I Tested Clickbait DIY Soap "Hacks"

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Safiya Nygaard

3 kuukautta sitten

Hello friends! So, after a long break from testing out & reviewing clickbait hack videos (I think the photo and video hacks broke me), we decided to make a comeback into the genre by testing out these viral clickbait soap hacks that lots of hackers seem to love making - from Blossom to 5-Minute Crafts to Craft Factory and back. And you know me, I can't resist me some nice soap :). We tried a cloud soap hack, a gummy bear soap hack, and a cinnamon roll soap hack, and shenanigans ensued.
What do you guys think of these soap hacks??
Also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!
You can check out Katie from Royalty Soap's video here: fipost.info/show/videot/kLd6y4OHkY2Pp6Y.html
You can check out the Blossom video that contains our hacks here:
And you can check out Jenna's soap hand video here:
This video is NOT sponsored!!
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 3 kuukautta sitten
hello friends!! hope you all are doing well & staying safe! in this video, we test out 3 ~viral~ soap hacks and regret it soon afterwards, hehe. what do you think of our attempts?? also, if you want to keep up with us in between videos you can check out my youtube or instagram stories (@safiyany)!! we try and post on there every day! xoxo, saf EDIT: also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!
panda master
panda master 7 tuntia sitten
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Päivä sitten
When your too lazy to read the whole thing
Storm Arashi
Storm Arashi 3 päivää sitten
yuh addie
yuh addie 4 päivää sitten
BLACKBANGTAN 5 päivää sitten
Bone Shatter
Bone Shatter 12 minuuttia sitten
Perhaps to late to ask on a 3 month video but... why didn’t you put the soap on a plate before you put it in the microwave?
Emily Mendez
Emily Mendez 36 minuuttia sitten
Luisa Maffei Stocco
Luisa Maffei Stocco Tunti sitten
why did i watch this whole thing bahahahha
Samantha-Lexi Malfoy
Samantha-Lexi Malfoy 3 tuntia sitten
That with peanut butter and kristel aktualy worked when I did try
CHERRYBMXB 4 tuntia sitten
I feel bad for your microwave
Maryam Alhammadi
Maryam Alhammadi 6 tuntia sitten
Random question why do u talk like that💀
ForeverElliex 7 tuntia sitten
I now fully appreciate Tyler's Blackpink reference ("How you like that? Bada bing bada boom boom boom") and I'm loving that they're still listening to Blackpink like a year after the Kpop video.
Mimmie Payne
Mimmie Payne 10 tuntia sitten
Jesus Christ loves you
Maggie Sanders
Maggie Sanders 14 tuntia sitten
These hacks are really aggravating when they don’t add specific measurements
Marcia Jackson
Marcia Jackson 17 tuntia sitten
the fact that they shook the table so the dish soap jelly can jiggle :/
Shaimaa Othman
Shaimaa Othman 18 tuntia sitten
you intrated me to make a channel when I make one I will send the link on here 🥰
xxFrozenBallxx xoxo
xxFrozenBallxx xoxo 22 tuntia sitten
I seen a CD yesterday watching harry potter
Kevin M
Kevin M 22 tuntia sitten
15:01 This is one of the many reasons I love Safiya
Iris Linabery
Iris Linabery 23 tuntia sitten
• hi •
• hi • Päivä sitten
am I the only one who noticEd the sirenhead looking thing in the fridges reflection at 4:50
Myalynn Vlogs
Myalynn Vlogs Päivä sitten
Anna Päivä sitten
9:27 Me: ... My brain: E A T
Creeper Gaming
Creeper Gaming Päivä sitten
1:26 that line made me laugh
Why don’t we Forever
Why don’t we Forever Päivä sitten
I wanna eat the soap-
Ni ka
Ni ka Päivä sitten
5 minute you just talked👎
Katie Moreno
Katie Moreno Päivä sitten
The intelligent april ganguly approve because cartoon immunohistologically scream times a wooden manager. heavenly heavy hellish, organic karen
Evangeline Wingerden
Evangeline Wingerden Päivä sitten
Is ivory soap made from elephant ivory :
Sania Alam
Sania Alam Päivä sitten
You talk too much rather than doing the actual stuff...ohhh my my....
-shara -
-shara - Päivä sitten
Tyler: I haven’t seen a CD in years. Me: probably because now we hear it on our phones iPads and computers
This is why I don’t watch their content anymore.
Katherine Lara
Katherine Lara Päivä sitten
I know I'm late here but, dish soap has enzymes to break fat and some other molecules, so not only it doesn't mix well with other substances but also it's bad for our hands.
Emma's Nursery
Emma's Nursery Päivä sitten
GIVE ME A SIGNNNNNN ... hit me baby one more time
Bakhtawar Shahnawaz
Bakhtawar Shahnawaz Päivä sitten
What if she is click baiting
Ssnakee Games
Ssnakee Games Päivä sitten
Please turn off your hacks. Your videos are too good.
Lynn Mason
Lynn Mason Päivä sitten
Not true. You don't have to use ivory soap.
ten yen han
ten yen han Päivä sitten
Cinnamon will burn your hand!!!!!
Isabella dehneal
Isabella dehneal 2 päivää sitten
You forgot to cencer the bad words instead of letting becoming explicit.
Isabella Unsolved
Isabella Unsolved 2 päivää sitten
The Keith Morrison of FIpost videos... Finally....someone who enunciates their words...one can actually understand what they are saying.
Ashley Cai
Ashley Cai 2 päivää sitten
(Lol does she not look like) LaurenZSide? On the thumbnail tho(Edit)
Kairo Schmitz
Kairo Schmitz 2 päivää sitten
The Cinnabon one got me so scared Your not supposed to put a lot of cinnamon in soap, or even on your body
Anindita Chatterjee
Anindita Chatterjee 2 päivää sitten
Blackpink hints 🥰
khadija Mushtaq
khadija Mushtaq 2 päivää sitten
Is it me or her voice makes me wanna sleep
shrimp 2 päivää sitten
why did I want to eat every thing you guys made
Pranita Gawande lifestyle
Pranita Gawande lifestyle 2 päivää sitten
Don't you guys think that she talks a lot
Louise M
Louise M 2 päivää sitten
You’re beautiful girl, love your videos. Keep smashing it!!
Xander Stone
Xander Stone 2 päivää sitten
She sounds like the female counterpart of that other guy on Gentlemans gazette, and I love it
Richu gaming
Richu gaming 2 päivää sitten
16:00 (btw in the video they used gummy bears , any companation of soap and water and gellitain wont work)
Rebekah Garvin
Rebekah Garvin 2 päivää sitten
Can someone tell me why I just want to stick them all in my mouth?
Cynthia Shen
Cynthia Shen 2 päivää sitten
Instead of cutting the cinnamon dog in half when it was flat you cloud have cut the roll in half when still flat then roll from thicker end to skinny end making sure to keep one end flat
Marcela Lazo
Marcela Lazo 2 päivää sitten
Essie Coker
Essie Coker 2 päivää sitten
I love this and I thought they would all flop but some worked also could you try Troom troom next??
AkinSquare 3 päivää sitten
Anyone else confused as to why she kept saying the recipe asked for 1 cup of soap when it clearly said 1/2 cup
Pickles Withjuice
Pickles Withjuice 3 päivää sitten
:cheapskates: 📝cook📝soap📝to📝save📝money📝
Miyuki dreams
Miyuki dreams 3 päivää sitten
6:36 Thats what she said
Blodershade 3 päivää sitten
9:55 my question is why did you watch that video for 8 hours.
Harveer Singh Chawla
Harveer Singh Chawla 3 päivää sitten
Safiya has the ability to look drop dead gorgeous and psychopathic at the same time. Nice gal.
Gacha._. Bnha
Gacha._. Bnha 3 päivää sitten
She kinda sounds like a wether women👁👄👁that’s a good thing- I think-
ฅ JustAlex ฅ
ฅ JustAlex ฅ 3 päivää sitten
*just when i clicked this i got a soap ad-*
Jasmine The Gray Knight
Jasmine The Gray Knight 3 päivää sitten
Why didn’t they just use a plate under the ivory soap???
Carmthew 4 päivää sitten
10 outta 10 Investigators. Measuring things by the hand. Would hire.
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson 4 päivää sitten
The youthful oboe functionally itch because dew mechanistically change throughout a stereotyped description. round, thoughtful tree
Asmr Peach
Asmr Peach 4 päivää sitten
5 minute crafts watching like 👁💧👄💧👁 wErE BuStEd
texas girls
texas girls 4 päivää sitten
Safiya i love your hair
M T 4 päivää sitten
The jenna marbles clip gave me flashbacks
Afsana Nehath
Afsana Nehath 4 päivää sitten
Emma plays
Emma plays 4 päivää sitten
The captions for the intro says dope intro or upbeat intro
krankenheim13 4 päivää sitten
You should have sprayed the gummy bear mold with Pam.
Isobel Platt
Isobel Platt 4 päivää sitten
She has like a news reporter voice
•Reno ImPoStOr •
•Reno ImPoStOr • 4 päivää sitten
Hi im new suscriber i starter to ser blue Channel and i love It !❤️❤️
ItsOnlyTim 4 päivää sitten
Netflix:are you still watching? Someones daughter: 25:37
Vicky Lee
Vicky Lee 4 päivää sitten
8:55 eeww look at that shite under the nail of her thumb! 🤮 she really needs some SOAP
Not Nacker
Not Nacker 4 päivää sitten
I have a feeling the reason they keep things vague is because if people complain they can just say that they did it wrong
Dorito i
Dorito i 4 päivää sitten
Me to I love SOAP My mum is doing a business of bath salts
Splatoon_boredom J
Splatoon_boredom J 4 päivää sitten
Celeste is that you?
Siara Peck
Siara Peck 4 päivää sitten
This video made me get up and make some jello 😂
Sunny Aesthetics
Sunny Aesthetics 4 päivää sitten
Why wasn't sure wearing a mask???
kristy Raza
kristy Raza 4 päivää sitten
But the thumbnail is real soap has poked wholes so it expands
Notperfectbebe 4 päivää sitten
I love LUSH
Alyssa Cooke
Alyssa Cooke 4 päivää sitten
I've been microwaving soap for years y'all,it was my favorite thing to do with hotel complimentary soaps
Alyssa Cooke
Alyssa Cooke 4 päivää sitten
Also ivory soap becomes cloud like,but other do expand and become fun shapes too
Cherry Clover09
Cherry Clover09 4 päivää sitten
DON'T trust 5 minute crafts OR troom troom 95% of troom troom hacks and pranks are FAKE no words for 5 minute crafts
Mika N.
Mika N. 4 päivää sitten
Ya mean 99.9%
Sarah Martinez
Sarah Martinez 4 päivää sitten
I think I went to science class more then soaps hacks class
Mandy Young
Mandy Young 4 päivää sitten
O my gosh I love watching the channel keep it up
Sunny Games
Sunny Games 4 päivää sitten
Jill's Paradise :D
Jill's Paradise :D 4 päivää sitten
I saw ur intro and thought: new idol
🐝 🐝 Yànnaaaâ.
🐝 🐝 Yànnaaaâ. 5 päivää sitten
i love youuu.
Maddie S
Maddie S 5 päivää sitten
That "hit me baby one more time" killed me 😂😂
Sara Muschiano
Sara Muschiano 5 päivää sitten
who else noticed that when blossom poured the water in the gummy bear soap, that they didn't add the entire "2 cups". like this comment if you noticed it.
Funny thing is safiya is more specific than blossom and five min crafts
Natleah Jordan
Natleah Jordan 5 päivää sitten
any one see the eggplant sope 👀
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 5 päivää sitten
Did anyone die during the cinnamon challenge because that can definitely happen. You guys should start uploading again... I hope you’re ok
Aubree Pensak
Aubree Pensak 5 päivää sitten
Me at 11:26 pm binging her videos being tired as h**l but not going to sleep
adoriety 6 päivää sitten
i already know if u microwave soap it turns into that but mind turned into a bunch of tiny crumbs
King Solomon
King Solomon 6 päivää sitten
game theory
Madeline Cornwell
Madeline Cornwell 6 päivää sitten
I wonder how many pop culture references they make in this video
Sarah Cronje
Sarah Cronje 6 päivää sitten
I love the chipped nail polish in the cinnamon soap final display shot
Wolfie Mayla
Wolfie Mayla 6 päivää sitten
If you guys are trying to make the cinnamon roll soap dont because cinnamon burns your skin when washing your hands so dont try it
Gacha life_sage
Gacha life_sage 6 päivää sitten
I think the soap gummy bear hack I think like we're probably like oh shoot it fell apart in the video so they like somehow found some gummy bear jello soap on some website or something bought it replaced it and edit it to make it look like it worked
Rebecca Heine
Rebecca Heine 6 päivää sitten
You look so much like mortisha adams in the beginning
Tricia Pettijohn
Tricia Pettijohn 6 päivää sitten
Um you're not supposed to put cinnamon in your soap like ever
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect 7 päivää sitten
Who else wanted to eat the soap
事儿多啤梨 7 päivää sitten
Opposite title: trying the best, safest, soap hack as.
Gacha Doge Stars
Gacha Doge Stars 7 päivää sitten
Hanna Jung
Hanna Jung 7 päivää sitten
There is essential vanilla oil, it is basicly a very concentrated vanilla extract in alcohol. The difference is manly, that the one for food often is mixed with some sort of sirup to make it easier to use.
Fucking Dissapointment
Fucking Dissapointment 7 päivää sitten
And i literally want to bite soap without tasting it. I just want to makw a good c h o m p
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