How researchers are identifying suspects in the U.S. Capitol siege

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CBS News

10 päivää sitten

Some of the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week wore gear that makes it difficult to identify them, but investigators have zeroed in on a number of clues. John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk School, joins CBSN to discuss the techniques that helped ID suspects who are now facing charges.
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bilinas mini
bilinas mini Tunti sitten
Really think about this.. So strange that one of the most secure building in our great nation was easier to gain access to that a Wal-Mart.. Strange...
Brett Blair
Brett Blair 2 tuntia sitten
I believe that they wouldn't wear their own clothes and badges, set up and not even a good one
jay bee
jay bee 3 tuntia sitten
Just pay some snitches lol
Robert Landin
Robert Landin 3 tuntia sitten
Funny how these patriots are being prosecuted, and all you dummy's are happy. When have the real traitors and corrupt politicians/business bigwigs ever been pursued like this? You people's minds are twisted. They tricked you again, divide and conquer. Sad.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Tunti sitten
that far. You're so smart lol
pobtron 8 tuntia sitten
They should of just wore their masks...cops would have no way of employing face recognition tech.
AMERICAN VIKING 8 tuntia sitten
The only way I would riot is if I knew that kamala harris was going to bail me out of jail like she did for the rioters this past summer. You know, the people that she said it was a 'movement' and it will not stop and 'we' should not stop rioting.
Vincent Vendetta II
Vincent Vendetta II 13 tuntia sitten
Pro Trump mob. Lol
Lucian BUJOR
Lucian BUJOR 13 tuntia sitten
These are not terrorists.
Spock Bangler
Spock Bangler 16 tuntia sitten
The world really is a stage.
Deborah Dowe
Deborah Dowe 18 tuntia sitten
Zip Tie Guy was celebrating Take Your Mother To War Day.
april bagwell
april bagwell 19 tuntia sitten
Has anyone made any mention of subpoenaing the records from parlour? You know they have to have all of their ip addresses when they made their accounts and download the app and submitted their pictures and posts.
Daniel Bjork
Daniel Bjork 19 tuntia sitten
Everyone here should probably go read animal farm. God and NSA bless America
DxV04 20 tuntia sitten
Siege? is this the babylon bee? 🤣
Rafael Roces
Rafael Roces 23 tuntia sitten
Big Tech, Fake News, is the threat to Principles of Freedom and Constitution, it is what the congress and senate should be prosecuting; the attack in Congress is an offshoot of the breakdown of law and order in Government. 4 years of Democrat and GOP rhino’s, insurrection towards the administration of President Donald Trump; (Russia collusion, and so many sabotage actions acted in synergy with FBI, DOJ, and Big Tech). Congress and Senate for decades if not centuries have been career politicians; a strong possibility for Trump an outsider to win threatened them. Therefore, when Trump ran they knew he was going to win so they hatch a plot to destroy and sabotage his leaderships locally and internationally thinking they have to teach the public a lesson to discourage anyone else, so no ordinary private citizen (outsider) dare ever again think of running. The swamp kingdom (Senate and Congress) keeps acting forcefully arrogant, having the power in their hands, misuse it unconstitutionally and illegally to do their corrupt practices thinking they can fool the people all of the time; people sees their duplicity in the anger they direct toward President Donald Trump. Democrats and Rhinos conspired, stage and fabricated the fake Russia Collusion, caging Minors at the border, “there are good people in both sides”, Impeachment 1, impeachment 2, etc. As long as the swamp are in denial and do not realize it is over and admits their duplicity’ the fake rage anger they direct toward President Donald Trump; a start would be to withdraw the fake impeachment. +++++++ US citizens will be on the receiving end of international contempt and subdued into bad disadvantaged deals from Foreign Governments; the people see this, which is why they are revolting and acting to save their country from their’ own Government’s and Politicians criminal and disloyalty.
Boarlaw Attorneys At Law
Boarlaw Attorneys At Law Päivä sitten
Stop this nonsense of identifying rioters. Accept that this was democracy and freedom and USA has lecture the world to follow and has killed millions of innocent lives for. Is USA becoming totalitarian state?? We the rest of the world accept this to be. Hypocrite!!@
Neo VeNoM
Neo VeNoM Päivä sitten
It's not what happens that is important, it's who (which group) that does it is the deciding factor on covering 'news'.
DWAYNE JONES Päivä sitten
Ginger you're apart of it just like the units. It could've been stopped before it started, much like the other bs. My friends have all everything im saying, just so everyone knows
Good old Blighty
Good old Blighty Päivä sitten
The riots in Washington cannot be put under one ideology or reason for rioting.there’s a pandemic & the American public were treated badly by their government financially & no health care during pandemic.there were some idiots looking for trouble & believes BS about this election.people are desperate at the moment,no money no food no job no health was a bad thing these people did but when people are desperate?anything can happen.stay safe & wear a face mask & wash your hands regularly.godbless everyone during these trying times ☯️🇬🇧
DWAYNE JONES Päivä sitten
I'd say alot of things and this kid knows nothing lol. I hope you read my post . I've got papers also analyzing this whole thing as well. Leo as well military. This wouldn't have got that far. You're so smart lol
DWAYNE JONES Päivä sitten
I'd love to sit down with him lol
DWAYNE JONES Päivä sitten
This ginger is maybe 26 lol. Good luck maaaaybe , your degree can help you lol. Why doesn't id the real elephant in the room?
JOME Päivä sitten
Where was this technology when Minneapolis was burned down or in Portland ...Seattle ?
Pamela Berry
Pamela Berry Päivä sitten
Well if they’re dumb enough to believe all of Trump’s lies, they’re not too bright to begin with!!!
Romantic Warrior1
Romantic Warrior1 Päivä sitten
Looking for them? SERIOUSLY!! For a modest I have a plan; Cordon off the area, no one in or out, and arrest everyone in the perimeter INSTEAD OF holding the door for them, let them get and now have to run all over the country to round them up.
Brody Williams at state w/wildcats
Brody Williams at state w/wildcats Päivä sitten
You people are traitors to our country where were u when cities burned people died and lost all they had due to so called peacefull protests it clear u all are in bed with the communist of the world
Brody Williams at state w/wildcats
Brody Williams at state w/wildcats Päivä sitten
Sick communist news hittlerisk propaganda toady for Joe the furor
Chaotik Dream
Chaotik Dream Päivä sitten
The most pivotal moment in the 2020 election tensions are high and the security they had at the capitol on the day of trump protest couldn't have protected a chuck e cheese ... and no one finds this odd ? Smh ... from start to finish the election has been questionable ..
jon gee
jon gee Päivä sitten
What is his job a professional snitch? Doin reseach for cops
Charles Ramos, Jr.
Charles Ramos, Jr. Päivä sitten
The agent provocateurs that broke into the Capitol had anticipated a riot breaking out in the rear while they were inside. I know first-hand that pallets of bricks and propane bottles were dropped off around the grounds on the 5th. Those things had gone walkabout by the next morning when 4 busloads of those same agents provocateur led the charge into the building accompanied by a CNN reporter and an unknown number of actual Trump supporters. The body of those 4 busloads of left-wing agents was in the crowd outside looking for bricks. All are guilty. But where did the bricks come from? This is an established pattern of criminal behavior, no? Vegas Valley News says yes. I want to know who keeps leaving bricks and bombs at places like this.
Luke Shaw's Daddy
Luke Shaw's Daddy Päivä sitten
Lol they will only identify the old people walking through not the Antifa
MEOW MACK Päivä sitten
You guys are just going after the military Trump supporters because they didn't let the capital burn because they went in there because they knew you guys were going to let it burn didn't you just like you knew the Twin Towers were going to come down before they did
Good Ole' Mule
Good Ole' Mule Päivä sitten
Questioning authority & MSM is one thing. Crying "fake news" but believing everything you see from an unverified source on the dark web - is just plain stupid. Here's a funny little pop-punk diddy about all the mook-muppets in the latter mentioned.
Ginger Nunamaker
Ginger Nunamaker Päivä sitten
the deaths were caused by capitol security. patriots dont do that. we jyst want our voice heard. we are law abiding patriots and we have unalienable rights. the left hates the constitution cause they want power over the people.
Mike Burns
Mike Burns Päivä sitten
All the government has to do is track there phone
melanie elizabeth
melanie elizabeth Päivä sitten
Mob for the patriots and protesters for the thugs. Excellent stupidity. Let the people express their feelings, didn't the other people were expressing their anger for months? Where were you? Hypocrite fake news.
OMYG3345 Moore
OMYG3345 Moore Päivä sitten
There political prisoners
Kim Bower
Kim Bower Päivä sitten
I seen where Katie Couric said that we need D programmed and our children. That’s a little scary to me
WorldFlex Päivä sitten
Why are NONE of the traitors are being charged with rioting, sedition, conspiracy, or terrorism? And why were Many, if not all, let out of jail with little or no bail? It apparent that You’d get in far more trouble for teeing off on a mailbox with a bat than threatening the lives of Congress and interrupting constitutional processes.
Kahymel Barbosa
Kahymel Barbosa Päivä sitten
I know that this is being investigated, but what can't be understood is why the guards were allowing the people to enter, it was on video, somebody gave them the orders to allow them to go in. Doors open, guards allowing them to enter, who were these guards which were doing this which were on video, shouldn't they be the first to be taken into custody and finding out who gave them orders to allow these people to enter. It was as if it all was a set up. Grab the guards and find out why they did what they did. Those doors should of been secured, isn't that what they get paid to do.
John Drake
John Drake Päivä sitten
ANTIFA provocateur John Sullivan has been identified.
David R
David R Päivä sitten
These these are nothing but ANTIFA members dressed in Trump outfits. It's called a false flag operations.
MrRosiesfavorites Päivä sitten
they were easy to find. the people with cameras and cell phones said, 'SMILE AND FACE THE CAMERA" and they did. dumb flucks. some were so blinded by their anger, they looked for and ranted on news cameras. so they were broadcasted all over the country and many other countries. when the FBI showed up at their door, they were surprised because they thought they were so careful.🤣
RD RR Päivä sitten
The main stream news media are the Domestic traitors who are purposely, and flagrantly fomenting hate, hysteria, violence, and outrage. The MSNM is a vile pariah that has abandoned any and all concepts of reliable, credible, authentic journalism
Xelthia vice
Xelthia vice Päivä sitten
BLM a racist hate group
William Baker
William Baker Päivä sitten
More evidence of the blatant double standard. Where was this effort for the antifa, BLM, autonomous zones, summer of love idiots?
Xelthia vice
Xelthia vice Päivä sitten
when trump was prez it made him look bad. so the dems did nothing. now biden is prez it makes them look bad. so now they will stop it
Dave Fowler
Dave Fowler Päivä sitten
They should put John Scott in a ring with the Army guy he id-ed and let them battle it out. lol
lillac lace
lillac lace Päivä sitten
Wow 😮
I just have a couple of questions: 1). Why wasn't there concerned about the rioters (Antifa and BLM) when they took over streets, burning business, harming cops plus trying to burn a government building with people inside and locked as the doors were locked? 2). Democrats yelling at Republicans ' this is all your fault'. To me, that is hate speech and sturring up the riots more. This riot was terrible and should not have happened. But, I believe, everyone should claim responsibility for this. The last 4 years have been brutal on Americans. People have said 'fighting speech', like drawing terrible pictures of President Trump, making a chopped off head of President Trump, calling Republicans, the most to President Trump terrible names and done, not only from the general public, but by high ranking officials, the media, and Hollywood. Now our freedom of speech is being taken away. I think if both sides would just calm down we could fix the problems that made our country great. We must fix this as other countries are being affected by our treatment of our country. Let us stop the divide, it hasn't helped anything, and let us get to work on fixing our country. I don't think you want Socialism. though it sounds good, who will pay for all the 'free stuff?' Taxpayers just like we pay for all thing government approves and wages for all government. I am not for or against anybody but am for the United States.
kathy Turner
kathy Turner Päivä sitten
I get a kick out of their ex’s turning them in😂😆🤣. The guys with ties should be in jail for years. I hope!
WAYNE SMITH 2 tuntia sitten
Intent vs..Possession must be Proven
Xelthia vice
Xelthia vice Päivä sitten
CNN and the left are really crazy and unhinged
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Päivä sitten
Wat you goin do about this story and the shipping counter with the 150 DEAD pile you smaged I. The county
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Päivä sitten
I'll ask ths AGIN can you mack vines move to the outher side of the mikckyway and bring a plant back in it place
Ryan Hanson
Ryan Hanson Päivä sitten
CNN you people are disgusting. Your product is just garbage I will never watch anything from your network again. You wonder why your numbers are so low. Everyone knows all you do is lie to push your fascist agenda.
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz Päivä sitten
are the cops who let them in going to get arrested too ? asking for a friend
Bella Vita
Bella Vita Päivä sitten
Oh boy!I guess people never seen other people proclaim back what's there's.The problem with some people is that they are far too brainwashed and p...sies otherwise they will know that what the government thinks they own they really don't.This are all tax payers property.
cmcer1995 Päivä sitten
In speaking about the Oath these people took, they did swear to protect America against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic and our Founding Father's stated it was Americans responsibility to come against a Tyrannical Government. Unfortunately, I believe these people let their emotions get the better part of them after witnessing this last election and how only one side of the story was being reported by Main Stream Media and four years of our government not doing anything but spend their time and our tax dollars with all these congressional investigations. There are better ways to protest what you disagree with, but with the Censorship that has been taking place, and restricting their 1st Amendment Rights, what else can you expect.
sokin jon
sokin jon Päivä sitten
Aww I love this new intro!
Jason Scroger
Jason Scroger Päivä sitten
So they can identify the BLM and the Antifa this way, the ones that destroyed property? no, we wouldn't want that.
Howit Starts
Howit Starts Päivä sitten
hmm, were the supposed prior military breaking the law or possibly ensuring lawlessness was kept to a minimum. and I haven't heard antifa, why are so easily link to military and not antifa?
ktlewis42 Päivä sitten
All I know is that you have a hierarchy that has a lot of money in a lot of power at the government as we all know a business within itself and you have all this money and all this power and all this corruption because people are not perfect I mean no matter who you are there's always going to be you know there's always going to be those people who feel they can get away with something because of the position that they are in it's no better than the janitor who steals toilet paper from his employer it's no better than a secretary stealing stationary from her office it's just the way of the world and it's what people do and I always it's just a part of life anyways maybe they should change things maybe things should change all the way but of course nobody wants to do that but I've heard it be said that the children of the future and they will change things but more than likely not the people that want to bring about change generally we're the ones that are I put it this way the ones that are complaining about things well those are the ones that never are put in positions to make change. Then you have the ones who do put themselves in position to make change but they're taught by the old leaders how to do things and what to do so they're not interested in changing anything because they've been instructed on how to keep things the way they are. I think a lot of things need to be changed but I don't think sitting up talking about it I mean there on the news telling people what I don't care
sokin jon
sokin jon Päivä sitten
Its one thing to peaceful assembly, but this was a simple mob.... they should all be arrested with Trump...
ktlewis42 Päivä sitten
Let me go ahead and explain this for the people that don't understand what's going on here because just as there's some people that know what's going on here there's many that don't. What's going on here is a scare campaign the reason I'm losing sleep they stormed the capital they want their ways enforced and made to be they want to do things to us this is all bulshit what they want to do is come out here and say yes they want to round to have next time with weapons I'm so this will allow them to enact laws that basically just change laws that's all it's doing this will say okay let's change the laws to wear if you try to overrun the capital and you're not successful life imprisonment death penalty whatever you know basically that's what it is they're trying to make it so nobody wants to ever do that again oh you know and I'm pretty sure there are things in place where these people will be punished and all that but the issue of it is it's just a way for them to make whatever changes they need to make a specially now that this is happened there will be more security there will be more Federal officers at the White House now that this has happened I'm sure now that this is happened they probably are going to put things in place oh definitely going to make a lot of changes a lot of changes to secure everything from security to Armed federal agents to everything I mean they're just but they're talking about it so that way they have that open hole to be able to make things different and they're going to make things different yes they're going to make it harder to ever do that again that's that's how America Works once something bad happens changes are then brought about to make it to where it's harder to do that again instead of you know doing what they should have did in the first place so that it could could not happen but like I said they'd wait until something happens now that people have stormed the capital now they're going to put laws in place that are severe you know and do what they need to do but ultimately who cares I mean it's a building like any other and what do you want from me
ktlewis42 Päivä sitten
First of all it's not the biggest thing to happen in the country I mean okay a bunch of caucasians got upset storm the capitol this is nothing new white people have been doing this throughout history I mean after all that is their country why wouldn't they it's not the biggest thing to happen you have a government that has more money than they know what to do with that feels because of their money and power that they can do whatever they want and people are just tired of it I mean I understand that throughout history there's always been a ruling class there's always been a subservient class but the point of it is throughout history at certain time intervals there's a Clash that's just how it goes the hierarchy wants to change things put certain constraints on the people the people lash out this is history throughout time there's always been a ruling class there's always been a subservient underbelly which is the regular people and that's just how it is maybe we need a different system a different way of doing things then maybe we wouldn't have people over running things and you know maybe we don't need a group of people trying to tell other people what to do maybe we should change things in their entirety
Comedian Mo Green
Comedian Mo Green Päivä sitten
Don't be concerned with the "rioters". Be concerned with the government officials that ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN... those that GAVE THE ORDER!
Comedian Mo Green
Comedian Mo Green Päivä sitten
Talk about #MELODRAMATIC...🙄
Arrggjtb Päivä sitten
What about identifying all the summer riot participants that burned down cities.
Jim Rodgers
Jim Rodgers Päivä sitten
am level head middle aged man. When I first heard that Trump was going to run for president I knew we were going to be in trouble. I warned my friends and family not to vote for him as he will only stir up a hornet next with his angry hate speech.
JonJon Päivä sitten
lots of people say, they are surprised law enforcement and military folks were there. You know who was not surprised. The minority community.
Video Game FIghterZ1
Video Game FIghterZ1 Päivä sitten
Air force combat veteran? Lmao
Grooveraider Päivä sitten
CBS and rest of mainstream media are lying about the Capitol incident just like the Nick Sandman case. It was ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter who are bad actors dressed up in MAGA gear in order to frame Trump supporters as a violent mob.
lorenzo rodriguez
lorenzo rodriguez Päivä sitten
Hostages ...🤔
Daniel Shockley
Daniel Shockley Päivä sitten
Democratic propaganda is all this is ! There was voter fraud like never seen before, keep dividing the nation you idiots !
Bright Smile
Bright Smile Päivä sitten
Isn't it illegal to carry in DC?
Daniel Shockley
Daniel Shockley Päivä sitten
You act shocked that military special ops were there ! From the radical left actions do not expect less, if you go against special ops , you will be lose !
Bright Smile
Bright Smile Päivä sitten
Why do they tell how they are identified 🙄
ThexWITCHxMaster Päivä sitten
Its one thing to peaceful assembly, but this was a simple mob.... they should all be arrested with Trump...
Di Garcia
Di Garcia Päivä sitten
Total B.S. you forgot to mention the main instigator who is a member of antifa . You're making Patriots now the enemy. 1 million peaceable americans there you seem to ignore
Brandon Lee Sanders
Brandon Lee Sanders Päivä sitten
BLM can burn entire cities to the ground last summer. No consequences. Remember that...
Art Lopes
Art Lopes Päivä sitten
What about the summer riots? Hypocrisy at its zenith.
Russell Kessler
Russell Kessler Päivä sitten
Who are the Antifa and blm people who were brought in by buses .
Russell Kessler
Russell Kessler Päivä sitten
Assault on our cities .did not count to you the fake ,fraud news media .but if it happins to the treasoniest gov people then it matters ha.
Russell Kessler
Russell Kessler Päivä sitten
What brought people into the Capitol was the treasoniest dem party ,the traitor fake news media and we the people that the fraud election and nothing happening to the dem paid for distruction of our cities .
Zander Tunes
Zander Tunes Päivä sitten
Haha man they really avoided the topic of breaking encryption huh. You can bet on the fact that we will now be openly spied upon
Russell Kessler
Russell Kessler Päivä sitten
Russell Kessler
Russell Kessler Päivä sitten
How about getting all involved in burning down attacks on our cities fraud corrupt news on here .
Grants Pass TV Repair
Grants Pass TV Repair Päivä sitten
Why is it one of the biggest instigators who raided the capital allowed to walk free with no bail?
The Architect
The Architect Päivä sitten
Everyone is dumb enough to film everything they do these days and post it online.smh idiots.
Robert Armstrong Sr.
Robert Armstrong Sr. 2 päivää sitten
U know ur priveledged when u dont even try to hide ur identity while storming the Capitol!!!
isette 2 päivää sitten
Odd they spured on Antifa and BLM what a load of hypocrites !Free speech Twitter banned the President ???
Trilly Locke
Trilly Locke 2 päivää sitten
Punish every traitor to the most extreme arm of the law allowed. Period.
David Yoho
David Yoho 2 päivää sitten
FIpost deleting comments again How convenient!
Jeff Cotton
Jeff Cotton 2 päivää sitten
We have a false election system that has been manipulated to become a fraudulent power grabbing system of corporate conglomerate supporting politicians over the past 5 decades. Making exclusive policies, laws & rules for conglomerate business, industry & production practices. This false election system relies on exacerbating the old method of reporting Federal State Election Results in Person to Washington D.C. by the OLD Electoral Collage. Which was used when there was no other better methods to communicate Federal Election Results to Washington D.C. by Individual States, or electronic media systems! We now have tremendous communication technologies and PROVEN old Methods to perform Elections with, and no longer need Federal Election Results to be Physically carried to Washington D.C. to report a proof of States Choices in Federal Elections! The Electoral Collage has been turned into a way for Career Politicians and Corporate Conglomerate Owners to CHEAT National Elections Against the Voting Choices of United States Citizens. To gain & retain possession of control of Business Production Approvals, Policies, Laws & Rules, to create unfair business practices, advantages & legal Federal eliminations of competitive Industries, in favor of paying & Established Corporate Conglomerate Business Owners!!! The Electoral Collage Must NOT be THE Method used to choose who is Elected to Serve in Federal or State Governmental Positions. The Accurate Count & Talley of Voters in Individual States performed separately, & Completely Transparently, with multiple Checks, Balances & Recorded Public Accesses on Internet Verification Systems & Websites, must be the Method used FOR Electing Public Officials, if Unified Prosperity is to survive & grow into the future. As a matter of Essential Nature in cause & effect!!! Trump and others have the proof in hand of the Election Rigging Apparatus they use & used in this last Presidential Election through the Electoral Collage, Trump did NOT want to be re-elected & chose the position he now has in this matter.
JESUS CHRIST SAVES 2 päivää sitten
❤Gospel of salvation: 💜💕💜💖💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,
Luis Jayons
Luis Jayons 2 päivää sitten
And BLM killed 30+ people, burned down hundreds of stores with one guy burning alive, committed 600+ million dollars in damages and are being bailed put but these people have their lives ruined for doing THE EXACT same thing as protesters did when Kavanaugh was made Supreme Court Justice... We can't live in the same country anymore.
Luis Jayons
Luis Jayons 2 päivää sitten
So BLM gets bailed out after burning down stores, killing 30+ people and committing damages in the range of 600+ million or so while the capitol rioters get the book thrown at them. Tells you a lot about the state of the US. It's a liberal dictatorship with selective enforcement against the opposition. This country is done!
Dave Danger
Dave Danger 2 päivää sitten
I seriously hate this guy's voice... bro, you're trying to hard
Rosean Henson
Rosean Henson 2 päivää sitten
I can "see" all those who participated in the insurrection here. Hearts beating fast. Good luck😅
pantherman16 2 päivää sitten
It should be $5 million in terrorism bail, minimum None of them will be able to post $500K in cash to a bondsman. They can marinate in orange jumpsuits while they wait to meet a judge. Get some good thinking done that way. Try asking a general population member to switch the TV channel to Fox, see what happens to you.
Pilgrim 2 päivää sitten
Too many para military groups in America. Give an inch they'll take a mile. Military surplus stores cashing in selling products to anyone who can pay. If this was Britain I don't think insurgents would have gained access to Westminster Palace to start with and secondly they would of been rounded up quick smart. I think the people involved would be if not taken would be taken prisoner in hospital or cemetery. Not saying this is good or bad we just behave with a zero tolerance on attacks on government seats of power
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent 2 päivää sitten
Majority of the people who finiltrated it were antifa. Bet you wont see those guys get prosecuted. WAKE UP
Aaron Gothmann
Aaron Gothmann 2 päivää sitten
You know that's not true. Please consider the possibility that you are wrong.
guitarhero8110 2 päivää sitten
Smart guy, but he does have a "text to speech" kind of voice.
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