How hard it is to explode a hole in concrete wall?

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Beyond the press

7 päivää sitten

How hard are concrete walls to get through with explosives? Is a hand grenade enough or do you need a breaching charge like on the video games like call of duty modern warfare 2? Don't try this at home!
Here is link to Pommijätkät video from the same day
Link to Perustava FIpost channel for more concrete stuff

Beyond the press
Beyond the press 7 päivää sitten
If like to see more explosion stuff go check Pommijätkät FIpost channel and if you want to learn more about concrete stuff check out Perustava FIpost channel
Yrosyth 10 tuntia sitten
Wonder if there’ll ever be a chance to test an old school cannon and cannonball. Don’t know if you could find any way to do it, but it’d be awesome to compare someday.
Perustava 16 tuntia sitten
Here you can watch how to build bombproof by using Perustava’s concrete elements.
Whoareyou Päivä sitten
Need to shoot that wall with a 50 caliber rifle.
Robert Garland
Robert Garland Päivä sitten
We can always Rely on the Russians
Clash Cornholio
Clash Cornholio Päivä sitten
I gotta wonder... was the "professional" that was referenced as inspiration for the water-canister-charge, by any chance, the great Dr. Sidney Alford? with his Dioplex User-Filled Linear Cutting Charge Kit (from 1987)? because the whole description of the thin layer explosive in a large 'pad' reminds me of that thing.
dexticity y
dexticity y Minuutti sitten
Explosions can hurt people, Jean can be dreadful
TallmanMike 7 minuuttia sitten
FInnish sounds beast when they're shouting
Nanda Farell
Nanda Farell 32 minuuttia sitten
Imma try this at my ex hause
GRIM COMMANDO 41 minuutti sitten
good stuff
Elliot Alderson
Elliot Alderson 45 minuuttia sitten
i want to see that little green grenade go off in a room, just to see how it tears up the furniture and cabinetry
Kratt Avner
Kratt Avner Tunti sitten
Cool thx for the video!!!
aditya suresh
aditya suresh Tunti sitten
Max Millar
Max Millar Tunti sitten
Cool aid man has entered the room
Josef Wakeling
Josef Wakeling Tunti sitten
that wall got finnished
Christos Boukouvalas
Christos Boukouvalas Tunti sitten
4:55 my man accidentally created a HESH round
davidocall Tunti sitten
Not sure how I'd feel going under that massive concrete slab after blowing shit up underneath it.
Neon_Pickle 2 tuntia sitten
Have you tried mixing fuel, metal oxide and metal powder in just the right way, burning at 2000 C it’s hot enough to burn through any material known to man, throw some C4 into the mix and you’ve got you’re self one hell of a combo.
The One True God
The One True God 2 tuntia sitten
Who will win? Russian barrel cannon or Finnish water jug breaching charge
FireMissionAlpha 2 tuntia sitten
tfw you hear ‘get the Finnish Pressure Washer’
Jonathan Odude
Jonathan Odude 2 tuntia sitten
yeahhh theres no way this is monetised lol
lukas Morski
lukas Morski 3 tuntia sitten
I would love to see double chargers experiment .You know ,like 2nd in distance of 1-2m or even 3-4 m launching at the exacly same time to create a wave wall for the 1st charge at the wall . You know what I mean ??? Or should I explain it more ? ,) 2 close the open field ,where the force is escaping .
Marcel Martel
Marcel Martel 3 tuntia sitten
Take a worker disguise and pack the explosives on a pallet and a transpalette enter the world trande center with 3 or 4 people and lay this with a permanent system and magnet and radio controlled; You can from the elevator shafts lay the explosives on the central columns from the elevator shafts. And that's when the tower falls you can start the demolition sequence. AND don't forget to destroy the WTC7 where you were to do the job, plus there were secret files in there and here's 1 stone 2 shots see more, voila voila
Marcel Martel
Marcel Martel 3 tuntia sitten
Take a worker disguise and pack the explosives on a pallet and a transpalette enter the world trande center with 3 or 4 people and lay this with a permanent system and magnet and radio controlled; You can from the elevator shafts lay the explosives on the central columns from the elevator shafts. And that's when the tower falls you can start the demolition sequence. AND don't forget to destroy the WTC7 where you were to do the job, plus there were secret files in there and here's 1 stone 2 shots see more, voila voila
joeandjoe2 3 tuntia sitten
Love it. Your English is great lovely. Finnish accent. Shouldn't you be driving fast somewhere ?
Fultzie the Revolution
Fultzie the Revolution 3 tuntia sitten
Dude took jab at Pepsi?
S Λ M U R Λ I 3 tuntia sitten
Your best chance of getting through a wall like this is to drill 5 holes in the shape of a die. 4 symmetrically place apart in the shape of a square, and one in the middle, and then place semtex or c4 into the holes... and they have to timed so that the outer 4 detonate before the middle.
Isaiah Hadnot
Isaiah Hadnot 3 tuntia sitten
Scuffed r6
Dream Wolf
Dream Wolf 4 tuntia sitten
This is a practical lesson on how shaped charges work. i love it. the force of an explosion rarely will do real damage within its immediate range, the real power is the force of the outward expansion. You can also see this with Ballistics in Firearms. the entry wound is rather small, often so small you cant really see it, but the exit wound can range from the size of a soda can, to the side of a small plate, depending the caliber, type of round, and other factors.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 tuntia sitten
“General! They have breached the fort using Wet Farts!”
Justin Bell Pa
Justin Bell Pa 4 tuntia sitten
AicoGaming 4 tuntia sitten
you irritate me
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 tuntia sitten
HOLDOO... PIXIE, DIXIE, BAM, your house is missingxie
Caldoric 4 tuntia sitten
"prober safety planning"... D'you mean "proper" there, bud?
User Userson
User Userson 4 tuntia sitten
Straight sub
RidelikeLightning 4 tuntia sitten
Isn't that the pyrotechnics guy from SFT? He used to blow up cars and stuff.
User 5.56
User 5.56 4 tuntia sitten
What if you used the Copper Cone shape charge wouldn't that cut through the Cement & Steel bars....
Brian Montes
Brian Montes 4 tuntia sitten
In Russia we make our own breaching charge
NeighborhoodSamurai 4 tuntia sitten
anyone else thing the guy in the green beanie looks exactly like tom delonge from blink182
lake look lake looker
lake look lake looker 5 tuntia sitten
Welcome to the watchlist
Mistor J
Mistor J 5 tuntia sitten
Blows hole in concrete with make shift explosive *demoman theme song plays*
Nhia Moua
Nhia Moua 5 tuntia sitten
what would it take to blow those steel rods out too? more heat, force, or both?
KayAteChef 5 tuntia sitten
Everyone: Using old memes. Me: Meme's closed due to AIDS.
ZeroUnits 5 tuntia sitten
"Bit like a Finnish pressure washer" lmaoooo
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden 5 tuntia sitten
For some reason i doubt those earmuffs did much to save their ears here
ValJack CBEP
ValJack CBEP 5 tuntia sitten
Haven't seen out of focus camera view in so long, gave me good flash backs
Mattia Peretta
Mattia Peretta 6 tuntia sitten
Payday 2 be like
TheMrDeathboy 6 tuntia sitten
HOLDOO... PIXIE, DIXIE, BAM, your house is missingxie
dinho890i 6 tuntia sitten
Really should try armed concrete next time
Billy Davis
Billy Davis 6 tuntia sitten
Lol you were just "borrowing" that wall lol. Yikes
MICKY THEEGS 6 tuntia sitten
Thanks for trying to speak English
Frogstronaut 7 tuntia sitten
Well it’s a good thing I don’t have to worry about proper safety measures
Phaneleox 7 tuntia sitten
5:50 lol he was so laid back
A.S.O 7 tuntia sitten
That’s the most holesome video I’ve ever seen
adam haywood
adam haywood 7 tuntia sitten
i love finnland
アニメVentispurr 7 tuntia sitten
this is secretly an ad for these walls
Sandra Caraballo
Sandra Caraballo 7 tuntia sitten
I have several questions
Mooney Makes
Mooney Makes 7 tuntia sitten
hahhhahahh the timing of this video
Jon Maybe
Jon Maybe 7 tuntia sitten
How is it that these people can detonate C4 and look more bored than me in math class at the same time.
Lila 8 tuntia sitten
Meanwhile in finland:
Daniel 8 tuntia sitten
Perhaps a thermite mixture would be effective
Dr. DJ
Dr. DJ 8 tuntia sitten
I was having a hard time understanding them then I realized they were from Finland, I feel like a idiot
Voss25 8 tuntia sitten
Jerry can for the win
Damage Trade
Damage Trade 8 tuntia sitten
I can’t do this without prober safety planning :
FlameCentralYT 8 tuntia sitten
Yes because I’m going to get military grade explosives just to blow up a concrete wall at home.... (ever get that feeling of daja vu)
Manuel Molina
Manuel Molina 8 tuntia sitten
Ah, I see a new concept for a Hard Breaching tool in Rainbow Six Siege.
jermmcnasty420 8 tuntia sitten
Making a plastic grenade makes the test biased. I mean it wasnt going to break through the concrete either way but half the deadly force if shrapnel grenades is the high velocity metal shrapnel the case turns into upon explosion.
Jacob Hoke
Jacob Hoke 9 tuntia sitten
Use a wine bottle shape charge
Ryan M
Ryan M 9 tuntia sitten
That’s a lot of trust in that concrete roof😂
audio man with audio plan
audio man with audio plan 9 tuntia sitten
oh! the water jug probably worked so well because it was tamping the C4 against the wall, directing the force.
Adam Devault
Adam Devault 9 tuntia sitten
That's some prober safety
Pichu Elijah
Pichu Elijah 9 tuntia sitten
Mr Psyco
Mr Psyco 9 tuntia sitten
"everyone on finland have hand granade" *Me starts sweating bullets * Me: what......... you sell what............ im supposed to move there............
Mr Psyco
Mr Psyco 3 tuntia sitten
@SonsOfLorgar thanks for the heads up now i know where not to take the kids
SonsOfLorgar 5 tuntia sitten
Well, let's just say Finnish circus juggling is a lot more of a significant emotional event if a pin drops ;)
Pete McWade
Pete McWade 9 tuntia sitten
Problem is you used that large water protected charge on an already damaged concrete wall. Hit many times with explosives and full of micro and large internal cracks. Use that on a clean undamaged concrete wall. Just to make it real.
Steven Kitajima
Steven Kitajima 9 tuntia sitten
Who ever does your editing before putting out the videos. Should do exactly that. EDIT. What is "prober"
SuperSoundtracks 9 tuntia sitten
I'm positively discombobulated by the finnishness.
LynxPlays 9 tuntia sitten
Max Habanaroe
Max Habanaroe 9 tuntia sitten
prober saftey
Suppressing Light
Suppressing Light 9 tuntia sitten
666k views and out for 6 days
Itz Ezzie
Itz Ezzie 10 tuntia sitten
0:40 they sell these in grocery stores
Afif Nurhary
Afif Nurhary 10 tuntia sitten
The explosives look like potato
Skelebone 10 tuntia sitten
I think this is one of the most Finnish things I’ve ever seen and I love it
Julian Silva
Julian Silva 10 tuntia sitten
6:55 Let me just...Shove this into the charge
Scott Evensen
Scott Evensen 11 tuntia sitten
Man, Bulk Detonators are no joke!
Ray Blaze
Ray Blaze 11 tuntia sitten
I would like to see more improvised shape charges please. Thank you.
Spaghetti Monster
Spaghetti Monster 11 tuntia sitten
Well 2021 is getting off to an interesting start. The Vikings are preparing to raid again.
Cat Gynt
Cat Gynt 11 tuntia sitten
Thanks for sharing this video. Have you considered forming and using shaped charges? Wishing you and your team a great new year. Greetings from USA. Cheers.
avo codo
avo codo 11 tuntia sitten
New siege opp looking preety sweet
Gabor Hill
Gabor Hill 11 tuntia sitten
I love their accents
Chester Lon Espinosa
Chester Lon Espinosa 11 tuntia sitten
5:39 I know this part.....from the videos i usually watch when i'm alone
Ethnic Sovereignty
Ethnic Sovereignty 11 tuntia sitten
How was the shape charge designed? Is there a 3d disection?
Liam 11 tuntia sitten
люблю контент, ребята, продолжайте в том же духе
GrayQA 11 tuntia sitten
SKIP to 2:36 for explosions to start
Dallas 12 tuntia sitten
I don’t know how I got here but I’m glad
Tyler Roberson
Tyler Roberson 12 tuntia sitten
Nobody: Me at 3am: Finland’s cool
Soohan 12 tuntia sitten
Hes making a list Hes checking it twice *hes bringing me an improved explosive device* Santa clause is comin to town (Fbi please dont put me on a list >_>)
McLean Family
McLean Family 12 tuntia sitten
Got to love the pro b er safety planning.
Monotone Xylophone
Monotone Xylophone 12 tuntia sitten
We are all on a list now
Daniel W
Daniel W 12 tuntia sitten
Prober! Lmfao!!!!
chad ironstand
chad ironstand 12 tuntia sitten
Water jug + C4 = bank $
_ Ziklon_
_ Ziklon_ 12 tuntia sitten
Seems like this is my 3 am recommended video. Not disappointed
Kevan 12 tuntia sitten
And this kids is why throwing grenades at tanks in battlefield doesn't do much lol.
Stuffed crest pizza
Stuffed crest pizza 12 tuntia sitten
these r6s graphics getting ou of hand
InanAKAtheboss 12 tuntia sitten
Ah yes, prober safety
namE 12 tuntia sitten
1 second in and I hear a low quality version of the vine boom
Keller weskier
Keller weskier 13 tuntia sitten
why the fuck is this on recommended? the algorithm only shows what has gotten alot of attention to things somewhat similar to what you usually watch, im usually watching military stuff... the only reason IEDs are being recommended was because of the Capital thing huh.
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