I Tried The First Ever Version Of Minecraft!

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4 kuukautta sitten

We played the oldest version of Minecraft and our goal is to beat the game. This version is so old and it’s so funny.
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Magarro 4 kuukautta sitten
MrBeast need to do a $100.000 Minecraft tournament just like he did with Among Us
RTaR - R P T
RTaR - R P T Uukausi sitten
a 100$ and 000 cents tournament? yea epic
Ramya Lak
Ramya Lak 2 kuukautta sitten
Nifia Lol
Nifia Lol 2 kuukautta sitten
U left a comment in slogomans channel
Lovely Faye De Villa
Lovely Faye De Villa 2 kuukautta sitten
@Crytox Gaming when a small tuber copies and pastes comments for more subs, lol you cant just beg for subs you have to make content WITH EFFORT and work for it that is how you become a big youtuber 🤣😅
betlots 2 kuukautta sitten
When is your bday? YoJello?
sesgate dibefceq
sesgate dibefceq 3 tuntia sitten
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Blake Larson
Blake Larson 5 tuntia sitten
I remember playing this! It's crazy how much has changed.
Varsha Gunda
Varsha Gunda 6 tuntia sitten
Something that Chandler can say in both Minecraft and in real life. "Does anyone got food?"
phantom_gacha 6 tuntia sitten
chris: the viewers are tired of seeing us loose me:..... are we tho?
CSZZ SDFG 6 tuntia sitten
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Ki i
Ki i 8 tuntia sitten
its btw not the oldest version of minecraft
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 10 tuntia sitten
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RandomPersonYT 10 tuntia sitten
this makea me sad... now Minecraft is TOO realistic
FNX4 Jungle
FNX4 Jungle 10 tuntia sitten
Wait there was oops
FNX4 Jungle
FNX4 Jungle 10 tuntia sitten
There is no dimands
Aerozsalahudd Akhbar Adikumeva
Aerozsalahudd Akhbar Adikumeva 10 tuntia sitten
Its not suvival no ender no mobs no ender
Robert Ervin
Robert Ervin 14 tuntia sitten
4:47 censored Warning ⚠️
KolbsterGaming 16 tuntia sitten
xHeroX 17 tuntia sitten
Endergaming Bois
Endergaming Bois 18 tuntia sitten
“You don't even chew the food, you just absorb it” -MrBeast 2020
Ben Chiantaretto
Ben Chiantaretto 20 tuntia sitten
5:38 is funny
Elsa Coreas
Elsa Coreas 21 tunti sitten
@ 5:32 too many diamonds
logandxxx 22 tuntia sitten
this was released on my birthday.
quiet 22 tuntia sitten
Chandler is just their local chaos starter
Penney Rosemarie
Penney Rosemarie 23 tuntia sitten
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Faiq Farooq
Faiq Farooq Päivä sitten
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Alejandro II Munoz
Alejandro II Munoz Päivä sitten
Chantel N
Chantel N Päivä sitten
i think he might have been kidn*apped form mongolia cos in USA they hate them in canada they hate them mexico they don't know that's why...
Business Size
Business Size Päivä sitten
The organic jail cosmetically drain because correspondent unequivocally tow against a humorous shampoo. annoying, deadpan avenue
swagboy Päivä sitten
2:31 What
James Wilsoon
James Wilsoon Päivä sitten
I remember the times where survival and tools didn’t exist it was just roundabout 18 blocks and flying aswell as no nether and water flowed infinitely
Ann Päivä sitten
So where's Karl's girlfriend?
THE CREW! Päivä sitten
I’ve always noticed Carl screams like a girl
Neko Chinima
Neko Chinima Päivä sitten
This aint the "oldest" the oldest one had only two blocks which is dirt and stone.
Laser Raven
Laser Raven Päivä sitten
Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment I am at 30
Sindre Stranden
Sindre Stranden Päivä sitten
Mameekroy Samanta
Mameekroy Samanta Päivä sitten
2:32 if you know what it means 'Bean' 😂😂😂
Among Us fan
Among Us fan Päivä sitten
Mr beast is not going to give me 10,000 dollars but I subed and I live in Kosovo
Pro_ WolfTheGamer
Pro_ WolfTheGamer Päivä sitten
9:12 That's shocking how that scared the ghast and made it go the other way lol
Noah Cabrestante
Noah Cabrestante Päivä sitten
Chandler: crafting is hard you can't even drag and stuff Players on mobile: u think thats hard
R Atwell
R Atwell Päivä sitten
I love how they can beat the old Minecraft but can't beat the new one
Thomas Mortlock
Thomas Mortlock Päivä sitten
Could of killed the weither
JAMMI PLAYZ Päivä sitten
Pov:ako lng Filipino dito ;-; (I'm the only one who's Filipino here)
Stardagit Päivä sitten
Mr Beast has to do Bad Minecraft
cheese mouse
cheese mouse Päivä sitten
Bruh. Your cringe Chris not oks Minecraft
мємe Päivä sitten
1:58 I think Chris has gotten older too.... mining iron with a wooden pickaxe🤣🤣
Isaac Picos
Isaac Picos Päivä sitten
Is true
{it’s Rainbow!}
{it’s Rainbow!} Päivä sitten
Somebody clip THAT!
x Hellrazor
x Hellrazor Päivä sitten
3:50 that's will be an nice pfp lol
x Hellrazor
x Hellrazor Päivä sitten
1:57 breaking iron with wooden pickaxe..
BlueVenom Päivä sitten
ok cool didnt ask
skizical Päivä sitten
the first ever version of minecraft had no ender dragon or portal
midarvil Päivä sitten
İf u press f4 in that version u automaticlly get a portak
Giuliana Heath
Giuliana Heath 2 päivää sitten
mrbeast is'nt bad at old minecraft
DR Hanadi Hashim
DR Hanadi Hashim 2 päivää sitten
I want a grie friend in minecraft
IAmBored152 2 päivää sitten
bruh this isnt the first version...
ZΣ Nathan Galaxies
ZΣ Nathan Galaxies 2 päivää sitten
this isnt the oldeat version, i played minecraft since version 0.8
AD Stallion
AD Stallion 2 päivää sitten
2:32 lol
im handsome man
im handsome man 2 päivää sitten
Imagine mrbeast find herobrine there
Matthew isthename
Matthew isthename 2 päivää sitten
Eboykarl must be changed to egirlkarl iwonder if he was an cheerleader
That One Guy
That One Guy 2 päivää sitten
It’s not the first ever version but it’s okay
Didnt you guys bot see that theres no Hunger bar
GideonBUX 2 päivää sitten
1:58 this is a pro gammer moment
PhilippeSamuel CRUZ
PhilippeSamuel CRUZ 2 päivää sitten
i love when they mined near bedrock and not on y 12 hahhahah thats y they took so long to mine lol
Darren Jordan
Darren Jordan 2 päivää sitten
Saeed Ahmed Al Shehhi
Saeed Ahmed Al Shehhi 2 päivää sitten
i subscrlbed
Novallberat 2 päivää sitten
Why u all having fun i get nostalgi
Flow Hobo capatalist
Flow Hobo capatalist 2 päivää sitten
Why’s the netherack so nostalgic
Flow Hobo capatalist
Flow Hobo capatalist 2 päivää sitten
Chris won’t see this CREEPER AWW MAN
musical gacha
musical gacha 2 päivää sitten
I was watching this and then a ad came on and it was mr. Beast on the ad
Real deal Pickle
Real deal Pickle 2 päivää sitten
MrBeast, before you challenge urself in Minecraft with crazy stuff, beat the game without mods or crazy stuff.
baka-θboy 2 päivää sitten
There trying to find food Me:there's no hunger bar
Phoenix Partin
Phoenix Partin 2 päivää sitten
Nice ass Mamma
Nice ass Mamma 2 päivää sitten
If you look you would see that it is NOT THE FIRST VERSION of the game
Lance Koprowski
Lance Koprowski 2 päivää sitten
This is not the first ever version Fun Fact: The first ever version of Minecraft was called Cave Game
Justinfn 3 päivää sitten
When beast said Karl I put caption on and it said girl instead of karl
Jaden Fuller
Jaden Fuller 3 päivää sitten
Ah I remember on pocket edition when I played there was no hunger bar, and all hostile mobs still attacked you in creative mode, and ugh the pre set hotbar with random items, I'm so happy they got rid of that.
Gunnar Fraser
Gunnar Fraser 3 päivää sitten
This makes me wanna play Minecraft lol
meh meh
meh meh 3 päivää sitten
"C*m in my hol3 Chandler " - Chris 2:31
Hello There
Hello There 3 päivää sitten
Is it thou I think the oldest is like 1.0 Edit:But I don’t know
Fitzgerald Tukkeng
Fitzgerald Tukkeng 3 päivää sitten
5:15 Karl:I can wait to find diamonds truth be told
Tony PlayZ C
Tony PlayZ C 3 päivää sitten
2:25 Chandler:aww man
Kyle Matthew
Kyle Matthew 3 päivää sitten
DyNamaXdenveR 1272
DyNamaXdenveR 1272 3 päivää sitten
bro, I got a Mr beast current ad while watching Mr beast video
Jennifer Ariane Italia
Jennifer Ariane Italia 3 päivää sitten
didnet u guys see the creeper when they in the tree like what did i just onlyy see it or not
you can actually double-tap "W" to sprint
Sofi M
Sofi M 3 päivää sitten
Jimmy: karl, think about your girlfriend Karl: I don't have a girlfriend:
Samrath Singh
Samrath Singh 3 päivää sitten
Ron Adrian Belarmino
Ron Adrian Belarmino 3 päivää sitten
what about the wither?
Marion Arq
Marion Arq 3 päivää sitten
Walker Yates
Walker Yates 3 päivää sitten
btw not being mean this isnt the first version... the first version didnt even have mobs and you couldnt craft. all you do is explore and mine stuff with your hands...
Noon Animates
Noon Animates 3 päivää sitten
The only reason they cant so it on normal mode is because they dont have enough time they are always pretty close its just they only have like 1-2 hrs maybe like 3 hrs would be better
Camara Hetrick
Camara Hetrick 3 päivää sitten
I have a old version of Minecraft
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 3 päivää sitten
The oldest version didn’t have survival mode
Dream 4 päivää sitten
Can i join
Tictac the wolf in stop motion
Tictac the wolf in stop motion 4 päivää sitten
In the oldest version there was no multiplayer
Shara 4 päivää sitten
I appreciatet the Captain America refernce.
8amkoi 4 päivää sitten
Mr beast: i hear a water
STUD MUFFIN 4 päivää sitten
6:36 That's literally me!
STUD MUFFIN 4 päivää sitten
2:28 Pause! Is no one gonna talk about how subs that sounded?!
Ink Tiger
Ink Tiger 4 päivää sitten
you are not playing the first version the first version the best armor is iron
k-pop 4 päivää sitten
They won 👍👍👍👍👍
Kenta Aoki
Kenta Aoki 4 päivää sitten
4:47 I-
harvey mendezabal
harvey mendezabal 4 päivää sitten
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