liver failure etc. are marked down as covid deaths if they have the covid virus even though it is completely unrelated... And the payout for the hospital is a lot more for "covid deaths"
Slizzl 2 päivää sitten
Her answer to every question is just to regurgitate an ad for Biden.
Brandon J
Brandon J 2 päivää sitten
ningishziddu 2 päivää sitten
He clearly dominated
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 päivää sitten
Fly lands at 1:13:34 Thanks for the likes.
Andrew v
Andrew v 2 päivää sitten
Listening to her speak for more than 15 seconds makes me wanna go deaf
Brandon J
Brandon J 2 päivää sitten
I’m telling you!
P W 2 päivää sitten
So shes not gonna take the vaccine because trump said too?? I'm so confused
Brandon J
Brandon J 2 päivää sitten
She’s confusing!!!
P W 2 päivää sitten
Honestly mike drop for pence when he made that plagiarism comment!!! First question.
do thuyvan
do thuyvan 2 päivää sitten
The Moderator remind me about my history teacher, who always sits on the chair and read the whole book in front of us and never care if we were sleeping or wanted to ask any question.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 2 päivää sitten
She sounds stupid compared to Pence. Seriously if she gets elected US will be a laughingstock
Bise Fun
Bise Fun 3 päivää sitten
Joe Biden is as a practicing Catholic as the devil one is still an angel. Only on appearance!
Brandon J
Brandon J 2 päivää sitten
Ali Al
Ali Al 3 päivää sitten
America should be proud that they have Mike pence
Soror Seshat N. Aubi
Soror Seshat N. Aubi 3 päivää sitten
This is shocking... Make This Viral B1D3N SOLD USA OUT! Watch before Facebook Censors remove the truth fipost.info/show/videot/s8aipXaBm3p8pYw.html #bidenharris2020 #blm #biden2020 #DNC #truth
Yekolo Temari
Yekolo Temari 3 päivää sitten
Liberalism is wisdom cause it’s seeing things from all angels and its opportunities as well as its impediments as opposed to trampism which has Caused unprecedented damage to the American e conomy so we stand with Senator Kamala Harris who have articulated and abely defended her Points and overall arguments Hats Off For This dynamic Senator !!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Lalhmingmawia
David Lalhmingmawia 3 päivää sitten
I hope Trump loose and as he promised will leave America. Will he really leave America, I don't think so...this is also a false promises. I don't have anything against Trump but you are playing with public lives by saying it's just a hoax, wearing mask is nothing. I looking back at some of the videos in a mall or super market not wearing a mask and some spitting at those people who were wearing mask and spitting on the food packets.... what about them now. Are they still alive or ❌🗡️
David Lalhmingmawia
David Lalhmingmawia 3 päivää sitten
Yeah..those covid deaths was because of the President and the Vice President. The president says it is a hoax but still more American people died because of their foolishness. If from the first day the President ask the people to wear mask, more lives could be saved, he put the lives of American people in danger. He laughed at Biden when he was wearing a mask... President is only good in making money and he is good. But what good is money if you don't use them to people, people out of jobs and homeless people, People who had no jobs now.
Sterling Cray
Sterling Cray 3 päivää sitten
What and good one we must give them both a hand because people are looking for better service not all lies I am not against neither one but I must confess it do be so funny I know the people cannot help for laughing but laugher is joy piece and happiness it is good for the sole
Rory Bitcon
Rory Bitcon 3 päivää sitten
I genuinely think that Kamala Harris thinks that if she puts on a sad voice that anything she says the American people believe
Qballblack 3 päivää sitten
Fly lands at 1:13:34 Thanks for the likes.
Mathew 3 päivää sitten
Kamala is horrible. This isn't a debate if they are being asked different questions or be able to respond.
MOA THEJHE 4 päivää sitten
Was it a fly on Pense head ?
Mekela Laden
Mekela Laden 4 päivää sitten
VP Pence always have the same expression on his face, even in this debate. 😂 He’s so mild manner & got that I’m such a nice guy look🤣
Jabian Takarua
Jabian Takarua 4 päivää sitten
Kamala looks like the default character Beth if "Once Were Warriors" was a game, after leaving Jake the Muss, quiting drugs, lessening alcohol, finding God and working for Womans Refuge.
Mindburner 4 päivää sitten
I hate people who say I'm speaking when they are interrupted but are quite happy to interrupt others. Smug and self satisfied
Donna Boyce
Donna Boyce 4 päivää sitten
This woman needs to go home because she knows nothing about running this country.She is just a mouthy child.
Donna Boyce
Donna Boyce 4 päivää sitten
No one can change the storms or the California fires.God made the earths weather and ok Only God has control of this.
Julian Erikson
Julian Erikson 5 päivää sitten
I dont understand why americans would want to vote on someone that does not want to save the world from global warming (cause we're in critical conditions), supports systematic rascism and have bias towards china. Where's the logic?
Julian Erikson
Julian Erikson 5 päivää sitten
Also, why is he pointing on the US as one of the cleanest environment-countries? You're country's on the top 2 globally with the Carbondioxide-emission level.
TheBrumChumsPodcast 5 päivää sitten
I can see Christian Bale playing Pence in a movie in the future
Adam Meek
Adam Meek 5 päivää sitten
DNC must be kicking themselvs. Harris is unlikabl and rubbish at dibates. Hur "I'm speking" shtick bomd. And now she's campaining tu pepl in queues at poling stations - totally illegal.
MaryAnn L.
MaryAnn L. 5 päivää sitten
No one shjoes up at her rallies.She has nothing to offer but her ridiculous laugh.No wonder her own family doesn't like her.No class!
Norman S
Norman S 5 päivää sitten
THE CLEAR CHOICE 2020: fipost.info/label/PLcy04ZypgUG13TbTQMfO1HFzm5UZKzd2w
felicia dang
felicia dang 5 päivää sitten
I don't trust joe biden or kamala. By the ways.. Where is Hunter Biden?
felicia dang
felicia dang 5 päivää sitten
There's no way kamala could be our vice president. She is not qualify!
Game Gang
Game Gang 5 päivää sitten
I am from California and kamala is hated here. It is a truly scary thought that she could be president running USA like she runs here in California. Nasty person behind fake smile
BUNCHI 5 päivää sitten
Biden on picking his VP Hmm lemme pick a woman so i'm not accused of anything Hmm let me pick a black person and call Trump racist 😂
bofursgun 5 päivää sitten
bunchi www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/trump-race-record/2020/09/23/332b0b68-f10f-11ea-b796-2dd09962649c_story.html Calm down, kid.
BUNCHI 5 päivää sitten
Mike pence is a boss
Katresha Hickman
Katresha Hickman 5 päivää sitten
JUJU BEE 5 päivää sitten
Only here to hear how intelligent Kamala speak truth
Said Eli Cueva Sava
Said Eli Cueva Sava 5 päivää sitten
She is really dumb and fake
Fio Leal
Fio Leal 6 päivää sitten
''You respect American people when you tell them the truth" sure Harris, we got it
Eduardo Sambugaro
Eduardo Sambugaro 6 päivää sitten
new way to become the first female president... she's a cinical hoax...
hyena131 6 päivää sitten
9:49 - The oozing grease, slime, smarm and insincerity...brrrr!!!
Nick Densmore
Nick Densmore 6 päivää sitten
It annoys me when the moderator interrupts though. Yes his time is up but its 2 more sentences let him finish
Ross 6 päivää sitten
PussySlayer69 6 päivää sitten
mike pence should have become President. a republican with this amount of decency is all you need.
Jeril Johnson N
Jeril Johnson N 6 päivää sitten
Most repeated sentence Thank you Vice-president!
Keith Inman
Keith Inman 6 päivää sitten
TRUMP 2020
Rita choi
Rita choi 6 päivää sitten
Harris interrupts so much and when it’s the other way around “I’m speaking I’m speaking”
bofursgun 7 päivää sitten
2:50 - that's one creepy stare the soulless lackey of the orange faced one gives Harris.
Andrea Video
Andrea Video 7 päivää sitten
Who here is going to vote for Joe and vice H .If Yes then leave a like here pls👇
Blessing Olapade
Blessing Olapade 7 päivää sitten
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**** 7 päivää sitten
I do not know why, but when I look at Pence, I cannot help thinking of BIG EXOTIC FLOWERS, such as RAFFLESIA ARNOLDII, STINKY STRAPELLIA, and AMORPHOPHALUS TITANUN. ... oh oh! could it be that little fly?
sokin jon
sokin jon 7 päivää sitten
André Maurois "Our faults are doomed to oblivion and that's what they deserve."
**** 7 päivää sitten
Did Puppet Pence just tell Harris to stop playing politics with people's life? are you serious? If this is not deflecting and gas lighting by trying to turn the tables on her, (in a cheap and obvious manner, including that little emotional break in his voice) i do not know what is.
C-3PTx Tx
C-3PTx Tx 7 päivää sitten
( fwfwrwr) Bewarnd of Joe-Bidden (Creepy Joe)... He is the SPY's of CHINA...omg...!! Collect $$$ from CCP...omg... ( Joe-Bidden is too Creepy..omg ) fipost.info/show/videot/3caIkHlpbYOZmJ4.html ( Creepy Joe want to Destory our Freedom & turn us all into a China Slavery/ A Freak_koo Machine..omg..! )
Joney Sharon
Joney Sharon 7 päivää sitten
Kamala is an opportunist fipost.info/show/videot/tphjuHNusalodao.html
sokin jon
sokin jon 7 päivää sitten
André Maurois "Our faults are doomed to oblivion and that's what they deserve."
sangay namgay
sangay namgay 7 päivää sitten
If people here believe in humanity then I hope y’all know how Donald Trump is.Lets just vote for humanity not racist or a narcissist person like him.Wake up people.
8vedder3 7 päivää sitten
fipost.info/show/videot/0I-JxIJ6f22OYaY.html KAMALa harris is a liar and a phony
Jazzy X Maia
Jazzy X Maia 7 päivää sitten
Why is nobody saying anything about the F***ing fly on mike pence’s head NSJDJCJC
dunkky 7 päivää sitten
if that's the caliber of our future vice president, America is in trouble. I feel sorry for that lady who she is going up against.
tim6666 7 päivää sitten
Trump 2020..
Jonathon Devere
Jonathon Devere 7 päivää sitten
Mike Pence always looks like he's just waiting for the order to destroy Alderaan
Adrena Line
Adrena Line 7 päivää sitten
cquilty1 5 päivää sitten
Adrena Line What for?
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 8 päivää sitten
Kamala Harris: "There was a time when our country believed in science" Like when gender and sex were the same thing?
Martin Fiay Sr
Martin Fiay Sr 8 päivää sitten
Such an annoying women trying !!
Martin Fiay Sr
Martin Fiay Sr 8 päivää sitten
Vote Trump !!
Martin Fiay Sr
Martin Fiay Sr 8 päivää sitten
She’s not black she’s Caramel yellow with bleach
cquilty1 5 päivää sitten
Martine Flay jnr Americans and their fixation with race and skin tone...sad really.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 8 päivää sitten
facebook.com/Americanvoicesthedailycaller/videos/648984455766202/ Democrats have been so played.
The Montgomery Family
The Montgomery Family 8 päivää sitten
Fing Shoute
Fing Shoute 8 päivää sitten
Kamala Harris is more dumb than I imagined... very disappointed
cquilty1 5 päivää sitten
Finger snout It's *dumber, not "more dumb." The irony... And if you want dumb, look no further than Reagan, Bush Jnr and donny chump, the orange faced, angry liar with the bleached comb over. And this isn't about politics or political affiliation - these three men are/were clueless morons.
Koosha Kh
Koosha Kh 8 päivää sitten
Just compare the answers to the brooklyn's question. Pence tried to invite to integrity and highlight it among Americans, on the other hand, Harris tried to highlight Joe biden. Interesting!!
Abdullah Yusuf
Abdullah Yusuf 8 päivää sitten
Kamala Harris ,rude....sarcastic , egoistic and controlled by emotions .
fruit 8 päivää sitten
fact check Pences lies
Username 8 päivää sitten
Pence is still homophobic. I mean that alone renders him unsuitable to be vice president in a modern society.
Malsom Khongsai
Malsom Khongsai 8 päivää sitten
Seriously bringing up your mom to win hearts 😂😂😂 , plus c thinks cs right in all of her words, talking about her profile to impress
DISNEY BYLL 8 päivää sitten
Good Girl
Good Girl 8 päivää sitten
Seriously? Unfair Moderator
Good Girl
Good Girl 8 päivää sitten
Pence ❤️
Navshimmer Kaur
Navshimmer Kaur 8 päivää sitten
abilyn 1105
abilyn 1105 8 päivää sitten
jimmy kimmel show is sold , is a fraud, i just click and went out right away, please share a more interesting link
robert sumners
robert sumners 8 päivää sitten
Harris said she is ''black.''?? She doesn't look black, and she doesn't look like she came from Africa.??
MIGVALK 8 päivää sitten
What will make all other issues insignificant including COVID-19 is a nuclear conflict with North Korea because of the democrats led by Joe Biden back in power. Whether you like it or not trump defused and avoided a major nuclear escalation. in the debate Biden directly insulted the North Korean leader . Hope he knows how to handle North Korean inviolability.
E L 8 päivää sitten
Have a look at what: Facebook, FIpost, Twitter, and others in corrupt media are trying to suppress: facebook.com/Americanvoicesthedailycaller/videos/648984455766202/ Democrats have been so played.
Donna Addington
Donna Addington 8 päivää sitten
How did she know "it was airborne" the week before the cdc announced it and didn't go back on it within 48 hrs of announcing it?
Dianne Shedd
Dianne Shedd 8 päivää sitten
Not 1 debate was a true debate because no 1 actually answered a ?. What would you like to drink, tea or coffee? I think l will start my meal with an apple.🤔
abdenbi CHIKOUN
abdenbi CHIKOUN 8 päivää sitten
André Maurois "Our faults are doomed to oblivion and that's what they deserve."
Isabel Garay
Isabel Garay 8 päivää sitten
I agree with Kamala Harris in everything. I also think that kids should be allow to vote. My neighbors kids keep telling me they vote for Joe.
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