Giuliani Left Voicemail For Senator After Riot Asking For Help To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC

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“Rudy Giuliani, the president's lawyer, wants [Tommy Tuberville] to do whatever he can to pick up the baton from the mob…use his position as a United States senator to stop the peaceful transfer of power and the lawful recognition of the democratically elected president,” says Chris Hayes. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Giuliani Left Voicemail For Senator After Riot Asking For Help To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC

Eric Phillips
Eric Phillips 8 sekuntia sitten
All you mama leftist brats called for riots this summer and for the police to stand down. Don't say its not true because it is recorded Nancy, kamala, Schumer,.CNN said it ....own it and don't act suprised when the right rises up.
Derrick Payne
Derrick Payne 3 minuuttia sitten
Juliani...violated his proffesional code of ethics which are grounds for disbarment. He should not escape punishment for his aid and embedding of this attack.!!!
Emil Vallecillo
Emil Vallecillo 11 minuuttia sitten
These republican politicians that were involved should be ousted and prosecuted and never be allowed to hold any political office ever again
Deborah Orange
Deborah Orange 12 minuuttia sitten
Trump has his supporters brainwashed just like Hitler and the Nazis did
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band 16 minuuttia sitten
The police should have shot as many of these terrorists as they could. This standing and doing nothing amounted to standing and doing nothing.
Steven Canales
Steven Canales 21 minuutti sitten
A fier hose ,40degres no Sweat.
Notthat Serious
Notthat Serious 24 minuuttia sitten
White privilege if it was BLM they would have been shot
Basdeo Ramsaroop
Basdeo Ramsaroop 27 minuuttia sitten
Now we know who really hates America, Trump and his grossly ignorant supporters..
MADNEW YORKER 34 minuuttia sitten
Giuliani should go to jail right along with all of those traitors, including Donald Trump!!!
Ben Nemer
Ben Nemer 35 minuuttia sitten
So difficult to watch.
Daniel Carbajal
Daniel Carbajal 47 minuuttia sitten
He is absolutely right. These terrorists are not Patriots or Americans
Wilhelmus Hoffmann
Wilhelmus Hoffmann 49 minuuttia sitten
Guiliano for President!
Cj 53 minuuttia sitten
The militia groups claiming to be anti-government should be granted the recognition they claim as Terrorists, &be dealt with as such, according to the laws of our democracy.
Souless Lemming
Souless Lemming 54 minuuttia sitten
I wish the police would have listened and turned around and arrested everyone who spread falsehoods about the election integrity.
Lesley Cruz
Lesley Cruz Tunti sitten
@1:35 there is someone holding a sign that says blacks for trump but I didn’t see one black person who could have been holding that sign... 🤔
J McComb
J McComb Tunti sitten
I'm glad they rioted . I hope they do it a LOT more we have a right to ovee throw the government and the US government needs to be overthrown by us, THE PEOPLE. These are not terrorists . The terrorist are in the White House, congress, the house, THOSE ARE TERRORIST They are the real enemy. Its time to go to WAR!
jarski440 Tunti sitten
This "news" caster is so funny
Gerardo Mamaril
Gerardo Mamaril Tunti sitten
For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." Romans 13:1, KJV: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God."
Patrick li
Patrick li Tunti sitten
So much for blue lives matter...
drBarrymoreDude Tunti sitten
Trump losers are taking it bad...Just make us demmys more satisfied
Jason Skidmore
Jason Skidmore Tunti sitten
If they were black?
Federico Price
Federico Price Tunti sitten
And Mr T wants a full Presidential Ceremonial Departure with red carpet, military band, guard of honour, 21 gun salute and Air Force 1???? If I were the Head of the US military, I'd explain that due to covid, such events were, sadly, off the cards, that press reporting of his Departure would be impossible and at the last minute, announce that Air Force 1 had developed an intermittent electronic fault but that Ryanair had generously offered to step in and fly him to his golf retirement home. Honestly - a disgraced, twice impeached President awarding himself Full National Honours?? The insufferable man has no shame. I hope that he goes to prison.
2Xcitizen Tunti sitten
Three more days and a wake up!!!
Elena DeRoet
Elena DeRoet Tunti sitten
So... Quietly kneeling for the national anthem is disrespectful to our flag according to Trump and his sycophantic brainless followers, but tearing down an American flag and replacing it with a pro Trump flag and then beating an officer of the law- remember, conservatives like to pretend that blue lives matter- with an American flag is somehow not disrespectful to the flag? The amount of cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics these people display is truly staggering.
Richard Padget
Richard Padget Tunti sitten
I hope before President Trump leaves office he pardons everybody that stormed the capital
Hassan Smith
Hassan Smith Tunti sitten
I wish any of the people come to Brooklyn or queens......we won't need the cops to put these terriost down
dazraf Tunti sitten
An organised group of militia terrorists. They knew where to go. Investigate who they are and who helped them. Arrest them all. March them through the courts. Lock them up. Maximum security. Total isolation. Throw away the key.
Itai calderon
Itai calderon Tunti sitten
Who also is concerned with the idea of soldiers in the streets on inauguration day? How can we know they aren't part of the plan to overtake the country?
Minka Lopez
Minka Lopez Tunti sitten
Did anyone else notice the white with the "blacks for trump" sign.
Allenda Simpson
Allenda Simpson Tunti sitten
Luna 333
Luna 333 2 tuntia sitten
How did rude-y go from a semi-hero at 911 to being the worst president in US history's *lackie-cup bearer??*
Youtube Hatesme
Youtube Hatesme 2 tuntia sitten
News direct from the polit bureau only the news allowed to be broadcasted comrade
Susan Hamlin
Susan Hamlin 2 tuntia sitten
I think these Republican lawmakers should be investigated, charged and removed from office. And Rudy the NY Bar Association should disbar him now.
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker 2 tuntia sitten
America, the worlds comedy show
Alisha Frazier
Alisha Frazier 2 tuntia sitten
They are ALL traitors!!!!!!
Alisha Frazier
Alisha Frazier 2 tuntia sitten
The more I see the more disgusted I get😡🤢🤮
Brandon Riddlesprigger
Brandon Riddlesprigger 2 tuntia sitten
I guess the officers didn't fear for their lives....
Brandon Riddlesprigger
Brandon Riddlesprigger 2 tuntia sitten
This is both dangerous and embarrassing....
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 2 tuntia sitten
This is why you keep building prisons
Annette Curtain
Annette Curtain 2 tuntia sitten
And still no sign of the Security Unit's 4hrs later, words are not enough , sickening scenes, God help America, Keep America Free from Right Wing Terrorism
The Olive
The Olive 2 tuntia sitten
RACIAL HATE IS OUR NATIONS SHAME! It’s just hate because we are all part of the Human race and there is only one.
Timothy 2 tuntia sitten
with every arrest and conviction... one less trumpet.
Olli Go
Olli Go 2 tuntia sitten
such hyperbole... this is not the way I want to listen to news
Nancy Douglas
Nancy Douglas 3 tuntia sitten
Chris Hayes: great analysis of the truth. These GOP members of Congress need to be removed from office and arrested. Now they want healing, really. No healing until justice is served on these terrorists. All of them.
Khalid Azhar
Khalid Azhar 3 tuntia sitten
The US is reaping the fruit of the seeds it often sows in developing countries to suppress those people and install corrupt regimes whom roll over to demands of corporate and military America, the truth is nakedly open for the whole world to see!
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 3 tuntia sitten
Is insurrection and sedition and violence legal if ordered by. the president and senators?
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 3 tuntia sitten
You got to love America and its contradictions we throw out a third of our food every year but yet we have millions who are starving we have some of the greatest Healthcare in the world and yet we have millions who can't afford it, we have roughly half a million homeless people in the country and yet vacant houses and apartments number in the Millions, we are a land of "freedom and "liberty" but yet we house a quarter of the worlds inmates, and now we have American "Patriots" who want to overthrow democracy and install a dictator
Skylyn Simone
Skylyn Simone 3 tuntia sitten
The scary thing is....President Trump did not make them the way they are, They are Trump😧
O. O.
O. O. 4 tuntia sitten
Giuliani isn't getting paid by Trump. He got played! Such a old buffoon.
John Morello
John Morello 4 tuntia sitten
True Trump people would not do this.
florencemarlowe 4 tuntia sitten
All of these people should be charged with treason.
O. O.
O. O. 4 tuntia sitten
The Trump name should never be spoken again. It's an abomination.
Sabrina Merrick
Sabrina Merrick 4 tuntia sitten
I am becoming more outraged as time passes and more video footage is released. What made these ppl feel that they had the right to do this? Pounding and dragging a police officer with a flag? Is this what it has come down to? And yet these terrorists feel that the election was stolen? It is obvious that an order was given to take the capitol. Thus was well thought out and orchestrated.
Kathleen Austin
Kathleen Austin 4 tuntia sitten
His loyalists are in the key positions!! That's why!!! This was a inside job!!! Who removed Congress members panic button??? Arrests need to happen!!!
Sandra Bradley
Sandra Bradley 4 tuntia sitten
Yo Peabody, why you think this is about Trump? This is about what you have done to the people, and about what the people are going to do about it! What did you think was going to happen? Karma is spelled HA HA HA!
Diane Wilson
Diane Wilson 4 tuntia sitten
IT Would be a Very Bad Idea for Them to tRUMP a big send off this is just another way for him to spark another dangerous Riot , for the tRUMP supporter,s.please don't give him that opportunity to start another Riot.
David Birchall
David Birchall 4 tuntia sitten
Trump has already got what he wanted is to go down in the history books
Des Doyle
Des Doyle 4 tuntia sitten
Trump and his fellow ringleaders should be immediately arrested at noon on Wednesday for crimes against the American people.
joselito clarita
joselito clarita 4 tuntia sitten
The CIA/FBI/Trump/Pompeo are the author/planner of the wild protest in Washington DC by their trained/supported erorist the white supremacists/Far right wing neo Nazi groups!!
68majortom 4 tuntia sitten
American Civil War 2 could well be starting 20:01:21 and Trump will be ecstatic
Ty in VA
Ty in VA 3 tuntia sitten
@68majortom no I'm not worried about a bunch of mad trumpsters yelling at rent a cops. They are all going to snitch on one another. Lol just wait until all these people have to answer questions in front of a grand jury by the feds. These privileged people are going to tell on each other until they are all in trouble.
68majortom 3 tuntia sitten
@Ty in VA does this apparent Armed Demonstrations in all 50 State Capitals not worry You?
Ty in VA
Ty in VA 4 tuntia sitten
I hope not for the Republicans sake. Lol trumpsters literally just lost a battle to a hand full of rental cops. Now they are going to jail. And for what? a couple of busted windows. Nobody changed their mind about the election they didn't get to anyone they were after. Now they have troops in place. Let's see what would really happen if they tried it again. Lol they had women getting shot while men were being scared. I don't think priviledge people do good in war
2Xcitizen 5 tuntia sitten
If that was me.... there would have been a dead terrorist for each bullet in my mag...
Ty in VA
Ty in VA Tunti sitten
@2Xcitizen no. I've been getting vaccinated since 1981. The earth is a sphere. I don't care about illuminati. Biden is going to become president next week. And you aren't going to shoot anybody for any reason. These are all facts.
2Xcitizen Tunti sitten
@Ty in VA hey Ty, you realize the earth isn't like a sphere right? And vaccines are an illuminti plot?? What do scientists know anyway...
Ty in VA
Ty in VA 4 tuntia sitten
Nope you wouldn't have done anything. Lol but have a great day.
PAT SQUACH 5 tuntia sitten
Might Aswell Get. Arrested ... .........MAGA. ....
tandrewl 5 tuntia sitten
We now know that many of the rioters who were arrested have been confirmed as Democrats. We need to ask why where they were taking part in the riot?
Ty in VA
Ty in VA 4 tuntia sitten
Name one Democrat who got arrested. I'll fact check you after you give me the name.
Blessed Linah Kearns
Blessed Linah Kearns 5 tuntia sitten
This is Barbaric, its scary
Elise Vautour
Elise Vautour 5 tuntia sitten
You leave just over a minute at the end of your clip to hear the tape. Deceiving lure to watch clip. Chris Hayes, you're so not Rachael Maddow. Stop trying to be. It doesn't suit you.
Rique 5 tuntia sitten
Why no mention of white supremacy?
justrosy5 5 tuntia sitten
Were any of them trained in a militant training camp near Spokane, WA?
Sead Salihovic
Sead Salihovic 5 tuntia sitten
Great American looks now like 3th world country 🤣🤣🤣🤣
mike 5 tuntia sitten
Do u even hear yourself who r u trying to lie about , how do u know which side is right? There is more proof of fraud than any case would need to win!!
David 5 tuntia sitten
Trump ,Rudy,and Trump supporters must be held accountable for their crimes ,riot at Capitol hill.They try to steal Biden win election and over thrown government.Military ,police and laws must arrest them now ,put them in jail.Trump must resign now and put in jail too.
chesterDmolester 5 tuntia sitten
I hope every state gets rammed during the wouldbe law makers own fault for not putting harsher charges when they overtook the Capitol
D 2ND 6 tuntia sitten
I'm so glad i can think for myself unlike these Trump puppets.
Matthew Ellison
Matthew Ellison 6 tuntia sitten
Who will pay for the damage? Not Trump or his supporters. The tax payers are forced to pay.
Liz brown
Liz brown 6 tuntia sitten
What is a traitor according to this guys, trump lovers. Is trump paying them? You’ll never get your money guys
Mickelräven 6 tuntia sitten
This is what I expected the Area 51 raid to look like
GameWithAdam 6 tuntia sitten
These are not republicans or democrats, these are just animals. Beasts.
cat woman
cat woman 6 tuntia sitten
"Rudy must be Indicted for sedictious act 20 years in prison".
Globe255 6 tuntia sitten
To silence the people by taking away the freedom of speech doesn't make it better in, fact, much worse, that's what you would expect from a communistic regime, not the free world.
Steph 6 tuntia sitten
I couldnt be more proud of our country. True heroes ....on both sides. There are a thousand stories here. When each story is told, and all know the truth at long last...Then the unity can start. Drink a beer with each other and talk.
Ansberto Chibale Tembo
Ansberto Chibale Tembo 6 tuntia sitten
The reporters voice is deliberately trying to create a scenario where Trump and his supporters are seen as evil. Too much emotion behind the voice. What Trumps lawyer said is not traeasonable
Brian B
Brian B 6 tuntia sitten
Not close to Portland riots, but that's ok because that's BLM.
Stephen Shortt
Stephen Shortt 6 tuntia sitten
All those representatives and senators involved should have to be forced to step down and enough evidence is found also charged accordingly to those charges that apply. There should be no debate involved.
Alejandro Raines
Alejandro Raines 6 tuntia sitten
mythicnoetic 7 tuntia sitten
So much is upsetting about this attempted coup. One thing that comes to mind when I see the noose at the gallows is the lack of length of the slack rope. This insures that the victim will suffer for much longer period of time hanging. Death is slow to come and agonizing. If the rope is too long, the victim will be decapitated. That is why the condemned is weighed before hanging. I found this out while researching how to hang myself when I was in a suicidally distraught state. Then again, I'm no expert. Anyone feel free to correct me.
Rory O'Neil
Rory O'Neil 7 tuntia sitten
Trump must be made to pay, if convicted, he should be made to foot the bill for everything, that is the damage done, the wages for the extra troops required to defend the capital and other damages. If he cant pay he should be sent to prison. Actually just send the s--t to prison and throwaway the key literally!!
Anthony Carranza
Anthony Carranza 7 tuntia sitten
The mammoth aries lily fax because equinox distinctively fade aboard a cuddly olive. burly, maniacal thermometer
aussie mac
aussie mac 7 tuntia sitten
Every time I hear the chant U.S.A.U.S.A. all I can see is the Jerry Springer audience. Are you proud of that America.
Northland Rider
Northland Rider 7 tuntia sitten
Clown Trump has not only made America look like a circus, he has enabled ultra-right wing morons around the world to crawl out from under their rocks. The US will never again be a beacon of democracy unless there are consequences for his actions. That would be a first for the orange snake oil salesman. I previously thought the second impeachment was a mistake. Now I believe Trump and those who made all this crap possible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Thanks for nothing, Republicans, from New Zealand. I know there are millions of decent people in the US. Good luck with getting the uneducated halfwits back into their darkened basements.
Angael Tartar Rose
Angael Tartar Rose 7 tuntia sitten
If there was a known "clear & present" danger, & even a specific date of January 6th given in various tweets, then why were we so unprepared & even inviting to this murderous mob? What is the underlying agenda we are not quite seeing clearly? I get the sense this is all somehow pre~planned, with tacit agreements, insiders, & a seemingly hypnotized crowd. A crowd of underlings almost, like expendables, Star Trek red shirts. Ya'll, every single one of us, just need to take a step back, & pray for genuine guidance.
eynkeehoo hoohaechad
eynkeehoo hoohaechad 7 tuntia sitten
Why did Giuliani want the congressman he was trying to reach, to delay things until the evening of the following day? What was supposed to happen before the evening of the following day? There is still more to this conspiracy to commit insurrection and treason that we do not know.
Ru Rome
Ru Rome 7 tuntia sitten
We were warned
Åsa Marklund
Åsa Marklund 7 tuntia sitten
This is so horrendous and the President STARTED IT! Look what’s happening now, thousands of military, police and National guards rounded up in every Capitol in every state during the inauguration. Is this something the taxpayers must pay now? This is all Trumps work and he must be held accountable. Take him into custody after midnight January 7th as they’ve done with all the identified thugs at the Capitol. Not to mention all in the Republican Party that went along with this, Senator Cruz and the other goons!
Hadi Ranahosseini
Hadi Ranahosseini 7 tuntia sitten
Trump is the best thing that happened to the Evil Empire, exposed it for what she is and now the world can see much better the crimes of the USA after the WWII
steven clark
steven clark 7 tuntia sitten
Ghouliani, gross man!
TJ Kaczynski
TJ Kaczynski 7 tuntia sitten
This so called reporter is a lying pos!
TJ Kaczynski
TJ Kaczynski 7 tuntia sitten
Im betting the smarter of the stupid are no shows on the 20th, great time to round up the cheating slimbags. They know who they are!
Hadi Ranahosseini
Hadi Ranahosseini 7 tuntia sitten
I don’t understand why the police did not use their guns.
Derrick Wilson
Derrick Wilson 7 tuntia sitten
Ruddy is drunk 🥴 crock head
Coach Authoress Angela Reid
Coach Authoress Angela Reid 8 tuntia sitten
A dam shame
Earl Fletcher
Earl Fletcher 8 tuntia sitten
Antifa at its democratic best
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